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Chapter 3- "Who made this coffee?"

(AN- Its a long chapter with 5.5k words. So I'd recommend not to read it in a rush to avoid any confusions. Happy Reading❤)

What is your favourite holiday destination?

Me- Bora Bora

Recap- "Hello?! My house?!", she called out. There was humor evident in her voice but I was looking at was very far away from joke. The bags on my hand slipped to the ground as I stared ahead, not bothering to breath..

*Althea's P.O.V*

There were a lot of black limos parked infront of The Knights Industry, which is now completely constructed. People were arranging things. Everything was in a hustle and bustle there.

Does this mean he is in one of those limos? He-he is in there right?! He is going to see me!

"Althea!!", I snapped out of my trance, panting and trembling as my eyes fell on a worried Mrs. Rose who was holding me by my forearms.

"Are you okay?! You look pale!", she exclaimed, looking at me worried while I couldnt seem to control my breathing.

What if he sees me?! He will kill me! He- he will-!


"Althea! You! Just....", Mrs. Rose took the fallen bags and held my hand as she dragged me through the limos and into the bookshop while I was in a daze.

In a blur vision I saw her setting the bags on the cashier counter in a hurry as she came to me, "Sit down honey..", she made me sit down, "He will- He is- He-!", He is going to hate me so much! That he would even take my life away!

"Althea! Althea! Do you hear me?! Look at me! Look at me darling..oh god..", she panicked and I shakily looked at her, taking painful breathes.

"Thats right..take deep breaths, my darling..do it with me..come on.."

"I- He.."

"Deep breath Althea..", she inhaled and I held her. I looked at her and tried to inhale, "Thaaaats right...come on..", she guided me and I went along with her and finally managed to calm myself down...a little bit.

"Oh my god...", I muttered clutching my head as my breathings went back to normal. I went through all that just.....by the thought of him. What would happen is I see him?

Would life do him a favor and take my life?

"Are you okay?", I heard Mrs. Rose's worried voice and I sighed. I almost forgot her. I just gave her a heart attack. In return of giving me a shelter.


"I...Im fine Mrs. Rose..Im so sorry I gave you a fright..its ju-",

"You did give me a good fright little lady. But theres nothing you should apologize for..are you feeling better now?", she asked and I looked at her. Why is she so concerned?

"I-Yea..Thank you", I told her with a soft smile and she caressed my hair with a warm smile on her face, creating a scary feeling in my stomach.

Nobody ever showed me this much of affection..

"Let me go grab the bags, you collect yourself yeah?", she said and I nodded at her, smiling gratefully.

I looked around the bookshop and noticed that it was much classier and a warm place. The place was not ritzy but surely peaceful. I noticed there were coffee maker, apron, plastic cups and etc. reminding me of Mr. Dawson's cafe, "You have a cafe too?", I asked and she smiled, "Yep..it gives me profit..besides, its such a beautiful feeling to serve people coffee when they come here to read books. Its just perfect you know?", she asked and I was smiling listening to her. How nice can people be?

Reading a book in such a beautiful place with coffee served right along with it. Must be heaven.

It would be lovely to work here..no?

Is it too soon to ask her for work?

Am I crossing the line?

But I just literally stepped in! Maybe later..

"Thats really nice umm...", I stood up and eyed the place. There were lot of round tables and chairs, "I'll sleep on the floor then..My dress bag would be more than enough as a pillow for me and its hot so I wouldnt need a blan-",

Her contagious laughter interrupted my talking making me turn to look at her puzzled, "You silly girl..", she was laughing like crazy. What even happened?

I looked around the place cautiously. The last thing I need in life is to find myself in a haunted bookshop..

"You..you really thought I live here..", her laugh dimmed down but still there, "umm..", I was confused by her statement, "Then where do you-",

"Come with me, silly..", she said still chuckling and I noticed her struggling to carry all the bags and I took them from her, throwing her a smile as I followed her like a lost puppy.

She went somewhere inside the library and found a staircase, leading downstairs and I raised my eyebrows in realization. She gave me a smile and hit my forearm at my stupidness making me shrug my shoulders awkwardly. I followed her downstairs and there were like 15 steps and a small passage way, then came a door.

She took the keys and unlocked the door, revealing a simple yet a compact home. Nothing luxurious but you could call it a home by its welcoming look.

"Oh theres nothing to gawk about..come on in..", she chuckled and I shook my head, stepping in, eyeing the place. Very. Very. VERY simple but man, so warm.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and I looked at Mrs. Rose, "Make yourself at home, honey..", she said and I shook my head, "Mrs. Rose..I- Thank you s-",

"Woah..umm...I didnt know we had guests coming.......",

We both looked to the side to see a girl of my age leaning by the kitchen doorway, wearing a t-shirt and a pyjama, arms crossed, looking at us uninterested. Or me.

"Our unexpected guest. Althea, meet Samantha, my only daughter..Samantha, meet Al-",

"Oh I know she worked at Dawson's..", she said rolling her eyes as she walked back into the kitchen.

Wow umm...that was nice.

"Samantha!", Mrs. Rose scolded her but she was nowhere in sight making her sigh as she turned to an awkward me, "Im sorry Althea..she is just in her bitter phase..its normal", she said looking at me with disappointment.

I shook my head, smiling at her, "Its okay Mrs. Rose..nothing Im not used to. But thank you, for letting me stay the night her-",

"You can stay here until you find a place..", she said and I gaped at her. Is she for real?! Is this for real?!

"Are you- are you serious?", I asked not believing the happenings and she chuckled, "Yes...yes you can", she said and I dropped the bag and hugged her taking her by surprise, "Thank you thank you thank you so much!", a tear rolled down my eyes in happiness and astonishment. After all these years of sorrow, I finally got a place to stay. To think of all the times I went through hell finding places and sleeping on benches and pavements, I finally got a place to stay!

She hugged me back laughing, "Its nothing silly..and can I get my access to oxygen please?", she said and I pulled away wiping my tears, chuckling, "Im sorry..", I said and she patted my forearm.

Forearm, because that was the easy access from her height.

"Its nothing..I-",

We both looked aside as we saw Samantha walking out of the kitchen and going into another room, "Sam, baby, where are you going?", Mrs. Rose asked.

"To sleep", she didnt even stop walking or turn around before she got inside her room and slammed the door shut making me flinch.

Lovely girl she is.

Mrs. Rose sighed and I looked at her, "I can leave-",

"No Althea..I- its actually normal..", a sad smile escaped her lips as she looked down, "Come, I'll show you your room..", she said leading me forward and she opened the door of a room which was right infront of Samantha's.

She is going to love this and hug her mom for this.

Hope she doesnt hug her mom too tight though..poor lady wont be able to handle the love..

The room had a bed. Obviously.

A wardrobe to keep dresses. A dressing table with a mirror.



I get to see myself!!!

Hold it in, Thea. Dont want her kick you out, do you?

I contained my happiness and continued looking through it. No attatched bathroom. No Im not complaining.

A window.

And thats pretty much it. For a girl who slept on streets, this is too much to ask for.

"The bathroom is there..incase you wondered..", she pointed at the end of the hall and sure enough there was a door.

"Get freshened up and join me for dinner yeah?", she asked smiling and I nodded at her, "You came to me like a fairy god mother, Mrs. Rose. I cant thank you enough for this. I owe you..", I told her from the bottom of my heart and she aww'ed before, "Oh stop it now..", she chuckled it off, "I'll set the table", she said and I nodded at her and before she could leave, I held her hand and she looked at me questioningly, "Can I um..ask you something?", I asked a little- okay, super nervously and she nodded..

"Um..I dont know if its right for me to ask this but um.."

"Come on..",

"Umm..c-can I work for you?", I asked as slowly as possible, shrinking my shoulders in an attempt to look cute.


She looked taken aback a little, "I dont need even a buck of salary..I'll help you with the bookshop and cafe..I'll clean the house, cook food for you and Samantha, do the dishes, do the laundry..just! Just..all I ask for is a place to stay..c-can I?", I asked and looked at her waiting for her to slap me. I crossed the limits. I know. I shouldn't've done that. Im gonna be kicked out sooner than I though-

"W-would you- really?", She asked surprised and I blinked not knowing what to do. Should I nod or just shake my head, laughing pretending like I cracked a bad joke.

"You would help me with the bookshop?", she asked and I hesitantly nodded not knowing how she'd react, "Althea..I-Thank you..you have no idea how many times I begged Samantha to help me with the bookshop and being unable to pay salaries, many refused to work with me...I-are you sure?", she asked smiling widely and I nodded at her, "I am more than sure Mrs. Rose, I'll do all your works and-and I dont need any salaries", her one hand caressed my cheek, "Thank you sweetness..thank you..", she said grinning widely and I grinned back t her until she left.

What a day....I couldnt stop smiling..

I walked in the room and opened the empty wardrobe and there was a LOT of space, "Too bad I just have two t-shirts for you..", I chuckled and threw my t-shirts and jeans in, closing the door.

I stepped out of the room and walked straight into the bathroom, to call it a day. Hopefully I dont have any nightmares..I dont wanna scream and wake these people up.

♤ ♤ ♤

Next morning

*3rd Person P.o.v*

The Knights Industry was filled with employees admiring their new work space. People and vehicles arriving in a row, creating a busy town effortlessly.

Employees gathered into groups and gossiped about nothing and everything. A building with almost 50 floors meant countless amount of employees.

They were all smiles and happy to have their new work space. Greeting one another and exchanging wishes, they all expressed their happiness.

It all lasted for a good few minutes of their lifetime until a certain figure stepped through the open glass doors. Employees froze in their spots as their eyes fell on the person who stepped in.

A place which was filled with chatters, laughters and noise was now replaced with pin drop silence. Not even breathing could be heard.

They all looked down not wanting to be on the other end of the person's stare. Females almost swooned but held their ground knowing the consequences. Males shamelessly trembled.

Who stepped in? You may ask..

In stepped was the one and only, who signs all their pay cheques.

Their boss.

The CEO of THE KNIGHTS Industry.

.........Zayne Sebastian Knight.

He stood there in his manly glory, effortlessly claiming all the attention. Standing tall with his hands in his pocket, he eyed his new building. Nobody could predict what he was feeling. Was he happy? Was he satisfied? Was he angry? Nobody knew. They wouldnt dare test their luck asking him irrelevant questions.

His eyes took in each and every crevice of the floor. Starting from his employees' outfits and reactions to the micro organisms that sticked to the building. He made sure he notices them all.

He heard the silence, loud and clear. He liked it. He likes the silence. He likes the control and dominance he held without even uttering a hum. He liked the command his silence held.

Stood behind him was his four body guards and his younger brother, also the COO of THE KNIGHTS Industry, Nathaniel Emmanuel Knight, smiling brightly at the people infront of him. New employees quickly noted down the difference between both the brothers.

From the crowd of employees, a short man at his late 30s, wearing a professional suit, ran forward noticing the silence. Perry Miliston, the cordinator. Glaring at the employees and muttering curses at them he turned to Zayne Knight with a nervous smile, "G-Good morning Mr. Knight", he nodded at both the brothers, "Very good morning, Perry", replied Nathaniel while Zayne just nodded at him in acknowledgement.

Perry gave another glare at his employees signalling them to greet their boss and they all flinched in realization as they all greeted him, not forgetting to stutter.

Giving a final look at his building and employees, Zayne headed to the elevator. He was well awaree of the attention he was recieving and was quite ignorant to the stares he was recieving.

Work harder.

Spread the business.

Stomp the distraction.

Move forward.

Was his life motto. Work is everything to him. Thats what he lives for. Work.
He focuses more on the improvement of his already famous Fashion Industry that he doesnt bother to spare a second glance at the unnecessary doings like, attention, flirts, sex, females, commitments and mostly....love.

And he has his reasons for it..

He got to the top most floor, which he reserved for himself, his brother and both their assistants.

"Damn..Rodrigo did a great job", Nathan whistled earning a glare from his brother, making him raise his hands up in defense, "The whistle was unnecessary but you got to admit he did good", Nathan defended himself and Zayne nodded, "Not bad", he replied making Nathan roll his eyes at the well known response from his brother.

"Yea not bad..", he mimicked him that resulted with Zayne slapping the back of his younger brother's head, "Head on the project lil brother..", he informed with a light smirk as he unlocked his main office and stepped in while Nathan huffed and walked into his office which was next to Zayne's with a decent distance between both the offices.

It was a beginning of a new month and like expected he found the bills, all calculated and neatly typed in a report that laid on his desk. Thanks to Ms. Alveroz. He thought. He found it easier to thank people in his mind rather doing it verbally.

Rather being ignorant to the services done to him, atleast he is thankful. Thats what mattered to him.

Speaking of Ms. Alveroz. His assistant of 3 years now. A 26 year old young woman, engaged to her boyfriend of 2 years has been no less than any work horse for Zayne. She is super helpful and knows Zayne very well. His temper. His needs. The words his silence spoke. Though she is engaged. Though she claims she is in love with her boyfriend, she still drools at her boss everytime she could.

Im a full blooded woman! Was the excuse she uses in handy whenever she catches herself imagining herself with Zayne in all the nasty situations.

For the universe's sake, Zayne was responsible and matured enough to acknowledge his ethics and morals, that he is not too fond of involving himself in such troubles. Besides she knows very well that one wrong move and she'll be fired. If she pisses him off too much, she'll not only be fired but also be blacklisted. She cant afford that.

She always thinks theres more to why her boss avoid female interference in his life.

It can not only be his ethics. She thought.

Smart woman she is. Because there is indeed more to it.

She walked into her office, dressed in her usual way of tight clothings, trying to indirectly test her luck. Ignoring these flaws of her, she was a good employee. She knew what she does.

She looked at her watch and found out that in less than 5 minutes, Mr. Knight would drink his coffee.

She sighed before walking back into the elevator, going downstairs. He'll be pissed if he didnt get his precious coffee on time. She mentally grunted.

And working with a pissed Zayne meant hell.

She had less time in her hand. She cant go to any luxurious cafe since she doesnt know this town very well. Looking for a good place would only eat her time and perhaps, the day too.

So she decided to hop onto her last string of luck and walked into the only place she knew, would make the coffee and save the day for her.

The bookshop which was right next to the building...................

*Althea's P.o.v*

Yes, I didnt sleep for your kind information. I couldnt. No matter whatever the good things happen on my life. There are these few things that can never be erased. Things that will always haunt me till death.

So I got out of the bed a little early and freshened up. Cooked breakfast for myself, Mrs. Rose and well..her lovely daughter, Samantha.

Until they woke up, I cleaned their house. A chuckle escaped my lips as I remembered that 10 years ago, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine myself working as a servant for a poor family. Old Althea would've thrown a tantrum and done something to hurt Mrs. Rose and Samantha.

But this Althea, is more than grateful for what Mrs. Rose did to her. These little changes in my life would never go unnoticed by me.

Samantha was the first to step out of her room. She was startled to see me but calmed down once she remembered my face. Still her confusion was clear, "You're still here?", she spat and as if god knew my struggle to answer her, Mrs. Rose came out of her room, "She'll stay here from now on, darling..", she said and I noticed she was already dressed.

"What?!", Samantha shrilled and her Mom sighed while I stood there awkwardly. Again, old Althea would've broke her neck into two for using that tone with her.

You still would. My head sassed and I helplessly agreed with it. Some things can never be changed. But its Samantha. Mrs. Rose' daughter. I have to be calm and listen to her.

If it was some other brat, then the old Althea wont hesitate to step in. And thats beyond my control.

Samantha glared at me stomped into the kitchen, muttering curses. Probably at me.

"Dont mind her. She'll come around..",

"No I wont!", I heard Samantha holler from the kitchen and somehow it only made us chuckle.

"Ooooooh..you made breakfast", she sang and I smiled at her blushing at the indorect compliment.

"Thank you honey..Samantha! The breakfast is ready honey..!!", she called Samantha and looked at me, "She has gone to the kitchen to cook..she doesnt know you already made her day easier because she hates cooking", she said and I smiled, "Well, thats a good thing then..", I told her.

Samantha stomped outside the kitchen, "I know she cooked. But Im not a stupid to eat what a stranger cooked! I can make my own food..", she spat and turned to leave.

"But Samantha, I made breakfast for you too. It'll be rude to waste it..", I softly spoke to her and she turned to me with a glare, "So now you think its okay to order me around? And wait, did you call me by my name?", she took two steps closer to me, "Madam. Call me madam! You hear me?"

What more proofs do you need to know that Karma controls my life?

Deja vu strikes back at me.

Images of my tantrum with my servant played infront of my eyes, creating an ugly feeling in my stomach.

I caused it.

I caused it for myself.

"Samantha, its not nic-",

"I understood, m-madam", I softly agreed to her condition and saw Mrs. Rose give me the first look of sympathy of the day while Samantha had a smug smirk on her face.

"Now thats how we roll..", she said and took a seat and looked at me, "Why are you standing? Come on, serve me food", she said smugly and I fisted my hands into a ball counting 10-1, mentally, calming myself down. I dont want to do something stupid and let this golden chance slip out of my finger.

I got a place to stay and a place to work. I cant be an idiot and let the old Althea in and ruin it for me. She ruined enough..

I nodded and started serving the food for Samantha. I eyed the fork. How tempting it looks. It begs me to stab it it in Samantha's neck. I just closed my eyes and took a deep breath before continuing.

This, ladies and gentlemen is how Karma plays me..


Once breakfast drama was over, Samantha went to "god knows where" as her Mom quoted and that was still farther of my level of concern.

We found ourself in the bookshop as Mrs. Rose opened the doors and flipped the board from 'Closed' to 'Open'.

I arranged the books in order and neatly finding a strange peace of mind in doing so, "Having fun there?", I heard Mrs. Rose ask and I nodded grinning at her, "Oh you have no idea Mrs. Rose, Thank you", I wanted to thank her everytime I could. She deserved it. She took a huge burden off my shoulder by giving me a place to stay and work.

"Oh just call me Amanda", she said and I nodded at her, "Though I like Mrs. Rose better, Okay Amanda", I told her grinning and she laughed.

The day surprisingly was too good for me. And that only scared me. Whats in store for me?


I looked up to see lady probably of my age but dressed in a professional attire with a high bun stood at the doorway. She was tapping her high heeled foot impatiently giving the message that she was in a hurry.

"Hi dear..come in, how can I help you?", Mrs. R- I mean Amanda asked her and she stepped in, "Uhm..Can I get a coffee real quick please..please", Right, she was in a hurry.

"Yeah sure hun..Althea? Can you take this order?", Amanda aksed and I nodded smiling, "I will", I said and moved forward and wore the apron before proceeding to make the coffee as the lady and Amanda fell into a conversation, that I couldnt help but eavesdrop.

Amanda- "I havent seen you around..you're new here or..?"

Lady- "Yeah..just moved in last week for the Industry's sake you know.."

Amanda- "Oh you work here?"

Lady- "Yeah..been working for them since 3 years, pressure has been no less, but it pays me well"

Amanda- "Well I guess thats all that matters huh? Im glad you're next door..we can meet often.."

They shared a laugh..

Lady- "I hope we can..I cant trust my boss on that though..he is such a strict person..ugrr.."

Amanda- "oh its a he.."

Lady- "Yeah..Zayne..Zayne Knight..He-",


Amanda- "Althea!"

Lady-"Oh my god! Are you okay?"

I stood there frozen at the words that came out of her mouth. All I know is that the cup and the spoon which was on my hand slipped from my fingers. He- He is here! So my doubts were right! He is here!

Z-Zayne is here!

Oh my god!

Suddenly someone shook me, "Althea!", I snapped out of my trance and saw Amanda looking at me panicked, "Are you okay? What happened?", she asked and I gulped as my eyes moved to look at the lady who stood there shocked.

"Z-Zayne Seb-Sebastian Knight?", my voice cracked and it bately came out and she nodded, "Yes..he-he is my boss..are you okay?", she asked and it took everything in me to stop myself from breaking down on the floor and bawl my eyes out.

He is here..

He is just next door..

"Althea?", Amanda called me softly and she stared at me with sympathy. Why?

A drop of a tear fell on my hand and I realized I was crying. I quickly wiped my tears, sniffling, "I-Its nothing..Im-Im fine..Im fine..let me-let me make your coffee", I said forcing a smile at Amanda and gently moved her from my way.

Tears clouded up my vision again at the thought of me making coffee for him.

Im actually making coffee for him!

I bit my lips to prevent the cries that threatened to escape my throat. Thank god I had my back turned to the two curious woman. I wouldnt be able to answer any of their questions.

I know how he like his coffee. Black. No sugar. With little bit of milk cream.

I sniffled. I couldnt stop thinking about him. Im making coffee for him!

Once done, I took a deep breath and blinked back the tears, making a normal face as I turned around with the coffee in my hand.

I walked to the lady, "Excuse me?", she turned around and looked at me holding the coffee, "Oh..I forgot to mention how he likes his coffee he likes it Bla-"

"Black and no sugar. Here you go", I cut her off and mentally hissed as I realized what I did. This lady looked like I stole her kidney while Amanda stared at me confused.

"H-How do you know?", she asked still shocked and I gulped.

"I umm...I actually er..worked in a similar place as an assistant and I just did a lucky guess..l-looks like its right", a lame excuse of a chuckle escaped my lips and she looked at me amazed.

"Wow! Your guess was right!", she exclaimed and I forced a smile at her.

Yeah yaaay bravo me...

She took the cup from me and smiled at me, "Im already late. I better get going. Dont want my head eaten early in the morning", she chuckled and I smiled at her, "And er..Im sorry for um...what happened earlier..I'll make sure it wont happen again", I told her genuinely sorry for delaying her order and she smiled at me, "I'll forgive you if I survive..", she joked making me smile.

"But oh! I'll be here every morning. It'll be nice if you could prepare the coffee by 8:00am. So that it'll be easier for the both of us. Remember, black and no sugar. He likes it that way", she said and bid good bye to me and Amanda as she scurried out.

"Such a lovely girl right?", Amanda asked and I nodded sighing, "She is..", I replied.

"..Remember black and no sugar. He likes it thay way.."

Her words played in my head. Wait...

No milk?

Oh no..oh no!

"Althea, are you okay? And please dont say your fine coz clearly your not..", Amanda said and I looked at her, "I-Its honestly nothing Amanda..Im fine..really", I told her smiling and she gave me a look that said 'I know your not', I just smiled and walked away to arrange the books before marking the daily coffee order of....Mr. Knight.


*Zayne's P.O.V*

"You're 7 whole minutes late, Ms. Alveroz!", I snapped at the trembling lady infront of me who was holding my coffee.

I hate it when people are late. When will they learn to value time?!

"I-Im sorry M-",

"Sorry doesnt cut it! Sorry cannot be an excuse to do anything you want! Everyone are always sorry for something that they can do nothing about!", I barked at her as she was on the verge of crying. Great. The last thing I needed was to deal with a wimp for another 7 minutes!

"I-It wont h-happen again..I-Im really sorry Mr. K-.."

"Place the coffee here and look through the mails real quick! I cant waste another second with meaningless apologies!", I scolded her before taking a seat on my chair as she scrambled forward and set the coffee before taking the seat infront of me and opened her laptop.

I took the cup and the smell itself was enough to calm my nerves and ease my mood. That is the main reason why I drink coffees in the morning.

I took a sip of the coffee and as the liquid touched my tongue, my taste buds woke up at the explosion of the coffee with the right amount of mil-

Wait a minute..


In my coffee..

Its been a long good while since I drank coffee with milk in it. And I dont owe anyone an explaination for it! I was fine with the daily coffee I had! Milk on the coffee was not my problem. Its the perfect amount of it. The amount in which I liked it. I hate it now! I hate this taste!

I stared at the cup of coffee in disbelief. No way. No. Way!

Anger boiled deep in my system, as hot as lava. It churned within, hungry for destruction, and I know it's too much for me to handle. The pressure of this raging sea of anger would force me to say things I do not mean, or to express thoughts I've suppressed for years.

I swallowed that anger when it was a fire-seed and forgot to drink something cool, and so it grew in my belly until it came out as hot as any dragon has ever flamed... on the person I.... I'll never forget her eyes, how that fire burnt me to ash. Never.

When the final mento had been added to the coke inside of me I exploded with anger and threw the cup of coffee on the floor, watching the coffee splatter and the cup to shatter. I heard a squeel and from my peripherical vision I saw Ms. Alveroz standing, hand on her chest staring the shattered cup with horror.

I slowly stood up feeling my self tremble with the fury I felt. I slammed my fist on the desk allowing a few things to fall on the ground while she gasped in fright as she looked at me as if I was a creature worser than a ghost.

That..I am.

*3rd Person P.O.V*

White knuckles from clenching his fist too hard, and gritted teeth from effort to remain silent, his masculine form exuded an animosity that was like acid - burning, slicing, potent. His face was red with suppressed rage.

He moved his eyes to the trembling woman infront of him who was on the verge of death.

She watched as the whites in his eyes turned a pure black, and as his iris glowered teal. Symbols, lines and dots formed in the iris, placed in a sort of manner. His lethal stare felt painful and piercing, as if his glare was tearing her apart with a blinding teal light. His stare itself was punishing. Nobody wants to be at the other end of his hard stare.

Gathering every angry cell in him, he took his voice out that came more scarier than of a lion's growl,

"Who...made this coffee?"

Aaaaaand the story officially begins💃🌈

They indirectly met each other!

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"Mistakes are forgiven..Sins are punished.."

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