With My Romance

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Chapter 2: Spilled Coffee

My phone started to receive a random text from my classmates.

[Yo! Bookworm! Let's go to a party before graduation!]

[Akira, who's that hot chick yesterday?]

[Hi Akira, I never thought you were handsome. I just noticed yesterday. Your reaction is too cute.]

[Hey Bro! Let's have some drink after Graduation]

I won't reply to them unless it's an important message. I'm too busy also. I need to prepare for my graduation celebration at our house.

I need a celebration since I'm the Valedictorian in our batch. I want it badly, even just having dinner together with my father and Katherine.

“Akira, What's this rumor I heard from our neighbors? A girl from Cross University confessed to you yesterday?” Father suddenly entered my room and asked me.

He looked so excited and tapped my shoulders “My baby is a Man now. I’m so happy.” he sneezed and wiped his teary eyes.

I'm so confused. Why is he so excited and happy about that?

“Father, I'm already 16 and why are you crying?” I scratched my back head.

“I'm just happy for you. You already have a girlfriend.” he blushed and cried more.



“The rumor must be a mistake. Father, I don't have a girlfriend. I’m not interested in having one. It is just the destruction of my studies.” I smiled a bit because I started to feel irritated.

“Don't tell me you rejected her?” father suddenly doomed. He lost his lively aura.

Before I could answer he gave up and left my room quietly.

“Geez… why do adults so hurry to find love?” I talked to myself and lay down on my bed.

I was staring at the ceiling, wondering what to cook for my Graduation Celebration.

And the silence inside my room broke when my phone suddenly beeped. When I checked it, it was a message from my classmate.

[Let's make a Boy band. We're lacking a bassist. Are you interested?]

Boy band? I'm interested but sooner we will be in college. It might be destruction also. My dream is to become a Music Teacher but being a professional musician is not bad.

But I'm not good at making friends. I don't know if it fits me being with them.

But I also love performing on stage, I want to join.

[I'm interested, though my priority is my studies. I can't give my 100% time to you.] I answered.

Then I received a fast reply.

[Don't worry, my priority is going to college also. But, this coming Graduation Ball we are performing. This is our first performance being a band. And maybe our last. In short, this will be a trial only. Why not try it out also?]

I never expected I would have classmates talking to me with sense.

As I observe, Warren is the type of person who is nice to everyone. Every time he enters the classroom he is shining and his smile is brighter than the sun.

And I remembered in our second year he even offered me to be my substitute when I was forced to be the representative in our Talent Competition.

He is kind and very popular with girls. But never dated someone also. Maybe he is like me. Studies are the top priority.

[Ok, I'm in, since high school is almost done. I have to conquer my fear of talking to everyone. Thanks for inviting me. I'll be the bassist. But this Graduation Ball only.]

I replied. I felt very anxious though. Imagining myself making friends. Can I do it?

Of course. I did have friends in the orphanage before. I know I can do it again.

[Thanks! Let's rock our last night in high school. We have a practice tomorrow. It's Sunday I guess that's the only day we are all free. You should come.]

He demanded. He even didn't ask me if I'm free.

[Ok got it.]

I just replied like I have no choice. I already open my door and there is no reason I will close it.

This might be the best memory I can have before leaving High school.

I looked at myself in the mirror. My hair is too long. It covered my eyes a bit. I'm always wearing eyeglasses since my eyes can't see anything without it. I looked older than my father.

Why does my father treat me like a baby? I looked older than him.

Maybe my looks are one of the reasons some of my classmates hesitated to talk to me.

I look like a suspected murderer. I smirked.

Now I'm more conscious about my looks.

Is this what they called adolescence?

I run down to our living room and find Katherine.

“Katherine! I want a haircut.” I shouted and I felt my face go warm and red.

“Oh, so it's true Akira already has a girlfriend.” she smiled while holding a spatula.

“Daddy, our little boy is a man now,” he called my father who is sitting in the dining area near her and reading a newspaper.

“No, he just felt itchy in his dirty hair.” father smirked, he already gave up on me.

“Father! Cut my hair. I need to look like a human.” I insisted and stamped on the table to attract his attention.

“Geez. Just go to the barbershop. I'm not in the mood to cut your hair. I'm so disappointed. Can't you remember?” He refused and did not give me any glare at all.

Is he mad?

“Ok, I'll be back before lunch.” I dashed to the barbershop not so far in my high school.

And I forgot.

I only wear my pajamas and slippers.

I just felt embarrassed when I saw myself in a mirror in a coffee shop I passed by.

My hair is messy, my pajamas also have small holes near my butt.

Damn! This is my favorite pajamas and regrets I'm still using it even though it has many holes.

I run faster than my limit. I don't want others to notice the holes in my pajamas.

And unexpectedly I bumped into a girl and my glasses dropped on the floor.

My world is doomed, I can not see anything. My world is so blurry. I can only see the colors. I tried to find my glasses but I couldn't find them.

“Sorry. Here.” soft voice apologies to me, maybe it was the girl I bumped into. It was my fault though.

My world suddenly went clear when she put on my glasses for me, her face is too close and I can also feel her breath.

Suddenly I remembered my pajamas and that made me scared and embarrassed.

I was trying to escape without giving thanks to her.

But she grabbed my right hand.

“May… I… Ask what's your name?” She looked so shy asking my name.

Why though?

She was reaching for something in her bag using her right hand and her left holding me.

“Why? Sorry, I'm in a hurry.” I replied but I can't run. She is still holding me.

I can't just snap her. It would be harsh.

“My Coffee. Please buy me another one. Co..ffee. Next time if you're free. Here is my phone number and email. Please buy me a coffee.” She wrote something on my hand using a pen and after she was done she ran off.

She forgot to put her name. Then I realized there is a spilled coffee on the ground.

The cup has her name I guess.

“Francesca” I have to remember her name and the coffee brand. I will buy it next time and give my apologies also.

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