Maid For Him

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Chapter 13

Angelo held tightly to Francesca as she slept. She had been sleep for hours. While sleep seemed to elude him as his mind wandered over the events of the day. First he couldn’t get the word love off his mind. He was in no doubt that he was in love with Francesca. It was unnerving that someone else realized before he himself did but it didn’t change the fact that his heart belonged to her. Now the question was how did she feel? Neither one of them had actually told the other how they felt. How had that happened? Now that he knew that he was in love he realized that from the first time he saw Francesca in his loft that it was more than physical attraction. That made him act crazy and stupid at times it was love. The big question was if Francesca was in love with him. He wanted and needed to her say it. As the morning sun began to rise Angelo stood by the window watching.

“Angelo did you get any sleep?” Angelo turned saw the worried frown on her face as she got up walking towards him. Her baby bump expanding his favorite shirt, the one he had first caught her wearing when he met her. Stretching out his arms he embraced her pulling her close kissing the top of her head.

“No, I had a lot on my mind.”

“Is it the babies?”

“It’s the babies, our parents and you.”


“Yes, you.”

Holding her hand he walked to the bed sitting down he motioned for her to sit on his lap. “Do you love me?” Angelo could not take his eyes away from her, holding his breath waiting for an answer. Surprise at his question Francesca placed her warm hands on face pulling him to her. “Yes Angelo, I love you. Now breathe you silly man.” She kissed him with all the passion she felt. “Do you love me?”

“Yes, I love you Francesca, more than life itself.” He knew his eyes were misty and he didn’t care. Francesca was actually crying. She did love him wanted to jump for joy. He was a husband about to become a father and his wife loved him.

Gianna had been riding around for the last twenty minutes looking for her mother. Annoyed and a little pissed off when she finally spotted her sitting on a bench talking to a pilot. Take it from Sophia Papizzi to be sitting down talking to a man while her daughter searched for her. ”Mother what are you doing? I’ve been searching for you in this hell hole for the last thirty minutes. “

Gianna watched her mother stand she was were a red form fitting dress and the thing was Sophia still had her curves do to an intense works outs with a trainer three times a week. Her mother refused to get old even her hair remained the same reddish brown of youth of course now it came from a bottle but only the hairdresser , her mother and god knew…and of course yours truly. “Gigi honey hello baby.” Her mother was on the prowl. And from the way the pilot was looking at her he found her attractive too.

“Hey, Sophia is this your sister? “He asked. Looking her up and down.

“No, I’m her daughter didn’t you hear me say mother?”

“I thought you said your sister was coming for you?”

Gianna laughed, her mother was trying to pass her off as a sister.” She got busy so I came instead. “Gianna put in watching her flirt with the pilot.

Her mother gave her a thank you look as she finished up her conversation getting his number they watched him walk away as the turned to head to the parking lot.

“Mother isn’t Steve a little young for you?” Gianna asked.

“I’m a cougar darling. What can I say, age isn’t nothing but a number.” Gianna turned to see her mother checking her makeup. “Now where is my nipote?”

“She’s working.”

“Why in the hell is she still working, she should be resting.”

“She won’t listen Ma, she has that Papizzi blood running through her veins. She won’t listen to me.”

“And what does this Angelo say?”

“He lets her have her way Ma.”

Sophia laughed. “Smart young man he knows not to argue with nipote. So when is the wedding?”

“Ask your nipote, she refused him.”

“So what does your fish say?”

“He talks in riddles.”

“You, my mother, and these damn psychic fish.” Sophia kissed her cross. “God bless her sole. I’m happy it passed over me.”

“Sometimes I wonder Ma.”


“If it really passed over you.”

“Oh shut up Gigi and tell me what your damn fish said.”

“That Francesca had to trust in Angelo and believe in his love.”

“That means there relationship is about to be put to a test an old flame is coming.”

“You think?”

“I know, why else would you have to trust in love?”

“Your right.” Gianna eyed her mother suspiciously. “You sure you don’t have a fish Ma?”

Sophia looked over at her daughter innocently. “If I had a psychic fish and I’m not saying that I do or don’t. I would never admit to it Gigi.”


“Gigi it isn’t normal to talk to fish in your sleep. Now take me to see my granddaughter.”

Francesca and Angelo where sitting in Francesca office having lunch when her mother arrived followed by her grandmother. “Nonna. Francesca stood waddling over to her grandmother for a hug. Her grandmother touched her protruding belly with both hands. “And this is only one Francesca?”

Sophia looked at her granddaughter with questioningly eyes.

“What Nonna?” Francesca was shocked. She looked at Angelo for assistance. Angelo came to her rescue instantly. “Hello Mrs. Papizzi.”

“You must be Angelo.” She said pulling him into a tight hug.


“Angelo you must call me Nonna too. You know Angelo you are very good looking man if I were a little younger.

“Ma.” Gianna shouted from the other room.

“I was just joking. Geez.” She smiled. “My great grandchildren are going to beautiful. You Angelo will have a lot of trouble with your girls and Francesca you sons we’ll break lots or hearts”

“Mom where there that come from.” Gianna walked into the room giving her mother a strange look.

“Gigi please can I enjoy my grandchildren without you intruding? “

“Yes you can.” Gianna left.

“So, Angelo and Francesca. Why are you two keeping secrets from your parents?” Sophia looked from one guilty face to the next.

“Nonna, what secrets are you talking about?”

“You two know.” She looked from one to the other.

Angelo stood “I think, it’s time for me to get back to work Francesca. Angelo turned giving Francesca a kiss. “You punk running out on me like this.” She whispered for his ears only.

“Sorry babe got to get back to the office.” Francesca watched her husband kiss her grandmother on the cheek. Turn and give her a slight wink. She in return, stuck out her tongue and gave him the finger quickly so her grandmother wouldn’t see.

“I’ll take care of that later baby.” He laughed as he left closing her in with her grandmother.

“Smart young man he knows when to exit. Now why are you two keeping secrets?”

“What are you taking about Nonna?”

“Francesca. Where should I start? With the four bambinos or your husband who just left?”

“How did you know Nonna?”

“That’s not important now. The thing is why you two are keeping secrets from your parents.”

“Nonna. You can’t tell. We going to let them know about the babies this weekend.”

“And what about being married.”

“After we have the babies.”


“Because they want to run our lives.”

“And you think that’s going to change once those little ones come? That’s when you will need them the most.”

“Nonna.. “

“Don’t nonna me. Francesca you two need to come clean.”

“Nonna you always say you don’t have a psychic fish. So how is it you know so much?”

“Asking me no questions, and I’ll tell you no lies.”

Angelo was greeted by Gloria his secretary as he came through the doors she followed him in his office to his desk.

“You have several messages from Ms. Grant and your meeting with Eric Sutter has been rescheduled. “

She handed him some files and left just as Rob entered.

“Chelsea‘s been calling me off the hook. Trying to reach you”

“I told her that it was over, she seems to be having a hard time believing it.”

“Did you ever mention to Francesca about her?”

“No why would I do that?”

“I think you should and soon.”

Just as Rob spoke his cell went off. He looked down at the number and answered.

“Why haven’t you been answering my calls?”

“Because the last time we spoke I told you that it was over.”

“Is it because you’re seeing someone?”


“Well that’s never stopped me before.”

“Chelsea it’s over between us it was over when I caught you in bed with Darwin.”

“That was a mistake, I told you I was sorry darling.”

“And I told you that it was over now good bye.” He clicked off.

Angelo looked over at Rob who had heard the whole conversation and shaking his head.

“I think you have a fatal attraction thing going on and you better let Francesca know sooner than later.”

Binochi House

Cella sat at her vanity applying her makeup looking over at her husband she noticed that he was fully dresses and watching television. “You think they decided to set a date?”

“I wouldn’t bet on it Cella, Francesca and Angelo are a new breed they don’t follow rules they make them.”

“I thought they would have gotten married by now with Francesca only having a couple of months lefty and truly I’ll be amazed if she last that long she looks like she’s going to deliver anytime.”

“Maybe she’s having more than one.”

Cella stopped applying her makeup. “OhMyGod Vinny maybe she is that would explain why she’s so big.”

“That could be the answer.” He nodded still watching the television.

“You know I got Father Anthony on alert.”


“I’m thinking where going to have to perform the wedding as she delivers.”

“Cella you never learn let the kids handle this.”

“Vinny, I got this.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of.” He mumbled.

Moretti House

“Gianna I really don’t want to go the house of sin.”

“Sal you are going. Francesca is our only daughter and she’s getting ready to present us with our first grandchild. So any feelings you’re harboring about Angelo get over it now.”

“I don’t understand these kids today. What’s wrong with marriage?”

“Sal, Francesca doesn’t want to get married.”

“Did you drop her Gianna?”


“Either you dropped her when she was a baby, or she has that crazy gene from your family.”

“Sal my family is not crazy.”

“Gianna you talk to a fucking fish in your sleep. And you’re saying that’s normal.”

“Sal the legacy of the Papizzi women.”

“If it’s a legacy then how did it miss Sophia?”

“I’m not sure that it missed mama, I think she’s lying.”

“You mean Sophia has a fish that’s she’s lying about all these years.”

“Where are you going?”

“To ask Sophia about her fish.”

“Sal. No.” Gianna watched a Sal stood walking out the bed room. She followed as he went down the hall the door opened before he could knocked.

“What do you want Salvatore?” Sal looked at Sophia shaking his head.”

“Your fish told you I was coming didn’t he?”

“Ask me no questions. I’ll tell you know lies”

“Angelo are you alright?” Angelo watch his wife waddled over to him she wore a pink dress that hung loosely over her baby bump and stopped just above her knees her feet were bare and her chocolate brown hair hung freely in soft curls she around her beautiful face. At that moment he knew she was his life without her he would be nothing. ” You have that faraway look, talk to me.” She placed her hands on either side of his face bring his lips to hers.

“It’s something I need to tell you.” He needed to get everything on the table he didn’t want anything to come between them.

“What?” She asked as the doorbell rang. She held his hand searching his blue eyes for an answer. He gave her a quick peck on the lips.

“It can wait lets deal with the parents first.”

Gianna looked around the room that had lilac walls and plush carpet beautifully furnished. It looked like a guess room. Walking around she opened the closet doors. No clothes were in here Francesca wasn’t sleeping here. That was for certain.

“So this is your room?” Francesca could tell when her mother was snooping for something what?


“And Angelo’s is at the other end.” Cella put in also Snooping.

“And I guess yours is the one connected to the nursery?” Sal looked at all the women.

“I don’t like it.” Sal looked directly at his little girl. “So he’ll be getting all the rest while you take care of the baby.”

“No daddy.”

“Well that’s what it looks like to me Francesca.”

“Daddy Please.”

Sal held up his hands in frustration. “Does anyone else see this but me?” He turned looking at Gianna, Cella and Sophia.

“Sal leave it alone, they’re grown.” Gianna kissed him.

“Whatever he kissed Francesca on the forehead.” The house is beautiful I’m going down stairs with the men. Like Vinny said.”

“He’ll be ok.” Gianna said. “Now let’s see the nursery.” Francesca led them through the door that opened into the nursery.

Gianna followed her daughter and instantly loved the room that was painted in a soft yellow there were four cribs why? She gripped Francesca’s arm turning her, looking at her protruding belly. “Four?” Cella screamed from the door.

“Yes, mama four.”

Cella and Gianna grabbed her in a group hug.

“Back up you two, now you know give her room.” Sophia said. Looking at Cella and Gianna’s tear streaked faces. “Nipote you cannot be working and you must stay off your feet. It’s not one but four and you will need all you strength to deliver. Francesca looked at the group of women who were literally going to drive her crazy and began to cry.

“Son, this is a nice house. It’s pretty big for two people and a baby but nice.”

“You think?” Angelo looked around. “Francesca loves it.”

“So you two are planning to fill it? Vinny took a swig of his drink looking at his son.

Angelo looked at his dad and smiled. ”I am going to try.”

“Hey you two what’s going on?” Sal walked into the den. Looking from Angelo to his father.

“Did I interrupt something?”

“No I was just saying to Angelo this is a big house.”

“Yeah it is and I hope you don’t plan on having my unmarried daughter pregnant more than once.”

Angelo did not feel like Sal sarcasm but he was not going to sit and take his shit. “Mr. Moretti if I and Francesca decided to fill the house with twelve children. They will all be your grandchildren regardless whether were married or not.” Angelo finished off his drink and left the room.

Vinny wanted to laugh but instead he poured Sal a drink. “Kids what’s a parent to do?” Sal took the glass

Angelo heard Francesca crying down the hall he entered the nursery” What’s wrong French? “He pulled her away from the women in to his arms? He looked angrily at the three women who only smiled. “What happened? What did you two say to her?” He was angry ready to through everyone out.

“They didn’t do anything, I just got really emotional and began to cry.”

“Baby everything’s going to be ok.” Angelo led her over to a rocking chair sitting down he pulled her on to his lap and rocked.

Neither one of them noticed that the women had left.

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