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Romance / Drama
Mrs. Shee
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Chapter 1

One Year Later

July 20th, 2019


John F. Kennedy International Airport

Amina Joy Smith

“You ready to get Da-Da Dior," I said driving in all this traffic heading towards the airport to pick up Devon. He has been on tour for what felt like years now but he was only away from home for a month and a half. We missed him like crazy, the house wasn’t the same without him. The kids asked for him everyday even though we had FaceTime that still wasn’t enough. I was just so happy the tour was over with now.

I looked back at Dior in the rearview mirror and smiled as she talked baby gibberish after I asked her about her daddy that she loved so much. I focused back on the road and ten minutes later I pulled up at the airport and was driving around until I found what gate Devon told me he was at. Once I found it I parked my car and turned it off.

I got out of my car and walked around towards Dior side and got her out.

“Hey Ma-Ma baby,” I said, making her laugh and kissing her on the cheek. I propped her up onto my hip running my fingers through her curly hair, I swear she was the best thing that happened to me because this year wasn’t my year.

I pulled out my ringing phone and smiled seeing it was Devon calling. I answered right away.

“Mamas, I’m here when you at baby?” He said and I could tell he was smiling.

“I’m right out front, me and Dior walking up” I Said.

“Aight” we said and I hung up. I walked more into the airport until me and Devon spotted each other. I wanted to run and jump on his sexy ass. He even looked good in just a t-shirt and ball shorts with his fresh Braids.

“Look mamas, go daddy” I said pointing towards Devon. I continued to walk towards him with his bags in his hands with his team coming behind him.

“Ah wassup mamas” he said smiling, grabbing Dior out of my hands. I smiled looking at them because I knew how happy he was to see her. Dior was his baby and she knew that shit too so she was super spoiled it made no sense.

He picked her up and tossed her into the air a couple times not caring that we were in the airport. She was just laughing away. After he was done he lifted her up in his arms. “Give Da Da kiss” he poked his lips out and she went and gave him one. He kissed her one more time and turned his head and finally looked at me.

“Come here” he grabbed my waist then brought my face to kiss him, then He went back to grab my ass like always.

“I missed you” he said between kisses and squeezed my ass. I had to stop him because we were in the airport, but that only made him squeeze it more. He finally pulled away.

“What! I can’t kiss my Fiancé" he pulled back looking at me. I chuckled and shook my head and let go of him.

We started walking towards the exit with Dior still in Dev arms with her head on his shoulder. Once we made It outside they were loading the truck up.

“Ard y’all niggas meet me back at the crib” he told them opening my trunk putting his things in then he closed it walking towards the back seat to put Dior in.

“Go head babe Ima drive” he said. I knew he was driving back anyway he didn’t have to tell me. I just went to the passenger door and got in, a few seconds later he got in and we pulled off following behind the tour truck.

Five minutes into the ride home, Dev grabbed my hand.

“Where the kids at mamas?” He asked me.

“Your Moms, they’ve been begging to go over there,” I told him, running my fingers through my hair.

He nodded “Dior didn’t wanna go?” He said still driving.

I shook my head no “now you know she is a cry baby she wasn’t having it” I said looking back seeing that she was falling asleep. I turned back around looking ahead. He nodded again and we both got silent like we were reading each other’s minds, and I hated when that happened; we would both sit there trying to think what each other was thinking unless he had something on his mind.

“You know what day is tomorrow right baby?” Devon said squeezing my hand tight but not too tight where he would hurt me. I shook my head saying yes knowing what he was talking about. Tomorrow is the day my little brother got shot and the day that I lost my son.

That day was the worst day of my life. I thought I was going to lose me, my brother and my babies. This will also be a year since Devon asked me to marry him, one year engaged. This whole year for us and our family has been a mess but it was our job to stick together because we were a Unity. After the death of our son Dj our family wasn’t the same. I got shot once and it hit me right in my stomach I had to go under emergency surgery, they managed to get the bullet out without harming my babies but after I came from under they told me my son, my baby boy was an still born I had the choice to go under again and have them take him out of me or to push him out I choose to push him because he was my baby.

After a couple weeks of being in the Hospital I was finally good to go home. I was excited. I hated the hospitals and sleeping there for weeks was not for me, I missed work, I missed my kids, my man shit my bed. Soon I was able to go home not even a week went by and I ended up in labor having Dior early. She was in the NICU until she was able to go home, she was healthy and beautiful. I knew I didn’t have my son here with me but he lived through all of us, when he came I held him in my arms and just cried. I didn’t want to let him go. He looked so much like Devon it made no sense, we had a funeral for him and kept his ashes. I ended up having postpartum depression which ended up taking a toll on me and Devon’s relationship. We had a lot to fight through this year and I prayed to god that this year was better than my last year.

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