With My Romance

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Chapter 1 Romance is not really in my vocabulary

I was raised in an orphanage supported by the Cathedral. At a young age, I've learned how to play different instruments and sing together with my friends from the orphanage.

Those days I spent in the Cathedral was pure happiness. I never wished for more, I wasn't interested to know why am I here? Why am I an orphan?

Father Arthur and the Sisters are enough for us. The music and the warm appreciation answer all my worries.

Unexpectedly, at the age of 7 years old I was adopted by a broken Family. Before I was adopted my foster mother was exactly opposite to my foster father. She was a mad monster who cursed her husband because she can't bear her child. My foster father adopted me after he heard me singing and playing the piano in the Cathedral Sunday Mass, he said he can see hope in my voice.

Maybe I can give their home happiness. After I was adopted my foster mother changed and started to smile again. She was so kind and warm. They welcomed me as their child. I never thought being adopted by strangers will make me very happy.

Time flies so fast, after 3 years I was adopted my mother left. She left my father and went with another man. Even without being divorce, she left us no trace. Father almost lost his mind.

After that incident father worked hard to raise me alone. He taught me how to be a good person and pursue my talents in music. He is a very kind man, after what happened to him he still managed to smile and live happily with me.

I thought he was already afraid of falling in love again. Then he met another woman who loved him so much, her name was Katherine. She is my current mother, even though their relationship is not legal since my father and his wife are still married by law, yet Katherine loved my father so much and took good care of us.

My parents supported my talent in music, they even spent their salaries to invest in instruments for me. Piano, guitar, violin, and even our house were reconstructed and built a separate room to make it a studio where I can practice.

I witnessed how they worked hard, my father is not a rich man neither Katherine, but they provided me with a perfect life. I want them to be happy also, I want them also to see that their hard work won't go to waste. I will study well and work on my responsibilities. I want their dreams of me to come true.

“Father, when I grow up. I want to be a teacher. A music teacher. I want to inspire everyone with music, like how my father inspired me.” I was 12 years old when I realized my dream.

“Father Arthur gave you a nice name, Akira. You're shining and giving me reasons not to give up.” he patted my head and smiled. His tears flowed on his cheeks yet I can feel his happiness after hearing my dreams.

That was the day I decided to focus my attention on my dreams. I know my father can't afford to enroll me in the university where there is a Music Education program.

And there is only one university that has a Bachelor of Music major in Music Education, Cross University. An elite University where most of the students are from wealthy families.

It is possible, surely I can go to that elite university if I work hard.

When I reached my high school, since we couldn't afford to enroll in Cross University and the scholarship program is only available for a college degree, I was enrolled in a small public high school near our house.

I also got a part-time job as a Student librarian in the National Library. I save half my salary and half for my Father. Working in the library is a big advantage for me since I can borrow any books I want for free.

I work hard to have good grades to be qualified enough to get a scholarship at Cross University.

When I was in my first year I was the top student in my batch. Even my schoolmates bullied me for being a bookworm and I don't have any friends, but my heart is still happy enough because I was on Top.

Then in my second year, my classmates forced me to be a representative in a Talent contest in our school, they just bullied me, they thought books is one thing I have. That day was amazing. I got a chance to show off my talent.

All of my schoolmates were shocked after I performed on stage, I sang a song and played the guitar. A song from Avril Lavigne, I'm With You.

(Play the link: https://youtu.be/Y3xK6MI0Z6E)

I admit, even me was so touched by my song. After I performed my tears were somewhat visible. That was my first performance.

I didn't win the contest but I got more than that, on the day I got the respect from my classmates.

They stopped bullying me. They even started to talk to me formally. But I was so introverted, I'm not good at talking to them.

I had good High school memories because of music. Because of my talent, I got the respect I was wishing for. And also because of the talent, I was adopted and loved by mere strangers.

I thought I got all I needed.

Lovable Parents. I got a perfect home to live in.

Education. I passed the entrance exam of Cross University and also I did get a scholarship.

Talent. I've learned how to play the bass guitar.

Dreams. I want to be a teacher, I'm working to get rid of my shyness in dealing with different people.

At first, I don't know why I feel something is lacking in my life.

Then unexpectedly a few weeks before I graduated from high school. A random high-school girl from another school confessed to me in front of our school.

“Akira Zenon, I like you. Please be my boyfriend,” she shouted enough to attract the attention of my schoolmates. She even offered me a bouquet.

I was so shocked to death.

I immediately refused the flowers, unintentionally I slapped her hands and the flowers fell off the ground.

“Who are you? Why so sudden?” I rattled.

She cried and stepped on my right foot. It Hurts enough to make me tremble.

“Shut up! So it's true that you're not a human! And you don't have any romance in you! Demoooonnn! Scumbag! ” she shouted and slapped the bouquet on my face.

“You Akira Zenon! Remember this face! We will meet again and I will make you regret rejecting me.” She left me dumbfounded.

My heart aches because of embarrassment. My face went full red. Suddenly my time moves slowly while staring at the girl leaving me behind.

Her uniform is similar to Cross University High school division. I can hear my heartbeat. I immediately covered my red face and ran home.

That was the first confession I received.

Then I realized that something is lacking in me.

I'm a human with no interest in Romance.

Romance is not really in my vocabulary.

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