The Secret Life of Skylar Graham

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Chapter 4

Today is my final day as a student at Kingston College and my brain is currently debating whether or not I am loving the idea of leaving this place or horrified about leaving my friends.

I look in the mirror and sigh, debating if my outfit is right for my last day. I’m wearing a white lace bralette, with a white extremely distressed Tommy Hilfiger oversized t-shirt so that you can see parts of my bralette tucked into my distressed blue skinny jeans flexing my Gucci belt, a brunt orange teddy bear coat wrapped around my body, paired with white all-star converse. as I look at my outfit I sigh, placing on gold delicate jewellery to pull together the outfit. I have my hair braided into the into french braids and my make up nude minimal. I pick up my phone a snap a picture sending it to the group chat created with all the girls in it, all the replies seem extremely positive which makes me smile as I slide my mustard yellow kranken backpack onto my shoulder and walk down the stairs seeing Brooklyn, Chris, Mum and Dad sat at the breakfast table I suppress my emotions within the conversation and sit almost silently. I hear a buzz at the gate speaker and run over to the intercom, I see Gracie and Hannah through the camera, “On my way!” I run past my family and towards Gracie’s tiny red mini.

Dad follows closely behind me, “No way! Skye, you can drive your birthday present,” I furrow my eyebrow as I look at my Dad, he smirks to himself slightly before pressing a button on the garage door remote, revealing a large car covered by a dust cover, “I know it’s three months early but... this is a brand new Mercedes SUV G550. It has reinforced metal, bulletproof glass and it is Steve and Bradley approved.”

My mouth drops as he pulls the dust cover off the reveal the car, a Mercedes SUV G550, gorgeous baby blue. Gracie and Hannah run over gawking at the car. “Oh my god! Skye! Can we actually?” I smile and look to my friend before running over into my Dad’s arms wrapping my arms around his centre, “Thank you so much Dad, I love it.” He smiles and tucks a strand of hair behind my ear. “Happy 18th birthday baby girl.” I smile as he closes the key in my hand and I run back to the car jumping in with Gracie and Hannah.

We reach the McDonalds drive-thru and order a coffee each. I smile as the drinks are handed to me. As I hand Hannah her drink she offers me a sad smile, “Skye... I have something to tell you...” I look at her in the rearview mirror, “...Jamie isn’t going to be in college today; he broke his arm whilst having a bit of a mad episode.” I park my car, being extremely careful whilst making the manoeuvre, “What do you mean.” she looks down to the floor as she sips her coffee, “He, trashed his room, holes in walls, broken furniture, he smashed up the guitar you gave him for Christmas, they had you remove pieces of it from the smashed-up wall.” I gasp at the idea of the event being described to me. “That sounds nothing like the Jamie I know… When did that happen?” She looks over at me and then looks down at her hands.

“After we got home from Lara’s.” I feel annoyed and almost anger, it was the kiss, I know it was. As we pull up towards the school students gawk at my new car. I sigh knowing the conversations that will be had over my car, I’ve just got here and I already want to go home.

I step out swinging my new backpack over my shoulder and walk towards the reception doors, as I walk past fellow students, I feel their eyes gawk at me, I keep my eyes glued to the floor as I walk through the halls, safely to Mr Bunney’s history classroom, he opens the door with a big smile and a cheerful ‘Hello!’ we sit at the back, as I pull out a packet of salt and vinegar crisps, as I start munching on them as Jamie does his classic slide across the floor outside the classroom, I sigh had rise to my feet making my way over to him, I spot the sling Hannah mentioned earlier, a sad smile rises on my lips, “Jamie, what did you do to yourself?” I look at his face, cupping it delicately with my hands, I run my thumb over the small bruises on his cheekbone, “what happened?” He wraps his free arm around my body and squeezes me into him, “Can we talk privately for a moment?”

I nod as we walk out to the car park, Jamie passes my his hoodie so I can pull the hoodie over my face so we can walk past the press that has accumulated since I’ve been here, we climb into my new car, “when did you get this?”

I look over to Jamie as he looks around the car, I roll my eyes, “Today it was an early birthday present, now stop changing the subject and tell me what happened!”

He lowers his head and looks to the floor his eyes close slightly, “There were a bunch of guys from the year below that were chatting shit about you, saying that they think that the reason you didn’t tell people sooner was because you wanted the big explosion, you wanted the attention from it, so I punched one of them in the face, the others started punching me and kicking me to the floor and I got a suspension for it because I started it, when I got home, I was just so pissed off, I couldn’t believe someone said that about you, I just went mental, I trashed my room and ended up breaking my arm. I don’t know Skylar, I just can’t control myself when it comes to you, them talking badly about you, I wanted to punch them into tomorrow and further... I’m sorry I probably made it ten times worse... I just love you...” I fall back into my seat and closing my eyes needing to take a deep breath.

“You shouldn’t have done that Jamie.” He takes my hand in his again squeezing it tightly, “I know, I am sorry, I just hated the thought of people talking about you like that, I’m so sorry Skylar.” I sigh and hold his face in my hands, “You don’t have to apologise caring about me, I just hate that you got hurt in the process.”

He leans forward and presses his forehead against mine, “I want to protect you, I want no one to think of you as any less than you are because you are amazing and I want everyone to know that.”

He places his hands on my waist, “You! Are! Phenomenal Skylar Caroline Howard!” I giggle and move my head to his shoulder, “Jay, my name is Skylar Caroline Graham - VinDaniels.”

He bursts into laughter, “For being someone in love with you I sure don’t know you very well.” I laugh along with him.

“Well I guess you can get to know me better on our date...” he smirks slightly as he pulls away.

“Ah, yes, our date. How’s tonight at seven? Dress pretty, I’ll pick you up and we’ll have a nice night together?”

I smile and press my forehead against his again, “Why are you phrasing it like a question?”

He presses his lips to mine. When I notice flashing lights all around me, I quickly realise that the press accumulating outside the school are now taking photos of Jamie and me. I look over to him and sigh, shaking my head slightly, I look over to Jamie, and put the car into first gear, “Put your seatbelt on.” Jamie’s eyes widen before doing as I said, I pull out the car park at a ridiculous speed before joining the motorway, we make a quick round trip before driving back to the school, now with a significantly smaller amount of press in the car park.

I smile and park back in my previous parking space. “Well, that worked.” Jamie laughs as he climbs out the car.

“You know I think this is the most excited I’ve been for anything in a very long time.” He leans forward and kisses my cheek, “I see you later beautiful...” He then walks across to the car park towards his first class, whilst I slowly walk towards the main school building and back towards Gracie and Hannah. I walk into the classroom, trying to suppress my smile and tragically failing.

They look up to me, their eyebrows furrowed, “Why are you so chipper?” I sit down with a piece of chocolate, placing a cube on my tongue letting it melt. “Jamie wants to have our date tonight...” Hannah beings to jump up and down out of excitement, Gracie starts to slump back into her chair, “Gray, are you okay?” She nods, as Hannah and I go and sit beside her, “You can tell us anything Gray.” She nods and takes a visible deep breath, “Skye, I don’t want this to have any kind of effect on your date tonight, because, Jamie clearly loves you and that is all that is important.” I nod as I feel my eyebrows furrow. Hannah nods too, she seems as confused as I do.

“I have feelings for Jamie. I think I have for a while but I didn’t really realise until I saw him expressing his feels to you, I know it pathetic but it made my heart ache. I am so sorry Skylar.” I shake my head and smile taking her hand in mine and squeezing it tight, I push a strand of hair behind her ear.

“Gracie Michelle Daniels, you will always be my best friend, there is never anything you need to apologise to me about this or anything. If you have feelings for Jamie, then tell him, you both deserve someone amazing and I have a feeling that someone amazing is each other.” She shakes her head, before grabbing my upper arms.

“Skylar, Caroline Graham - VinDaniels… He loves you, you deserve him way more than I do, just like he deserves you. I’m not going to get in the way of that.” I sigh at Gracie’s selflessness, but I look to the ground out of sadness, because Gracie telling Jamie how she feels may have made my decision easier. By her staying silent about this it’s not only killing her, but it makes my heart ache, because I know I’m hurting her by pursuing Jamie and I’m hurting Wes, I’m hurting Jamie by pursuing Wes and I’m hurting myself by not knowing what I want.

We go on with our day, with very minimal hassle and avoid almost all human interaction outside of our little group. As we walk from our last lesson to my car as I get a phone call from work, I answer: “Hello?” my voice cracks, I’m unsure how to respond.

“Hi Skye, It’s James, I was hoping you could come in and have a chat about your employment due to the recent.... developments.” I’m unsure if I’m about to be fired or what’s going to be the result of this conversation.

“Oh, Hey, um, yeah, that’s fine, I can come into for half an hour in a bit?” My voice cracks even more, showing my nerves.“Yeah, that’s perfect, see you then.” I put my phone down and turn to Hannah and Gracie, “I’ve got to got to work to meet my boss.” they both nod as we climb into my car and drive out the car park.

We are drive down main street, Hannah and Gracie bop along to random songs on the radio as I nervously chew my lip, I pull into the car park at the end of a row of shops, I take a deep breath as climb out the car. We all walk in line, just as a man in a cheap hoodie jumps out the from his car, and in front of us, my whole body shakes, I feel my body take a step back and my eyes widen I grab Hannah and Gracie’s hands and we run towards the small cafe that I used to work at, I’m sat in the cafe for less than 10 minutes waiting for my boss to finish paperwork so we can ‘discuss’ the current situation we find ourselves in, while a crowd accumulates outside the small shop, James comes around the corner from the back office, “Hi Skye, do you want to come into the office, Jenny can get your friends some drinks on me.” Gracie and Hannah smile and say thanks, as we walk up the skinny hallway and into the office, I sit down on one of the spiny office chairs and look over to my boss, “So Skylar, this is an unusual situation, from the amount of press outside and a matter of safety for you and the customers, I don’t know what to do.” I sigh and start to fiddle with my fingers, I look up at James again.

“Well, I’ve been talking to my parents and Steve, my bodyguard, they feel like I should quit, my Dad has always given me an allowance but having a weekend job meant that I would have an explanation for the money I had, but more than that, I enjoy working here, but as you said it’s not safe for me, customers or my co-workers for me to stay here, as much as I will miss coming here and working with everyone.” James gave me a sweet smile and raised to his feet.

“Skylar, you will always be welcome here, you will always be aloud the staff discount and if you ever get ridiculously bored of sitting up in one of your Dad’s mega mansions you’re always to come work here until the press crowd this place too much.” I smile and pull him into a hug, “Thank you so much James.”

I walk up to the counter and give Jenny a massive hug, “Can I ask you a question, Skye?” I nod and smile at her. “Do you remember a few summers ago? That guy that came in dark hair, blue eyes, sexy af. That was Wesley Granger from WG Enterprises right?” I laugh and nod at her smiling brightly as she says the words. 
“Wes, yeah, we actually broke up the day he came in here.” She takes a few steps back with an expression like she just got shot. Before leaning against the back counter behind her.

“Why would you break up with someone so gorgeous?” I laugh and smile before my smile fades.

“With Wes and I, it’s always been complicated, I’ll always love him more than anything but he wanted things that I couldn’t give him then, I sucked more than anything but I couldn’t do it, but we are seeing a lot of each other recently, so I don’t know.” She smiles, and begins bowing to me, which just makes me laugh my heart out.

She winks and smirks to me, “You know what’s going to happen, don’t you?” I furrow my eyebrows and look at her.

“You’ve said yourself, your relationship with him is complicated and that you’re in love with him, without removing him from your life that’s not going to change, like, when did you last see him?” I look down at my hands and begin picking at my nails.

“Saturday…” she smirks as if she’s saying ‘I told you so’

“And what happened on Saturday?” I look down at my hands.

“He got hold of the new marvel movie, we watched it and walked down to a lake on a plot of land he just bought to build a house on, we fell asleep by the lake and woke up at when the sun came up the next morning,”

She smirks to herself as she looks at me

“So you spent hours talking to him with ease, he knew what you would like and put effort to make sure you’d enjoy yourself and he took you to a place that was important to the both to you?” I nod and sit beside her taking a cigarette out of her hand and inhale letting the slight burning sensation fill the back of my throat.

“Why are you so right, it kinda sucks.” She laughs and smiles at me.

“You are only young, but something is stopping you, what is it?” I look down at my hands again and take a deep breath struggling to think.

“Hannah’s cousin, Jamie, he’s always been there, he’s kind and if I need to talk something through he’s the person I’d go to.” She smiles sadly and takes my hands-on hers again.

“Who would you rather spend the night sat on the sofa cuddling all night and who would you rather spend a day laughing with a group of friends so not nessacarily with just him, but a group of people.” She takes another drag of her cigarette before looking up at me and waiting for a response.

“Can I say Wes for both, I want to spend the night cuddled up on the sofa with him and the next day I’d want to spend the day with him and my friends. I just want to spend every hour of the day with him.” She smiles at me like she’s won the lottery.

“See you don’t feel that way about someone unless they are extremely important to you. I think you need to talk to to him. So you do that, I need to go back to work.” I nod and give her a sad smile and she stands up and wraps her arms around me squeezing me tightly.

I pull my phone out my back pocket scrolling through my contacts landing on ‘WG <3’ I tap on the name just as I’m about to tap on the phone icon, my finger freezes and just as I’m about to press on the button my finger hoovers over the button. I drop down into the chair before taking a deep breath, press the button and press the phone to my ear after two rings Wes sounds concerned and as he answers.

“Skye, are you okay?” The sound of his voice relieves me.

“I’m fine, Wesley, I just wanted to hear your voice, are you busy?”

“Um, no, free as a bird, baby girl, always free for you.” I smile and find myself tucking my hair behind my ear.

“One quick thing though, can you pick me up later, when you are actually free, I need to talk to you about something, and hear your opinion on something.”

“Should I be worried?” I can her a woman in the background asking him to come back to the meeting he clearly left to talk to me.

“Nothing to be worried about, just want to talk to you, if that’s okay?”
“Always okay, baby girl.”

“Now get back to that meeting, and pick me up at 5.” He laughs down the phone.

“Deal see you then Skye.” I lower the phone from my ear and tuck it back into my pocket.

I wonder out to Gracie and Hannah and sit at the table with them. I plop down into the chair beside them and raise a cup of tea to my lips, after only half a cup, press were hounding the customers as they walked in, to the point that customers were discouraged from entering the shop. “We should go, I’m starting to feel bad for James.” As we stand up James waves us to go out through the back delivery doors.

I pull up my hood as we try and slip down through the back alleys and towards my car. which again is surrounded by press. We stay hidden in the shadows as I message Steve who quickly pulls up, we run over to the car and file in, Steve speeding away before we even had a chance to put on our seatbelts. We drop the girls off at their houses before going back to the house. I step into the house and drop my bag to my feet pushing it out of the way. Mum and Dad come running out of the kitchen to see me. “Skylar! Are you okay?” I roll my eyes.

“Mum, Dad, I’m fine. I went to talk to James about work and talked to Jenny for a bit. I have to go get changed, Wes is picking me up in an hour.” I hug them both and smile before running up the stairs and into my room. I FaceTime Lara who promptly answers.

“Hello girly, what’s up.” I put my hair up in a bun on top of my head as I plop myself down at my vanity.

“Hey! I had to go to work today to discuss my current ‘situation’” I use finger quote marks as Lara giggles to herself. “While I was there I spoke to my friend Jenny about the whole Wes, Jamie situation, I ended up calling Wes, he’s picking me up at 5.” I take out a face wipe and take off all my make up. “And Jamie is picking me up at 7” Her eyes widen.

“Cutting it close aren’t we?” I nod, as I begin to blend in my foundation

“It not like they don’t know about each other, plus I just want to talk to Wes about something.” She nods and smiles. We chat as I put on my make up before going into my closet.

“Lar, what should I wear to meet Wes?” She looks at me knowingly.

“What are you guys doing?” I shrug my shoulders as I flick through my clothes. “Okay, timberland heels, blue ripped jeans, Gucci belt, distressed band tee and a flowy cardigan.” I put on the outfit she suggested and show it to her, she nods in approval, “Now loosely curl your hair.” I do as she says, just as I finish, Wes texts me.

Pulling in now, baby girl x

I give myself a spray of my perfume that Wes gave me for my birthday last year run downstairs saying goodbye to Lara. I open the door and there stands Wes leant up against his car, wearing a white long sleeve button up with the top two buttons undone, black slacks, a brown belt and brown oxfords. He’s looks down at his shoes, as the door closes he looks up. “Hello gorgeous.” He walks up the first three steps and take my hand as I walk down before leading me over to the passenger door and opening it for me. As I sit down in the seat, he lets go of my hand and leans down kissing my cheek, “You look beautiful as ever.” He stand back up and closes the door walking around the front of the car and getting in, closing the door.

“So what do you want to do?” He places his hand on my knee, looking up at me lovingly.

“Can we just go get coffee?” He nods and smiles. He puts on his seatbelt and looks over at me waiting for me to do the same before switching on the car.

We pull out of the estate and drive down the winding British roads. “How was your day?” I look over at him and smile.

“Pretty normal, went to college. Got a cup of tea at work afterwards. That’s about it. What about you?” He taps his finger on the steering wheel while waiting for the light to change green.

“Um, I had a meeting with Lucian Grainge the CEO of Universal Musical Group today, he wants to buy our label off us, decrease the competition type thing. He offered $125 billion but I don’t even know if I want to sell if you know what I mean, I enjoy that part of the job, plus I’m super hyped for Arlo’s new album, it so good and Carson features in a couple of songs, and your brother actually. He’s got 15 songs at the moment and has another that’s fire but feel’s like it’s missing something he’s seriously struggling with it I spent like 6 hours in the studio with him today, we’ve tested all out artists on it but he a perfectionist with this sort of stuff. Ya know.” He looks over at me. “Shit I probably just overloaded you with information about Lo’s album there, Sorry.” I smile and place my hand on his knee.

“No, don’t be sorry, you’re passionate about your work and it sweet to see plus the fact that Carson is getting back into music is so cool, the fact that him and Lo are working together is amazing they’re such a cute couple outside the studio so I can’t even imagine their chemistry in the booth. Plus I didn’t even know that Chris was working right now so the fact that he’s working with Lo and Car is even better.” He looks at me and has the brightest smile I’ve ever seen, like a kid on Christmas morning.

“Honestly Lo and Car, one of their songs is so raw and personal it’s all about when they came out to their families, like Car talks about what happened with his Dad, like he starts rapping, I didn’t even know he could rap but, man it was so good, the final take they did his voice breaks and it shows how raw it was, and then they talk about telling us that they were a couple, they even name drop us, I honestly felt like royalty being mentioned, it was so cool.” My mouth drops.

“Wes, this song is them coming out to the world! I’m honestly so proud!” He looks over and smiles.

“That song, Lo wanted it to be the title song for the album, they are shooting the video next week, the video is going to filmed in one room, it’s going to be this empty industrial style apartment with just a double bed they are going to do a bunch of shoots from different angles it’s going to be really intimate. I love it to be honest.” I smile.

“This honestly seems like the sweetest thing ever I’m so happy for them.” He smiles at me as we park in the Starbucks car park.

“Right Skye, considering we talked about my work and Lo’s new album the entire drive do you want to tell me what you wanted to talk about?” I undo my seatbelt and lean over to him.

“Only when I have my frappuccino in my hand.” He laughs as I jump out the car and run across the car park to the store.

We walk back towards the car a caramel frappuccino securely in my hand and a black americano in Wes’s hand. We climb back into the car and look over at each other. I take a very loud slip of my coffee to kill the silence. “Why couldn’t you wait?” He looks at me confused, silently urging me to explain, “Why couldn’t you wait for me to be ready to go public? why was it now or never?” He sadly places his coffee in his cup holder and looks up at me.

“I was a stupid kid when I said those things, I was selfish and wanted everything, including things I couldn’t have in that moment but things I could possibly have in the future, but I didn’t want to wait, you have no clue how much I regret saying those things Skylar, I wish I could take them back but I can’t. I understand that probably made you lose some trust in me. But I do hope you understand that I want to be open with you. I didn’t fully understand how being public with me may have meant that you could have been revealed as Bradley’s daughter or even why that was such a bad thing. But I understand now how much you were offering me by saying you were going to tell Gracie and Hannah, I understand now that the fact that them and everyone else knowing would have made things easier. But I was a stupid kid, I wanted everything and didn’t care about how they may have negative consequences for you, or that they may even happen. I am sorry Skylar, our whole break up was my fault for being selfish and I just realised that I’ve never apologised for any of that before. So I am so sincerely sorry Skylar.” I smile and place my hand no his.

“Wesley, I should have understood where you were coming from, you were keep half your life from everyone you care about for me and I never thanked you for that. So thank you but I do feel like if, and I do mean if we are going to discuss getting back together need to start from scratch. So…” he smiles at me as I say the words. “Actually wait, just before we start over I want to do something really quickly.” I lean forward and wrap my hands around the back of his neck pulling his face towards mine, pressing my lips to his, after a few seconds he reacts and wraps his hands around my waist and begins kissing me back. I then climb over the centre console onto his lap when he wraps his arms around me even tighter and presses his chest against mine, his hand run down my back and grabs my ass squeezing it tightly in his hands. My hands begin roaming his body running over his chest, slowly unbuttoning his shirt. I pull back slightly, our breath still mingling “Wes drive us somewhere I don’t care but somewhere there is no way anyone can see us.” He nods as I climb off his lap into the passenger seat. He drives at full speed before arriving at his house.

We walk to the door in silence before, he takes far to long to unlock the door and walk in, the front door is a solid piece of wood, but as soon as you walk in you are met with a room full of light. The wall across from the door is fully glass, looking out at a large tree placed in the centre of the house. After a minute of admiring the house I feel Wes’s eyes on me; I turn to look at him, his eyes darker than normal. “I’ve missed you.” The words leave his lips as he makes small steps towards me, before he’s close enough for me to feel his breath on my skin.

“I’ve missed you too, even though we see each other all the time, I feel like we’ve not been the same since the day at Lara’s pool.” His smirk falters for only a second.

“That day I was a child who knew what he wanted but was too impatient to wait for it.” He brushes a strand of hair behind my ear and cups my cheek, leaning towards me, our lips brush against each other “And I can’t explain how sorry I am for that.” He presses his lips to mine, as I respond to his touch his kiss and movements become more passionate and urgent.

He loops his arm around my waist and places his hand in the small of my back. He moves his arm from my cheek to around my body, lifts me off the ground, I wrap my legs around his body as he places his hand on my ass to support me. I wrap my arms around his neck and begin running my hands through his hair, he carries me through the house, I then feel him drop me on to the sofa, his body on top of me again. He supported his weight with one arm and held my hip with the other, I begin rolling my hips against his, with my lips never leaving him. I run my hands over his body, tugging at the hem of his shirt, I pull it apart, ripping it with buttons flying in every possible direction. He tightens his grip on my hip, rolling his hips against me. He undoes my belt and pulls my t-shirt out of my jeans and over my head. His lips very quickly found mine again as he pulled my body along the leather of the sofa and to the edge. I wrap my legs around his waist, he runs his lips down my jaw, dragging his teeth on my ear lobe, before moving his lips down to my neck. At first he kisses and as soon as he gets below my collarbone he begins sucking at the skin. As a loud moan leaves my lips, I start rolling my hips against him again. I feel him groan in the back of his throat as his hands trail over my body: one hand placed on my hip gripping tightly, the other moves to the fabric of my bra. Both hands move to my back and very quickly remove the fabric that was in the way. His hands move to support my ass as he lifts me, my mouth moves to his neck and begins sucking leaving his neck black and blue before I feel my back come into contact with his bedsheets. He stands at the edge of the bed for a moment before climbing on top of me supporting his weight with one arm and running the other arm over my body. He runs his hand along the waist band of my trousers, I nodded against his lips, he began trailing kisses down the centre of my body, as he undid the buttons of my trousers, he pulled them off and ran his hand along me before, pulling down my underwear and placing his head between my legs, his hands staying firmly placed on my breast, massaging them. I feel his tongue massaging me and sucking at me, I run my hands through his hair and chuck my head into the bed, biting my bottom lip to stop myself from screaming. I lightly tug at his hair pulling him up to me.

I pushing him so that he’s laid on his back i pepper kisses down his body I unbutton his trousers pushing them down his legs before he kicks them off all the way, i move up his body again massaging him with my hand giving him a small kiss, feeling his ragged breathe on my lips, before moving back down his body. I pull down his underwear, open my mouth and take him in my mouth earning ragged breathing from Wes. I feel a hand gently resting on the back my head, encouraging me on I feel him begin to twitch in my mouth, I take him fully in my mouth before moving back up his body and kiss him again.

He flips me over so I’m laid on my back he hovers over me before, placing his hands on my knees, spreading them further, lining himself up, as he pushed him inside of my I let out a loud moan chucking my head into the pillows, at first moving slowly and then increasing the pace by the second, I start moaning in his ear, he placed his hand around my neck like a necklace, he looks at me with a smirk on his lips, “moan louder for me, baby” I look at him for a moment before breathing deeply.

“Fuck me harder then” my words seemed to power him, he moves faster than ever and begins rubbing in circular motions on that ever so sensitive spot, he lifts my ass and slaps my ass cheek leaving a very clear hand print, I bite my lip and begin moaning non-stop. He looks at me and begins to pepper kisses down my neck before reaching my collarbone and sucking at the skin. “Wes, I’m going to cum!” He looks at me and increases the pace further.

“Hold it!” I gather the bedsheets in my hands as my legs begin to shake uncontrollably. I begins kissing me again and biting at my bottom lip, earning another loud moan from me. Wes begins to moan into my ear.

“Please let me cum! Please, please, please!” He places his hand around my neck again looking at me with a dark look in his eye.

In that moment we hear doors downstairs going and muffled voices. He looks at me with no intention of stopping he moves his hand from my neck to over my mouth before placing his hand over my mouth breathing his words in my ear. “Cum with me, baby.” In that moment my legs start shaking and my eyes start watering, as I moan and the orgasm over takes me, I look at Wes he’s eyes still dark, he grips onto the head board above me with one hand removes the other from my mouth and places it back around my neck, his body tenses and he groans, I begin to feel him twitching inside of me.

With one last mumbled “fuck!” Wes removed his hand from my neck and laid down beside me. “Skye... that was...” I look over to him and smile

“Fucking amazing.” I look at him with the biggest smile on my face and the same smile reflected back at me on his.

“Wes? You home?” Lara’s voice rattles through the house, I quickly turn and look to Wes who has jumped up from the bed pulling on his jeans, I jump up and begin getting dressed, I put on my jeans and begin looking for my top and my bra, i look at Wes who’s got his jeans on and now looking for his shirt which is when we both realise that my top and bra is on the floor of the living room and his shirt is on the floor of the living room with the buttons everywhere around the room. he runs into his wardrobe and comes back out with two t-shirts handing me one.

“This is going to be fun to explain to them.” he looks at me with a smirk before walking over and placing a small kiss on my temple.

“As far as they know it’s stuff you left last time you were here.” I nod and give him a small smile. I walk over to him and bury my head in his chest. “Ready?” I nod before taking a few steps back. We walk down the stairs and see Lara, Arlo and Carson sat on the sofa’s and our clothes placed in the middle of the living room. Lara looks up first.

“Oh? Skye I didn’t know you were here.” my cheeks warm and I look down. I reach the bottom of the stairs and look at her.

“Yeah, me and Wes went for coffee and then we came back here to pick up some clothes I left last time I was here.” he frowns and gives me a look knowing that I am lying. “But I’m going to go call Steven so he can come pick me up.” she stands up and looks at me.

“I’ll give you a ride, I was just dropping these two off because someone totalled his car.” she gave Arlo a look before pulling her car keys out of her pocket and spinning them around her finger.

“Oh, um, okay...” I look at Wes and then Arlo and Carson who are on the sofa all cuddled up, with expressions that tell us that they know that nothing I have said is the truth. I lower my head and agree to the lift. I wave goodbye to Arlo and Carson before walking over to Wes and burying my head into his chest again.

“I see you in a bit?” he nods with a small smile on his face. he pulls me back into a hug wrapping his arms around me and squeezing me tightly, and kissing the top of my head.

“I’ll call you later.” I nod before waving goodbye to everyone again and following Lara out of the house with my head hung low like a kid about to be yelled at by her parents.

As soon as we get in the car before she’d even put the key in the ignition she turned to me. “You fucked?” I chucked my head against the headrest and slowly turned my head to look at her.

“And right now i’m on my way home to meet Hannah and Gracie to get ready for my date with Jamie.” her eyes widen and she rests her head against the steering wheel

“Skye, seriously who do you want at the end of the day, Wes? or Jamie?” I look at her with pleading eyes and frown at her.

“Lar, I wish, you have no idea how much I wish, I knew.” she shuffled in her seat before putting the key in the ignition.

She turned to me again. “Was the sex at least good?” I look at her and laughed.

“Not going to lie my legs are still shaking.” her eyes widened again and started nodding.

“Well done Wes!” I laugh as she pulls away from Wes’s house.

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