Friend or Lovers

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Alexia and Emilio ahh these bestfriends i don't wanna say anything here but I'm sure you're gonna like me story so read it plz btw if i got good ratings and votings I'll continue writing so let's go!! :)

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Hi I am Alexia Sakr a normal girl with a normal life with age 17 yes a senior girl having a twin brother who lives in Washington DC and a small sister living with my parents anyway let me stop talking about my family and start my story I live in California with my best friend Emilio he is the best Emilio and I grew up together which something I loved cause he knew everything about me and same do I then we were so good as best friends and we never thought of more than that until being highschool with him he became more cute and hot he is blonde with dark blue eyes and he is a gentleman by all mean of the word he always stood by my side days passed and we were being kinda of close to each others until a girl named Suzie who was the bitch of the highschool who slept with any guy she met omg this girl made me feel so angry anyway i was surprised to see this jerk coming over and talking to me with kindness well who am I to her idiot or what so i continued with her game until I knew what she was for of course my best friend Emilio she wanted his phone number and wanted me to be the one who make the love seen to him here i was so angry so I ended the conservation by telling her that I will see what would happen and went home yes and i haven't mentioned that Emilio and I live in the same house so entering the house and seeing Emilio made my anger go away off course he knew that I was angry from something but what is this something he didn't knew "hey how you doin" with a blush "hey Emilio fine what about you " he smiled and melted my heart more "nothin what's wrong beautiful who made you mad " I smiled and thanked my lord to have a best friend who cares about me and about my life " Mmm nothin cutie " (with a laugh we settled down ) but he knew that something that annoys me happened but he stopped asking to not pressure me more we ate launch and were both free so i started our chit chat about Suzie and how does he think of her he told me that she is cute here i knew i had no chance with him so i told him what happened he was happy for hearing the news so i ended up broken but that doesn't matter since he is my best friend and I will not choose myself for his happinesses so i just told the bitch in the next day and she was like "Aw Alexia your the best will you be my friend " with an i don't care reply I told her " I am only doing this to my best friend not because I'd like to " and then i left days passed and everything was about Suzie everyday when Emilio comes home he would rather bring the bitch or tell me all about her their was nothing more for somewhiles I thought that I was no more a friend in the house and school so we started to change alot i was starting to feel that we are no longer best friends days passed and I was all lonely ,to the day at school when Emilio told me to watch the football game with him she was their so she asked him why she wasn't invited and he told her that he wants a time just him and I no one else she was so jealous so in an angry voice she said "okay whatever you will regret being with the loser hahaha " she turned and left I was like omg what just happened am I dreaming but wait here he comes Emilio just slandered her with some words that shaped her and broke up with her i appreciated his work i just hugged him with a kiss on the cheek and told him " Emilio thank you I appreciate your defense do I really deserve all the support you give me ??! " he replied " You deserve more your the only one who deserves it " i stayed up late thinking about the words he said about the chance that delighted my world .the next day we watched the game and it was so good we ate lunch and then went home we watched a movie which was so nice and then we played truth or dare it this game was my favorite i started by asking he told me he wanted a truth so this was my chance i asked :"will you ever have feelings to your best friend?" with a red cheek blush he answered me "yeah but it depends on my best friends" guys i was so shy and their was a silence but i just waited for him to break this silence then he asked me i wanted a dare his dare was to make out with him i was surprised :"Emilio we're just friends" he said :" I never wanted to be your friend or best friend i only wanted you i wanted you to be my girlfriend my life soul and wife i just love you Alexia " I was like yes I love him too I've always wanted him to make out with me be my life and everything but i dont him to fall easily so i just told him to change the subject and after that he looked down and was upset but when he was gonna say ok i kissed him softly wanting him to need more he kissed me gently and never wanted the moment to end as i slowly going away from him he
pulls me closer wanting more oh guys I just love this guy like we're so perfect right? so I asked him all about the bitch he told me that he never loved her he just wanted me to be jealous and all of that and he never kissed her or anything else so without letting him continue I pull him close and kiss kim deeply letting him undressing me gently and that's another story but guys hold on I know you're sad for me ending the story but i just want to tell you that never give up o your love cz one day even though your crush don't notice you but one day he will and you'll be proud for your achievement

"hey thanks for reaching the end of my story is it good i am new to writing wish it will be better soon if you liked this story rate it and then I will see you with another story and maybe i will continue "Friends or Lovers" see you soon♥️🌏"
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