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Akira dreams to be a Music teacher even though his parents can't afford to enroll him in a university. Because of his dreams, he focuses his mind on his grades to get a college scholarship. He ended his high-school not having romance and he is not even interested in having one. An unexpected event happened that made him realize that having a Romance and falling in love will not be a hindrance to his dreams.  How can we be sure if romance will be a support or rather than destruction? 

Romance / Drama
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Akira, a senior high school student is in his last week in High school yet has no experience in love since his priority is to graduate with good grades to get a scholarship for college university. Aside from being busy, his aura is very gloomy, enough to scare girls and not to approach him. Even he is not interested in romance.

Despite being gloomy, Akira is very talented in music, he can play different instruments and he also has a very nice voice. And that's the whole reason why he is working hard to have good grades. He wanted to go to a college university where there is a Music education program. His parents can't afford to enroll him in a good university, that's why he even sacrifices his teenage life and focuses on his priority and dreams.

But an unexpected event happened before he ended his high school, a girl from an elite university patiently waited for him after his class, she was standing outside the school gate and gave her very best to confess her passionate love for Akira. Because of shock and embarrassment, Akira rejected her immediately. How can a girl from an elite university notice a guy from a public high-school?

Then he noticed the uniform that the girl is wearing is similar to the uniform where he took a college entrance exam last week and got his scholarship.

“You Akira Zenon! Remember this face! We will meet again and I will make you regret rejecting me.” It was the first confession he received and that made his heart nervous and confused.

Then he never thought that girl made him smile.

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