Maid For Him

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Chapter 14

Yao Airport Japan

“Ms. Grant the plane is ready for you to board.′ The Japanese woman bowed and walked away

“Arigato.” (Thank You) The woman rose from her chair cell phone in hand. “Angelo baby, I’m on my way. I missed you. Call me back.”

Angelo felt her arms encircle his neck as she laid her head on his chest her tears seeping through his shirt as she cried. Lately she had been going through mood swings. One minute she was a mean ass bitch the next she was crying like a baby. When she first started having these changes he thought she might be going off her rocker so to speak but his mother had told him that it was due to the hormonal changes her body was going though. Actually giving him a book called the Expectant Daddy. It explained everything from the weird cravings to angry outburst and how the daddy should cope. It was like a life savior for him. As he nestled her head into his shoulder he rubbed her back and began a rhythmic rock. This always made her feel better. This was what the book called pre-parent bonding. This was getting to be a routine with them. They would come in the nursery, settle into the rocker and talk about their future.

“Angelo, I wish we could stay right here forever no one but you and me.” Rocking slowly I wished it was possible. But in reality I knew I couldn’t keep the world at bay.

“Everything is going to be ok, you can’t be getting all worked up. It’s not good for you or the babies.”

“I know it just everything is just so over whelming. “

“I know but you have me.”

“I know, but Angelo, but you’re not the one who’s gained fucking 30 pounds. You’re not the one who can see their feet” Francesca sat up straight turning to look at Angelo. “I waddle when I walk.” Angelo was not expecting that one. It took all his self-control skills to keep from laughing as he placed a finger over her lip to silent her.

“Francesca you’re carrying four babies. You’re going to walk differently.”

“Differently you need try walking with four babies wiggling and kicking.”

“I’m sorry baby, it’s all my fault.”

“You’re damn Skippy it’s your fault.” He had to diffuse this one quickly

“Baby you know whatever you go through I go through. I might not literally feel it but it does affect me.” He pulled her closer. “When you hurt I hurt, it goes through my heart and I wish it was me instead. Just now when you were crying it tore me up apart Cella and Gianna would have been out if I thought they had hurt your feelings in anyway. “

“You would have really kicked them out.” She looked up smiling.

“In a heartbeat they were out.”

. “Angelo what are we going to do with four of them?”

Angelo didn’t want to admit that he was a little scared an uncertain because had to hold down the fort. His plan was that if all else failed he would call on Cella and Gianna.

“Well I was thinking that we could give two to each of the Grand momma’s.”

“You’re crazy one minute you’re kicking them out the next you’re giving our children to them.”

“That way we know that’ll be safe and well cared for.”

He smiled as he watched her node her head in agreement. These last two months of the pregnancy he wanted her to be relaxed and happy. The shit with Chelsea just might put a damper on that plan but he had to believe that Francesca would have enough faith in their love to know that he would never do anything to jeopardize what they have. Right now all he could think about was her warm bottom wiggling on his lap causing a major hard on. Trying to adjust her to prevent being noticed. He laughed at the look of shock that crossed her face as she smiled and slapped me on the shoulder.

“God Angelo, where just sitting here talking.” Francesca shook her head and roll her eyes in discuss.

“I can’t help it if my wife turns me on.” Angelo tilted her head kissing her hard. He was enjoying the changes in her body the full breast her soft bottom. It was really a turn on to see her carrying a part of him in her body. This woman had literally took him hostage from the moment he set eyes on her. She was the most beautiful woman in the world to him. His heart would always belong to her. She was perfect. He stood up holding her in his arms.

“Let’s go enjoy the pre parent time now Mrs. Binochi, because in a couple months we will no longer be alone.

An hour later Francesca sat at one end of the table talking to my sisters, while He argued with my father over the Eagles. He couldn’t hear Gianna and Cella what they were saying but He knew it was about me and Francesca by the way they kept looking from at them. They were excited as hell waiting for our announcement about the babies to be made. He knew they had purposely sat next to each other so they could plot. Looking down the table at Francesca he smiled she looked relaxed and radiant. She blew him a kiss. The meal was half way through as she gave me a node letting him know that it was time to share the news with the rest of their family. Standing Angelo picked up my glass like he had seen his dad do so many time at family dinners and tap it with the knife. He watched as the conversations stopped and all attention was focused on him. Taking a deep breath to calm his nerves he looked over at Francesca and relaxed. “Familia is the most important thing in the world and I and Francesca are happy and grateful that we have all of you to share our good news with.” Waiting for the women to quiet down the ooohs and awwws. He I looked over at his father in law who decided to interrupt.

“Tell me you two have decided to get married.” Angelo knew Sal and his dad had been going into the whiskey heavy. He wasn’t feeling any pain and he was itching to give him hell about marrying Francesca.

“Daddy don’t start.”

Looking at Francesca Angelo could tell she was switching into bitch mode. Her eyebrow shot up and her fork hit the plate. He wanted to keep the peace but of course He knew Sal and his mouth would make it hard. Like now he just couldn’t shut up.

“So if you two aren’t getting married. What the hell is there to say?” Angelo looked from Francesca to her father.

“Daddy where having quadruplets ok, is that news enough for you?”

Angelo watched as Sal jumped up out of his chair sending it to the floor as he reached for his empty holster. “Where the hell is my gun?”

Angelo looked back over at Francesca who looked at her father as if he had grown an extra head. “What now Daddy, you’re going to shot Angelo?”

“You damn right. He took advantage of you and his room is down the fucking hall.”

“Sal calm down.” Giana shouted

“That’s fucking amazing Angelo. That’s a Binochi record. ” Angelo looked at his father who was smiling proudly like he had hit the “Vincenzo you think this is amazing my unmarried daughter giving your son four babies at once. All your daughters are married.”

“Sal, the difference between you and me. I don’t interfere.” Angelo looked at his dad and wanted to laugh himself. His sisters were nearly on the floor with laughter and their husbands looked like they were having flash backs. My father had pulled a shot gun out on Connie’s husband at the bachelor party, broken Nicole’s husband nose for making her cry and put exlax in Italia’s husband’s food on several occasions. It was amazing that he could sit and lie with a straight face. “Your freaking son is sleeping at the other end of the hall. You got to be shiting me does no one see this as a problem but me?”

“Salvatore, why can’t you just be happy.” Nonna said working on her fourth glasses of wine. Angelo was actually enjoying Sal being mad. The only thing He was worried about was Sal’s gun and since put it up after finding it in the bathroom he knew he wasn’t getting shot to day.

“Sophia can’t you see my big smile? I would be even happier if my daughter was married before she gave birth.” Angelo looked at Sal with his phony smile and wanted to laugh. When Nonna decided to shout out. “Will you two tell them the truth already?”

The group looked from Angelo to Francesca.

Angelo looked out at his family throwing up my arms He could only tell everyone what they wanted to hear. “ married ok is everyone happy now.”

Angelo looked at his mother, her mouth was wide open in shock. “Since when?” She shout.

“Three months ago.”

“Francesca how could you not tell me this?” The water works were about to start. Gianna was upset. Sal on the other had was now smiling from ear to ear. A real smile. “Gianna baby relax and eat. We have a new son and four grand babies on the way.” Sal came around the table putting his arm over my and kissed my cheek. Angelo knew he was officially going to be sick.

“I finally have a son.” Sal shouted.

“Shut up Sal.” Giana said. “How could you do this to me Francesca? Just go off and elope.”

“Momma I’m sorry.”

“Where did you two get married? Who officiated it?” Angelo looked at my mother she always needed answers. He walked over to Francesca holding her hand. “We got married in Vegas by an Elvis impersonator.” His sisters and brother in laws were laughing their heads off at their answer. He looked at Francesca who was trying to hold back tear squeezing the hell out of his hand she was cutting off the circulation. Gianna looked them with misty eyes..

“That’s what Bobbie meant about the Viva Las Vegas. When we spoke on the phone you had already gotten married.”

Angelo felt bad now Gianna was pissed off at Francesca while Sal was smiling ear to ear and Sophia drank another glass of wine.

“You are my only child Francesca. I wanted to have a big church wedding for you. I wanted Sal to give you away.”

“I’m sorry momma.”

Gianna stood looking like an older version of Francesca pissed off. She gave them both a disappointed look. Francesca started to cry very loudly. I Angelo intercede.

“Gianna it was all my idea don’t blame Francesca.” Giana turned on him like Regan in the Exorcise. Angelo stepped back pulling Francesca with him. The Moretti women were crazier than the Binochi ones.

“Both of you are selfish and spoiled. You belong together.”

“Gianna you are one to talk you and Salvatore were no different. Running off after you found out you were pregnant. Now you see what I and Carlo went through.”

“Stay out of this Ma. Sal. I want to go now Sal.”

“Gianna they are children let it go.” Angelo looked over at his mother pleading their case. Sal had sat down next to his dad talking and was eating like nothing was go on and Sophia was happily drinking another glass of wine pulling out her cell phone.

Who are you calling I heard Gianna ask Sophia as everyone stop to look at her.

“My pilot.”

“What pilot?” Francesca asked.

“Gianna and Francesca. I have needs and urges just like you too and Alejandro says that this one could be the one.”

“Who the hell is Alejandro?” Everyone asked.

“Mother you lied.”

Sophia turned on Gianna. “Guardare la vostra lingua” (Watch your tongue) girl. I did not lie, I specifically told you ask me no questions I’ll tell you know lies.”


“Don’t nonna me. Your turn is coming to nipote.” Angelo still didn’t understand what they were talking about. Since they all chose to ignore my question, as nonna walked off and began speaking in Italian on her phone

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