Sunset Kisses

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Vince is the lead singer for the popular band "The Phantoms". He and his friends make up the band. One day the group is introduced one of the band member's best friend Jax. Jax is famous model that has worked with multiple high end brands. Vince and Jax couldn't be more opposite of each other. What will happen when they start catching feelings for one another. Do opposites really do attract? Read Sunset Kisses to find out

Romance / Erotica
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Character Introductions

This is how I cast/invision my characters. Of course you are welcome to skip this part and use your imagination. The first two are your main characters and the others are your more pro-dominant secondary characters. Hope you enjoy this book!

Name: Vincent Allen
Nickname: Vince
Role: Love Interest
Career: Lead Singer for The Phantoms
Sexuality: Bisexual

Name: Jaxon Santos
Nickname: Jax
Role: Love Interest
Career: Model
Sexuality: Gay

Name: Kazashi
Nickname: Ash
Role: Jax's Best Friend
Career: Guitarist for The Phantoms
Sexuality: Lesbian

Name: Michel
Nickname: Mike
Role: One of Vince's Best Friends
Career: Pianist for The Phantoms
Sexuality: Pansexual

Name: Alexander Reyes
Nickname: Alex
Role: One of Vince's Best Friends
Career: Drummer for The Phantoms
Sexuality: Straight Ally

Name: Rebecca
Nickname: Bec
Role: Vince's Twin Sister
Career: Lead Vocalist and Bassist for The Phantoms
Sexuality: Straight Ally

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