The Aftermath (Mafia Vol.2)

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(Sequel of Mafia Lady) Here all your doubts will be cleared.😉 "That means I'm a disgusting human being!?" His beautiful blue eyes were filled with anger and tears. "Zayn.. Baby.. What are you-" I tried to reach towards him. "NO!! Don't touch me! Mom! Please tell me where's my dad!? Where is he now!?" He was fuming with anger and kept stepping away from me. His every tears was piercing my heart away. "Zayn.. Look at me. Baby, You've me. Your mom. Why do you need a father? Your father is dead. I alre-" "NO!! My father is not dead!! YOU'RE LYING!! YOU ALWAYS LIE TO ME!!" My heart was feeling constricted. "NO!! YOUR FATHER IS DEA-" He started to scream louder demanding to bring his father. "NO!! he's not! He can never leave me!! Mom, please say that I've my dad. That.. that he's still here..." I lowered my eyes and seeing my silence, his eyes lost all their hopes. "So.. it is true." I looked towards him with both confusion and worry. "Zayn.. You've mommy with you. You do-" "SO. IT IS TRUE!! Whatever those boys said.. IS TRUE!! My father is not dead. I NEVER HAD A DAD!! I'M JUST A DISGUSTING BAD BLOOD!!" My heart was burning like someone threw acid on it. I never thought he'll ever ask for his father at this age. But, whom am I saying, a 6-year old needs a father support in his life. *(Not a stand-alone)*

Romance / Mystery
Ashley Andersson
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Chapter 1

Angel's P.O.V.

Everyone stood infront of the coffins of Zoe and Ray. Mom was crying so badly in the loss of both her son. Lorie stood with Roman (boyfriend of Lorie, heir of Russian Mafia).
Her head on his chest, tears rolling down her eyes. Julie stood beside me, her one hand wrapped around my shoulders.
It was informed that Zoe's body was fully burnt except for his few fingers and toes. And for Ray, no one could recognize his face. It was fully burnt.
I wonder how that place caught fire?
Fredrick stood beside the coffins and motioned few men for the ritual of burying the coffins. Roman, Fredrick and two other men came to become the pallbearers of Zoe and few other men came forward for Ray, putting their coffins over their shoulders.
"ZOE!! You can't leave us!! Yo-Your wife is pregnant, son!! How could you do this son!! How- how-"
Mom fell on the ground sobbing and almost fainting.
We ran towards her and I crouched down putting a water bottle on her lips. But, she threw that away embracing me tightly and crying on my shoulders.
"Mom... Don't worry. Everything will be alright."
I tried to comfort her. Even though, tears of my own were falling down but, I tried to stay strong. She hugged me tighter and I let her cry her heart out.
Only if she knew...
She held my face between her palms looking at me with her teary eyes.
"Angel, h-how could he leave? H-he can't go wi-without.."
"Shh.. mom.. Everything will be alright. We can't change whatever is written on our fates. Please don't cry."
I wiped her tears embracing her tightly. She cried on my shoulders and I rubbed her back. Eventually, I slightly pulled away and told Julie to take mom to the car.
Both their graves were buried down and Fredrick came to my side, giving me an assuring smile. Roman went to Lorie's side, pulling her towards his chest.
She murmured something through his chest but, he kept her around his warm embrace. I smiled softly looking at the cute couple.
Meanwhile, Lorie's eyes moved towards me and I gave her a soft smile. But, instead she kept staring at me or more... furiously.
I slightly furrowed my eyebrows but, ignored her reaction looking elsewhere. A big marble stone was installed on his grave with his name in calligraphic writings along with his date of birth and date of death.
Even with the writing "The Great Mafia Capo."
I went infront of his grave and crouched down putting a flower above it. Sighing deeply, I touched the surface and closed my eyes letting my tears fall on their own on his grave.
Zoe... I'm sorry... Only if you knew the reason.... But... I'm sorry. I can't tell you the reason.
"May your soul get peace, Zoe. I'll never let any harm come towards my baby."
Taking his grave's dirt, I rubbed it on my belly.
"You'll always be safe, my child."
Julie came to my side holding me tightly on her embrace.
"Angel.. Calm down. It'll affect badly on your baby. You've to care for your child."
I nodded and turned away from his grave.
"You know anything about Emma? She's not here."
I looked at Julie and realisation dawned on me. She is right.
"I don't know... I tried to contact her, but.."
"It's okay. Don't stress too much. You need rest."
I nodded and went to my car, coming out of the cemetery.
"Fredrick, make sure to bring mom safely."
He nodded and went towards his car. Last I looked at the place and kept reminding one thing inside my head...
No one should get to know...
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