Maid For Him

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Chapter 12

The stood laughing hysterically as the elevator road them back up to their suite. Two other couples entered the elevator and congratulated them. But they paid them little attention.

” Cella and Gianna are going to be pissed.” Angelo laughed grabbing the rail trying to get some control of his laughter. “I bet they picked the church and the priest..” Francesca laughed out loud. “The flowers, the cake and a gown.”

“Wait to they here that Elvis officiated. “Angelo laughed

“When should we tell them...” Francesca asked.

“After, the baby is born!” They said in unison. Still laughing.

The elevator stopped at their floor. Angelo pulled her into his arms for a quick kiss. Taking her hand he led her down the hall to their room. Arriving at their door he opened and stopped her from walking in.” We’re going to do this right.” He lifted up in his arms. Francesca wrapped her arms around his neck as he carried her over the threshold kicking the door closed. Leaning in to the crock of his neck she kissed him. He moaned with pleasure, as he carried her through the suite to the bed room, carefully placing her on her feet facing him. Slowly he reached behind her unzipping her gown, then watching as it slid to the floor. Angelo felt speechless looking at his sexy wife as she stood before him in a white lace bra that barley contained her full breast and flimsy panties and high white heels that showed off her long shapely legs a blue garter encircled her thigh. “Is that for me to remove?” Angelo asked .She didn’t say a word just backing up until she reached the bed. Sitting down she opened her legs wide and motioned with her finger for him to come. God he wanted his wife in fact he was already hard with his need for her, she had changed his whole world. Now she belonged to him for life. Removing his jacket, tie and shirt he did exactly as she wanted. Kneeling in front of her he slowly trailed kiss up on thigh than the next. Until he reached the garter and pulled it off with his teeth. His wife moaned with pleasure. Spreading her legs wider he took full control of what she offered as he pushed the lace panties to the side kissing her most intimate spot.

“Angelo, please!” Francesca arched up gripping the sheets, she could not contain the yell of ecstasy that took over her as he pleasured her with his tongue and lips and fingers. And when he joined their bodies she couldn’t not help but rejoice in the feel of him inside of her lifting from the bed he held her in his arms as his powerful thrust took them both over the edge. Now as she lay across his chest his arms wrapped tightly around she listened to his light breathing as she drifted to sleep she laughed to herself.. She was now Mrs. Angelo Binochi lock stock and barrel . Cella’s daughter in law.

The ring of her cell phone brought Francesca out of her slumber as she pick up for her mother. ”Hey mom, what’s up”

“Where are you Francesca?”

“I’m in bed.”

“Ok but where are you in bed? “Francesca sat up trying to think of an answer...She hated lying since the last incident and her mother and this crazy fish thing.

“I’m in Nevada mom.”

“Who’s on the phone babe?” Angelo asked.

“Is that Angelo Francesca?”

“Ahhhh. Yes”

“So you’re in Nevada in bed with Angelo?”


“I thought Angelo was in California?”

“We meet up to take a little break.” That wasn’t exactly a lie

“I guess that explains it?”

“Explains what mom?”

“Bobbie keeps yelling Viva Las Vegas.”

Francesca dropped her phone trying to remain cool. “What? Who?”

“Are you alright French?” Angelo pulled her close.

“Bobbie, Francesca.”

“Oh, your fish.”

“You haven’t come across any Elvis impersonators there have you?”

“Actually I have earlier today as a matter of fact, he put on quite a show.”

“Then that explains it, I was going crazy trying to figure out what Bobbie was saying.’ Gianna let out a sigh of relief. “Thank god, I didn’t know what to think. Anyway it’s good that you and Angelo are doing better.”

“Where doing real good mom.”

“I’m happy to hear that by the way your grandmother is coming to stay for a while.

“That’s great.”

“She’ll probably stay until the baby is born. Of course your father is having a fit but he’ll get over it.”

“You’re going to have your hands full with the two of them.”

“Anyway enjoy trip and give Angelo kiss for me.”

Francesca took a deep breath lying back down after hanging up, that was a close call.

“What did your mom want? “Angelo asked.

“We almost got busted by that damn fish she dreams about.”

Angelo laughed pulling her close.” Bobbie strikes again.”

“Don’t laugh he’s been on point so far.”

Girl Talk

Francesca sat packing the last of her dishes in boxes for the Salvation Army, everything was going to charity. She and Angelo had decided to buy everything new for their new home. There new beginning.

The knock on her door brought her out of her reverie. She answered.

“French you look great. OMG you’re glowing…You and Angelo are fucking.” Lala shouted as she came through the door.

“Why can’t I just be happy, why do I have to be fucking.”

“Damn it girl, because that glow says I’ve been fucked really good. I need some of what you got. That trip did wonders for you. Don’t deny it I know it you’re lying.”

“I actually meet Angelo in Vegas and we spent the weekend together.”

“You and Angelo had a secret rendezvous. Tell! Tell!”

“There is really nothing to tell we just had fun and relaxed.” Francesca hated lying to La.

Girl that must have been some incredible fun judging by that glow your radiating.”

“Am I really glowing like that?”

“Yes, if you were the sun, I would be blind.”

Lala came over and hugged her. “That’s so beautiful, French I’m so happy for you.”

Francesca began to cry sorry that she couldn’t tell her best friend the truth.

“What’s wrong French?”

“I’m just so happy.”

“Girl you deserve it.” Lala hugged her. “I’m just wondering how you’re going to manage a house a new baby and the business. You’re going to be like juggling so much.

“My mom’s going to be taking over for a while and I’ll be setting up an office in the new house. That way I’ll be able to work and manage the house.” Francesca smiled hoping it would be as easy said as done.

“We’ll I take my hat off to you but what is Angelo going to be doing while your managing the house, the baby and your business?” Lala sat down crossing her legs waiting for her answer.

“He’s passing some of his responsibilities over to Rob and he has two days that he’ll work from home.”

“Ok you two have a plan at least. Let’s just hope it works.”

“Why wouldn’t it work?”

“Because all the best laid plans go astray. Darling.” Lala smiled. Giving her anything possible look.

“Keep hope alive and hope that we don’t have any surprises in store.” Francesca crossed her fingers.

Two days later Francesca sat in the office of her obstetrician Dr. Yhi. Lala with her holding her hand Angelo had an emergency meeting with a client and asked Lala to go with in his place.

“Dr Yhi how could this happen?”

“Well the sperm fertilized the egg and then it happened to break off in your case three more times.”

“So I’m having triplets?”

“No you’re having quadruplets.”

“I don’t think I quite understand what you’re saying.” Francesca was trying to process the quadruplet thing.

“It means you having four babies French not one, not even two. Four. “Lala shouted. Holding up four fingers. “I told about the best laid plans didn’t I?”

Guy Talk.

Man your just too damn happy for me, I can’t take it.”Rob said looking at Angelo.

Angelo smiled walking pass into his office. “You know me walking on sunshine.”

Angelo circled his desk as Rob followed.

“So you meet some hot beach babe in Cali or what?”


“Don’t tell me you got with Chelsea out there.”

“Hell no that’s done and over.”

“I hope so, you took that one pretty hard.”

“Oh believe me when I say it wasn’t Chelsea.”

“OMG it was French… she has that ass smiling ear to ear.”

“You could say it was a magnificent weekend.”

“Damn Player was it like that?”

“Yeah it was. “Angelo smiled knowingly.

“Your ass is disgusting in love.”

“Me in love..”

“Dumb ass you can’t tell.”

“I guess I’m.” He felt as if someone had just punched him in the gut as he sat down in his chair.

“I’m in love with Francesca.” He said out loud.

“I know you are and it’s sickening.” Rob sat. “So did you tell her yet?”



“Because, I just realized it myself.”

Fish Talk

Gianna turned over in her bed; in a deep sleep…Slowly she began drifting into her dream world.

“Hello Gianna the fish said popping up from the water on to the dock walking over to sit next to her.

“Hello Bobbie.” She greeted.

“Gianna, we need to talk.”

“About what?”

“Francesca of course. She has a secret.”

“A secret, do you know what it is?”

“Gianna, it’s not my secret to tell.”

“So if it’s not yours to tell why mention it.”

“Because, this is what I do. Gianna, your little girl is on the brink of happiness but she has to have faith Gianna.”

“Faith in what?”

“In love, Gianna, in Angelo.”


“Gianna, I have to get back in the water but there is some good news and some bad I have to tell you.”

“What is it?”

“First the bad news, Sal is tossing them salads and he’s been to Pat’s steaks every day this week. Now the good news you’re going to have a lot of grandchildren.”

Gianna smiled at that news as she watched Bobbie jump back into the water. Getting up she turned to walk away.

“Oh Gianna.’

“Yes?” She turned looking down into the water shocked to see Bobbie holding a guitar with his fins as he sang. “I say four is the magic number, I say four is the magic number.”

Gianna was going to ask him what it meant when she felt a push from behind as she fell forward towards the water.

Waking up suddenly she sat up and turned to Sal nudging him to wake up.

“What Gianna, not that fish again.”

“Bobbie said you’ve been throwing you salads away and eating Pat steaks. Is it true Sal? ”

“That damn fish. He’s a freaking snitch.”

Lala sat at the kitchen table watching as Francesca dumped the linguini into the strainer.” So how are you going to tell him?”

Francesca turned from cooking looking at Lala. “Hell if I know. It’s going to freak him out. Damn it. It’s freaking me out. “Francesca looked at her growing belly. “ I have four babies growing in here.”

“It’s a shame he had that big meeting today or right now you both would be in shock.”

“I’m more than shocked …flabbergasted at how the hell this happened.”

“I believe you fucked..”

“Shut up Lauren. That’s why Rob is coming for dinner too.”

“Oh that’s just great. Now you tell me that womanizer is coming for dinner too.”

“It’s not like where trying to set you two up or anything.” Francesca gave her a cutting board and knife and then the romaine lettuce to cut.

“Oh that will never happen. Rob is just too…”

“I’m too what?” They both turned to see the subject of their conversation walking into the kitchen behind him Angelo smiling as he walked over to Francesca kissing her.

Rob smiled at Lala and winked. “You want me to kiss you like that La?”

“Uhggg. Never will you lips touch mine Deluca.” Lala pointed.

“You know you want me. Stop lying to yourself.”

“Ha. You’re crazy.” Lala stood looking him up and down. She did like him but she would never admit it to his womanizing ass. “It’s you who wants me. Robert.”

“You’re absolutely right.” Rob moved closer he enjoyed that he towered over her even with her four inch heels. He wanted pull her into his arms and kiss her pouty pink lips.

“Only in your dreams Robert. La said standing her ground as she smiled up into his gray eyes.

Rob leaned in close whispering in her ear. “I’m going to have you Lauren. I promise.”

“Ok you two let’s set the table so we can eat.” Francesca interrupted as she handed them each a bowl containing dinner. La eyes followed Rob as he winked and smiled at her as he walking toward the table.

“I know what I would enjoy having.” Rob said laughingly.

“I think it’s a little too hot in here.” Francesca stated. As everyone sat down to eat. They group ate and laughed through the meal. Once Rob and Lala left she knew it was time to tell Angelo the baby news.

Angelo pulled Francesca into his arms kissing her lips. “So now that where all alone again what do you want to do Mrs. Binochi?”

“Ahhh. We need to talk. There’s something I need to tell you.” Francesca to his hand leading over to her couch where they sat down.

“What wrong? The baby is it ok?”

“Yes the babies are ok.”

“What did you just say? I think I miss understood you.”

“Tell me what you heard Angelo.”


“That’s right babies.”

Angelo swallowed hard. “How many babies are we talking about? Two?

Francesca shook her head no. Watching as Angelo’s blue eyes took on a worried look.


“No, Angelo where having quadruplets.” Francesca watched the look of worry turn to panic as Angelo stood than sat back down.

“Are you alright you look sick.”

“No, I’m fine. I just need to have a drink.”

She went and got him a drink. He took the glass offered and swallowed it straight down.

“You don’t look like your caring four babies.”

She pulled out the ultra sound picture and pointed out each little one.

“Dr. Yhi said I should start picking up weight soon as they develop.”

“Four.” He smiled.


“What are we going to do with four babies French?”

“Love them and buy four of everything.”

“They never leave us alone.”

“Angelo they’ll be our children.”

“I’m not talking about the babies. I’m talking about our parents.”

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