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Riley Davis is a 24-year-old writer from Atlantic City, New Jersey. Her long time dream was becoming a published author, just like her father. And while she tried to focus on her latest piece for the publishing office that was due soon. It had suddenly became hard for her to focus on anything when she receives word that her best friend, Amelia, is getting married. When Amelia gets engaged, everything suddenly starts changing for Riley when she receives the big news. She's overwhelmed with excitement with the sudden announcement from Amelia, but there is a slight problem. But when your best friend asks you to be their maid of honor, it should be a dream come true, and you should feel nothing but happiness for them no matter who they're marrying, right? But that's not the case for Riley. So what is Riley to do when she comes face to face with the most significant decision of her life? Copyright © 2020 Autumn Friend, Truly Yours. All rights reserved.

Romance / Drama
Autumn Friend
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Chapter One: Don’t Speak

It was a cold September morning as Riley sat alone in a little coffee shop, waiting for her best friend to arrive.

Her computer opened in front of her, waiting for her to type the ending of the story she's been working on for a little over a month now. But she's finding it hard to focus on the work at hand. Her mind kept wondering what Amelia's big news was. However, she did need to focus on her work, especially since her final draft is due in two weeks.

Her publishing manager was willing to help her out with reviewing her work and helping her succeed with getting published and become a editor. Although she does enjoy working as an editor's assassinate. Even if all she really did was run errands.

Amelia had said it was vital for them to meet. That she had big news, she needed to tell Riley in person. So, of course, she agreed to meet her at the place where they use to hang out all the time to study while in college.

It had been nearly a year, and she missed her red headed freckle faced friend. When they met in college their first year, they hit it off right away. The two had become inseparable. But since graduation, they have hardly seen each other due to focusing on their careers.

Riley smiled down at her coffee she held on the table, remembering all the good times together as they flashed through her mind.

Her fuzzy red winter coat soft against her skin as she moved to push back her light caramel hair that fell down her shoulders after taking off her blue scarf. She then reached to pick up her coffee, taking a sip and feeling the warm liquid warm her up inside.

Suddenly the doors to the café open, making the bell ring. Letting everyone inside know someone had just walked in. A cold September breeze blows into the café, making Riley shiver a little at the sudden coldness that swirled around her.

She then looked up to see Amelia walking in. The girl stood at 5'4, the same height as Riley. She had a long black winter coat that stopped above her knees, with a light orange scarf and knee-high brown boots.

Her stunning naturally red hair was shining in the light, her eyes scanning the café before landing on Riley. Her face lights up with a beautiful smile as she heads in her direction.

Riley smiles back while standing up to hug her.

" It's been too long Ri!," Amelia says, pulling Riley into a tight hug.

" I agree!!" She says, pulling back to look at Amelia.

" So what's the big news?" Riley asks as they both take a seat at the table, across from each other.

Riley then shuts her laptop and puts it away in her bag, knowing that she won't get any more work done here at the café.

" Well...," Amelia says, holding her hand up to flash a diamond ring on her finger.

" Oh my gosh, Amelia!! Congrats!! I'm so happy for you. When did it happen? And who's the lucky man?"

The bell on the front door rings again. Riley's eyes shifted over to see who had walked in next, hoping it was Amelia's lucky guy.

But her heart stops as she realizes who had walked in.

' Liam? It can't be.'

" Oh, here he is. Honey over here!" Amelia yells out, flagging him down.

' you're kidding... '

Liam Taylor walks over to their table. He stood at 5'6, with a medium build. He had on a grey winter fleece and dark blue jeans. His short brown hair a mess from the wind outside.

Liam hadn't changed a bit since she seen him last. It had been years since the two had seen each other; the last time they spoke was before Riley headed off to college. And before Liam's family moved to Colorado.

Liam's father had a vast business opportunity to grow his company. And as head CEO, he couldn't pass it up. Liam's father tried to keep Liam under his wing, especially for the sake of the company.

He wanted his son to take over when it was time. But Liam never wanted to become a prominent businessman like his father. He never wanted to sit behind a desk for the rest of his life. But Liam didn't want to disappoint his father either.

Liam and his family knew they would be moving away within the year, which made Riley and Liam end things immediately—knowing that it would be difficult for them to have a long-distance relationship once he left. Although they both wanted to try, they just couldn't see it working. And they both agreed it would be to stressful, but they promised to always stay in touch.

Riley was starting her first year in college, while Liam was getting ready to take over his father's business someday.

So instead, they spent the whole summer together, trying to make every moment count. And once summer was over, they said their final goodbyes. And went their ways.

Even though they promised to always stay in touch once they went their sperate ways. But sometimes things don't always work out.

Liam's green eyes finally met Riley's golden brown ones for the first time in a long time, and they widened in surprise as he realized who she was.

But he quickly composed himself, trying to brush off his thoughts of his former lover.

" Riley, This is Liam. The lucky guy.," Amelia says, beaming with pride as Liam took a seat beside her.

Liam reached over and gave Amelia a peck on the cheek before turning towards Riley but avoiding eye contact with her. A light smile on his lips that looked almost forced.

" It's finally nice to meet you, Riley; Amelia talks about you all the time," Liam says, avoiding eye contact with her.

' I've missed you so much, Riley. you haven't changed a bit ... '

He wanted to say, But he was with Amelia now. And the last he knew, Riley had moved on as well.

Angry flashed through him at the memory of him finding out she was with someone. Even though it was his fault for them not staying in touch before.

He tried pushing down the rush of emotions that started to rise. But he couldn't shake them off.

Riley had mixed emotions. She honestly didn't know what to think, let alone what to say. She had always hoped that hers and Liam's paths would cross again.

Even though she did everything to stay in touch with him, they still drifted apart and haven't spoken in years.

Although Riley tried moving on many times, she never could get over Liam. But obviously he didn't feel the same anymore.

A frown started to form to find it's way onto her face, before she quickly covered it up with a forced smile.

Liam Taylor was sitting in front of her, after years of being apart. And the only thing she could think of was their last night together.

" Congrats to you both; it's nice to meet you too, Liam finally. You're one lucky guy. ," She says, avoiding eye contact with both of them, as she try's to keep the tears at bay.

Liam smiles as he looks at Amelia, trying to turn his focus on her instead of the wild thoughts that ran through his head.

" I am, aren't I?" He says, without meaning to make his words hurt Riley.

She felt utterly uncomfortable with the sight in front of her; she wanted to run far away. Where no one would find her, her head was spinning with wild thoughts of what used to be.

She was trying to be happy, for Amelia's sake. She was her best friend!! Of course she was happy for her friend. But she couldn't help but be completely heartbroken.

She still loved Liam, she couldn't deny that.

" So, Riley... Since you're the first to find out about our big news. I wanted you also to be the first one I asked.," Amelia says, her bright smile still playing on her lips as she reached for Riley's hand.

Riley took her hand, not wanting to cause a scene. She wanted to yell at the top of her lungs that she loved Liam, to sit forever and explain her and Liam's history to Amelia.

' She would understand...'

' She's your best friend... '

' but she might hate me after... but if I explained to her... '

" Will you be my maid of honor? " She asks.

Riley couldn't say anything; she wouldn't be able to stand herself for hurting her best friend like that. Stealing the man she loves back from her own best friend when his moved on.

Riley swallowed hard. The realization of Liam getting married to another woman hitting her smack in the face. And she had front row seats to watch, which was already breaking her heart.

She bit back the tears as she forced a smile and squeezed Amelia's hand.

" Of Course.," She says, forcing the words out.

She wasn't going to admit anything; she just had to get through this, somehow.

" Yay!! Great!! So while Liam and I were discussing earlier this week, I believe we finally picked a date for our big day...," Amelia went on, but Riley was barely listening.

She couldn't believe this was happening. But all she could think of was that she needed to get out of here. Now.

' Yay me... '
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