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I am called Kitten. I have been running from my ex-boyfriend who is the VP of the Phoenix. When he came home from a run his lying ass brother told him that I had cheated on him. He believed him. He let his brother rape, beat, and abuse me for months. Ryan let his brother brand my left shoulder blade with the phoenix and he laughed the whole time I screamed and cried from the pain. I managed to get away from them two years ago. I have been looking everywhere in Florida for my best friend Jim. He will protect me. I heard he was with the Wild Riders in Lakeland and I have been walking from far to bar looking for him. I don't know what I am going to do if I don't find him soon. I can't let the members of Ryan;s club find me. They almost caught me once two months ago. I have been walking in the rain for two hours now looking for Jim. I saw a biker bar and walked in. The woman at the bar asked what I wanted and I told her a bar. I kept looking around. She said honey you are safe in her. I looked at her and asked if she knew Jim from the Wild Rider MC. I told her he was a friend. I heard someone talking behind me. I looked over my shoulder and saw a man sitting at a table with long black hair to his waist. We made eye contact and I felt my self melt. I don't do that anymore. I am angry, I hate men and I don't trust any of them but Jim.

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Chapter 1: On The Run

I had been running for what seemed a long time. I am tired. I am in Florida looking for my best friend Jim. He will help me. He will protect me. I have looked in every bar I can find. I have been walking in the rain for almost two hours now. I saw a biker bar and sighed. I walked in and sat down at the bar. I noticed several men watching me. The woman at the bar asked "what I wanted. I told her a beer."

"I don’t know what you are running from honey but for now, you are safe in here. No one dares come in here and start shit. Especially with a woman."

I heard laughing and looked over my shoulder at the man. He had long black hair to his waist. I sucked in my breath. We looked at each other. I turned my head back to my beer knowing I can’t let another man get close to me again.

"I am looking for the Wild Rider MC."

" What do you want with them" she asked me.

"I looked at her and told her I was looking for my best friend and his name is Jim."

" Honey, he is not interested in women right now."

" It is not like that. I need to find him. Only Jim can keep me safe."

Just then the door opened and I looked over and saw him.

"Kitten" he said.

I ran to him and jumped into his arms wrapping my arms around him. I was shaking.

"Kitten what are you doing here?"

" You have to save me Jim. I can’t run anymore."

I had my arms wrapped around her holding her to me.

"Calm down Kitten. I have you now."

I looked over her shoulder at my president and friend Thunder. I saw anger in his eyes.

I walked over and sat in a chair holding Kitten.

"Tell me what is going on?"

" I told him everything."

I had not realized that his president heard every word I was saying.

"I’m tired, Jim. If you can’t protect me from them I decided to end it."

I lifted her face and looked into her eyes.

"What do you mean you decided to end it, Kitten?"

" I can’t let them catch me. I won’t go through that abuse or the rapes anymore. I will kill myself first."

"Kitten, who are you talking about?"

" My ex-boyfriend the VP of the Phoenix MC. His name is Kevin. He let his brother rape, beat, and brand me."

" What the hell are you saying, Kitten?"

I lowered my jacket and showed him my left shoulder.

"I am going to kill him. That son of a bitch had no right to do that to you. Jesus Kitten, you are soaking wet."

I looked her over I want her. Her green eyes and long blonde hair. Her tiny waist, her breasts large enough to hold in my hands. And short.

No more than five feet two inches tall. She is mine. Wait, no she isn’t. I can’t have a woman. She will make me too soft. I am a warrior, a fighter. I can’t have a woman that can be taken from me. I heard Him tell her to take her jacket off.

"Take that jacket off and give it to me."

I handed him my jacket and you could see the bruises and cuts on my arms. ” I looked from her arms to her shoulder and I gripped my hands into fists, someone had branded her, I am going to kill whoever did that to her, to my woman.”

“Fuck, Kitten, I said taking of my cut and wrapped it around her.”

I started to warm up and feel a little better.

"Do you have any clothes with you?"

" No, just what I have on."

I stood up and carried her toward the stairs. I carried her upstairs and when we got to my room I put her on her feet. I handed her one of my tee shirts and sweatpants. Then I grabbed a pair of socks.

"Go take a shower and come out here" I said.

After she showered and walked into the bedroom I sat her down and put the socks on her. I grabbed my brush and a small blanket and walked out of the room and back to our bar.

I walked over to a table and sat down with her on my lap with her back toward me. I started brushing her hair until it was untangled. I lay the brush on the table then lifted her and sat her on the chair.

"I will bring you something to eat stay here."

I sat in the chair until I saw a bowl of tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches sat in front of me. As Jim sat in a chair next to me he said "eat."

I ate everything.

"How long has it been since you got a good night’s sleep Kitten?"

" About six months. I can only sleep for a few hours before I have to move on hiding from them."

"You will sleep with me and I will chase the demons away" I said smiling down at her.

I looked over at Thunder and saw him watching us. I stood up and took Kitten’s hand. I walked us over to the VIP table and said,

“Kitten, this is our president, Thunder, Enforcer, Wind Rider, and our best friend, Mark.”

"Guy’s this is my childhood best friend, Kitten.” We grew together."

"I met Kitten through her older brother Jake."

That made them set up and take notice.

"You, are Jake’s sister?"

" Yes, the oldest. I can’t find Jake he disappeared. He told me if I could never find him to find Jim."

" So, that is what I did."

" Do you know my brother Jake?"

" We know Jake very well?"

“We know Jake very well, he is currently out of the state but expected back next week, Thunder said.”

I could not believe that Jake had such a beautiful sister or she was standing in front of me.

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