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Minerva is the reincarnation of Athena, yet she is the opposite of Athena. She appeared to be shy and coward to her peers unbeknowst the truth until one day she awoke the Athena inside her. Venus is the reincarnation of Aphrodite, her beauty makes every boy fall for her. She is known as The Slut in the school. She has several boyfriends and flirts with every boy in school, but is she really a slut? Minerva, Venus, Vulcan, and Mars are the reincarnation of the Greek Gods, what would happen when the four meet? Author's Notes: This is purely for entertainment purposes and is purely fictional. All is solely derived from the author's imagination. Similarities to people, places, and any particular events are purely coincidental. © All Rights Reserved

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chapter 1


New school new life.

I really wish that would be the case. I’ve been used to it, especially all those bullying ever since I was young. I’m a hundred percent sure that I’m gonna be bullied here again. All because of my so-called nerdiness according to them. I know that’s not a good reason to bully others. The Gods might have been laughing at us now because I was supposed to be a reincarnation of Athena. I’ve always been looked down on even though I’m the reincarnation of Athena. I do have glasses that cover some parts of my eyes and I do like reading books, but still those stereotypes still never fade in this world. Oh, how I wish that I was born in another world instead.

I didn’t even need to explain since they all decided what to label me. Guess, I’ll just have to give all my best and graduate from high school so that I could get a degree in college. Well at least the school provides uniforms. It gives me less things to worry about. Girls wore white button downs paired with skirts while boys obviously paired with khaki pants.

Aren’t I supposed to be bold? ATHENA HELP ME!!!!

I wish she could hear me. I wasn’t like this before, I used to be bolder when I was a child, yet somehow everything has changed. I can’t remember why. I was walking to the principal’s office and my gut is telling me that I’m about to meet someone with the same vibe as me. There I saw a guy walking towards me. He has black hair with bangs covering one of his eyes. There’s something telling me that we’re both reincarnations of some Greek God or Goddess.

“Um excuse me, but are you the other transfer student?” I asked.

He looked up and I saw a pair of ocean blue eyes.

“Yes, I am. May I ask you if you may be a reincarnation of some goddess?” He asked.

I was rather surprised. His tone was strong like mine.

It looks like there’s another person like me who’s going to be misunderstood again.

I smiled faintly at him with a welcoming presence.

My gut feeling was right. Another reincarnated child! We were educated that it’s rare for those encounters to happen. It’s already rare for reincarnated children to be born at the same decade more so to be reincarnated at the same county. It makes me curious about what Greek God he is the reincarnation of.

“I’m Minerva Henceforth, reincarnation of Athena.” I said.

“Really? I don’t think we’re gonna be each other’s rival. I’m Mars Strength, Ares’s reincarnation.” He said smiling

ARES’S REINCARNATION?! That took me aback. He doesn’t look like one, though I’m not in the position to say that since it’s hardly believable that I’m the reincarnation of Athena.

Weird. Ares, wait. Aren’t Athena and Ares arch enemies? They’re both associated with war. I wonder how this will play out.

“Well I don’t think that we’re gonna be rivals.” I answered honestly and smiled.

“But I’m sure I’m gonna be bullied too. Let’s be friends. Don’t mind them, just leave them be.” I said trying to cheer him up.

People are really hopeless. Bullying others to somehow make themselves feel better, and be relieved that there are people inferior to them. The thing is everyone’s equal, it’s just in their frickin heads that’s not. I’m honestly tired of their attitudes. Not everyone’s the same, most people who don’t judge are also the ones who don’t do anything and just watch.

I can’t blame them, they want to avoid trouble.

“We have a lot in common huh?” He said, finally smiling.

As our conversation was about to progress, the bell interrupted us. Suddenly someone who’s in their forties approached us. I guess he’s our advisory teacher.

“Both of you come with me. I’ll show you your new classroom.” Said the teacher.

We both stood up and followed our teacher, I realized he hasn’t introduced himself yet. The hallway was silent, I could hear my heart beat faster. Only just a few minutes, just a few steps left. No matter how hard I try to not think about it, I really can’t help myself from overthinking. The people here are really troublesome, they’re too insecure. That’s probably another reason why they like to judge others so much.

Before I knew it, we were standing behind a door. I was spacing so much that I didn’t know what’s happening. I asked Mars and apparently our advisory teacher was called Mr. Brown, and he told us to wait for his signal before we come in. My heartbeat grew faster and my palms began to sweat. I knew that it’ll come this sooner or later, I’ll just have to be positive. I guess that’s one part of me that I got from Athena. I have the mental strength to handle all what I’ve been through.

“Okay everyone. I’m your new teacher Mr. Brown.” Said Ms Brown.

“I’m Mr. Brown and I’ll be your advisor from now on. I’m sure you’ve already heard rumors about two transfer students.” Mr. Brown said then signaled us to walk in.

Mars and I walked in. I was first to introduce myself before him. It’s now or never let’s get this over with. Worse things worse is that they’ll bully me or rather us right away. I doubt that. I tried to calm myself and tried to be friendly hoping that my new classmates are professionals already, but I doubt that. Despite being in eleventh grade, they sure are childish.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Minerva Henceforth. Let’s all be friends.” I said with a smile.

“Woah. NERDS IN THE AREA!!!” someone shouted and everyone laughed.

Well I did expect this, let’s not think too much about this. I sighed and tried to hold back rolling my eyes.

My assumption was right, really childish.

Mars introduced himself quickly receiving a laugh from the others. Mr. Brown scolded the class and asked them to be nicer to us since we are just new here. The class became quiet at least for now with the presence of Mr. Brown.

I’m sure it won’t last.

Mr. Brown told me to occupy the seat beside a girl named Venus as he pointed at an empty seat beside the seat just beside the window. I felt my ears burning. The girl has wavy brunette hair past her shoulders. She has fair skin that made me wonder whether she’s an angel sent from above.

I sat on my seat and had my gaze on my beautiful seatmate. She was busy admiring the window. I guess it can’t be helped.

A smile formed across my face at the thought that she didn’t participate with humiliating Mars and I a while ago.

Mars got the seat on the other side of the class. We sat apart from each other. We both went to our respective seats and he began to discuss the house rules. Quite boring but I decided to listen to him.

I can’t seem to concentrate and found my eyes wandering towards a certain girl, a girl named Venus. I seem to receive a vibe from her. Instantly inside my mind I thought. ‘A reincarnation child.’ Is she? She could be.

Venus, it sounds familiar.

Wait? Isn’t Venus the counterpart of Aphrodite just like my name is. Reincarnation child of Aphrodite, it seems fun. I wonder what will happen. So she’s the one people call a slut at school. I did hear people mentioning her name. A girl called a slut for her beauty, and me or rather Mars and I, bullied for our nerdiness. I’m not even close to one. I actually enjoy sports and martial arts, it’s only because of my appearance.

Well I’m sure she does have friends, though it sucks if they’re just using her. Besides, I also heard rumors that she bullies other people. Well, being called a nerd and ignored is better than engaging in fake friendships. People whisper behind her back yet be smiling when seeing her, I could be wrong though. I doubt it’s the boys who hate her, it’s obviously the girls but no one would dare to bully her physically and decide to be nice towards her cuz I’m sure the guys wouldn’t stay quiet.

Damn. Now it looks like it’s unlikely that I would be able to become her friend.

When the bell rang, I was startled. I noticed I’ve been secretly staring at my seatmate while she was looking at the window. Mars called and we went to the cafeteria. While walking towards there, I’ve lost count of how many times we were ‘accidentally’ bumped by our classmates. Some other students secretly laughed, some had their eyebrows crooked yet stayed silent. Cowards, such cowards they are. I’m sure by tomorrow, it will get worse. Word spreads fast before you know it. I can handle this. If they tried to get physical with us, I won’t stay quiet either.

We fell in line and made our orders. The old lady who served us gave us extras, I could tell that she pitied us, yet doesn’t want to go an extra mile and defend us. I mean I’m sure it’s troublesome. If today’s my lucky day, it really was. We finished lunch in a snap and only three afternoon classes left. We decided to go back to our classroom. Mars was fun. I wasn’t that surprised when he told me he loves sports.

“What sport do you play?” I asked.

“Almost all, though baseball would be my favorite.”

“Mine’s basketball and soccer. I also do martial arts.” I grinned.

“I never thought of that but wasn’t really surprised by it haha. I mean seriously what’s with our get-up? It’s totally opposite. Man, I swear I won’t hold back during sportsfest.”

“Just wait for me, Imma crush them.” I said chuckling.

“Hey, what would happen if we really got physically bullied? I mean I would just stay quiet. I don’t like trouble.” Mars said with a faint smile.

He looks handsome underneath those bangs. He has beautiful eyes, unlike me. My thick glasses are really disturbing me especially when I am engaging in sports. I have to wear some kind of goggles whenever I play sports.

“Me too. Unless they got too far. I would usually glare at them, but I’m sure these thick glasses of mine won’t be any help.”

We sat on our respective seats and classes started again. It was so boring, their house rules that is. My attention was at Venus again. She never seems to smile, come to think of it, I haven’t seen her smile the whole day. Before I knew it, classes were over. Mars and I walked together until the station. He lives with his parents near the station at a beautiful building there while I’m still three blocks away from home. I felt happy thinking of home. A loving home beats all those judgemental freaks.

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