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Chapter 2- Home Run

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1) Where are you from?

Me- Srilanka

*Althea's P.O.V*

Can someone please tell life, that I just woke up..

Like, give me a damn break to breath!

"Until next time, Althea..take care dear", Mr. Dawson said placing his hand on my shoulder making me force a tight smile at him with a nod, "Take care of yourself and Mrs. Dawson..and have a safe journey..", I softly wished them.

He sighed with a nod as he got inside the cab, disappearing into his next chapter of life.

My eyes followed the cab until it completely disappeared in thick air. Well another day, lost another good person..

I sighed and looked ahead, locking my eyes with the name of Karma, on the building infront of me.


It cant be them, right? It cant be him..

I mean, there are many with this surnames...

Everytime I look at that huge name plate, I cant ignore the painful heart acceleration. I noticed few men around the building but it was a relief to see no one familiar around. I mean, my morning was chaotic enough...

I sighed before taking one last look at the empty cafe I worked at and started walking towards my home, to see what I can do..


I gasped before fast walking towards my home which was now locked from the outside, "No..No..No..", I chanted as I pulled on the lock to see it was indeed locked.


"What the hell!", I muttered as I stared the door with frustration and disbelief. I noticed my things were packed in a single plastic bag and was kept outside making me cringe.

"Hey girl!",

I turned around and found my neighbour waving at me, with a sympathetic look on her face making me fist my hands in a ball.

Can I survive an hour without being at the other end of pity?!

"Your house owner wanted me to inform you that you can no longer stay there due to the pent up arrears. Your uhh things would be there and umm...Im sorry", she said making me close my eyes in embarrassment.

How many more humiliations should I face?

The fucking house owner had to go reasonate with random people about the cause of my kickout huh?..

I opened my eyes to face her pity filled face making me grit my teeth as I nodded at her, forcing a smile towards her way, looking down immediately unable to handle the embarrassment.

Where do I go?

What do I do?

I lost my job..

I lost my shelter..

I blinked back the tears, swallowing the lump in my throat, taking deep breathes to calm myself down.

I looked up at the sky with my tear filled eyes, "I hope you all know just how sorry I truely am..", I whispered imagining the people of my past in the clear clouds.

I bent down and picked up my "things" and hugged it closer to my chest as I went in the direction my legs carried me to.


By the late evening, I found myself sitting at the rocks, hugging me knees loosely, watching the sun bidding farewell for the day. The water hitting the rocks, drenching my legs every now and then.

As I stared at the scenery infront of me, my head decided to take me on a trip to let me know what took me here..

I remembered all the times, I found myself sitting in these isolated areas, not having a place to stay. I remember finding houses with much difficulty and being kicked out of all those houses due to me not being able to pay the rents and bills. Will this cycle never end? Have I not paid enough?

// 6 years ago //

"Heyyyy!!!!! Look at this new lipstick I bought! Gurl the shade is so unique!", I squeeled a little bit as I was video chatting with my girl bestfriend of 7 years now, Chloe Matthews.

I just did some shopping and couldnt wait to share the stuffs I bought with her. I was grinning ear to ear as I unpacked all the dresses, shoes and make up thingys that I shopped.

"That better not be red, Thea...you have almost a drawer full of red lipsticks..", Chloe whined with a hint of warning in her voice making me grin sheepishly at her, before twisting open the lipstick and showing her the color, "Well...ta-da!", I giggled as she groaned looking at the blood red lipstick in my hand.

"Come on...red fits me!", I argued jokingly and she rolled her eyes, "Doesnt mean you cant try other shades!", well, she had a point.

"Right, I can..but I want red and what I say goes!", I shut her up not wanting to argue over the lipstick shades I pick for myself.


A knock on my door interrupted whatever Chloe was going to say making me huff before looking at the door to see, Ariana, my 17 year old younger and only sister poking her head in, "What?!", I snapped already annoyed by her presence inside my room.

"Uhm...mom called you for lunch", she said silently adjusting her nerdy glasses making me sigh with a nod, "I'll be there..", I said and turned to look at Chloe who was looking at me, awaiting to continue our chat.

I noticed Ariana still standing making me stare at her, "Leave! What are you waiting for?!", I raised my voice annoyed at her and she flinched, "umm..no, Im sorry..", with that she left, making me roll my eyes.

"Sorry 'bout that..umm..I guess I'll see you tonight?", I asked with a grin and she winked, "Tonight then!", with that we hang up.

I stretched and stared at my shopping bags with love. Cant wait to rock them tonight..

Tonight would be our pre-graduation party organized by all the seniors. And this shopping, was for me to stand out as I always do..

I walked out of the room and climbed downstairs to reach dining table where my mom, dad, Ariana and, "You've got to be kidding me...", I muttered-out loud perhaps- since they all lifted their heads up to look at my direction.

There she was...The nerd of the decade. Trinity Evans. Who happens to be my mom's friend's daughter. Since my mom was the born challanger to Mother Teresa, allowed her to stay with us since her mom was a full-time nurse in Florida and was worried about her baby girl. She is also a senior which means she goes to college with me. Courtesy of mom.

She is a nerd. An annoying bloody nerd! Who my parents religiously adores because of the way she is. I hate it! Ever since she stepped in here, she has been stealing all my parental attention towards her!

"Not now, Thea..", my dad warned making me gape at him. Did he just defend a nobody against his own daughter?!

I noticed Trinity sitting on the chair that I used to sit. Next to dad.

"Trinity, move to the other chair. That place is m-",

"Come on Thea..what are you? Five? She is already eating..be a big girl and take another seat..", it was Mother Teresa's replica, herself.

Disbelief was written clearly on my face.

"Umm..its okay Mrs. Benn-"

"Trinity, I told you to call me Jane..and no, you sit there..", she spoke to her with authority in her voice.

I'd be lying if I said I was not hurt. But the anger that was bubbling inside me was kinda dominating the hurt I was feeling.

I glared at Trinity while she looked down, avoiding me. Fucking vixen!

I looked at Dad, talking to Ariana while eating as mom served.

"Im not hungry", I said before walking away from there.

"Thea! Thea darling, come on!"


I ignored their calls as I stomped upstairs and straight into Trinity's room. The room looked like her. Neat and nerdy. Annoying!

I was heaving in anger as I recalled the embarrasment I faced at the dining area. How easily did that nerdy bitch replaced me! Me!

"I'll show you today..", I muttered as I opened her wardrobe and threw all her nerdy clothes out. I looked for a scissor and grabbed one before cutting all her dresses in all the way I preferred.

"You think you can take my place", I chuckled as I stared at her shredded up dresses laying on the floor with a smirk. I threw the torn dresses back in the wardrobe and closed it.

I imagined her reaction and ler out a soft laugh before walking out of her room, and straight to mine not before calling Anne, our servant, "Anne, bring the lunch to my room", I ordered and she nodded, "Yes Althea..", she sad slowly making my steps come to a hault.

I turned around to face her with my eyes narrowed, "What-What did you just say?", I asked pointing to my ears indicating that I didnt hear her properly.


"This better be the last damn time you pronounce my name from your mouth, you hear me?..Call me Madam! Am I clear?", I seethed and she quickly nodded, "Y-Yes madam", I glared at her before walking into my room.

Wonder who gave her the rights to call me by my name....probably mom.


As I walked by Trinity's room, my steps faltered as I heard soft sobs coming from her room. I raised my eyebrows as I peeked at her room through the creak of the door and saw her on the floor holding her torn clothes, sobbing silently making me smile wide.

I walked inside her room and her eyes fell on me. She looked at me with bloodshot eyes before standing up, "I-I know y-you did it", she said and I nodded proudly, "Thats right..I did and Im happy about it", I said with a smile as she wiped her tears, "A-Althea, d-do you know these were my o-only clothes, I dont even have money to buy some dresses..why-",

"Trinity oh Trinity..do I look like I care? Would I have done it of I cared? Please...the act you pulled earlier, sitting in my fucking chair, being the apple of my parent's eyes?! Huh? How do you think I fucking felt?!" I raised my voice, shooting daggers at her.

She nodded, "Im sorry..I-I didnt mean to, Althea, I swear..but you didnt have to do this..I-Im not even crying because you tore all my dresses..Im crying because-", she pulled a black long gown kinda thing which was torn to shreds, "..you see this? This was the gown my mom bought for me to wear to the graduation. She had to work day and night to get me this! She was so happy and proud when she bought me this! My mom had so many dreams to see me in th-",

"Bullshit!! How dare you raise your voice at me! Do you know who I am?! Im Althea fucking Bennett! I was not raised for a fucking nobody like you to talk like that to me! Trinity, listen to me this once! I dont care whatever sob story you have with that graduation coat! But remember one thing! If you're staying here, then stay in your fucking limits! You step into my boundary and think you can steal things from me and own it then I'll make sure you pay! What I did today was just a mere thing of what I can do to you! If its so hard then why the hell dont you get the hell outta here?!", I was breathing hard by now ans noticed her paled face from my outburst. Take that!

"My house! My rules! Take it..or leave it..", I sneered at her before walking out of her room, proud that I put her where she belongs. Trash.

Now we get ready for tonight's party. Who knows if I could get lucky...

//End of Flashback//

No amount of forgiveness would bring me out of the sins I committed. Nothing could erase the ugly past of mine. I didnt realize the tears rolling down my eyes until I felt it drop on my hand. I immediately wiped it and stared ahead. I never apologized to Trinity. To her mom. To the loss I caused. I cant even imagine what she must've felt when she saw all her clothes being torn. Especially the hard earned graduation coat. I ruined it all. These memories are what makes me ready for life's punishments. I really want to survive so that I can pay.

"Althea?", I heard my name being called and I wiped my tears and stood up, turning around to see Mrs. Rose looking at me, concerned.

"Mrs. Rose, uhh Hi..", I greeted her trying to suppress the wavering of my voice.

"Honey, what are you doing out here? And..", her eyes fell on the plastic bag that sat beside me and then at me, "..what are- are you okay?", she asked walking closer to me and I looked down not knowing how to answer her. She placed her hand on my forearm as I looked down at the short stout, worried woman, "Is everything okay sweetie? I heard Mr. Dawson left the town..", she said and I nodded, "Ah yeah..he did..Th-The Knights had to purchase the land", I said gulping at the mention of my nightmare's name.

"Yeah I know..but what are you doing? Have you-have you been crying?", she asked her worried orbs running over my face reminding me of my mom as I gulped the lump forming in my throat, "Im er...Im okay", I lied through my teeth and she gave me a knowing look, "You dont expect me to believe that, do you?", she asked and I sighed closing my eyes, "I-I was looking for a place to stay-",

"In the sea?", she joked with a small smile making me chuckle, "I mean..since I couldn't, I had to come here. It was relaxing", I told her and she smiled, "I understand sweetie..how about you come with me and stay the night at my house?", she asked and I looked at her wide eyed. Im not dreaming am I? This cant be true. Its too good to be true.

"I-um..are you sure?", I asked and she scoffed, "Im not that dumb to leave a girl like you alone in the streets of hungry drunkards. So come on now..you look like you've been starving to death", she said and I smiled at her, "Thank you..Thank you so much Mrs. Rose. I cant believe-",

"Oh you can thank me all you want once we get home. Now we walk", she pushed me lightly making me chuckle as I grabbed my bag and started walking with her, "Do you want me to carry the bags?", I asked as I noticed her carrying two grocery bags in both her hands. She looked up at me, "Can you?", I nodded with a smile and took one bag since I had my bag with my dress.

"Tell me you would explain everything when we go home..", I heard her tell me and I looked away. I might not be able to tell her everything. I still nodded with a smile, "I will", I said and she smiled.

Despite the fact tht woman of her age love some hot gossips, I wouldnt blame her for knowing whom she bringing to her home.

"Where do you live?", I asked and she smiled at me, "Where I work", She replied making my head snap towards her, "In the library?", I asked and she chuckled nodding. I gave her a wierd look before continue walking. Better something than nothing right?

As we neared her library, my eyes fell straight to the building that was next to it. A shiver ran through my spine as I stared at the haunting huge name plate, "Althea?", someone shook me out of my trance and I looked at her, "Huh? Yeah?", I asked and she stared at me, "You look pale, are you alright?", she placed her hand on my forehead and I stepped back chuckling, "Im fine Mrs. Rose..its just the-the umm..climate", I told her and she smiled softly at me.

"Oh my god...where is my house?!", she exclaimed all of a sudden making me jump. I looked confused before looking ahead only for me to freeze on my spot.

"Hello?! My house?!", she called out. There was humor evident in her voice but I was looking at was very far away from joke. The bags on my hand slipped to the ground as I stared ahead, not bothering to breath..

What did she see? Or who?

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"Mistakes are forgiven, Sins are punished.."

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