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It's been a long time since Captain Police Heirra Servens has last experienced romance. And now, her teenage romance that she never got to experience, now sparks! Fate has begun to do its job and now meeting the girl she never knew she'll fall in love with makes it complicated since the girl is somehow entangled in the murder case she's handling. How will it blossom, and how will her murder case unfold? Author's Notes: This is purely for entertainment purposes and is purely fictional. All is solely derived from the author's imagination. Similarities to people, places, and any particular events are purely coincidental. © All Rights Reserved

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Marriage? Heirra Servens, a twenty-eight-year-old with flawless auburn hair tied into a ponytail is the commander of an investigation team who has never really thought of that.

With a job as dangerous as hers, no one would want to settle down with her.

She used to be just a normal police detective, but after she got promoted two years ago, she became a police captain who is also the head of Winford's homicide team.

She solved the murder case of a mayor candidate, and it turned out that his own brother killed him.

Until today no one really knows why.

Same as usual, there are many cases. Heirra was glad that almost all the recent cases were usually easy to work with.

Most of the cases her team receives nowadays are more on reports about thieves, sexual harassment, or even about gang bullies.

Murder cases are unusual these days especially after the murder case she handled two years ago right after being promoted.

The case two years ago was about a guy being murdered.

The strange thing is that the authorities announced the case to be closed as the victim was actually suffering from an illness which eventually led to his death.

After two long years, Heirra is still interested in the cold case.

She has been investigating on her own, which could be dangerous as the case was somehow linked to the authorities.

Heirra is now in the middle of a meeting, bored as she can be, the chief suddenly said something which caught the attention of Heirra.

"Everyone, listen. What do you think of letting Captain Servens be in charge of this recent murder case we received? I know this isn't a major case, but I have high hopes of what the captain might find." said the chief.

"What murder case? I thought there was none that was too serious right now after that case two years ago." Heirra replied, keeping her cool as if she wasn't lost in her own world a while ago.

The chief was sweating as if it would be troublesome if he told the other deputy chiefs of the other cities about this case.

He finally replied, " We'll talk about the details later. This case happened within Winford, the city where we are in charge of, that is why I am planning to let you take care of it. I trust your abilities" Heirra, obviously excited for her new case just nodded and let the meeting go on without interrupting anymore.

An hour has passed and they all finally agreed that Heirra will take charge of the case. She was about to leave when the chief asked her to stay.

"Heirra, what do you think about this video." The chief said and then played the video clip wherein a young guy wearing a mask with a face full of terror is saying that he was abused at work.

Before he could continue, the clip suddenly crashed. This certainly is an interesting case.

"May I know where he used to work before?" Heirra asked the chief.

He replied with a stern face, "The thing is, he's from Make & Make Corporations. This corporation is famous for its beauty products and fashion trends."

"Where was he found?" Heirra asked.

"It's in here. Here you go" the chief said while handing her the documents.

Heirra vividly remembered that the case two years ago also had an employee who supposedly died due to an illness.

The investigators clarified that the employee was working at Make & Make Corporation.

"Wait, don't you think there's something fishy about this?" Heirra questioned the chief.

The chief agreed with her. " I do, the fact that the company sent the possible suspects to us. We didn't even ask them. The crime scene investigator in charge of this case told me that the CEO approved of this since there weren't any leads. Let's face it. The company only cares about its reputation. Well, we did a little research and these girls were quite close to the victim so it also counts. I plan that you select officers from your team to keep an eye on them. Please report anything suspicious right away, and also make sure to observe them all carefully since a big corporation is involved in this case."

" I know that you're thinking it's not them. Me too, but we need leads." the chief assured Heirra.

The chief ordered Heirra to perform her best in this case. Heirra asked the chief a question, for this had been circling her brain moments ago.

"Chief, do you think that the CEO might have done it?" she asked.

The chief replied with worried eyes,
" The owner of that company is too shy to go out of his room by himself, how could he have done it? Well, we still don't have enough proof, being shy and all can't be enough. We need to be careful of suspecting someone with power since they're able to strip us from our position. Besides, the four possible suspects are the managers of each team, we'll get information to. The possible suspects are Chrisia Raynar from the marketing team, Grace Troth from the finance team, Jenny Black from the accounting team, and Gwenny Blue from the human resource team. These people are fairly close to him too which makes them each a possible suspect, especially Chrisia as the victim previously worked under her. The four of them have really good reputations. I do suggest that you'll be the one to keep watch of Chrisia, she might know more than we think. If I'm not mistaken the two of them knew each other even before Mark, the victim was working there. I'll leave it to you Heirra. I know I can trust you. I'd be glad if you proceed with the questions tomorrow. The others will handle the body of the latter and I'll update you soon." The chief said and then went inside his office.

After the talk Heirra had with the chief, she decided to grab a coffee in a nearby coffee shop.

Everything was perfect until suddenly someone attempted to skip the line.

She confidently tapped the shoulder of the lady and said, " Excuse me miss but the end of the line is way other there." The lady was quite pretty with green eyes and black straight hair extending until her waists, and exactly Heirra's type.

"I'm sorry but I'm actually in a hurry. I'll buy you a coffee, just let me go this once." The lady with her puppy eyes said making Heirra unable to get angry.

" Alright. But first, what's your name?" Heirra asked.

" The name Grace Troth at your service." She replied energetically which Heirra found cute.

As Grace said earlier, she was really in a hurry.

After buying Heirra a coffee, she dashed off.

Heirra still thinking both about the case and Grace and realized that the Grace who's a possible suspect for the murder was the Grace she met to a while ago.

Many thoughts keep occupying her mind. She suddenly bumped into a lady with warm blue eyes and long wavy brunette hair.

She was suddenly caught off-guard when the lady angrily said, "Watch where you are going. Can't you see what you did to me? Are you the one who's gonna wash this?"

Heirra seemed to be quite irritated by the attitude of this lady in front of her and talked back to the lady saying, " Oh! Give me that blazer of yours, you can take mine instead. Happy?"

The lady just rolled her eyes and walked away while taking the blazer Heirra gave to her.

While walking home, Heirra thought about how that lady would've been her type if the lady and Grace had the same attitude.

Thinking of Grace, Heirra walked home ready for tomorrow's investigation.


'That lady yesterday was quite rude, doesn't she even know how to say pardon me? Or at least wait until I
said sorry?' Heirra thought while waiting for the four suspects to arrive.

She diverted her thoughts to Grace, the beautiful girl that she had been dreaming the whole night.

Of course, she herself was quite confused about what this feeling she's having. She had only been dating guys since high school.

Sadly after entering college, she didn't have enough time for romance and decided to break things off with her boyfriend.

Today's generation is more accepting. Of course, Heirra might still have a chance with Grace.

Heirra's thoughts were disturbed when the door suddenly swung open.

" Captain Servens, Sergeant Darwen reporting for duty. The four possible suspects have arrived and are ready for investigation." said a young tall fine-looking man with short neatly combed black hair.

Heirra being a little irritated replied, " Sergeant Darwen, didn't I already inform you to knock first?"

Sergeant Darwen panicked and replied shyly while giving a salute, " I'm deeply sorry Captain Servens. Please forgive my behavior."

Outside of the chief's office would be a neat office were the Deputy Chief's and the Captain's office.

There was a door separating their office from the office of the other ranking officers.

Police lieutenants, sergeants, and corporals, share the same office while the homicide team shares another one for themselves.

There are two lieutenants, sergeants, and corporals respectively.

The homicide team, which consists of eight detectives, is headed by Heirra. This makes her job easier.

"Don't worry about it. Call the others that I've selected and come join me for the talk with the suspects." Heirra said as she cleared all the files on her table.

"Wow, you're scary Captain Servens." The Deputy Chief said with a laugh.

Sergeant Darwen left the four suspects with Captain Here all alone.

"You do know why are you here, right?" Heirra said trying to keep a neutral face while trying to keep her blushing under control partly since she was just thinking about Grace a while ago.

"Weren't you the one who spilled hot coffee on my blazer?" someone with wavy brown hair said with a slightly annoyed face.

"What are you saying, Chris? We're the one in the pitch here," said Grace while nudging the brunette girl.

'That Chrisia girl is really rude. Does she know she's in big trouble? Even the chief thinks that she's the main suspect.' Heirra thought to herself.

"I'll have a talk with Ms. Raynar first. Please wait here until I call you out." Heirra firmly said.

Heirra leads Chrisia inside a tiny room in her office while leaving the rest of the suspects.

Heirra interrogated the brunette hoping to get some leads.

This was the first murder case she has ever received in a while after two years.

"Ms. Ryanair, what is your relationship with Mark?" Heirra asked.

" He worked under me. We were also friends, officers." Chrisia answered as her face began to pale

"I'll take note of that. Anything else? How was he acting the days before he died?" Heirra proceeds to ask

" He was acting normal. I did remember he wanted to tell me something, but then I guess he decided to keep it for himself. I did try to persuade him to tell me since we were friends just in vain" Chrisia paused. A tear fell on her cheeks.

Concerned Heirra then asked on impulse, "Are you alright." She was surprised by the event. She never taught that Chrisia would suddenly be emotional, but then again this might be an act only.

" I can manage. I guess I should have called him that night." Chrisia answered.

Heirra proceeded to ask questions.

None of the answers that Chrisia was giving Heirra were giving any leads so she decided to ask about the incident two years ago.

" Did you know about the incident that happened in Make & Make Corporation two years ago?" Heirra asked, hoping to get some important information.

"Not really, since I was in the marketing department. The one who died was in the head of the finance department, and Grace was appointed as the head later on while I was promoted as the marketing manager at the same time." Chrisia answered honestly.

'Weird.' Heirra thought to herself.

"What happened to the previous marketing manager?"

"He was fired for some reason. The CEO never mentioned anything." Chrisia answered.

" I guess we'll end it here. Can you please call Grace inside?" Heirra said

After asking questions from the other three suspects, all of them had the same answers.

Heirra thought that by flirting with Grace, she might get some leading answers.

Sadly, even Grace didn't know what exactly happened to the previous finance manager and why was the previous marketing manager fired so suddenly.

'This is gonna be harder than I thought. It seemed like we had the wrong suspects. There seems to be a pattern in this.' Heirra thought.

Heirra got her walkie talkie and called the other three officers inside.

" Ladies, we have already interrogated with the CEO and he is complying with our request to allow at least one officer to be with one of you to accompany you ladies wherever you go after work and also during your off days. Security cameras would also be installed outside your house in order for the officers to be with you at all times." Heirra explained.

The ladies were silent to hear what the Captain Officer had said.

" Are you serious?" Chrisia said.

"I promise we don't know anything about what happened to Mark, not until it was broadcasted by the news." Jenny Said.

"You're hot officer but I still find it weird. Why us? Why did the company send the four of us?" Grace said which made Heirra blush a little.

"Anyway, since the company sent you guys. We might be able to find something rather than nothing." Heirra replied.

" I have a boyfriend officer, is it possible to have a female officer accompany me," Gwenny replied.

'Weird, why are they complying with this if one of them might be the murderer? Something's wrong here.' Heirra thought.

" I got direct orders from the chief of this region. I'm sorry but that lad should be put to justice and Make & Make Corporation's reputation should be fixed too." Heirra explained

"I'm gonna assign the officers now. Detective Blake, you're in charge of Ms. Grace Troth. Sergeant Darwen, you're with Ms. Jenny Black. And as promised, Detective Redylyn, you're with Ms. Gwenny Blue." Heirra said.

"Don't go and try to flirt with the only male cop; moreover, a sergeant in charge of you Jenny, for us," Gwenny said.

" I might. I mean look at him." Jenny said while winking at him, which made Sergeant Darwen blush, and the others laugh.

"So, I'm off?" Chrisia asked as if she's disappointed.

"Nope, Ms. Raynar because I'm in charge of you," Heirra said firmly.

Author here!

So this is the first chapter, hope you guys liked it :))

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