With My Romance

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Chapter 3: You Rock

I failed to reach the barbershop, because of my classmate Warren who suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

Immediately lean my back on a wall to cover the holes in my pajamas.

"Good Morning! What a coincidence? Who's that strawberry girl?" he giggled and pointed at the girl I bumped into earlier.

Strawberry? And looked at her as she walked away. And just noticed her pink strawberry printed skirt.

"Are you ok man?" Warren asked again and I couldn't even move in my place.

Why do I have to be in this trouble? Fuck these useless pajamas.

I will burn you to hell.

"Anyways, if you're free today, you can go with me to check the studio where I rented for tomorrow's practice." he smiled at me. Didn't he notice I looked like a beggar here?

"Is my look… Fine?" I asked.

"It's kinda weird. You looked like a little kid run away from daycare." Warren said those words with no smile on his face. He was insanely serious.

Now I can see myself to him also.

What an emotionless person.

"You look, fine bro. Let's go?" He ignored my pajama outfit.

"But… I have every important thing to do." I refused but he dragged me and grabbed my shoulder.

"Don't worry those holes on your butt aren't noticeable." he winked and that made me embarrassed.

This guy is sooooooo annoying!

I got no escape from him.

We checked the rented studio and after we went to a coffee shop.

I can believe I managed to enter a fancy coffee shop with these shit pajamas.

"I'm so excited to perform with you." Warren suddenly talked seriously while sipping his ice coffee.

I ignored him and took a bite of the expensive bread I bought. I don't like drinking coffee. It tasted bitter on my first and last try.

Then I suddenly remembered. I checked my palm.

I saw an email address and phone number.

I forgot!

I even forgot her name!

I immediately contacted her using her phone number.

[Can I call? This is me, the guy you bumped early noon.] I texted.

I waited for her reply but she never replied until I got home.

I don't know, randomly I got worried about her.

I think she is not that kind of girl who holds her phone 24/7.

When I got home it's already afternoon and my father hurried out of the house to go work. He is a night shift security guard in the national library I'm working at.

I also hurried to trash my useless pajamas which ruined my day.

I was supposed to get a haircut.

I stared at the mirror in my studio and tried to do a headbang.

I don't know but this studio is where I can go wild with no judgments.

I'm really lucky my father is supportive enough to build a studio in our house.

I took the bass guitar and looked at my appearance in the mirror.

My hair is a mess. Warren is a good person saying I looked fine with this face.

In this mirror…

I can only see my dirty appearance.

No charisma at all. This is the reason I can't win any singing competition.

Am I worthy of this talent?

I put down the bass guitar and moved closer to the mirror.

"Are you sure you want to be a teacher?"

"You can't even teach yourself how to be confident."

I talked to myself hopelessly.

I was about to punch the mirror.

But I remember, this full-bodied mirror is expensive. My father worked hard for this.

I just can't. I can't disappoint him.

The tension between me and the mirror ended when my phone suddenly vibrated. A message from an unknown number.

[Sorry, I haven't replied immediately. I'm Francesca. I'm available this evening. You can call me after receiving this message.]

Evening? Coffee in the evening? I don't think she'll need a coffee in the evening.

[Can I deliver the coffee to your place? I will just order it online to be more convenient.] I replied and again the day passed she never contacted me again.

She is weird. I thought she badly needed the coffee.

I don't understand human beings.

They're just so weird.

Am I also. I know.

The next morning, I woke up by the phone call of Warren, not by my alarm clock.

"Where are you Akira?!" He demanded like a mad professor to me. "It's already 8 in the morning! You're late! You have to be hereafter 30 minutes." Then he hung up.

He never told me what time the practice was!

I was wrong. He is not a good person at all.

I rushed and fixed my things. I didn't even take a bath. Yesterday I wore shit pajamas, now, I didn't take a bath. The more I get older. The more I suck on my hygiene.

Those days I spent with Warren and Gary wasn't bad though it is really tiring. Gary is also my classmates and he is the drummer, Warren is the lead guitar and vocalist.

And me as the bassist, I'm still not used to it since I just started to practice a month ago.

Yet, I felt very excited about our performance. I even forgot about our graduation ceremony which will be held on the day before.

Finally, the day of Graduation came so fast. The day that all of us will get the achievement we wanted so much. At the ceremony, I saw my classmates' teary eyes.

They tried not to cry until the ceremony ended. And hours later, the principal announced that we are already official graduates, all of the students howled and burst their tears. They hugged their parents and friends.

I immediately ran to my father. And whispered "Thank you so much father." then his tears burst also. Katherine and I just laughed at him.

I came to notice, none of my classmates even bothered to hug me and said their farewell.

Then I lay my eyes on Warren, hoping he would remember me.

Then he looked at me and smiled. But instead of hugging me he raised his right arm and did a hand sign. Index finger up, middle fingers down, pinky up, thumb in the standard rock 'n' roll salute.

He yelled at me "You rock." even the school gym is so crowded and noisy I heard him enough. I smiled and replied to him with a rock 'n' roll salute.

Warren is my only true friend in High school. And he is enough.

Now, I'm so excited for Tomorrow's Graduation Ball!

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