You Came Back (Teacher x Student Romance)

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Kennedy Simms is not your average 18-year-old. She's very sarcastic, devious, and bold. She's not afraid to fight for what she believes in: her family. Her parents passed when she was 15 years old. She has 4 younger siblings she takes care of while going to high school. Incomes, Parker Jones. He's the English teacher for the seniors. He can't help but be attracted to the quiet but feisty and mysterious redhead girl who sits in the back of his class. She moves her siblings and herself back to her old town, back to where her nightmare started. But you can't be afraid forever, at some point you have to face the truth, and she thought this as the perfect opportunity.

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Chapter 1

“Kailey, go back upstairs and brush your teeth.”

“Simon, help Shelley find her jacket please. I don’t want her catching a cold.”

“Logan grab lunches and bring them to the car.”

This is how every morning went with my aunt, except I had her help. Now, I’m on my own—kinda.

You must be confused so let me catch you up.

My name is Kennedy Willow Simms and I was born in San Pedro, California. My parents were Lily and Steve. They met at a surf competition in San Diego in 1984. Years later, I was born. And then my siblings followed after. And then about 3 years ago, they were in an accident. And they passed away, leaving me and my siblings to go live with our aunt and drunk uncle. We survived barely with help from our aunt. I got a job at 16 at a local diner in Sacramento and saved up to get me and my siblings out of that house as soon as I turned 18 — which was 2 weeks ago.

My aunt and uncle had money, so staying with them was no problem in that department. The only problem was my uncle got drunk and violent. So with my aunts help, we moved back into our old house. It was in their will to give it to her. So she kept it the same for us to move back into.

We moved here last week and we needed to settle in so we’re 3 weeks late into the second semester. It’s about 7:05 am and we’re currently leaving the house to go to school. School usually doesn’t start until 8:30 am but I need to get there early to help everyone with their schedules. It’s a k-12 school with different buildings.

K-5 are in a small building by the main office with the small and large auditorium. And then we have the outside cafeteria near the track & sports fields. Then there’s the small gym and inside cafeteria and 6-8 in another building. And finally 9-12 and the large gym and band/orchestra room in the last building.

“Hey, Kenz, it’s gonna be fine. You don’t need to stress.” I feel Simon hug me and rub soothing circles on my back. I wrap my arms around him too. He’s the more... responsible twin. He has shorter hair and glasses and the only twin with freckles. Our family has a little unique trait with our eyes. Neither one of us has the same eye color. Not even the twins.

“I know. I just can’t help it. I wish there was more I cou—.” He cut me off before I could finish that sentence by putting his hand over my mouth. “Remove your hand in 3 seconds or I will bite it.” My threat is barely heard as mumble through his hand.

“What?” He asks. I bite him. Hard. “Ow! Son of bitch! What the hell, Kennedy!” He hisses in pain.

“Shut up you big baby! I told you that’s what was going to happen.” I laugh and smack the back of his head. He rubs his head and glares at me. I grin. “Okay let’s go.”

We get into our aunt’s old van along with my siblings and drive off to school. It’s about a 15 minute drive. I park in the senior parking lot and look up at the school sign. ‘Point Fermin Marine Science School’ it read.

The memories of my childhood here come crashing into me like waves. In kindergarten, I had my first kiss in the little bathroom in the back of classroom. His name was Albert. I was ‘vacuuming’ with a toy and Albert asked to try. And this girl Jayden butted in saying, “only if you kiss her.” So we snuck into the bathroom and kissed. Jayden then snitched on us. Two-faces bitch. I’m pulled out of my thoughts by a gentle hand place on my shoulder and another hand on my knee, squeezing to give comfort and love. I look at my brothers and lean into their touch. I love them. “Thanks.” I whisper. They both kiss my forehead before we all exit the car.

“Head ups. 3 o’clock.” Simon mutters. I look in the direction he said and see my best friend— Jazz.

Jasmin Caroline Lia King has my been my best friend for forever.

We’ve kept in contact through out these three years. We tried to FaceTime at least once a week but couldn’t always. Whenever we could we’d FaceTime multiple times a week to make up for lost time.

“Oh my God! It’s my Simms bitches! What up you guys!” She yells walking over here. I laugh. She’s so outspoken and bold.

“Hey bitch.” I reply with a smile walking towards her with Kailey holding my right hand and Shelley holding my left. Shelleys the only one in our family with blonde hair. We think she got it from our dad because our dad had brown hair and our mom was a ginger. She likes to say she loves to feel unique but I know sometimes she feels a little left out. And it breaks my heart to know that even though she feels left out in the world she also feels left out in our broken family. I wish I could protect her better. I wish I could give them everything they want. They all deserve so much better.

“Ah! I missed you.” She breathes pulling me into an embrace. I hug her back wrapping my arms around her so tight. I immediately feel the warmth that only a best friend can have. She’s my sister. My best friend. My rock. My partner in crime. I smile just thinking about all the trouble we’d get into back here. She was always so bold. I wasn’t. I used to be shy and quiet. I couldn’t hurt a fly. But tragedy strikes and things change. And may never change back. That can be good or that can bad.

“You have no idea how much I missed you too, babes.” We pull apart and she takes a step back to look at all of us.

“Omg! Is that Kailey and Shelley!” She gasps. “Oh my! You guys are gorgeous.” Shelley blushes hiding her face in my arm. I chuckle.

“Thank you!” Kailey replies with a big toothy grin. Everyone around us watching and listening, makes a face that can only scream ‘awh! That’s adorable!’

“Walk with us to get our schedules?” I ask. She wraps her arms around my waist and starts walking off into the direction of the office.

“Of course bitch.” I grin and slide my hand into her back pocket. She looks over at me and smirks and I smirk back. “Are you as turned on as I am?” She whispers in my ear while slightly biting my earlobe. I laugh, throwing my head back.

“Only you.” I grin and shake my head.

We walk to the front office getting curious stares along the way. I mean I guess what high schooler wouldn’t stare at a group of 4 redheads of all ages and a small blonde girl with a black girl and one of the redhead girls embracing each other like lesbians taking a stroll through a park on a Sunday morning.

As soon as we reached the office I let out a sigh of relief. “Okay. You guys stay here, Simon come with me to get the schedules. Logan, keep an eye of the littles. Jazz, keep and eye on Logan.” I look at him and wink while he pouts. Jazz smiles and nods.

I look over at Simon and nudge my head in the direction of the office signaling for him to go inside first. As soon as we step inside and the door closes behind us, a bell rings above the door and some of the staff and other students in there look at us. I walk up to the front desk confidently and look at the receptionist. “Hello.” She smiles warmly. She looks to be around late 20′s and has a calming vibe. She has long black hair put up in a neat bun on her head and gorgeous green eyes.

“Hello.” I smile back politely. “I’m here to gather the schedules for my siblings and I.”

“Of course. Usually for little one’s like Kailey and Shelley we require the parent or guardian to come and sign paper work.” She smiles. At the mention of parents my throat closes up. The flashbacks coming rushing back.

Luckily Simon’s a great brother and support. He place his hand on my lower back soothingly. “Actually, they can’t make it at this point in time. They’re currently on a business trip. They should be back in a few weeks.” He lies, coming up with one of the excuses I always make. He listens. I look over at him bewildered and he shoots a wink in my direction.

“Oh. That’s quite alright. When they get back, have them stop by please.” She smiles again while hanging me all the schedules. I’ve been wishing for them to come back forever. They never do.

“Thank you.” Simon replies with a smile.

“Of course. Have a wonderful day.” I nod and smile. On our way out I lock eyes with a man. I notice his attire and realize he must be a teacher. But he is HOT. Not that I’d try to pursue anything with a teacher. But I wouldn’t mind seeing that every morning I wake up. WOAH! Okay. No.

“Alright. Logan, here’s yours. Simon.” I hand them out. “Shells, you got this on your own?” I ask her. She nods and smiles. “Okay. If you need help just come find me or your brothers.” I’m a little on the short side, and she’s very tall for her age. So when she gives me a hug we’re practically the same height. “Bye I love you. Have a great day. Mom and dad would be so proud of you.” I whisper, pressing a kiss against her forehead. She nods and skips off trying to find her classes.

“Logan and Simon, you guys good?” I ask.

“Yeah we got this.” Logan nods.

“Let us take Kailey. You do everything else, let us help a little bit. You do so much for us and you need a break.” Simon adds. I open my mouth to protest but Kailey interrupts me.

“They’re right, Kenz.” I hear a soft angelic voice coming from down near the floor. I look at her and raise and eyebrow telling her to go on. “You do everything. You gave up your future for us to have a better life. You’re giving up college so that you can raise me and Shelley and the idiot thing 1 and thing 2 right there. Mom and dad would be so proud of you, Kenz. But they also wouldn’t want you doing this all by yourself. We’re a family. And we’re all we got.”

Oh shit. She’s a little wise thing. She’s usually very quiet. She’s like our dad in that way. He was always quiet, but when he spoke, it was only words of wisdom.

“Hey little bug, when did you get so wise?” I question with a huge smile on my face.

She shrugs innocently and says, “Learned from the best big sister in the world.” My heart just melted. I can’t fight back the grin making it’s way to my face.

I pick her up and spin her around. While turning around a caught a glimpse of the hot teacher leaning against the wall watching our encounter with a thoughtful expression. When he realizes he’s been caught, he doesn’t look away. No, he smirks and walks away. Okay then...

I shake my head, clearing my thoughts on his strange actions. I sigh.

“Fine. But if there’s any problems at all. You come straight to me. I don’t care if I’m in class, eating or taking a piss. Okay, well actually, the last two were a lie.” I joke. “But seriously. Come get me.”

“Understood.” Simon nods and Logan mock salutes me. I roll my eyes and squat down to Kaileys level and smile at her.

“Okay little bug, you go have a wonderful day and make lots of friends! Don’t worry. And I want to hear all about your day tonight.” She wraps her tiny little arms around my neck. I hug her back, trying not to squeeze her too hard. “I love you.” I whisper.

“I love you too, K.”

Simon and Logan both take one of her hands and lead her to the k-5 building. “So. I saw Mr. Jones checking you out over there.” Jazz muses.

“Holy shit.” I breathe. “I honestly forgot you were here.”

“Bitch did you just—.” She cuts herself off and walks away. I laugh. She’s always been dramatic. I love her for that.

“Don’t do that.” I say smiling as I walk to catch up to her and put my hand back in her back pocket. 16 Candles/TATBILB Vibes anyone? No. Ok.

She turns her head to look at me and smiles. “Okay, so as I was saying. Mr. Jones was totally eye fucking you.” She gushes. I could feel my cheeks heating up. I DO NOT blush. “Ooooh! Look. You’re blushing!” She squeals.

I shake my head. “Dude, I think you smoked a little bit too much crack this morning.” She whines.

“That was one time. I was already drunk and I didn’t know he was a druggie when we were having sex. I should’ve known though, all those needle holes in his sexy arms.” She shivers — out of pleasure or disgust I honestly couldn’t tell you.

“Yeah.” I nod.

“Did you look at your classes yet?” She asks. “You could have a class with Mr. Jones.” She wiggles her eyebrows in a suggestive manner. I shove her and she almost runs into a few other people. I hear her muttering apologies to them as I walk ahead snickering. “Dude! I’m just saying that he’s a grade 12 English teacher. I heard he’s single.” I look at her amused and raise an eyebrow.

“And I need to know that information why?” I question.

“Alright. Fine be in denial but let me tell you now ‘I told you so’ because I saw some sparks fly.” I snort.

“Anyways.” I drag out. “Here read my schedule.” I shove the paper at her. She glares at me but reads anyways.

“1st period: chemistry || Mr. Nenes || Rm. #702
2nd period: p.e. || Mr. Alves || Rm. #400/Large Gym
3rd period: English 12 || Mr.” She pauses and smirks knowingly in my direction. Awh fuck. “Jones.”

“Anyways.” I repeat.

“Rm. #100
4/5th period: Algebra II || Mr. Roth || Rm. #605
6th period: free
7th period: Gov. & Econ. || Mr. McNeese || Rm. #107. Oh! And your locker is right up here.” She points off to our right and stops.

‘4203’ it read. Hehe. 420. (+3)

Be an adult! I mentally scold myself.

“Need to drop anything off?” She asks. I shake my head. “Okay. We have 2, 3, 4/5 and 6. Yay! We have a free period together!” Yes! My bitch and I will destroy worlds in that hour off. “Thinking about destroying worlds together?” She questions. I grin. We are that in sync.

“Show me around and fill me in on the social scene.” Just because I keep to myself doesn’t mean I’m not interested in who got herpes from whom by doing it in the janitors closet or who found the condom under the bleachers. I don’t spread shit because I know what that feels like, but it’s amusing to hear the wack shit people come up with. Jazz also shares my love for gossip, but it’s more of an obsession for her.

“I’m so glad you asked, I’ve wanting to tell you since I first saw you.” She breathes out. I laugh, knowing it was true. “Remember Sasha?” I nod. “Well, still typical queen bee/slut. Thinks she’s all that. Still same cliché brainwashed high school. It’s honestly so annoying. But I mean, the drama and fights that happen are pretty entertaining. Probably the most interesting things that happens in this town happens in high school, I guess.” She shrugs. We spend the rest of the morning talking and walking around the school.

Since I didn’t have 1st hour with Jazz, I was little bummed. But once I stepped in I was met with the sight of Logan and Simon. Wrong move, office. Wrong move. They both grin when they see me and I grin back.

I walk over to the lab table they’re sitting at. It’s a 4 person lab table. I’m guessing for groups and partners. “Hello brothers.” I smirk at them as I slide into the seat next to Logan and across from Simon.

“Oh. I asked this guy that I met this morning and all his friends. Dude they’re so cool. Like they did tho—.” Logan starts.

“Dude, don’t ramble. Focus.” I demand.

“That’s a little harsh.” I hear a high-pitched voice from behind me. I groan already knowing who it is. “Face me, bitch. You need to know who runs this school, new kids.” I snort.

“Hey, Sasha.” I say as I stand up and turn around to face her. I lean on the edge of the table crossing my right foot over my left and stable myself by holding the table edge.

“Oh. So you already know. Good, stay out of my way, freaks.” She walks away thinking she’s won.

“Freaks?” I question raising an eyebrow. She halts as if she’s shocked someone talked back to her. Oh?

“Yeah. Freak, gotta problem with being called freaks, freaks.” She insults.

“Oh? You’re gonna open your mouth and waste everyone’s time to insult me and that’s the best you can come up with? C’mon don’t be shy, give me your best.” I challenge with an amused look. She faces me and I swear I could see the smoke coming out of her ears.

“Who do you think you are?” She questions. But as soon as she does the bell rings. Thank God. She’s annoying. I sit back down as the teacher walks in. He looks to be about mid 60′s. Kinda looks pregnant but whatever.

“Hello, snot breath children.” The teacher begins. I love him. “We have 3 knew students today. Please come on up to the front.” Spoke too soon. We all stare at each other with facial expression that can only say ‘of-fucking-course’.

We walk up to the front of the class and face them. Everyone kind of looks confused as if recognizing us, but not knowing from where. We did grow up here, seems everyone moved on and forgot about us. It makes me want to choke them all. Not for not remembering us, but for not remembering the tragic accident that happened not 4 years ago. It hurt to know they already moved on.

“Please introduce yourselves one by one. Oldest to youngest, I suggest.”

“Kennedy Simms.” I state. Multiple gasps are heard throughout the room. I roll my eyes.

“That’s all? No favorite color, tv show or movie, book, food, artist/bands?” He asks.

“Favorite color: yellow. Tv show: Lucifer. Movie: Clueless (1995). Book: The Selection Series. Food: Cereal. Bands: Arctic Monkeys, The Regrettes, Wallows, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Elvis.” I grit out. I hate doing this shit. It’s unnecessary.

“Okay then. Any questions?” I resist the urge to strangle him.

A few students raise their hands, almost hesitantly. Of course one of them is Sasha, who shot her arm straight up. “Rick.” I snap my eyes to the guy who starts talking. He reminds me of my car too. He looks like the classic bad boy.

“My friend right here.” He points to a blonde guy next to him. “Wants you to see his massive cock this Friday.” He says trying not to laugh.

The teacher looks ready to explode. “Oh no. Sorry I have the internet for that.”

“You watch porn?” Someone questions.

“Nah but it does have actual beauties like Nicolas Cage. Hit me up when you’re a national treasure.”

The whole class erupted into laughter and ’oooh’s.

“Moving on.” Mr. Nenes replies, kind of confused. “Any other questions?” He asks, cautiously. “Sasha.” Oh no.

“I was just wondering what it’s like to live a sad life like your own. I mean having no parents, being a loser, and an ugly ginger.”

“Sasha, tha—.” Mr. Nenes starts but I cut him off.

“Yeah, was just wondering what it’s like to have to take time out of your precious day to down-grade on good people. I mean are you that bored and uninterested with your own life, that you have to bully and insult me for entertainment? And for that I pity you.” Dead silence is the response to that. Then... claps and whistles. “Shut the fuck up.” I shout out. “That shouldn’t have to be applauded. Standing up to bullies like her should be a natural reaction, not applauded behavior.” I shake my head and storm out of the classroom, leaving stunned silence behind me.

I’m furious and amazed how each generation keeps getting stupider. I say within the next 10-15 years America will be burned to the ground. With the rest of civilization following soon after because without America the world cannot survive. Probably within the 50 years. And to think I thought I was lucky to be born in the same lifetime as Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Hoechlin. Daddies.

I’m not watching where I’m going and crash into a warm and hard object. I almost fall back but strong, warm arms wrap around my waist, catching me. I steady myself and look up at my rescuer and see it’s the hot teacher I presume is Mr. Jones. “I’m sorry.” I apologize and step back trying to put as much distance between us. His scented cologne almost too much for me to handle. Seeing him up close is so much better than from afar. He’s seemingly so much hotter. It’s unnerving to be completely honest.

He opens his mouth to reply but is cut off by my brothers running out of the door. “Oh! There you are Kennedy. I thought you would have kicked a tree over by now. I mean that was pretty intense for you and I know how mad you get when stuff like that happens. And I can’t even believe she would bring our parents up. That bitch knew she was bringing up a sore subject just to get at you. If I wasn’t such an amazing, good-looking, charming, sexy, hot, smart guy, I would’ve punched her. I mean, can you eve—.” I cut Logan off before he can rant anymore. Simon looks like he wants rip Logan’s head off.

I walk up to him and punch him in his stomach. He groans and doubles over in pain. “Dude. Shut up, I’m fine. I just needed air before I wrapped my hands around her scrawny little neck and watch the life drain out of her eyes while she begs me for mercy.” I state. My brothers look at me and nod their heads knowingly, almost plotting how to murder her. Our family’s that tight. “Oh my God, guys I’m joking. I realized she’s trying to start unnecessary shit to get back at me from middle school. And for that, I repeat, I pity her.” I explain.

“That was very well said.” I hear a deep, husky voice say from behind me. That voice. It almost made me drop to my knees. But I held my ground like a normal person.

I turn around, “I totally forgot you were here.” I breathe out.

He smirks. “I figured as well. See you in 3rd hour, Ms. Kennedy Simms.” He nods his head at me. I nod back, totally mute. He turns his gaze to look at my brothers behind me. “Make sure she doesn’t strangle Sasha.” He states and walks away. My brothers start laughing like hyenas.

“He was totally checking you out the whole time.” Simon says. Logan nods his head.

I groan. “Not you two, too.”

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