The Secret Life of Skylar Graham

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Chapter 3

As my eyes open I feel a small smile rises on my lips, my feet swing from the end of the bed to the floor, my toes burying themselves into the fluffy rug. I run into the bathroom texting, Lara, Gracie and Hannah asking them all to come over, and putting a playlist over the speaker system and climbing into the shower, letting the water run down my body, rubbing my vanilla scented body wash into my skin, a large smile never leaving my lips.

I dry myself off and change into trackie bottoms and a loose t-shirt and reaches my mid-thigh, I run down the stairs into the kitchen and fill myself a mug of extremely black coffee, as I get a buzz from the gate I run to the speaker box and smile at my friends at the gate, I let them in and pour them all a coffee, “Hey!” I smile and sit at the breakfast table, “Okay, what’s going on?” I smile as I raise my mug to my lips, “I have a date and I need your help figuring out what to wear.” they all show their extreme excitement as they tug me towards my room and more importantly to my closet, as they all flick through my clothes, “Okay, what are you doing on your date?” I raise my shoulders, “Wes didn’t say.” Lara claps and hugs me from behind, “You two are finally going to be together, I’m calling him!” she runs to the other room, tapping away at her phone she sits on the sofa in the bathroom and puts the phone call on speaker, after a few dial tones Wes answers...

“Yo Lara! What’s up? Make it quick, I’m going out in a bit.”

“Oh I know, you’re picking up Skye and taking her on a date.”

“She told you I’m guessing?”

“Yeah, I’m at her place right now, she so nervous it’s adorable, she has spent like an hour trying to figure out what to wear but is struggling because she doesn’t know what kind of vibe you are going for...”

“Ah, so you are trying to get the inside story”

“A little bit... Ahha.”

“Tell her to dress chill, heels are probably not a good idea, no ball gowns or anything, dress like she meeting the girls or some shit... and tell her I’m nervous too.”

“Awh! Wes that’s too cute!”

“Oh my goodness Lar, chill it’s just a date.”

“A date between two of my best friends, two friends, that I have been begging to date since we were like five!”

“Ah, you would have loved the first time we dated.”

“I’m still pissed that you didn’t tell us not gonna lie.”

“Ha! In a bit Lar.”

“Bye Wes.”

Lara walked into the closet, “Dress chill as Wes put it.” I smile and look into my closet and grab skinny black leather trousers and a rolling stones t-shirt and tucking it into my trousers, wrapping myself in my black suede biker jacket, and lacing my biker boots.

I step out the front door and walk towards Wes’ car, I smile as he opens the passenger door and gestures for me to get in I smile and climb in, as I watch Wes round the front of the car. I smile as he looks at me in the passenger seat of his car, looking at me with a large smile on his face as he climbs in and passes his phone, “Can you put some music on please.” I nod and go to open my phone, it comes up asking for a passcode,

“It’s asking for your passcode?” He looks over to me, before focusing his eyes back on the road.

He smiles as he pulls away from the gate, “17.10.01”

My eyebrows furrow, “Thats my birthday?” He nods and for a second I feel like he’s messing with me, I type in my numbers anyway and the phone immediately unlocks; I smile to myself, “I can’t believe my birthday is actually your password.” he smiles and stops at the traffic lights, leaning over to me and pressing his lips to my cheek.

I lean forward and kiss his cheek smiling, “So Wes, where are we going?”

He looks over to me and winks, “It’s a surprise, scarlet.” I sigh and look out the windscreen, We reach the edge of the city and he pulls into a side lane going over a dirt road, by the time we stopped we were in a wide-open field, we park next to an old rusted truck.

I feel my eyebrows furrow and look towards Wes, “Babe, what is happening?” he smiles and climbs out the car winking at me, he rounds the back of the car, grabbing a duffle bag out of the boot, and then comes to my door and opens it offering me a hand to help me out the car.

I hesitantly take his hand, “Is this the part where you kill me so you can have me all to yourself.” I jokingly smile, he goes to the back of the truck and opens the end, placing his oversized duffle bag on the edge, he unzips it pulls out a magnitude of blankets, he then walks to gets to the back seat of the truck and pulls out pillows and duvet covers, and a projector.

I smile until he walks about a foot away and pulls a pole and projector screen “Wes, what is happening.” He smiles as he walks back and scatters the pillows and blankets to make a comfortable bed in the back of the truck, before climbing in.

“Lar, do you remember you told me you wanted to watch the new Marvel Avengers movie?” My feel my eyes widen at his words, “I told you that like a month ago, and it’s not out for another month!” he smiles and gestures a hand to help me into the back of the truck. “Well, my Dad pulled some strings and got me an advanced copy.” I clap with excitement as I hug him into my body. “You are amazing!” We sit together quietly watching the screen stuff our faces with popcorn and other snacks before the film finished.

Wes looks over to me as I stretch and smiles, “Can I take you somewhere?” I nod and he jumps down on to the grass. As I slide myself to the edge of truck he gives me help down on to the grass and hands me a hoodie which I pull over my head. Wes takes my hand in his before. We begin to walk towards some less dense trees to the right of us. We are walking for ten minutes and then we come out of the dense trees, we come out to the most beautiful sight, something I’ve seen before , something beautiful and a place I’ve seen only in my dreams for the past two years, I spin my head to look at Wes, “how are we here I thought that this place was gone?” He sits down beside my feet, shoes mere centimetres away from the edge of the lake water.

“I bought this place, I didn’t want anyone else to have our special place.” Look over to him as he looks out on the lake, the reflection of the moon on the water glistening on his face, highlighting all of his features, a very square jaw, his eyes widen behind his glasses but his blue eyes glowing in the light of the moon, his cheek bones prominent a small scar just beneath his eye.

“How’d you get that scar Wesley?” His jaw tightens before rising up into a smile, he turned his face to look at me.

“Well, when I was about five years old, Arlo, Lara, Carson and I, all were in at Lo’s and Lara’s house and went into their kitchen and we all were playing chase around the kitchen island when I slipped and fell on the corner of the wall and cut open my cheek and I had to have stitches, so I now have a scar.” I giggle.

“The idea of you four running around the island so small is adorable to me.” I leans over to me and rests his hand on my cheek.

“Do you think that if Arlo and Lara hadn’t caught us do you think we would still be together?” He looks over to me as he finishes his sentence.

“I never minded them knowing, I just wasn’t ready for the world to know about my Dad, I was worried about being in the public eye as your girlfriend would just start the clock to that, I was kind of relieved when Arlo and Lara found out it meant that we could be us around them, I just didn’t know what I wanted for my life then I still don’t really know, but I know I can’t work at my little coffee shop anymore, I can’t walk into town from my Mum’s anymore.” He leans forward and places his hand on mine, as a silver chain falls from under his shirt revealing two dog tags. I take them in my hand and see the engraving, one reading ‘WFG’ the other has a single diamond and ‘SCVDG’ “Our initials?” He nods and take the dog tags back in his hands.

“I bought them for your birthday, well the one with your initials on, they were meant to be matching but then we broke up, I’ve worn them ever since, to keep you close to my heart.” He looks over to me as I wipe away a single tear, “I really want to kiss you right now.” And then he leans back looking back the lake. “But I won’t unless you ask.” He looks back at me again and winks.

“You did that last time we were here.” I look back at him and smile, I then push myself closer to him and then swing my leg around to put myself a sitting position on his lap cupping his face in my hands. “And then there was this.” He smiles I lean in and press my lips to his. He reveals a great smile on his face, just as he did before.

“Can I touch you?” I smile and nod as he places his hands on my waist, I place my hands on his chest and beginning rubbing my thumbs in circular motions. I press my forehead against his.

“May I?” As I run my fingers over the buttons of his shirt. He lifts his hands to touch mine moving them away from the buttons.

“Skylar Caroline VinDaniels - Graham, as much as I would love to recreate the last time we were here, I want to this time round to be forever, so we have all the time in the world, I don’t want to rush things, I want to take as long as we need to, I want to treat you as you deserve, and that means that I don’t take things until I prove to you I deserve them.” I smile and lean into him, pressing my lips to his again, before climbing off of him and sitting beside him.

“Wesley Fredrick Granger, you saying those words means you have proven to me that you deserve everything and makes me so much more assured of my feels.” He smiles and places his hand over mine. “Can I ask a question?” He looks at me almost assuring me without word to continue. “What are you planning on doing with this land?” He smiles and looks at me.

“I’m building a house. My new business is becoming more successful as we speak, so, I wanted to get my own place, and here has always made me so happy, so I bought the land and I have a meeting with an architect later this week to talk about the layout and everything.” I look at him and smile, he lays down and I wrap my arms around him, we then look at the stars, slowly falling asleep until the entire world is faded away.

My eyes flick open which is when I’m blinded by the sun, I look at Wes and a terrified expression fills his face, “Oh shit, I need to get you home!” I giggle as he jumps up offering a hand to me, we run back towards the truck and rolls down the projector, and grabbing pillows, I feel a chill run down my back from where his body was pressed against mine, he freezes when he sees that, before pulling his hoodie over his head and passing it over to me, “Wes... you don’t need to do that.” He smiles before sighing and climbing back on the truck and pulling to hoodie over my head, putting my arms down the sleeves, “Now baby girl, your Dad won’t be impressed that I kept you out sunset to sunrise but he will hate me for letting you freeze, and I want the father of the love of my life to like me.” I giggle slightly as I bury my head in his chest. He wraps his arms around my body before resting his chin on top of my head and sighing “We should go, your Dad is going to kill me.” I giggle to myself and pull my body away from him, before jumping down from the truck, and helping to pack the bedding away. We both climb into the car before Wes drives around the truck and out of the field, as we rejoin the main road again he speedily joins the motorway before slowing back down to the speed limit, “Urgh! I hate speed limit, I look over to him and furrow my eyebrows, “Go faster then, going 68 miles per hour in a 70 is ridiculous, no one really cares Wes.” he smiles, keeping his eyes glued on the roads, “Becuase my whole world is in this car and I don’t want to even risk the safety of my world.” I look at him speechlessly, “You are adorable!” He smiles and looks over to me briefly before looking back at the road, “Don’t know what you’re talking about, I have doughnuts in the back footwell.” I gasp, go red before hitting his arm and sinking into my seat. “Chill out babygirl! I’m joking! I bought the doughnuts back from when I saw my Mom for you!” I smile slightly and kiss his cheek, “You bought me Dunkin’s didn’t you.” he quickly looks to me and pecks my lips, “Course I did babygirl, I can’t walk into a store without thinking of you, jumping for joy over vanilla sprinkle doughnuts.” I giggle as Wes pulls up to the gate, “The code is my birthday.” he smiles and types in the code, the gate lets out a loud buzz and slides open. As we pull up to the large central fountain the front door swings open and Dad and Steven step out. Steven looks scared. Dad looks beyond annoyed, reaching homicidal. I hear Wes gulp and grab his hand resting on the gearstick, “It’s okay.”

We climb out of the car and shut the car behind me, “What the fuck do think you are doing? It is 6:31am! You left the house at 8pm! I didn’t get a text letting me know what’s happening at any point!” I step forward and rest my hand on his arm. “Dad... I am sorry.” he looks towards me, “Don’t do your sad eyes, get in the house, Skylar! Wesley, Go home!” I sigh and hug Wes before walking into the house.

I step into the house and sit on the ottoman placed under the stairs. I take a large breath as Dad slams the door behind me and into Steven’s face. “What the fucking hell were you thinking? Staying out for more than ten hours with a boy, this is not like you, I know you, this is not like you, I know you are going through a lot but this is not okay? You could have been dead and I would have known no different! This is why we kept you a secret! So we never needed to worry this much about you! This not like you and this is not okay!” I sigh and nod, “Dad, I know I am sorry.” He shakes his head and sits beside me, “Honey I know that you aren’t going to like this but I need to be honest with you. You need to stop hanging out with Wes.” I am speechless, “What? Why?” He drops to his knees in front of me, “Everyone is aware that his Dad and I were close friends whilst I was high 24/7, it’s going to give you the wrong reputation, I need you to be safe and your reputation is apart of that.” I shake my head in disbelief. “Wes is never going to do anything to hurt me, Dad. Wes isn’t his Dad.” He takes my hands in his, “Maybe not, but he has a reputation for himself.” I pull my hands from mine roughly, ”Which is what?” He shakes his head and looks to the floor, “Being exactly like his Dad.” I shake my head and force myself to hold my tongue “So what do you want me to do?” Anger clear in my voice. ”You won’t like it.” I force myself to hold my tongue until I burst “DAD TELL ME!” My body is thrown back at my outburst ”I need you to start dating someone else.” I gasp and shoot to my feet, “What?! I’m not going to start dating someone when I don’t even like them!” My body shoots across the room, Dad follows closely behind, “It doesn’t have to be real just something to blur the line between you and him.” Sadness and worry filled his voice, “You want me to fake a relationship?” Dad bows his feet, “Yes.” His voice sounding almost ashamed. “NO!” He steps towards me and I step back in disbelief “Skylar. I need this. What about that Jamie guy? Just be seen together, the media will do the rest.” I gasp and take a further few steps back. ”I’m not using Jamie.” He looks to the ground. “Skylar... please.” I shake my head and fight the urge to scream in my Dad’s face. “No!” I look towards my Dad anger and revulsion clear in my voice, “Skylar, honey, please just think about it.” I step back and fall to the ottoman again, burying my head in my hands. “Dad... how can you ask your daughter to do this, to pretend to love someone they aren’t in love with?” Dad kneels in front of me and rests his hands on my knees, “I hate asking you to do this, but your reputation and your safety is more important to me right now than anything.” he looks up at me hopefully, “I can’t do it Dad, I don’t understand why you care about reputation, you’ve never cared before?” he wraps his arms around me and sits beside me, “I don’t care about my own reputation, I couldn’t care less what people think of me, but I never want you to be limited for anything because of your reputation.“I shake my head and lean into him, “I know you are only trying to care for me, but I can’t fake something that isn’t real and Wes would never do anything that could remotely put me in danger, he drives under the speed limit to lower the risk of a car accident, he buys me things from America, he asks me if I’m okay and actually wants an honest answer. Dad, I think I’m falling in love with him.” He smiles and kisses my cheek, “Okay, princess.” he presses his lips to my cheek again, before rising to his feet, “Invite Wes over later this week,” I smile and nod before he gestures his hands to me and leads me to the garage, “I’m taking you, Brooklyn and Chris out for breakfast, your Mum is meeting us there with your sisters.” I smile and happily climb into the blacked out SUV, as we drive, Chris and I are sat in the back, Dad andBrooklyn in the front.

As we pull up there is a magnitude of camera’s flashing at the car, we all file out the car and into the restaurant avoiding as many flashes as possible. We sit outside near the balcony overlooking the River Thames. The second my younger siblings and Mum arrive I rush into my mother’s arms, as Evelyn and Aria run into Brooklyn and Chris’ arms. “Evelyn can you take your sister to look at the river.” Mum calls over to my sister, she nods and carefully walks to the glass barrier. “You four I have something to tell you... Evelyn and Aria don’t know yet, but soon they will know.” My furrow my eyebrows and I lean on the table in front of me, “Johnathan and I are getting a divorce.” I gasp and run to my mothers’ side. Pulling her tight into an embrace. “Mum are you okay?” she looks to me and smiles, “I love Johnny, but the issue is my heart has always belonged to someone else, since the day we met, because of that, I could never love him that much has always been clear to us both, but for Skylar’s safety and for the sake Evelyn and Aria we stayed together and apart from the people we both wanted to be with. For Johnathan, Bella. For me...” Mum looks wistfully towards Dad before looking down at her hand and taking my hand and giving it a small squeeze. I look towards my older siblings and gesture for us all to leave my parents alone for a moment, they nod in reply and we all make our way down the steps to the edge of the River Thames with Evelyn and Aria, As I briefly look up towards the terrace where Mum and Dad are sat, Dad, pressed his forehead against Mum’s, I smile as I see small smile fill their faces, as Dad leans forward and presses his lips to Mum’s, I tap Brooklyn on her shoulder as she looks up at them, she jumps slightly with excitement, “I’ve always wanted to call Caroline my Mum.” I smile and look to her, I pull her into a hug and feel an overwhelming sense of excitement run through my body. I smile and pull Chris over and smile. As I look up at my new reunited parents, I feel my phone vibrate in my back pocket. I pull out my phone and look at the text lighting the screen.

Hi Skye, are you free later this week, Jamie.

Yes... What are you thinking? Skye.

I was thinking we could have our date if you’re up for it? Jamie.

What are you thinking? Skye.

It’s a surprise. Jamie.

I smile and put my phone back into my pocket and the smile on my face doesn’t leave my face at any point, as shocked as I feel right now, I am looking forward to my date with Jamie, but I don’t know if it will match up to my date with Wes. I walk back up to the restaurant leaving, Evelyn and Aria with Chris and Brooke, Mum and Dad have their foreheads pressed together before Dad spots me and pulls back as they turn and look at me. “Mum, do you want to go somewhere?” She nods and smiles at me, we stand up and call after Evelyn and Aria before climbing into Mum’s car and slowly driving home.

The second we climb out of the car Evelyn and Aria run around to the back into the back garden, Mum and I walk into the house, Mum goes directly into the kitchen and I follow suit, “Skylar, can you go pack your room, Steven will pick up the boxes later. I nod and do exactly as she said, after a few hours all of my stuff is in boxes.

I step in to the kitchen as Mum places items into boxes, “I’m all packed Mum.” She turns her head and looks at me, with a small smile on her face, I begin picking up items I know it Mum’s placing them into an empty box, before turning back at Mum and leaning my back on the counter. “Mum, did you stay with Johnny for so long to keep my secret?” She quickly spins on her heal, eyes wide and shocked as I lower my head.

“Oh honey, no.” She walks over to me and sits me down on the table, “Honey, I love Johnny, we had a long and happy marriage, leading to two beautiful children, with wonderful and amazing memories, he treated you as his own, I love him, but with your Dad and I there has always been feelings there, I wanted your Dad to change, to mature for, me, you, Brooke and Chris, he wasn’t ready. Him getting clean, was something that I could never force him to do, he had to do that himself, each time I saw him with you or Brooke and Chris or Evelyn and Aria, I loved him, he’d sacrifice everything for you kids and that’s all I ever wanted for him, but when it comes to Johnny, we will always love each other, with the history we share it would be impossible not to, but people grow apart, we have been together for fifteen years, fifteen amazing years.”

She sighs and then puts her head in her hands “Look Skylar, I could go round in circles about this for years, love is complicated, I love them both, always will, but I didn’t stay with Johnny for your sake, but there was always love between your Dad and I, but when your secret came out Johnny and I realised mine and your life was going to be drastically changed. I couldn’t put Johnny or the girls through that, Johnny always knew the connection that Brad and I shared, so our divorce isn’t us say we don’t love each other but rather that we set each other free to be with who we wish and if someday we decide that we want to be together again then that is the decision we will make then.” I look up at her my hand hold hers, rubbing my thumb long the back of her hand.

“Do you wish that Dad had a different job, like an accountant or something one where we didn’t have to keep the secret.” She smiles and shakes her head.

“I wish that certain aspects of his job weren’t apart of it, the fascination of the fans the access to drugs, I can’t ever imagine your Dad being anything other than something involving music, maybe, a music teacher, I can imagine him doing that, but nothing else, he’s always loved music and will never stop loving music, I wish we didn’t have to hide you, but under the circumstances I hope we did the right thing, plus, if your Dad wasn’t ever in ‘The Milton’s’ Brooklyn and Chris probably won’t have been born, and that would have been horrible, we’d have a missing piece.” I nod and smile.

“I think Dad would be a great as a teacher, but I don’t think he’d love it as much as preforming, I don’t think he’d ever love anything as creating music” She smiles and takes my hand in hers before I look down at out hands intertwined. “Mum, has Johnny asked you to move out?” She smiles and shakes her head, squeezing my hand in hers.

“No, but I messaged him earlier explaining that your Dad offered for me to stay out his house, and that I felt that was the best idea, especially with everything going on with you at the moment, the girls will stay here during the school week and your Dad’s during the weekend.” I nod and smile pulling her in close and giving her a tight embrace.

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