Maid For Him

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Chapter 15

“Momma, please call me. I’m sorry.” Francesca laid the phone down on the bed she had been trying to call her parents since they had left. She knew her mother was mad since all her calls went directly to voice mail. Her mother had barely spoken to her the rest of the evening. She had been cordial yet distant and that hurt her heart. She would gladly get married again if it would make her happy. Of course it would have to wait until she gave birth and lost weight hopefully her mother would agree. Because it was no way she would be waddling down anyone’s aisle at this stage in the game. Lifting her magazine she heard the door to the bathroom peeping over she looked at her husband emerge fresh from his shower. Lustfully she watched the droplets of water glisten on his skin and a towel riding low on his hips. She took a deep breath trying to douse the lustful feelings of him deep inside of her. She literally wanted to jump her husband’s bone because it had been four weeks, six hours and thirty three minutes since she last got some and despite being pregnant and being held hostage by the big four she still had needs. The fact was if she didn’t feel like a miniature blimp and didn’t need help getting off the bed she would be over their right now tasting one of those droplets of water that was sliding down his chest between his six pack under the towel. God, she was horny, so much so she hadn’t realized that her hubby had caught her gazing at his delectable body.

“Mrs. Binochi, you want some of this?” Francesca smiled and nodded yes…She wanted to feel every inch of him, but the doctor had strictly advised against any intercourse until she gave birth. She knew that Angelo was suffering two he was taking more showers than a normal man should.

“I wish we could get it on French but the little bambinos are holding you hostage.”

She watched as he grabbed a pair of pajama bottoms and slipped them on under the towel. Taking a deep breath and releasing she laid back on the five pillows she had stacked up for support. Looking down at her enormous belly. She felt defeated. She looked over at Angelo as he slid in the bed besides her pulling her close.

“Everything’s going to be ok.” He began rubbing her belly.

“I can barely walk or sleep and my mother’s mad at me.”

“Mom will come around.”

“I know she will. I just hate that she makes me feel so bad. It was our wedding not there’s.”

“That’s what parents do make us feel guilty.”

“Do you think we’ll end up like our parents?”

“Ask me that in ten years.”

“Why ten.”

“That’s when these four will start to smell themselves.”

“Angelo, what did you want to talk about earlier?”

“It can wait until tomorrow.”

Chelsea got out the limo and walked through the revolving door of Binochi Towers. Her Louis Vuitton glasses covered her green eyes. Her Long blonde hair hanging in loose waves down her back. Dressed for seduction like Sharon Stone in Basic no panties and all, she wanted Angelo on his knees begging. Giving the guard a killer smile He was so busy checking her out that she walked over to the elevator that took her directly to Angelo’s office suite without a hitch. It had been a long ten months since she last laid eyes on him and she couldn’t wait. She had been plotting on getting him into bed since she left Okazaki. She had even been good for the last week only sleeping with one CEO and CFO neither of whom were able to satisfy her insatiable hunger for sex like her Angelo. He made her literally purr in satisfaction. Oh she could barely wait. She wanted him in her. She couldn’t wait to rip the shirt off his back and wrap her legs around him. Smiling she got off. “Surprise Baby.”

Earlier that same day

Angelo watch Rob Tee off. ”So did you tell her yet?”

“No, I plan on doing that today at lunch.”

“Why the hold up?” They walk to the ball.

“We had a couple of announcements that took top priority and French and her mom had an argument over us getting married in Vegas.”

Angelo laugh as Rob swung missing the ball and his balance.

“You what? Did I hear you right?”


“You have a ball and chain.”

“I have a wife.”

“This is terrible, I’m truly alone now, and no best bud to hang with.”

“Naww we can still hang just not as much.”

“You’ve becoming domesticated and I’ll have to restore to hanging with Joey.”

“There’s something else.”

“More. What else?”

“Where expecting quadruplets.”

Angelo watched his friend fake a faint on the green. Other golfers coming over to see if everything was ok. Then when they noticed he was faking they walked away laughing.

“Get up Rob. You Idiot.” Angelo looked down at his friend kicking him to get him up.”

“I am doing the reenactment.”

“What reenactment.”

“You after you got that news.”

“Fuck you Rob.” He gave him a hand up..

“My friend is married with children on the way.”


“You know the crazy part Angelo, I didn’t even peep the wedding band until now.”

“We put them on last night.”

“Man I’m thinking you should have told Frenchy sooner.”

“She’ll be mad but we’ll be ok.”

“Yeah famous last words.”

Francesca arrived at Angelo’s office early deciding to order lunch rather than go out. Greeted by the guard she went up office. “Hi Ms. Moretti the young blonde secretary greeted Francesca with a smile. They would have to officially announce that they were married soon. “Hi Carla, is he back from golfing yet?”

“No not yet, he said for you to wait for him in the office.

Francesca smiled at Carla who keep eyeing her belly. She watch the turmoil on the girls face as she battled with the decision of asking about her baby bump. “When are you due Ms. Moretti?”

“In two months. I wish they would come on.”


“Yeah it’s a small group.

“Wow, Mr. Binochi must be excited.”

“We both are.”

Francesca entered the office after Carla informed her that she was leaving for lunch walking over to the desk she sat down to rest her legs and admire the view of the city below.

Surprise Baby.”

Francesca turned in the chair coming into the office from a secret elevator was a tall very attractive blonde.

“Who are you?” They both said in unison.

Francesca followed the blonde’s every move as she sashay across the office and sat down crossing her long legs.

“I’m Chelsea Grant and you?”

“I’m Francesca Binochi, the wife.” Francesca made sure to flash the rock on her finger.

“Exquisite he always did have good taste.”

Francesca sat back. “So Chelsea what brings you here?”

“I’m a friend; I thought I would surprise him,”

“The only surprises Angelo will be getting will be from me.”

“Francesca me and Angelo have history. You know how it is.”

“I know this Chels he’s a married man and he will respect the vows and you will too.”

“You think?”

“Oh Chels I know.” Francesca stood.

“Oh my your very pregnant.”

“That’s none of your business.”

“Oh dear, It explains a lot. Daddy make Angelo marry you?”

“You bitch.”

“That’s my badge of honor, I wear it every day.”

“Oh you need to go.”

Chelsea laughed. “He never even told you about me did him? You didn’t even know about the second elevator did you? Wifey.”

“The thing is Chels. I have the ring, I have the name and I have his bambinos. Shit I have it all. I don’t come up on the back elevator like a common whore. I come in the front door because I’m the number one bitch.”

Angelo instantly recognized both voices as he entered the office. This did not look good both women turned as he entered the. “Angelo baby.”

Chelsea walked over to Angelo as he side stepped her moving toward Francesca who seemed to be burning a hole through him with her eyes. She was mad as hell her hands clenched in fist at her sides. He was definitely in the dog house. He had to handle this quickly.

“Are you ok? ”He asked Francesca lying his brief case on desk. He went to move a stray hair behind her ear but she slapped his hand down.

“Don’t touch me.”

“Isn’t that special. “Chelsea looked from Angelo to his wife.

“What are you doing here Chelsea?”

“I came to see you Angelo.” She walked towards him. “I missed you.” Francesca stepped in front of Angelo.

“Oh look are you protecting your man with the belly.”

Angelo saw it coming before Chelsea. Francesca let her fist fly the punch sent Chelsea back she placed her hand over the eye that Francesca had just hit. He pushed Francesca behind him as Chelsea regained her composure and started come for Francesca.

“Pregnant or not I am going to kick your ass.” Angelo stood between the two women who were yelling at the top of their lungs.

It was then that Carla came into the room. “Sir I called security.”

That got through to Chelsea as she lost some of her steam.

“You can’t be for real Angelo, you actually pick this over me?”

“I told you that I didn’t want to see you. I love my wife. When you insult her you’re insulting me.”

“Really Angelo. You’re going to regret this. “Angelo watch as three security guards came in.

“Mr. Binochi?” “Escort Ms. Grant out snap a pic because she’s not allowed on the premises again.”

“What about the other one?”

“This is my wife Francesca Binochi.”

“Oh I’m sorry sir.” The guard looked surprised

“Oh really Angelo it’s like that.”


Chelsea went to lung at Angelo security stepped in. “Isn’t this special. Fuck you. She pointed at Angelo, and Francesca ask him how many times we fucked on that desk and in that elevator.

“Ms. Grant I need you to follow us.” Angelo watched as security escorted her out the office. He turned back to Francesca. She slapped him with all her strength making her hand sting with pain. The hand print on his cheek and the blood coming from his lip didn’t extinguish the pain in her heart. “How could you not tell me about that bitch?”

“That’s what I wanted to talk about with you.”

“We should have talked about her weeks ago.”

The spot on his face was still stinging and he could taste blood from lip. He knew he deserved that hit for what had just went down. He was responsible for this mess. Francesca was angry as hell. He watch as she walked around him grabbing her purse. He followed her from the office to the elevator. The office staff was quiet as they walked past. Angelo watched her reach a shaky finger out to press the button .He reach to touch her hand. “Don’t you fucking touch me Angelo?” She hissed. “Listen French, she’s someone from my past. I told her I was involved.

“You told her you were involved. We’re married you ass and this she turned pointing to her belly means we are more than involved. “French we have to talk this out.”

“Talk about what? The secret elevator or the desk you fucked her on. “

“Francesca you’re not being fair.” Angelo watched the door open to the elevator. Francesca got in. He blocked the door from closing. He couldn’t let her leave like this. How could she not know how much she meant to him? “Francesca you and the babies are my life.”

“How could you just fail to tell me about her?” The alarm for the doors went off He went to step in.”Nooo, don’t you dare get on this elevator.” Watching her back away from him with tears sliding from her eyes. Hurt his heart and all he wanted to do is hold her in my arms. “I don’t want to be near you because I don’t like you very much right now and I have to wonder if I still love you. Angelo couldn’t take my eyes off her as he backed up letting the door slide close. He had never felt so alone until now.

Rob had just got off cell from teasing Lauren when the elevator door slid open and Francesca plowed right into him tears running down her face. Taking her hand he led her to a group of chairs sitting in a corner. Helping her sit down as a security guard approached. “Mr. Deluca do you or Mrs. Binochi need anything. At first It threw him to hear Mrs. Binochi then he remembered Francesca was Angelo’s wife. “Yeah Tim, can you get Mrs. Binochi a glass of water please. “Yes sir. “Sitting down opposite Francesca Rob took both her hands in his. “Now tell me what happened. ” Francesca felt like a tattle tale spilling the beans but the hell with it she needed to vent and Robert was a good listener. “ Well, to make it short. I was meeting Angelo for lunch when I heard a strange sound coming from a wall. A blonde bimbo got off this elevator saying surprise. We had some words she told me she fucked Angelo on his desk and the elevator, I punched her in the eye. Then I slapped Angelo and left and her I am.” Rob knew it had to Chelsea by her description. Francesca noticed the strange look Rob gave her when she said blonde bimbo. Apparently Rob knew her. “You know her too?”

“Yeah I do.”

“So why didn’t he tell me about her?”

“French men sometimes do stupid things like procrastinate; wishing potential problem namely Chelsea will just go away.”

“Well that was really dumb of him.”

“I agree, French. But I know one thing he loves you and he hasn’t cheated on you. ”

“I told him I don’t know if I still love him.”

“I bet that hurt you as much as it hurt him.”

“Yeah it did.”

“So how long you going to make him suffer for?”

“I don’t know?” she wiped her eyes. “Why do you ask?”

“Because I’m going to be the shoulder he cries on while you have him in the dog house. Since you two got married he’s no fun he’s all domesticated and boring.”

“Maybe you should slow down and find someone.”

Francesca laughed because Rob looked offended by her remark.

“I’m not ready for one girl yet and besides the one I might possibly want isn’t ready for me either.”

“You think?”

“How did this conversation change to me? And don’t start your match making either.” He pointed.

“I’m tired Rob can you take me to my parents’ house?”

“Are you sure you don’t want to go home?”

“Yes Dr. Phil, I’m certain.”

“Ok just let me make a call.”

“Tell him I’m staying with my parents indefinitely that should give him something to think about.”

“How did you know?”

“You two are best friends.”

Francesca watched Rob drive off closing the door she walked back into the house she had grown up in, flooded with memories of holidays and family gatherings. How many times had she run through these doors up the stairs to her room to escape the world? Now she was escaping her husband because he had been a complete idiot. She wasn’t mad at Angelo because of his past relationship with Chelsea she was mad because she got blind side by the bitch because Angelo had waited to the last minute to mention that he had a fatal attraction running around. Walking into her old room she looked around. It looked the same way as it did ten years ago when she went off to college. Her posters still hung on the walls and trophies still sat on shelves. And her old ballerina slippers still lay on the floor. It was like stepping back in time lying down on her lavender heart comforter she drifted off to sleep.

Sal entered before Gianna his cop instinct told him someone was in the house. “Someone’s here Gee.”

“Maybe it’s momma.” Gianna scooted past Sal walking into the house into the living room where she noticed Francesca’s pocket book. “Sal its Francesca her bags in here.”

Gianna went upstairs and peeped into Francesca’s room closing the door she went back down. “She’s sleep.”

“That bastards done something.”

“Don’t go jumping the gun, she could have just come for a visit and got tired,”

“That ass has done something to my baby to make her come home. I’m telling you Gee.”

Gianna cell begins to ring she looks at the name. “It’s Angelo.”

Before she could answer Sal had taken the phone from her hand. “What the hell is going on? What have you done to my daughter now?”

“Mr. Moretti I need to speak to Francesca, I know she’s there and she’s not answering her phone.”

Gianna grabs the phone back from Sal walking away. “Angelo did something happen?”

“Mom it’s something we have to work out.”

“Maybe we can help.”

“I don’t think so.”

“Something’s not right, Francesca hasn’t slept in that bed in ten years.” Sal shouted loud enough for Angelo to hear.

“We had a fight, I needed some space.” Sal watch his daughter come down the steps it was clear she had been crying her eyes where puffy and red. He held out his arms and she immediately went into them.

Gianna turned to her daughter pointing at the phone.

Francesca shook her head as she watched her mother answer a few questions before hanging up.

“What was the fight about?” Her father asked.

“I don’t want to talk about it daddy, I just want to know if I can stay a couple days?”

“You can stay forever pumpkin.” Francesca felt her mother rubbing her back. She turned to look at her.” He told me to tell you sorry and he loves you.”

“Thanks mom.”

Francesca felt it instantly, something about the way her mother looked, she knew, that damn fish.

Angelo couldn’t sleep it wasn’t an inch of the house that he hadn’t been in. He had turned on every light and every TV’s in the whole house because he couldn’t stand the silence. He had called her at least a hundred times until her voice mail said full and he still called hoping she would answer. She had told Rob she need sometime. It had been eight hours and forty two minutes. He was going crazy. He had to make it right with her. The ring of the bell he went to answer. Opening the door his parents walked past him into the house. “Angelo what the fuck were you thinking or were you thinking at all? Leave it to his mother to go for the neck.

“Who told you?”

“Gianna just told us about an hour ago. Now what did you do?”

He walked to his living room and sat down. “Chelsea came up to my office her and Francesca had words.”

“Who let Chelsea in to your office?”

“She came up through the old elevator Francesca was already there waiting for me.”

“Angelo .I could kill you myself. I can’t imagine what Francesca thought.”

“She punched Chelsea in the eye and busted my lip.”

“Good for her. Because if it had been me, you would be dead.” Cella turned to Vinny who sat down and said nothing.

“Vinny why aren’t you talking to your son..?”

“Angelo do you love her.”

“Yeah pop I do.”

“Then go get her the most expensive gift you can find and get on your knees and beg for forgiveness…beg a lot son…and then after everything calms down and you have the bambinos your still going to have to beg for forgiveness because she gave you a child in your case four. So beg.”

“Vinny, shut up. He’s right though buy a gift then beg.”

“I don’t know it that will work with French.”

“You won’t know until you try. Now let’s turn off everything and you grab some clothes. You’re coming home.” Angelo watch his mother walk off turning off lights.

“Son, if I were you I would start looking for that gift in the morning and go over to her parents’ house and start begging…Cella couldn’t wait to get over her to bring you back home. Your damn momma’s boy.”

“I’ve always been a momma’s boy dad. I’m the only son. I have no choice.”

Angelo didn’t know what possessed him to ask Connie, Nicole and Italia to help him find a gift for Francesca they talked nonstop and they dogged him about Francesca the whole ride into the city. Especially Connie who was doing more shopping for herself then anything as they entered the third jewelry store on the block he had enough. “Yo girls are you helping me or is this just a pow wow for you three. “Angelo please, where helping we just haven’t found the right gift yet besides we didn’t tell you to keep secrets from your wife.”

“Connie you can’t let it go can you?”

“No I can’t, if it had been Ignacio ...he would be sleeping with the damn fishes in the Skcull River.”

“You got that right Con.” Angelo looked at Nicole “Why did you all come with me if you just want to bash me about Francesca.

“Because despite you being an idiot we love you and we know you love Francesca. And we love her too.” Italia looked at him. “And you look so sad Angelo.” Italia put her arms around him giving him a hug than his other sisters had to join in a big family hug that left them all with moist eyes.

“So we’ve decided to take things into our own hands.” Connie said.

“You’re going about it all wrong.” He looked from Connie to Nicole.

“This is how it’s going to work. Where going to invite her to lunch.” Italia put in.

“Connie will pick her up and bring her to Lucky’s.”

“I tell her that Nicole and Italia are running late.” Connie put in.

“But of course were not really coming. “ Nicole pointed

“Then I’ll go to the bathroom.” Connie continued.

“And then you show up.”

“It’s your show from there. “Nicole smiled.

“What about the gift.”

“Get a gift for the babies.” Italia put in.

“Yeah she’ll cry because she’s hormonal and basically an emotional wreck.” He looked at all three of his sisters.

“You think so?”

“Yeah I talked to Sophia this morning she’s just as miserable as you but she’s stubborn.” Connie confessed

“After you give her the gift get on your knees and beg.”

“I think he should get down on your knees and then give her the gift. “Nicole said.

“Maybe he should just crawl on his knees across the floor groveling. “Italia laughed.

Angelo watched as his Connie started dialing.” Shhhh.” She put a finger to her lips signaling for everyone to be quiet. “Hi Francesca how are you? Good, anyway I wanted to ask you out for lunch tomorrow. Great I’ll pick you up. No I haven’t seen Angelo he’s with mom and dad cooped up in his old room. But I don’t care about Angelo I’m worried about you and the babies. I know great I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Thanks Conn.”

“That’s what families for little brother, now let’s go find my new nephews or nieces a gift from daddy.”

Francesca watched Connie walk to the bathroom she had pick her up they were waiting for Nicole and Italia. It was funny that they seemed to be the only customers on a busy afternoon. She was looking down at the menu. When she caught the faint smell of familiar cologne. She looked up into his blue eyes. She couldn’t tell he hadn’t been sleeping well by dark circles underneath them .It seemed like weeks instead of days since she last saw him. She couldn’t stop the tears as he went down on his knees in front of her. Placing a box on the floor beside him. He took both her hands in his. “Please forgive me Francesca. I can’t live without you. I can’t eat, I can’t sleep. I’m lost. I love you so much French please come home.”

“I miss you too…I want to go home and get ready for our babies Angelo. He stood pulling her to her feet. Looking down into her eyes he put his lips to hers in a deep kiss.

Two days later Francesca was lying on the couch looking at TV when the doorbell rang. Rolling from side to side she finally managed to stand. She felt really miserable today her back was killing her. She couldn’t see her feet and it was getting harder to walk and maneuver because her belly seemed to be getting bigger by the minute. As she waddled over to the door she thought about her visit to Dr. Yhi yesterday he was considering hospitalizing her as the due date got nearer. She was scared out of her mind and to top it off she missed Angelo he had to go in the office and take care of business and nonna was on a date. Finally making it to the door. She was surprised. “Hello little Momma.”

“Shit Chelsea.” Francesca tried to close the door but Chelsea used her foot to block it from closing. Using her shoulder and all her weight she pushed to close the door. Chelsea on the opposite side doing the same thing. Francesca knew she was in no condition to tussle with Chelsea. She could go into labor at any moment. She was supposed to be resting. Her belly felt tight and heavy and she could barely move. Trying to keep Chelsea’s crazy ass out was taking its toll. “Look Francesca, I’m not here to start trouble .I need your help.”

Lauren leaned against the door listening. “I’m desperate if it wasn’t important believe me I wouldn’t be her after you gave me this. Realizing Chelsea was no longer pushing on the door Francesca opened it and watched as Chelsea removed her glasses revealing a dark purplish eye. “I did that?”

Francesca refrained from laughing at Chelsea’s shiner but she had deserved it for being a bitch.

“Yes Francesca you did this.” Francesca watched as Chelsea put her glasses back on. This Chelsea was not like the Sharon Stone want to be that talked shit in Angelo’s office. This was a calmer more reserved Chelsea. It was quite obvious that she must be bipolar. She must be back on her medication because this was not the same psycho bitch. Against her better judgment and because she was having serious back pain she let her in. “So what do you want Chelsea?” Francesca waddled to the couch and sat down. Chelsea followed suit. “Look Francesca I’m being up front with you I need you to talk to Angelo for me well not for me for my father.”

“What happened?” Francesca watch Chelsea closely the girl was obviously upset about what happened she was edge and nervous and close to tears either that or she was a god actress. “Francesca my father is Harris Grant his ad agency handles Binochi tools account at least they did until yesterday when Angelo decided to them go.” Francesca knew that Angelo had to have some reason and it wouldn’t just be because of the incident with Chelsea. “Why would Angelo do that? I know what happened between us, but it’s not like him to involve someone who had nothing to do with our situation.” Francesca saw the guilty look on Chelsea’s face. “What happened Chelsea?”

“I had been drinking quite a bit and my father came over to see me and he saw my black eye. And I told him it was Angelo’s fault and he came to his own conclusion.” Francesca watched as Chelsea paused than continues. “So my dad being my dad confronted Angelo they had words and the next thing my dad was out. When I finally explained to my dad what really happened the damage had been done and of course Angelo’s not speaking to me.”

Francesca was doing her best to concentrate on what Chelsea was saying but the pain was coming in waves and it dawn on her that she was in labor. Now she felt scared and with the next jolt of pain she could not contain the scream of pain that escaped her lips and sent Chelsea jumping up in the air in fear.

A gush of water slid down her legs to the floor. “My water broke.” She looked over at Chelsea whose eyes looked like to huge green orbs in a pale face. “What do you mean your water broke?”

“I think I’m in labor Chelsea.” Chelsea immediately came to her side lifting her legs on to the couch. “What should I do?”

“Call Angelo.”

“He’s not going to pick up for me. ”Francesca pointed to the table. “Use mine over there.”

Chelsea began dialing as Francesca yelled out in pain.

Angelo answered as soon as he saw her name.”Hey babe what’s up?”

“Angelo she’s in labor you have to come home now.”

He recognized the voice instantly as fear clutched his heart as he heard Francesca yelling in the back ground. “Chelsea what the hell did you do?”

“I didn’t do anything you impregnated her and now her water has broken while we were talking.”

Chelsea passed the phone to Francesca and dialed 911 for help. She gave them the address and information then opened the door as they instructed. When she came back the cell phone was on the floor and Francesca was doing some sort of breathing exercise. “Francesca just relax the emergency is on the way.”

“I don’t think they’re going to wait.”

Chelsea swallowed nervously looking at Francesca. “How many are we talking about?”

“Four.” Francesca yelled out gripping the pillow on the couch.


“And Chelsea I think my first one is about ready to make an appearance. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh..


“You can’t do this to me Francesca. No! No! No!” Francesca looked at Chelsea pleadingly. “You have to help me please I’m scared.”

’You can’t just hold it up there until the ambulance comes.”

Francesca would have laughed at Chelsea’s face if the pain had not made her scream.” I think it’s coming now.” Chelsea lifted Francesca’s dress to look and sure enough what looked to be a head was poking out. Chelsea took a deep breath she felt faint and sick but she had no choice but to help deliver these babies even though she knew nothing about how that was done. She grabbed a blanket from a chair. She pushed Francesca dress above her knees. ”Okay Francesca on television they say push so push that baby on out here.”

Angelo was in route to the house when Chelsea called and told him to go straight to the hospital because the ambulance had arrived. When he got there Chelsea was sitting in the waiting room she smiled. “I was waiting for you before I left. You have a little boy who is absolutely adorable. I called your and Francesca’s parents. I didn’t leave my name of course but they’re on their way.”

Angelo was grateful that she had been with Francesca. “Thank you Chelsea, I owe you one.”

“You’re welcome but you better hurry.”

“Angelo reported to the nurse who showed him his son then took him straight to Francesca’s room. She was hooked up to all sorts of monitors a band around her waist. The doctor was checking her. “Well it looks like them three babies aren’t ready yet Francesca we might have to do a c section but there in position I’m thinking they’re just waiting. Francesca looked at the doctor. “Can I get something for pain like seriously this shit hurts?”

“The doctor laughed at Francesca I’m going to get you something ok just relax.”

“Know I really do need pain medication doc. “Francesca yelled as the doctor who left the room.” Angelo looked at his wife she looked at exhausted and scared. She held his hand so tight he thought he might lose circulation in his fingers. “Angelo I really need drugs that pain is unbelievable and it’s going to come back three times.’

“Just relax baby I’m here.”

An hour later he needed drugs too. Francesca was yelling at the top of her lungs and she had a Kung Fu grip on his hand. “Breath baby Breath.”

“Fuck you Angelo, you did this to me.”

“I’m sorry baby. I’m sorry. Were about to have another beautiful baby.”

“Come on Francesca push.” The doctor yelled as baby two came out. “It’s another boy.” Angelo knew he was crying as he saw his second son start to cry and get passed to them then a nurse. They only had about two minutes before the whole process started again.” I’m tired Angelo.”

“Francesca you got to push because this baby is saying let me out.” The doctor told them.

Angelo looked at his wife she wet with perspiration and exhausted they had two down and two to go. “Come on baby let’s get this baby out. “

“I can’t.”

“Yes you can come one push.” Francesca looked at her husband and began to push.

“”Come on you got it. She’s here we have a girl.” The doctor shouted as Francesca laid back for a break. “A girl French. A princess.” Angelo yelled.

“One more and he’s ready I feel him. When I say push he should come. You ready.” Francesca shook her head yes as Angelo held her tight as she pushed out another son. The tears poured as she looked at her little son. It was over at least this part.

The parents had finally arrived each holding a baby the proud grandfathers already having chosen names for the twins. Cella and Gianna each was holding a baby and the proud grandfathers had chosen there namesakes already.

Gianna held her granddaughter and looking over at Cella. I told you they would be a perfect match.”

“You were right.” Cella smiled holding their grandson.

“Now I want my wedding.” Gina said.

“Don’t worry dear you’ll have your wedding even if we have to plan it. They just have to show up.

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