The Secret Life of Skylar Graham

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Chapter 6


Dad’s birthday is in a week, Mum and Brooke have asked me to invite Wes and see if we can hire a musician or something. I agreed so now I have to awkwardly call my ex boyfriend. I listen to the dial tones and after a few seconds he picks up.

“Skye? What do you want?” As soon as I hear his voice, breath gets stuck in my throat.

“Can you pick me up?” My voice breaks and it almost sounds sore as I speak.

“Skylar, what’s wrong? Has something happened?” I close my eyes because I know I’m the last person he’d want to hear from right now, but I need to see him, for more reasons than one.

“Nothing’s wrong, I just need to speak to you.” He sighs and then all I hear is silence from his side of the phone fore what sees like hours.

“I’ll pick you up from yours in half an hour.” He hangs up and as soon as I hear those words, I feel scared, I now have to look some what acceptable in half an hour and I’m currently wearing nothing but my fluffy dressing gown with my hair in a towel turban. I walk into my wardrobe and pull out an oversized graphic t-shirt dress and my Gucci belt, I slide on my sock boots and do minimal natural makeup which is basically just eyebrows, BB cream, eyeliner and tinted lip balm. I pull my wet hair into a top knot. Before running downstairs. I then sit on the steps outside the front door and within a few minutes Wes drives in, I climb into the passenger seat and look over to him.

“You make this so hard for me, Skye…” I look over to him, his eyes look sad and avoids looking at me in the eye.

As the word leave his lips I realise that I’m not only hurting myself by seeing him but also myself, all I want is to see him, touch him, hold him and have him hold me. “Can we go get coffee and talk?” He nods and puts his car into first gear, pulls out the estate gates. We go to the closest Starbucks drive thru, order and sit in awkward silence during the wait before we get our order. As soon as we get our order and park up silently sipping on our coffee’s.

“What did you want to talk about Skye?” I look up swallowing the drink in my mouth and looking up at him.

“My Mum asked me to see if you had anyone would could preform for my Dad’s birthday, and/or have equipment that we could use for the night?” He sighs and falls back into the chair.

“You could have asked me all of that on the phone Skylar. So is that everything?” I look down at my hands and frown.

“No, there’s something else, I just don’t know how to say it.” He looks over to me brushing a strand of hair from my face and tucking it behind my ear.

“Skye, if you dance around saying it then you’re never going to say it.” I look back at him those gorgeous brown eyes, they could always do something to me that I never wanted to happen.

“I want you to know that I never wanted to hurt you, I still don’t really know what I want, but the more I’m around the person I want them closer I’m getting to figuring that out, but I feel like I’m using Jess in the process, and I know being around that person hurts them, and hurts me so much…” I look up from my hands and into his eyes, the look of hurt in his eyes almost kill me.

“Skylar! Stop, I need to say something before I become your relationship counsellor. We slept together and I was so happy and thought to myself, ’finally maybe I can get everything I really want, everything that I spend every night dreaming about and everything that I spend everyday hoping for. Then we went downstairs, you acted like nothing had happened, like you didn’t care about it, like it didn’t matter to you. Then I get woken up by trashy tabloids calling me asking me to comment on the fact that not only did you leave my house to go on a date, but that you kissed the girl that in your words, ‘ruined your life’ then when we talk after that it was more than a kiss and you’re dating her. So tell me Skylar, what do want from me?” My heart breaks as the words leave his lips, I move my hands from my lap and take his hands in mine, he moves his hands away almost chucking himself at the door.

“Wes, I... I don’t mean to hurt you I just needed an out, I wanted to cancel the date but I couldn’t it would hurt Jamie so much but I told him what I wanted, I told him that we slept together because that wasn’t just sex to me that was the kind of thing you read about, the kind of thing that I daydream about that I think about 24/7 I told him that it was you I wanted, in that moment I didn’t care about hurting him because he needed to know, it’s you I want to call when I’m sad, it’s you I want to call when I’m happy, it’s you I want to spend every moment of everyday with, I don’t care about the repercussions anymore it’s you Wes, I haven’t been able to look at another guy since the day we met, I lost my virginity to you and since that I haven’t slept with anyone else and I don’t picture myself ever wanting to.” He moves forward and places his hand on my cheek, before pressing his forehead to mine.

“Skylar everything you did still hurt me, seeing you kissing Jess, of all people Jess it hurt me, it may have been for good reasons but it still hurt so much, I cried. I’m moving over to America permanently, my flights in an hour.” That did it everything I was holding in burst in that moment, I couldn’t breathe, I wailed more than ever before I tried to speak but I couldn’t.

“No, Wes! Please stay, don’t leave me, I need you, I can’t without you, Im so sorry, block me on everything, don’t ever talk to me again if that what you need to do, but don’t move across the Atlantic, I can’t hold it together without you.” He pulled his seat around him and put the car into gear, driving me home.

“I’m sorry Skylar, if you’re ever in New York call me, we’ll go for coffee or something.” I looked at him, my face hurts, my everything hurts. I unclick my seatbelt and climb over the centre console sit on his lap, wrapping my arms around his neck.

“If you go you’re going to have to take me with you.” He unclicks his seatbelt and climbs out the car me still attached to his front, I wrap my legs around his body and bury my head into the nook in his neck, Wes wraps his arms around me and squeezes me tightly into him as he walks up the steps to my Dads front door, he knocks and Brooke answers the door.

“What the hell is going on?” Her voice sounds concerned

“She won’t let me go.” He unwraps his arms from around my body but I stay firmly placed around his body.

“YOU AREN’T LEAVING!” I shout into his neck, I feel Brooke hands take me from his body as she pulls me off him, the second my legs fall she pulls my arms off him. “No Brooklyn, I can’t let him leave me!” I go to run after him but he’s now in his car and starting the ignition, the second the car begins to pull away I feel my body drop to the floor and Brooke’s arms around me, I fight her off and run into my bedroom, where I cry myself to sleep.


Jessica walks up the lane coming towards the courtyard in front of the house, she spots me sat on the steps leading to the house and a ginormous smile develops on her face and my face feels bleak and as if it is expressing a frown. She skips towards me and leans down to kiss me, knowing what I am about to do I move my head to avoid the kiss, she pulls back looking disappointed and confused. “Skye, what’s wrong?” She sits down beside me and places her hand on my leg.

My body jumps up and takes a few steps down. “Jessy, I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can do this, everything that has happened in the past keeps going through my head, and I don’t know how to stop it and if I’m completely honest, I think I used you as an out to avoid making a decision about Wes and Jamie. It was unfair and to be honest as I thought about it, I thought the boys might think about it as it was about their gender and not about about them as people. But honestly I know what I want now and I know how to deal with it, but I do honestly care for you and I do want to be friends but that’s all it can be. I am so so sorry.”

She shakes her head and stands up again, I try to rest my hand on her shoulder but she pushes me away, “Stay away from me Skylar.” She starts to walk back down the lane and away from the house. I walk back up the step and through the large door, I lean my back against the door, and close my eyes.

Which is when I hear the extensive amount of havoc going through my house, the planners and decorators showing my traumatised mother attempting to plan Dad’s party. I quickly pull out my phone and as Brooke and Chris to come over, they quickly reply that they are on their way and I rush into the kitchen and sit beside Mum, we begin picking out a spectrum of greys for the colour scheme, mini hot dogs, mini burgers and mini steak bites, we picked out a song list for The Milton’s to play and decided the song that I would sing with them. We decided on the limited alcohol available, we then decided on the final cake design, we went the a cake shaped like an acoustic guitar.

Once all the planning was done and everyone had left, Mum, Brooke, Chris and I all sat down with a strong mug of coffee in our hands. Brooke tapped her nail on the side of her mug and looked at me, “Hows Jessica?” I sigh and sense the distaste in her voice.

I look up to her and back down at the black coffee in my hand, “We broke up.” I sip my coffee and they all look at me with shock and a hint of happiness, “Why, is it because you’re in love with Wes? Or Jamie, it’s Jamie isn’t it.” Chris gets excited like he’s found the cure for cancer or something. “I’m not telling you who, but yes, to one of them.” They all seem pleased and begin to try and crack me to tell them who, but I refuse, I need to tell him first.


The house is filled with utter chaos, decorators running around the house from the second I step out my room in the hall, everyone living in the house manically trying to get ready for the party, Mum’s running down the stairs in her dressing gown, curlers in her hair and a face mask on, “I need coffee!!” She runs into the kitchen and shakes as she pours herself a coffee, “Mum? How many have you had today?” She looks up and smile her whole body still shaking, “Oh, hi honey, how was school, do you want a coffee, I don’t know what it is about this stuff, maybe its the special coffee beans your dad buys, but it is amazing, I’ve had seven today, its yummy honey, ha, that’s funny yummy and honey rhyme, hehe, yummy, honey, yummy, honey, yummy, honey, yummy…” I take a step forward and take the mug out of her hand and place it on the worktop

“Mum, I think you’ve had a few too many, how about you go take your face mask off and wash your face and I’ll bring you some hot chocolate.” Her eyes widen. “Oh no honey, I put this face mask on hours ago!” She wonders out the kitchen and up the stairs. I begin making hot chocolate and dance along to some Disney songs playing through my earphones, I start belting out the lyrics of ‘A whole new world’ and putting whipped cream on mine and Mum’s hot chocolate when I hear applauding behind me, I spin on my heal out of fright and even begin spraying whipped cream in the air. Wes is stood in the archway. “You are phenomenal.” I shake my head out of disbelief, “What are you doing here? I thought you left?” He takes a step towards me and I take the same step backwards.

“I was going to, I almost did, I had my suitcase, then Brooke called me, she asked what happened, she told me you were preforming tonight for your Dad’s birthday so I decided to stay for that, then I’ll make a decision. If I stay or go.” I look at him in utter disbelief.

“So you left me, for 3 weeks, believing you left me, I left voicemails everyday, balling my eyes out, I asked you to just call me.” He walks forward and wraps his arms around me and rests his chin on top of my head.

“I’m sorry, I needed time after everything with Jess I was hurt so I need time to heal, and I hate myself for it but I wanted to hurt you back so i ignored your calls, and then 3 days ago I decided I was a shit person for feeling that way but I wanted to come her and apologise, I wanted to hug you so much but it been so long that I thought I’d just come over today for this.” I look at him, my anger slowly paling.

“And you came here an our early because?” I cock an eyebrow at him fold my arms at him.

“Well, to see you doing an adorable dance whilst making hot chocolate and singing songs from Aladdin of course!” The last word left his lips and left a great big smirk on his lips

I giggle, covering my face with my hands, “tell anyone about that and I’ll whip cream you.” I spray a small amount only for it to leave the can and immediately land on the floor.

He shakes his head laughing at me slightly he walks towards me and passes me a towel, I take it from him and wipe up the mess. “Well that and Brooke asked me to set up the sound equipment. Who is the hot cocoa for? You and your girlfriend?” I shake my head, “ex-girlfriend” I correct him, his hands stop and his eyes move from the floor to my face searching for what I’m feeling about the situation, with no luck “and no it’s for my Mum, she’s had a few too many coffee’s today.” I pick up both mugs and turn to face Wes, “Tell you what, I’ll take this to your Mum, and you go get ready, everyone will be getting here in an hour.” I nod as he takes the mug and begins taking the hot chocolate to my Mum.

As soon as I get upstairs I shower the fastest I think I ever have, before drying my hair and straightening it, I do natural and minimal make up before putting on my dress, it a red strappy skin tight dress on the bodice and then a long flowy maxi skirt with thigh high slits, I spray myself with enough perfume it could kill a person, I need to look and smell my best when I know he’s going to be here tonight.

I finish lacing up my shoes, they’re a ruby red to match my dress with strings that wrap up my leg and end just before my knee. I walk out my room and start to walk down the steps. “Hon you look beautiful.” I turn around and see my Dad a few steps above me, I walk up the steps and smile, “Happy Birthday Dad.” He smiles, and pulls me in for a hug I take a deep breath and finally relax, “Well, will my girl escort me to my party?” I nod.

“Only if we can too,” We look behind us and see Mum, Brooke, Evelyn and Aria. Mum is carrying Aria, who she then places on the floor walks to Dad closely followed by my younger sister, she intertwines her hand with Dad and kisses him on his cheek, leaving a bright red kiss mark, “Oh Brad, um, you might need to wash your face.” He giggles, he shakes his head, “I like to think about it as a mark of pride, that I have the love of my life back.” She smiles and hugs him, we all hold hands as we descend the stairs. We open the front doors and begin to see guests cars and limo’s pouring into the courtyard, we see members of the press outside the gates trying to catch photos of us and our guests. I shake off the feeling of begin watched, once roughly fifty guests have arrived and the sun begins to set we all make our way to the garden, fairy lights dotted in trees and bushes, instruments set up in the gazebo, Dad’s old band mates start playing instrumentals of all of Dad’s favourite songs and some of his best songs that he’s written.

Everyone take a bunch photos together posting them on instagram, Brooke and I even mess around and post the videos on our stories. By this point Brooklyn is on the verge of being drunk, so we stick our tongues out before singing along to the song and looking down at the phone Brooke is holding by her waist, showing off our double chins. Once we’ve taken the picture and posted it on instagram she stands up straight and looks at me, “I want food!” She runs down the steps and grabs my hands.

We stand in front of the large buffet table, everything looks so nice and everything looks something out of a magazine, “don’t you want anything Skye?” Brooke already has her plate piled high and still adding more too it.

“No, I had a big lunch with Lara.” She smiles and starts munching on her food, the idea of one of those little steak bites makes my mouth drool, but I refuse to eat especially since this dress is a size up than I would like to be wearing and it’s still tight. Brooklyn waves at one of her friends and runs off over to talk to them.

I smile seeing everyone so happy. Dad talking to an old bandmate, laughing and joking with mum safely by his side an encouraging arm around her waist and her head on dads shoulder, as she makes an occasional joke and laughs along with them. They look happier than I can ever remember them being, Chris looking like he’s irritated because of looking after Evelyn and Aria, but when they push a cupcake into his cheek he smiles and starts tickling them. Brooklyn in a big group of friends, laughing and joking, I smile at my very happy family.

And then I feel two arms snake around my body, pulling me into them, then the cologne hit me. “Forgiven me yet gorgeous?” Wes rests his chin on my head as always, as I lean into him.

“I may need so convincing...” I turn to him and look in his eyes then instantly darken.

“Was last time not convincing enough? I heard they’re going to write world renowned articles about it.” I smile as I turn my body within his grip, leaning into kiss him, he loosens his grip to place his hands on my hips, I’m millimetres from kissing him, I feel his breath on my lips, I feel the warmth from his lips on mine, the skin from his lips brush against mine before I pull away and turn to look around the garden, I feel his hand around my neck pulling my head back in the direction of his lips, his lips touch mine and press against them with a passion I’ve never felt from him. The hand that was around my neck snakes it’s way around to cup my cheek. I pull away and for a moment my vision is blurred. When my vision is normal again, I see Wes looking over at the buffet table.

“What are you eating then, scarlet?” My eyes widen.

“I’ve not heard they name in a long time?” He tucks a loose strand of hair behind my ear and look begins stroking my cheek with his thumb.

“Well it’s still true, you’re still hot, sexy and amazing so why wouldn’t I call you it.” I smile and lean up to press my lips to his. “So what are you having?” I look down at my hand and begin fiddling with my nails.

“Nothing I had a big lunch with Lara.” His eyebrows furrow

“Lara said she was worried because you barely ate anything at lunch.” I sigh and look up at him.

“Big. I’m fine Ive just not got much of an appetite today, I’m sure I’m fine.” He shakes his head.

“You can’t use that name against me Skylar.” I look at him and furrow my eyebrows.

“I’m not using it against you I’m just using your nickname and if you can still use scarlet then I can still use big because you still have a very very big....”

“SKYLAR!” His eyes go dark this time for a less exciting reason.

“Wesley! I’m fine, it’s not happening again I’m just not hungry.” He looks at me giving me a look to say he won’t give up but he’ll leave it for a minute.

When I look up, I see my friends walk through the house and walk through the large black door way, the second they step out the door they begin to awk at all the stars in my back garden, I attempt to run towards them in my six inch heels. I hug them all, which is when my Dad and his band mates start playing a love song my Dad wrote for my Mum, Hannah and Grace run off to admire the song begin played, leaving Jamie and I stood across from each other, he smiles, “Jessica here?” I shake my head, “She didn’t think it was a good idea, considering we broke up.” His eyes widen, at first he seems happy and then rushes over and pulls me into for a hug, “I might not ever like her but I am sorry, break ups suck.” I smile and kiss his cheek, “Thank you Jamie.” I tuck a strand of hair behind my ear as he steps past me and joins Hannah and Gracie.

“IT’S JAMIE!” I spin to see Brooke stood less than a foot from me. “Huh?” She took a few steps closer to me and gave me eyes telling me that she thinks she has figured out who I want to be with. “You tucked your hair behind your ear, you only do that when you are talking to or about someone you like, you did it a few years ago when you talked about Wes, you did it a few weeks ago when we were talking about either of them, so Skylar Caroline VinDaniels - Graham! Tell me, is it Jamie?” I laugh at Brooke thinking she’s a detective. “I’m. Not. Telling.” I spin beginning to walk away from Brooke before stopping in my tracks and spinning back to my sister, “Just so you know I do the hair tuck thing when I feel guilty as well, like when I broke Dad’s grammy.” She tuts and steps back realising that what I am saying is true, I spin back around and walk down the steps.

Dad and his band mates announce that they are going to go on a break, every one applauses as they make their way down the steps from the gazebo, I walk over and pull my Dad into a hug, “I haven’t seen you preform in ages, it was great I miss seeing it.” he kisses my temple and smiles as he wraps an arm around my Mum, “I didn’t realise how much i actually miss preforming until i start preforming again.” I smile and look around the garden. I spot Wes wondering around the side of the house where people are stood smoking. I run to catch up to him and wrap my arm around his waist.

“Hey!” he looks down at me and smiles before frowning.

“If you go in after everyone leaves stinking of cigarettes i think your Dad might kill me.” I take the box out of his hand and take one out placing it between my lips.

“My Dad knows i’ve smoked before and after everything thats happened recently i think i need it.” I take the lighter out of his hand and light the cigarette, I take a deep inhale. Wes lights his, not taking his eyes of me and very hesitantly stuff the box and light into his pocket.

“Please don’t tell your Dad I let you have that.” I take another inhale before turning to him and smirking.

“Like you could stop me if you tried.” I wink and he grabbed my hand pulling me around the corner of the house.

“Skylar, I need to talk to you seriously a minute.” I dump the cigarette butt grounding into the gravel of the pathway an looking up at him. “I saw you talking to Jamie earlier, you two looked friendly.” I let out a deep sigh and look up at him.

“Wes, he’s been a friend for longer than I can remember, longer than I’ve know you.” I takes a step back from me and crosses his arms over his chest.

“Does that mean I have to like seeing the girl I’m in love with talk to a guy that has vocalised his feels for her and who she hasn’t told about the day at mine, or any conversation since then.” I take a step forward and place one hand on his chest and the other on his cheek.

“I have told him, I told him before I told you, I told him that we slept together the day it happened.” he leans his body into me more now, his body visually relaxing.

“You told him what before you told me?” I smirk at him.

“I told him that I love him but in the same way I love Hannah or Gracie or Arlo, but that I am in love with you.” his eyes darken then. He leans forward pressing his forehead to mine.

“For the record, I’m in love with you too, and I would run back in there jump on that stage and shout over the microphone if it meant I could be with you a second longer.” I smile and lean towards him so my body is touching his in every possible place. “And if you don’t say anything right now I might kiss you and it’s not going to be a kiss that I want your Dad to see.”

My heart was beating rapidly with anticipation as I started to feel his heavy breath on my lips I still remained silent. I didn’t move a muscle in fear off his changing his mind and running away.

“So you’d better speak up.” He whispered, his lips almost brushing against mine as he spoke, his wavy breath fanned over my skin. I still remained silent - even if I wanted to talk, I couldn’t find my voice - I didn’t even move except for when my eyes fluttered closed and I waited to feel his lips against mine.

And then it happened.

His soft familiar lips pressed against mine. His lips moved slowly with mine with stressed slowness. It seemed as if it was taking immense self-control for him to kiss me slowly but I didn’t want that in this moment. The slow, tenderness of the kiss lasted for less than a second until we both lost any and all control. His tongue mashed with mine and I let out a soft moan unwillingly as I unlatched my hand from his and wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him closer. His free hand, the one that wasn’t cupping my cheek, moved to my waist and pressed me against the wall tightly with our bodies mangled in a very, very heated kiss.

His hand trailed from my cheek, down the side of my body, and then rested on the bare skin of my thigh. Another hopeless moan left my lips when I felt his hand move up my dress and going higher up my thigh. I started instinctively moving my hips against him and pulled his body closer to mine, continuing to run our tongues together fiercely. I felt him groan in the back of his throat and farther into me before his lips left mine only to run down the length of my neck. In the back of my mind, I knew that he was going to leave a hickey, but in the moment, I didn’t care. I sucked in a sharp breath when I felt his teeth scrape my neck softly and then move back up to my eagerly awaiting lips.

“Oh. My. God!” Brooklyn’s voice broke through the heated silence. I immediately broke out of the Wes-induced gaze I was in like I had just had a bucket of ice water thrown on my head. I was still pressed against the wall and Wes’s body was still holding me against it.

“Hi, g-guys.” Wes mumbles breathlessly. In fact, we were both completely breathless. As we looked at Brooklyn, Chris, Lara, Arlo and Carson, who were all staring at us, all with jaws on the ground.

“Sorry to interrupt, but, Dad wanted us to try and find you and one of the crew said that you came around here.” Brooke looks at us still with a great big smirk on her face, “Good thing he didn’t try and find you, else Wes would not have a penis, that right now wants to make himself very known to the world.” My eyes dart down to Wes’s trousers that he is currently trying to hide. My cheeks instantly go hotter than the Sahara desert. I turn Wes and push him in the direction of the front door of the house.

“Tell Dad I’ve gone to the toilet and I’ll be out in a minute.” I turn on my heel to walk away. “Also, anyone speaks a word of this ever again I will kill each and every one of you.”

Wes immediately goes to my room whilst I grab him a glass of ice water. I pass him the glass and he gives me a confused look, “I heard if you hold a cold glass on your lap it helps.” He nods slowly hold the glass on his lap as I still at my makeup vanity and begin trying to cover the already fully formed hickey on my neck. Before fixing my lipstick and spraying myself with a new layer of perfume. I look over at Wes who has now downed the glass of water and seems to be in a position to have a conversation with my parents and not get killed. I stand up and make my way to the door but as I pass the ottoman Wes grabs my hand and pulls me back towards him, and sitting me on his lap. “Wes, you can’t ruin another lot of lipstick and my Dad is waiting for me.” He smiles and tucks a strand of hair behind my ear.

“Don’t worry I wasn’t going to kiss you, but I do thing we should have a serious conversation about everything, but maybe not at a time that your Dad is waiting for you or when all of our friends just witnessed the most embarrassing moment of my life, that I will get ridiculed for the remainder of it.” I nod before kissing his cheek and pulling him into a tight embrace.

We walk down the stairs together hand in hand where Lara is stood at the bottom, a great big smirk on her face. “That was quick you two.” I roll my eyes and giggle slightly at her she stays put and grabs my wrist as Wes realises this is ‘girl talk’ and continues to walk out to the garden preparing for the ridicule. “Stay mine tonight, I want to know everything!” I smile and nod as we link arms and walk out to the garden. In the far corner I can see Wes’s bright red cheeks as Chris, Arlo and Carson laugh.

I wonder back down and stand in front of the other party guests just as Dad’s song finishes he spots me and calls me up to the gazebo, I run up the steps as the band members start playing the song Dad wrote when he found out Mum was pregnant. We sing the lyrics and smile at each other just as the song finishes Dad helps me down the steps.

I reach the bottom of the steps, everything slows a the gazebo floor cracks under The Milton’s feet, like the floor under their feet is moving uncontrollably, blinding white light, like a million camera flashes at once then, pitch black darkness. Dad is thrown on top of me, as I’m thrown slightly forward by Dad’s weight falling on top of me, I’m now face down on the patio, Dad falls on top of me his weight and the impact feels like its crushing me. the gazebo now in pieces around us, debris everywhere and all over us, dust and covering me and Dad, he’s unconscious, I feel his neck for a pulse, its weak but its there, I roll him off me, the air is thick and hardly breathable, the weight of Dad’s body on top of me didn’t help, I see blood pour from his head, and then blood all over my legs, I then feel shooting pains all over my body, I shout to Mum. Her, Jamie and Wes all come running towards us and try talking to me but I just hear ringing in my ears, my vision is fuzzy until I close my eyes and fall asleep.

When I wake up, I scream, but then I realise I’m not in the horror of the surrounding blown up gazebo, I’m in the safety of a hospital bed surrounded by my family and my Dad asleep in the bed beside me. Mum rushes to my side and pulls me in for an embrace, “honey it’s okay.” I look at her, feeling completely horrified, “Mum… What happened?” She lowers her head and a tear rolls down her cheek, “There is someone trying to kill your Dad, there was a bomb planted beneath the gazebo, and the helicopter crash was planned, your Dad has decided that all of us are going to go to America, only temporarily, but we are going, we’ll have permanent police protection. We’ll be okay sweetie we just need to make sure we all are safe.” I nod and pull my mum in for another hug.

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