I am a Monster

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Monsters cannot control their emotions... No matter what, the monster will always end up devouring the princess... Always.

Romance / Horror
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A beautiful couple

"Monsters cannot be controlled, they are simple frenzied beasts with no capacity for reasoning, they just devour..."
Said by a Monster.

-Ohh... They look so beautiful together! -exclamed Tisha almost too exaggeratedly.

-I never thought I'd say this, but... They don't look bad together -said Tania with a tone of voice that made her displeasure noticeable.

Those two girls are Lisa's best friends, a useless pair that the only thing they know how to do well is follow Lisa's shadow everywhere. You could tell by the way they felt that such an incredible, beautiful and popular girl would go out with a boy as gloomy as me, the most pathetic and ugly boy in the whole school and who would blame them, I'm not really the best match... I know that very well.

-Thank you girls, I am so glad you are so supportive. -Lisa is a very special girl, beautiful and charismatic, she attracts everyone's attention just by looking at her... How I hate her-. I thought that they would not be very happy since I had not warned them anything... But I am really happy. -Lisa let out some tears, how innocent and good this girl is... Hateful.

-No! of course not, we always support you in everything you want -Tisha tried with all her strength to avoid showing her repulsion towards her face. Something different from Tania who looked me directly in the eyes with a scowl and letting me see her discomfort- And tell me... How did you get together?

-Ohh, it's a pretty simple story, I'd been interested in "#"%$" for a while. -How I hate that she uses that name, with those beautiful and voluptuous lips-. And I knew he was interested in me too... You know, I always saw how he looked away when our eyes met... And you know, I couldn't resist, so I ended up confessing and... Here we are!

"Obnoxious, filthy, disgusting, ruinous. As I hate her, detest her, despise her, want to kill her, want to dismember her, want to stick a knife in her chest, want to open that mouth beyond what I can, want to pull out her eyes and crush them, end her vile smile and her false perfection, I want to cause..."

-And tell me, what do you like most about Lisa? -asked Tania with arrogance, as if trying to surprise him so that he wouldn't know what to say, as if he were some kind of monster who disguised himself as a prince and wanted to devour the princess... How sublime it would be.

-I... Well, I really don't know what to say -I said it as modestly as possible, it is not the first time that I have to create some excuse about our relationship... I am always fully prepared- but I think what I like most about her is the way she always tries to make others happy, as she always has that beautiful smile on her face. As always during a conversation, she tries to include everyone present so that no one is ever excluded, as she helps people who are in trouble and never asks for rewards or thanks since the very satisfaction of helping is the reward? The way she always feels nervous before talking to someone new, like her hands get sweaty and she scratches her left eyebrow, but that never stops her and she is always making new friends. How she always sits up behind everyone in class so they don't notice she falls asleep in almost every one... I could say so many things that it would take me hours to just mention half of Lisa's good qualities -That surprised Tania who had her eyes wide open and Tisha who was completely red in the face. Those girls who are always so sure of themselves, so conceited, think they can judge a person by their appearance.

-Oh my... That's so beautiful... -said Lisa in tears as she burnt me with all her strength.

What an innocent girl, so silly, so stupid. How I would like to take out the knife I have in my bag and stab her all over her stomach to see her guts come out... But it wouldn't be smart, no, I have to think things through carefully. I can't let my murderous desire dominate me, I must think things through clearly, Lisa was beautiful, but also horrible, I want to kill her with my whole being, but at the same time I want to embrace her and never let her go, I want to see how she screams my name in suffering and I want to see how she screams my name in pleasure. I love her and because I love her, I want to kill her and make her suffer. But I don't know what to do, my mind contradicts itself and my feelings are mixed up... I just know that at this moment, I really want to kill her.

"I am a monster and monsters devour princesses"
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