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‘Heartbeats lost can be found in the Heart of Another.’ - Michelle Schaper The story of a destined love (in life and death) that transcended boundaries of time, space and circumstance between an ‘already Departed Man and a still Living Woman’ whose energies connected when they needed it most for a romance beyond a lifetime. As fate would have it, Geoffrey and Annie crossed paths despite the early demise of the former. Divinely orchestrated, their soul energies connected when the portals of life and death overlapped for them to meet. LOVE instantly blossomed between them as they discovered they were destined to fulfill each other’s earnest wish i.e. Geoffrey’s desire to complete his unfinished business interrupted by his untimely death; and Annie’s dream to write her own story of romantic love, which eluded her for sometime. Their surreal encounter at ‘Creative Cottage’ defied the past missed opportunity and the physical barrier between them that enabled them to overcome the odds and sustain their love for each other regardless. “Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion.” - Muhammad Ali

Romance / Fantasy
Age Rating:

Chapter 1


Annie Chen contained her sadness from knowing her closest friend and schoolmate, Leonard Song was moving to another place with his family today. They grew up together and were practically childhood sweethearts but, she wouldn’t be going with him to college anymore. So, they agreed to simply wish each other the best until their paths cross again in the future. She just waved at him from her bedroom window when his family’s car passed along with a mover’s truck infront of her house. She strongly believes in destiny and has no attachments to people or things that came her way. Only grateful for the experiences and times she shared with them. As free spirited, she’s quite optimistic at heart.

Anyway, she looked forward to next week to enroll at the university as a Literature Major. She wanted to be a novelist and write about her romantic beliefs in life through her stories. Her friend Leonard would pursue Engineering as he excelled in both math and science. Technically, they wouldn’t be enrolling in the same course in college so, his moving away to live in another place was kinda meant to be.

Years later...

The flight was full so, it was a struggle to find the seat while dragging a trolley bag along the aisle with all other passengers boarding the aircraft. Finally, Annie found her aisle seat and as she tried to stow her trolley suitcase onto the overhead baggage bin, a tall kind looking guy seated on the aisle seat across hers stood up and gave her a hand.

“Allow me to stow that for you, Miss.” the man said and did the stowing of her luggage for her.

She was glad since her petite size and just over 5 feet height would hardly reach the overhead bin. She decided to acknowledge him properly for his gallantry towards her. She offered him a handshake.

“Oh...thank you. I really can’t reach it well by myself. And there’s no flight attendant nearby. I’m Annie Chen.”

The man grinned and shook her hand before taking his seat to buckle up.

“Matt Xiu. I was actually afraid your bag might slip from your grasp and hit me in the process. So, I actually did myself a favor preventing a likely accident.”

His remarks made Annie laugh and found him nice to chat with during the flight. She learned that he was visiting the branch office of his software company as he is based in the city from where they took the flight together. Matt Xiu is a Design Engineer with a good sense of humor. He’s living in with his long time girlfriend and business partner who manages the main branch of his company.

Matt Xiu loves Annie’s vivacious personality contrary to his previous idea that writers are either snooty or withdrawn types. He marvels at Annie’s zest for life, which is polar opposite of his best friend, Geoffrey Lin who is still single. Therefore, he thought of introducing them to each other when the opportunity arises as Geoffrey works in another city. Yet, he did not waste time to give his best friend a hint already.

“Hey...Buddy! Guess what? I made a new friend on the flight. She’s a pretty novelist with a great personality. Still Single and lives just 6 hours drive from you. You may wanna check her out.”

At Creative Cottage...

Geoffrey Lin could not help but smile as he listened to Matt Xiu on the phone. His best friend is always eager to match him with any ladies he would come across, as if feeling guilty for having found a life partner already while he still hasn’t met his. However, he trusts Matt’s gut feel on such matters so, he welcomed his initiative.

“Anything you say, Matt. Go fix it and I’ll make time for it. You’ll be the Best Man in my wedding, if anything solid comes out of your relentless matchmaking.”

Matt Xiu beamed with excitement and took Geoffrey’s challenge optimistically.

“Alright. Will check Annie Chen’s schedules and let you know soonest.”

Geoffrey hung up and continued his drawings of the luxury house design he was working on before Matt rang him unexpectedly. His architecture firm is onto this new project that he’s personally in-charge of for a repeat client. He just hoped he could really find the time to date amidst his tight schedules so as not to waste his best friend’s incessant efforts and disappoint the other party, if he failed to do so.

Ooops...Annie Chen isn’t keen on “blind dates” at all aside from she already has a string of travel schedules to follow in order to complete her novels as demanded already by her publisher. She had to decline Matt Xiu’s request for her to meet up his best friend, Geoffrey Lin, for now. It would just be up to right timing or fate, if they would meet eventually.

Matt Xiu went driving 6 hours by land to see Geoffrey instead. He felt he should keep him interested to meet Annie on his own even if he could not arrange it for them. He texted his live-in partner that he would spend a day with his best friend. He met him at his Creative Cottage Studio for a drink. Although unexpected, Matt noticed Geoffrey’s disappointment in not meeting Annie Chen as proposed by him when his previous matchmaking didn’t seem to bother him at all. Perhaps, his friend is already feeling what he’s missing in life.

“Geoff, Annie’s schedules are quite tight these coming days and months because she has publication deadlines to meet and she would be traveling a lot in those times. So, she couldn’t squeeze in dating for now.”

“As they say, if there’s a will, there’s a way, right? She might not be interested in me, Matt. You’re just forcing it.”

Matt tried to appease Geoffrey as he felt guilty for having broached the idea to him prematurely.

“Don’t sour grape now, Buddy. I haven’t told her much about you yet. I just asked if I could introduce her to you since your my best friend and she has a very nice personality. So, how could she possibly not want you? Really, it’s just her tight schedules getting in the way.”

Geoffrey patted Matt on his shoulders reassuringly.

“Then, don’t try too hard to set us up as it may turn her off eventually. Maybe you can do it another time. Let’s just play it by ear.”

So, they just gulped more whisky together to enjoy the night like they used to when they were still in college.


Matt and Geoffrey just finished the last inning of the baseball game their high school team competed for, with the latter hitting the ball for a home run. Naturally, their team rejoiced for winning the baseball match. Their girl classmates seated at the spectators bench of the baseball stadium were cheering on Geoffrey for his remarkable performance. Among them was his Crush, the top student and class leader,Rachel Wu, who led their entire class to watch the game in support of them. Both Matt and Geoffrey were among the star players of their High School BaseballTeam.

As soon as Matt noticed the joyous reaction of their classmates led by Rachel Wu, he started to tease Geoffrey that he was obviously inspired to play exceptionally well at today’s match against their opponent team because Rachel led their class to cheer him on. Geoffrey simply smiled and brushed off the teasing of Matt since he still didn’t have the guts to approach Rachel even after his spectacular baseball performance. He and Matt went straight to the shower & locker room to freshen up and change to casual clothes, where the latter continued to goad him to finally make a move on Rachel. Then later outside, Geoffrey’s older brothers, Carl and Ted Lin (as young college students) waited to greet Matt and him for winning the sports competition. They were proud of their younger brother, Geoffrey, for his winning home run strike towards the end of the game. They took Matt and him to dine and celebrate together, where the topic of their upcoming High School Soiree was brought up. Matt together with Carl & Ted, urged Geoffrey to ask Rachel Wu to be his date to the event. But then, when he couldn’t decide on how to go about it, Matt and his brothers offered to help him make it happen.

The following week...

Matt had arranged for Geoffrey and Rachel Wu to meet at the school cafeteria during their class break time so, Geoffrey could finally ask her to be his date at the school dance, in the guise of inquiring who among their classmates were already paired by the class adviser herself.

Matt’s strategy turned out favorable to Geoffrey because Rachel informed them that everyone could bring his and her own choice of dance partner since their teacher did not make any pairings whatsoever, which turned out timely for Geoffrey to ask Rachel, who nicely agreed to it and scheduled dance practice days with him before the event day. Such made Geoffrey hopeful towards winning Rachel’s heart soon.

However, during the soiree, as Geoffrey had mustered the courage to confess his feelings to Rachel as they danced romantically together, he found out that she wasn’t keen on entering into a relationship with him or anyone else because she had been looking forward to study abroad for college given that her excellent academic performance already qualified her to pass the admission process of a university in Canada, which her proud parents were highly supportive of. Although, Rachel did express her own admiration for Geoffrey, she couldn’t take him for a boyfriend because she didn’t think a long distance relationship was healthy for both of them since it would both be their first time. Seeing the wisdom in her point of view, Geoffrey just had to let her go even if the matter hurt him in a way. The timing was just off for both of them to pursue it for the time being as they must prioritize their young dreams first.

During College Days...

Although, Geoffrey enrolled for Architecture and Matt for Design Engineering, they turned into college buddies because they entered the same university that offered both courses on its campus. When Geoffrey focused on his studies and spent time hanging out with Matt whenever he had time since his brothers started working already, he eventually gotten over his first heartache with Rachel as he lost touch with her as the years went by. Matt, on the other hand, would find time to match Geoffrey up in double dates with him being a natural charmer himself through his college flings. Yet, Geoffrey didn’t seem keen on having any relationships while studying and just managed to enjoy the company Matt would arrange for him only as far as the day or evening had gone. He was more bent on finishing architecture and excelling in it once he begins real practice after graduation, which was his immediate goal at that time. He decided LOVE will find him once the timing is right.
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