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Paulina dated Andrew for nine months, before she realized that her boyfriend was her brother that was been kidnapped years ago. For the love that she has for him , she is afraid of telling him because she doesn't want to loose him once again. Would Paulina reveal this secret? What would happen if Andrew knows about this?🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷

Romance / Drama
Bernice Yayra
Age Rating:

Chapter 1Normal life at school

I closed my locker as I walked down the hallway heading to my class.
Thinking about Emily my best friend's
date,l bumped into a guy while I lost
control of my backpack.
I burnt to take it but I felt a huge around my
wrist. I raised my face to see the
person I hate the most on Earth.
Andrew Parker. The most popular guy in my
school. He has two oceon blue eyes that shine brightly. His dark hair brushed to one side indicating a scar below his ear.
We stayed there about two minutes staring at each other before I came to my senses
that I would be late for class.
“Hmmm, sorry I was going that way”
I said which made him release my wrist.
He picked my backpack and gave me.
“Thanks.”I said once again leaving him there.
“Wait , what's your name?”he asked making me stop. Should I tell him my name ,or I should leave? Well I don't want to be rude enough. I'm in a good mood.
“Paulina , but most people call me Lina”
I replied and walked fast to avoid the questionable stares other students were giving me.
Just because he is popular does not mean he should know every body in this school.
I rushed to class but unfortunately it has already started.
“Miss Witson next time you come to my class late you will regret it."
“kk Sir , sorry.”I apologized and walked to my desk just beside Emily.
“what kept you so long.”Emily whisper asked when I sat beside her.
“I was -”I was trying to explain to her what
happened but was cut by Mr Mark.
“And be silent.”he ordered.
I sent Emily a -he is annoying look- before
following the lesson.
I will tell her at lunch today.

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