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Author's Note


Hello beautiful hoomans!

Hope you all are doing good!

Lemme give you a round off about the story you all are going to read.

First of all, this aint a cliche story to begin with. This story is based on some real life incidents and huge amount of real romance. No, not those 'You cry and I feel the pain', kind of romance.

Althea Bennett, is a girl with an ugly yet a complicated past. Not the ones you imagine. Its different, yet very ugly and complicated.

She would suffer a lot. She would face a lot of troubles and obstacles, probably in every chapters, because the name says it all, Karma. You'll know why she is given so many miseries.

She might not deal her problems the way you expect her to. She has her way of dealing with problems and I suggest you all to see what unfolds with patience, and dont get angry.

She will reveal the important parts of her past one by one. The ugly ones. The ones that matter.

But it will be about time that a certain someone would put a fullstop to all her- No..no...Im not saying anything more than that..

Zayne Sebastian Knight, would literally own the story, once his entry is made🔥

You'll know whats the connection between Althea and Zayne, but for that you need to read! And vote! And comment!

So, This story is based on three morals:

1) If one truely repents, he/she should be forgiven.

2) Everyone deserves a second chance

3) You play, you pay

So you can really see where this story is going. Its going to be a ride filled with tears, a pinch of humour, lots of romance and loads of drama! Yes sir!

This story will have mature languages and mature scenes, so I dont know about the age limits, if you all are not comfortable, then pass it..

Also some scenes will be really disturbing, and you'll know why..for example, you might've witnessed a very disturbing content in the prologue with the baby.

All those secrets will be revealed by time...have patience and do whats best, read😊

But I'll make sure, I'll post a warning on top of the chapter if theres anything to be warned about.

Once again, this story is based on some real incidents that I want to spread awareness about but the rest are for imaginary and fictional purposes.

I have chosen a most touching story line, and Im in love with what I have chosen. But, if this story doesnt get any recognition, I would stop it anytime, no hard feelings.

And do tell me if I should post a 'Cast & Crew'! Should I or not?🤔

Please please please like and let me know your thoughts.

Dont be a silent reader. Appreciate the things you like. So please make sure you like it.

Im a human. I may make mistakes. Dont judge but correct me if Im wrong anywhere. Corrections are whole heartedly welcome.

Suggest me the scenes. If you think the next scene could have an interesting turn, then please dont hesitate to inbox me your ideas. Suggestions are welcome!

Share the story if you like it!

Make sure you like and comment!

Spread love!

Love yourself!


"Mistakes can be forgiven, Sins are punished.."

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