Beautiful Disaster

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Bad girl makes her appearance

I woke up in chases arms. Honestly it feels nice to be in his arms and I'm happy it's Friday, I'm gonna skip school, relax and start my weekend early. I ook over my shoulder to see chase still asleep, he looks so peaceful. I try to sit up,but he has such a tight grip on me I can't.The more I try to get up his grip get tighter.

"Chase"I whisper he dosent move

"Chase" I say a little louder, only a little. still nothing.I groan

"chase I'm going to pee in your bed if you dont let me go"I say he let go instantly

"thank you" I say getting up.

"Whatever"He mumbles

I get up and go into the hall looking for the bathroom. I really did have to pee, but not as bad as I made it sound. I can be a little dramatic at times. I wash my hands and look at myself in the mirror. I look gross. My face is dry from the saltly tears and my eyes are still puffy.Quickly I rinse my face off and walk out the bathroom and down to chases room.

He's laying down on his bed still, but with his phone in is hands.

"I'm gonna go home and shower, do you want me to come back" I say

"Hmm what did you say?" he says

"nothing" I say walking out the door

I make it down the stairs, but as I'm about to leave chase calls my name.

"Where are you going?" chase says confused

"home to shower"I say

"I'm coming" he says as he run back up the stairs. I hear the shower running and I sigh sitting on the steps. I take out my phone and look at the time. Twenty minutes till 10 am. I didnt realize it was this early and I did kinda fall asleep early. OMG! I spent the night as Chase Matthews House!.In. His. Bed. With. Him! I get up and start panicking. My neerves are racking my body and I remember clearly what had happened last night.

"I was trying to protect myself"

"I don't want to be hurt"

"I'm afraid"

Im afraid...

> > > > > > >

Chase's P.O.V.

I hop out the shower and brush my teeth throughly. I forgive Abby, she was only trying to protect herself, but why from me. Probably because every girl that has ever dated me said I was an ass. Not true, those girls only wanted me to have sex with them and I'm no virgin either, but I've had my fair share of girls. Not a lot maybe like 4 minimum and 9 max, but I am no man hoe.

I grab a grey V neck and some black denim jeans. Paired with my grey Vans. I start down the stairs and Abby is sitting at the bottom. She seems interested in her phone, probably texting someone.

"Are you ready?"She mumbles

"Yup" I say with a smile

We head out the door towards her car.

"So the rumors are true?" I ask

"What rumors?" Abby ask

"Your car, although mine is a little better"

she scoffs "What ever matthews"

"It's true, ok so I'm like a big diva! I love nice shiny things and I've got to admit I've got two of them already so yeah I'm better than you" I say in a girly high pitch voice. She laughs and it's music to my ears.

She unlocks the car and gets in. I follow after. I've got to admit her car and beyond what ever one else thinks. It's freaking awesome!

"Like what you see" She says

I look towards her "I do now" I say and she blushes

"Your cute when you blush, almost innocent looking" I say

"I'm far from innocent" she says with a smirk

"whatever when I see it I'll believe it" I say mimicking her face.

"Well your about to see it now so put on you seat belt and roll down the window." She says tieing her hair back. Abby reaches behind her grabbing two mask.

"Put this on"She says as she puts hers on.

"Why?" I ask in a suspicious tone.

"Because I'm going to show you I'm not innocent" She says


"Before you put it on, go see if my lisense plate is visable" she says fliping a switch on her dock.

I get out and check and the lisense plate is gone. As I walk back to the passenger side the car is slowly turning black. Fear goes through me a little.

"Abby what the hell are you doing, this looks like the car they had on a high speed chase a few months ago" I say in a paniked tone.

"Yes chase yes it is, it was me on TV, I'm going to prove to you I'm not always innocent and that I'm really good at covering up my work" she says a little irritated.

I put the mask on, and she starts the car.

Abby pulls off and drives downtown towrds the police station. My heart is hammering in my chest.She pulls into the middel of the street and starts burning rubber, of coarse everyone recognizes the car and they start running to get off the street. We hear faint police sirens, but as they get closer she pulls off and then speeds down the street. I'ts like she knows the city roads and backroads like the palm of her hand. Three police cars form behind us and six infront with a tire popping rack. I dont know what her plan is but she needs to make it fast.

Abby sees whats ahead and as soon as shes a yard stick away from the rack, she drifts and turns around spinning as the three cars goes past us going through the rack, flipping and ruining two of the six cars and the three that flipped theirs. I look at abby like she's crazy, maybe because she is.

"Alright chase now know I'm not as innocent as you may think, but do your self a favor and climb in the back and don't move a bit"

I do as she says and I climb in the back for the fear of getting caught...and my life

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