Summer of 16

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Mature Content • Sex, Erotic Sex performance, Sex References, Drug Misuse, Strong language, underage drinking. Charlotte Devereaux is a 16-year-old who was born in Bridgeway a small suburban town in Santa Clara County. A new guy arrives in town named Levi Turner a sexy, 18 years old who turns her world upside down... I feel his gaze on me, my midsection starts to generate butterflies, eventually, after a period of discussions, he makes his move, his strong arms encase me from behind, my breathing accelerates and my pulse quickens I'm, sure he can hear my irregular beat and feel it protruding from my breast bone I certainly can as our body temperatures rise, this is the best period the start of something special about to transpire It's a clear night with a band of stars twinkling like little diamonds and the moon shining like a spotlight upon us, It's incredibly romantic, The humidity is heightened and I'm feeling so aroused by his touch, my skin tingles with each brush He decides to verbalize " Can I ask you a question? In a clear and precise timbre Oh shit, what is he about to ask, the anticipation is driving me nuts?... What will transpire? Who will rise? Who will fall?

Romance / Mystery
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In Deep

Charlotte POV

I've been thinking of this for about a week now, It's etched into my subconscious and I can't seem to break free, I'm under his spell and I can't resist it, I'm being hypnotized by his alluring self, I'm shackled and nothing can free me from this stimulating illusion,

The minute I laid eyes on this sultry man in the Yellow Store, I wanted to rip his clothes off and fuck him right there, I'm in deep, deep shit and I do not understand what to do about it.

I have it bad for him, like really bad. I seem to always fancy the unattainable ones; I wonder why that is?

I really can't comprehend the reason,

The arrival of this new guy is going to result in unfortunate circumstances, I can feel it in my bones, it's inevitable. I will ask the squad for advice as I'm sure they will have the answers I seek.


Levi Turner is 18 years old and so goddam sexy my stomach flutters, my legs go like jelly and I cream my panties every time I see him, He's an impressive specimen of a man originally from Crawfordshire North Carolina.

His family just moved here and purchased the spectacular mansion on the hill overlooking the small town,

An architectural masterpiece with such an intriguing charm about it. I can't wait to see inside, someday.

They picked a beautiful spot to lie down roots and I'm thrilled as I get to see him every day, how fortunate for me.


We categorize this town as neat with a population of around 4,000 people,

We call it the gossip central as you can't seem to piss awkwardly without someone noticing, Mr. Evrey Winters is the main blabber, watching everything from his shop window on Vintagelane Main street, It irritates the shit out of him that he can't uncover our secret location though

He has tirelessly scanned the area with all his might but that prick will never uncover it NEVER!, I would stake my life on it. We are just way too proficient at what we do.


I'm Charlotte Devereaux, 16 years old and born and bred in this shithole, I have an older sister Penny who I call the Devil.

Fucking stick in the mud is what she is, I'm a lot more outgoing, popular, and blah, blah, and she despises me so much for this purpose alone, I can categorically say the feeling is mutual.

I'm a member of The Squad, the popular teen group of Bridgeway we're tight most of the time but occasionally; we have our differences like most, and usually, they get resolved;

We are the hosts of many a rave and relish in the art of fun and mystery, We party hard, devoting our time to, dancing, drinking, sex, drugs, and celebrating life, The drug of choice seems to be X and 420, but there are varieties of other substances accessible to whoever wants them,

Now, that the Summer has arrived, there will be no end to the excessive partying on Shimmer Hill Lake,

We are in the prime of our lives so we might as well take advantage of it.


The location of the party is revealed by a text message, it's invite-only with a password given, but most of the time additional people show up , we don't care though, as long as it's not the cops or Evrey, we all Gucci,

'Thought to self get drinks for later,' ring Blossom she'll hook you up.

I work part time in The Vapor Bar & Off license so I supply all the alcohol, It's great as Blossom Clancy the owner thinks I'm 21 and I get a discount.


I'm on the bed in my room texting Ollie about the music tonight, he is the expert after all, I get no reply, which is odd so I connect the music to my speaker and with the sound on the low setting I chillax to the sound of 90s hip hop, one of my many favorites,

Suddenly, I hear a male voice, it's Levi,

"hold up now, what are you doing here"?

He draws closer and I feel his soothing breath at my ear, his strong muscular arms pressed on the sheets, those piercing eyes burning deep, his bare chest in all the glory before me, I pant heavily as I lay stark naked on the bed with my legs akimbo,

I follow him with my eyes as he peels off his jeans and there it is his giant cock with it's the bulbous pink head I bite down on my bottom lip thinking

' how in the hell is that going to fit inside me?

I try not to overthink it, as my breathing accelerates and my pulse races,

He edges closer, and that's when the adrenaline takes over, he nips my earlobe and I gasp, "What the fuck! Levi"

"You know you want this, so stop playing coy with me now, I need to taste your sweet pussy and run my tongue along your clit, I want your lips around my cock, continuously moaning with pleasure"

My head is swimming, the desire is overtaking my common sense, I know I shouldn't as he's a bad influence but I don't care as just thinking about it makes my vaginal juices flow,

I'm soaking wet, pulsating, and ready for him, needing him inside me, right this instant,

I wonder how one person can make you feel so hot and bothered?

"You can't resist me Charlotte", as he inserts his fingers into me, increasing the speed aiming to get me off, pausing for just a second he lowers his head toward my pubic area, licking my clit in swift movements with that masterful tongue of his "Fuck me, that's it there, keep going, Lee, "as I pant and squirm, "Fuck!" my toes curl with excitement.

My nipples are like bullets as he rubs and pinches them, It's too much to handle but I try my best to hold on, I squirm against him and an exhale escapes "Levi", That cheeky grin is so fucking sexy, that asshole knows exactly what he's doing,

His gaze is like staring into one's soul which in turn sends warmth soaring through my entire body, I climax right there and then,

"You know, If my mom catches you in here, I'm dead, LEVI, she will crucify me, I'm grounded or has that been erased from your skull and by the way It's actually your fault in the first place, you kept me out all night,"

"Your lying, It was you that kept me out," he says in a raspy voice,

"So the blame is on me then, you had no part in at all, great, you fucking dick,", Im annoyed but Im too into this to stop now.

"You know I'm thirsty for you Char, come on, don't start an argument, let's get back to the pleasuring okay",with his pretend pouty face

He's got me there, I fucking love him, a torn in my side but a hot, torn, he's a player for sure but I can't deny the connection between us and the sex is mind-blowing, I can't resist his charm, it's too intoxicating,

We start to kiss and it grows intensely along with his erection; I signal my approval with a nod. He lies down and I straddle him. His mouth lays claim to my throat as he kisses, "God, Shit Levi" I utter,

He runs his tongue diagonally on my neckline leaving a dewy trail of saliva, I breathe in his scent as his cock enters inside me, My hips grind against him as groaning sounds escape my mouth "Oooooooo",

He cups my double D's in his palms and tugs my nipples with his teeth, "More!" as he sucks harder, I quicken the pace as it fills my body with pleasurable sensations, My back arches as I let out a thrilling scream.

I grab his hair tight, tugging, "Ooooo fuck" as our bodies are dripping with hot sweat and we gyrate each other, My bed is rocking, squeaking, and the headboard is pounding off the wall

"Fuck your hot, as he is just about there, "Wait, pause for a second, Is that who I think it is? You've got to be kidding me, go, Lee, It is my mom, I heard the front door slam out the window quick" in a panicked tone.

"Ah fuck off Char, I'm just there dammit! you wouldn't do that to me, really, that's messed up," he tuts in anger

"Im sorry but I have to, my mom will kill me if she sees you here, go Im begging you" I look at him with fear in my eyes as knowing what my mom will do is making me nauseous,

"That's just cruel, fuck sake Charlotte, Im going" he gets up in a huff, climbs out the window and takes off,

"Charlotte, what's that racket, answer me at once, Charlotte!, wake up,", she is shaking me

"What!" I wipe my stinging eyes as they come into focus and I see my mom's face above me,

"It's 9 am, time to get up, your breakfast is ready, I'm off to work, I should be home around six, fingers crossed, see you later," out the door, she goes banging it behind her,

What just happened? Crap, was that a dream? Come on really, I'm stunned, It felt so real and I soaked my underwear; It looks like I had one of those erotic dreams,

While I have the image of him in my mind my phone beeps, It's a text from Ebony the beauty of the squad

Blowout 2NT UKW ⛺⏰ C 💖💋wbt Get Lit AF Peace out xoxo

The session is on; I wonder though if he will come along as he doesn't know anyone at all?

It must be strange for a person moving to a new town amid the Summer months, sure we'll see won't we.

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