A match made in Hell...or Heaven?

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How could Serena get kidnapped? She’s the strongest female I’ve ever met and doesn’t go down without a fight, yet it was her instead of me ? I’m the weakest link, it’s only right. That text message we received. It was anonymous. It said .. and I quote : You’re All Mighty Princess, Locked Away, Tied Up, Deprived.. and You two must come to this location alone. Or the princess goes bye bye. They sent this with a picture of the person i admired the most, in an empty room. It looked so dirty and mildewed in there. She was on a wooden chair, hands tied behind her, mouth taped, eyes covered. Her pretty bun was barely a bun.. it looked like someone was pulling on it, and her arms and pretty face were bruised, dirty and covered with dry blood... just the thought of it makes my eyes water. With all of the she still held her head high.. why couldn’t I be that strong ?

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1

" Mrs.Davis..late again I see", said Professor Dorrell. "Look I don't really care, as you can see, you're not blind right?", I spat back at her. I walked over to my usual seat in the back, the chains on my pants swinging to the motions of my white jeans. My tight white tube top and black leather jacket make my figure pop as usual. I stomp in my Filas a little, making my two puffs bounce in rhythm, while blasting Mind Games by Sickick through my airpods. I sit down and instantly pull out my phone to check Snapchat, I needed to know where my bestfriends wanted to eat lunch today.

" Serena. Take the airpods out so you can hear the instructions please", the professor said.
" You know? you are really getting aggravating Shannon. There is only one in, you can keep blabbing on", I spat back with the most evil grin ever seen on a girl. " I'm going to the bathroom ". I got up and walked straight out of those doors, she's like a nagging old lady.
I wants some snacks, so I gotta find this vending machine. It's my fourth year at this damn college. Why the hell don't I know where this shit is.
I finally found it. Do I want some Doritoz orrrr Ruffles ?..hmm
" Serena you look like something out of a death comic... who exactly do you think you are? The grim reaper?"
I turn around to see the bitch I hate the most..Camela.
" Look here Camel back, leave me tf alone.. I don't have time for this today"
"Says who? the poor wittle girl, with no family?"
" You damn right, you greasy haired bitch ", At this point it's hard to control my anger as I step closer to her face." Leave me tf alone before I get a cosmetology license just for you ".
"Hmph .. "
All of the sudden my legs are burning.. this bitch poured her coffee on. my. white. jeans. I'm about to blow this bitch up.
" Aww look the mutt with brown on-"
I grabbed her by her long, greasy ponytail and slung her to the ground. She tried to grab my face and ended up scratching my cheek.. such a pussy I see. I start slamming her head into the ground. Then suddenly, some people start pulling me back to get off of her.
"Rena, calm down !"
"Serena please stop !"
I instantly froze... how did my best friends get here?
I looked up to see a crowd of people. When the fuck did all these damn people get right here ?
" Rissa.. Tati.. I did it again didn't I?" I looked at the both of them, while they're holding each of my arms.
" Rena.. you called out Samiah's name again", Larissa said," You kept asking why she left.."
" It was so scary ! ", Tati said.
" Dammit.. she pissed me off some much, I looked weak, blabbing about her".
" It's fine Serena, Chancellor Jones hasn't made it here yet, so you're fine'
" Mrs.Davis, to my office, now." Chancellor spat.
I looked at Tati with the most exaggerated , Ima fuck you up, face ever. I got up and walked with Mrs.Jones. Oh how thankful I am for Larissa and Tatiana..
We are literally like 3 peas in a pod.. all different, but all the same at the same time.
Larissa's your typical mixed curlyhead with hella tats. Her body is slime but curvy at the same time. She plays basketball and has the best personality. She's calm but will fuck you up.
Now.. Tati, I'm not even sure how we became so close, but she's the sweetest thing on earth. She so tiny and a little chocolate drop, We will protect her with our lives.
Now as you can see, I have a fucking temper, and do not hold my tongue. I have my reasons so shut the hell up. I'm Haitian, Jamaican and Black , so yes I really am a mutt. I live alone.. my mother died and I just so happened to get adopted by the biggest mafia queen, so I get what I need.. since my dad couldn't take the stress and left me and my sister Samiah. Samiah's 5 years older than me.. she left me when I was just a Junior in highschool. Since then, I've been independent in my mother's home.
" Serena Davis , I am very disappointed in you", Mrs. Jones spat " You truly are somethings... since you tend to only socialize with 2 people, I'm gonna help you out "
" Starting tomorrow . You will help out our new transfer student , Chris Park, you've heard of him ?"
"YES. Be here tomorrow after your second class. "

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