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This is a story based on someone living a fake life that the person doesn't wish

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I am Jordan Mcauliffe . I am a senior at Northern Highschool . I have everything a senior like me would want. I am the highschool football captain,the school president , I get A+in every test,my parents are successful doctor and engineer , I live in a giant mansion , I have a lot of friends ,I'm the most popular in school,every girl wants to date me mostly cause of my looks and money ,so your probably thinking right now why am I complaining when I have everything anyone would wish for.

For me that's not the case . From my freshman year people thought I was a nerd cause I had glasses and was chubby my hair wellll...not so great . I decided to change my look from my senior year . I went to the gym and got fit got a better hairdo and even went for eye treatment so I no longer need glasses . After my huge change everybody suddenly loved me and I was appointed school president.

For most of my football mates they envy me and want to be like me . Charming,good looking, loved , favoured and even bought gifts by girls everyday. My parents were proud of me only when I passed my tests and they ever told me that when I grow up I'll find the perfect girl just like Romeo found Juliet.I really wasn't into that life because it was a phony life full of fake love and truth untold.

My parents expected me to marry my childhood friend because she came from a rich family and we knew them well and it would be a perfect alliance between the two families. What my parents really never knew was I wasn't into girls but I was into guys . Actually no one knew not my friends not my family I had no one to confide in during my darkest days .

Everyday I would wake up knowing that I have to put a fake smile and say everything was alright. I was used to that charade until one day one student captured my attention. He was new to school . His name was Kane Will. Something seemed different about him . His tone his voice when he said each word it sounded sincere . His looks I'd rate them 10/10 . When he spoke to me his voice was like a melody to my ears that I wanted to hear every day and night before sleeping. When he came and asked me to be his friend I accepted without second thoughts cause I had a intuition that he was different.

That's how it all began . We started eating lunch together and walked home together cause he was from the same neighborhood as me . He got into the football team very easily cause he was fast and fit and we talked about mostly everything and became friends .

After two years of knowing each other I could see that I could trust him . Heck I even had a crush on him . I felt as if I was like all the girls swooning over him . You can't really blame me I mean if you see the guy you'd also know why. Anyway I decided that after two years of knowing each other I'd finally tell him that I like him more than a friend. I went to the library to find him there cause his classes were over and I always found him in the library after his classes

After I walked into the library what I saw just immediately crushed me . I felt like my whole world was crumbling down. At that moment I wished I wouldn't have walked into the library if I knew what I was going to stumble and walk in . He saw me . I left the library as quick as possible as I felt the whole world had gone silent . The last sound I heard was of him saying "Jordan"
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