Maid For Him

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Chapter 3

Francesca was heading home early from the office she had made plans to hang out with her girlfriends tonight they were going out eat and drink and have fun it was their regular ritual she needed a Jolly Rancher about now it had been a long week. Marcella Binochi was becoming a nuance. She had called every day since there meeting talking about her son who was away on business. It was apparent the man knew what his mother was up too. Because she had already been working for them a month and had yet to see the infamous Angelo Binochi.. As she maneuvered through the heavy traffic she listened to. Rihanna singing “Where have you been all my life. “The music was interrupted by a phone call. The name flashing on the screen in the dash no other than Mrs. Binochi. ”Hello.”

“Hello dear this is Cella.”

“What can I do for you Mrs. Binochi?” Not that she wanted to do anything but get a Jolly Rancher.

“I was wondering. Could do me and itsy bitsy favor?”

She knew that any favor for Cella was going to be a big one. And If she didn’t agree Cella would be on the horn to Giana.

“Sure what is it?” This woman was trying to ruin her thirsty Thursday with the girls. She had been craving hot wings and a Jolly Rancher all day.

“Angelo is getting into night and I wanted to know if you could possible stop past and make him dinner?”

”Mrs. Binochi it’s Thursday afternoon and I’m officially off…”

“Please Fran it would mean so much to me…for you to do this. Really I would do it but I’m visiting my sister in Jersey. Angelo just called and told me he was coming home from California, this evening. I just want to make sure he has a homemade meal to come home too…” The woman was good she knew how to manipulate …trying to sound so pitiful. She would bet anything that Cella Binochi was sitting at home with her husband.

“Ok Mrs. Binochi”

“Darling call me Cella, I owe you Francesca …you are such a sweetheart. Oh by the way you can’t go wrong if you cook Chicken Parmesan, he loves it. You know what. They say aaaaa. The way to a man’s heart is his stomach” Francesca swore she heard a man snickering in the background.

“Fran, everything should be their already. Thanks again dear, ooh got to go my sister’s calling.” She didn’t hear any sister calling. It was clearly a setup if ever there was. She was determined to stay a step ahead of Mrs. Binochi. That’s why she was ordering from Maggio’s and leaving it for Angelo’s dinner. She put in the order, it would be ready by the time she got off the expressway.

She parked her Benz alongside the renovated building that Angelo called home She had been here several times now and had yet to meet Angel according to his mother he was away on a business trip which apparently had ended today. She had decided not google him and be surprised. Cella had showed her around the her first day informing her that all the renovations in the building had been done by Angelo and his father they had turned the old factory into a five loft apartment the two upper lofts were his. . She rode the elevator up to his loft and used the code his mother had given to enter. He had taste she must admit .The area was open you could see through from the living room to the dining area to the beautiful kitchen. The bedroom was partitioned off by large doors. She had the meal in a bag all she had to do was transfer over to his containers in the cabinet and she make it seem like she used the ingredients. She was just as good a player as Cella ....At least she could wear what she had on out tonight, she opened the refrigerator ….and a bottle of blue Hawaiian punch decided to not have top on it splashing all over her peony pink Michael Kors dress…She definitely want to kill Cella and her son…

Blue spots everywhere it was ruined she knew it as she stuffed it in the wash on gentle cycle walking back into the kitchen in one of Angelo’s tee shirts she started transferring the food to his containers no longer caring whether him or his mother found out it wasn’t home cooked she was out as soon as her dress was washed and dried. Pulling out her I pad she hooked up to his Bose system as she listen to her music …

Angelo heard the music as he rode the elevator up to his loft. As he entered the music was at full blast one of his favorite songs by Usher playing, leaving his suitcase at the door he continued through to the kitchen. Where a very sext brunette was dancing and wearing his favorite Raiders tee shirt. She was oblivious to the fact that he had entered the house as she transferred the food from one container to another. He couldn’t seem to take his eyes off what must be his maid. The shock came as she was dancing bent over and touched her toes like the song requested. He got a full view.”Woooo baby.”

”AHHHHHHH.” Francesca screamed as she jumped up from her bending position to see a gorgeous man standing looking at her. Pulling at the edges of the shirt she reached for a knife from the rack. “Who the hell are you?” She had the knife pointed at him ready to fight. Gorgeous didn’t mean not dangerous.

“I’m Angelo Binochi and this is my home…Who are you?”

“Shit! Shit.” This was definitely not the way she thought their first meeting would be especially with her state of undress and him looking amused at her discomfort. The bum. “I’m Francesca Moretti your maid.”

The Binochi House

“Vincenzo Binochi you’re absolutely certain that your son will be home this evening.” Cella couldn’t take any chances with this meeting …it had to be timed perfectly. She had just hung up with Francesca. So she knew she was on her way to the loft. Walking around the living room she stood in front of the flat screen. “Answer me Vinny. This is important! “She stood waiting arms crossed foot tapping. She knew the only way to get his attention was block the Television.

“Cella how many time are we going to have this conversation? Lenny said his plane should be in by four. Now get out the way of Law in Order.” He waved his hand attempting to make her move to no success. He leaned back in his easy chair he was irritated that she was interrupting his favorite show. “Vinny this is your son’s life.”

“Key words Cella this is his life and this is your mess leave me out of it.” He stood walking toward the kitchen she followed.

“This is our future .If we leave it to Angelo he’ll never get married and we’ll never have a grandson to carry on the Binochi name.” She watched him open the refrigerator and pull out a beer. “Am I the only one who thinks that this is important?”

“Yes! Angelo is sowing his oats …leave him alone.” Vinny twisted the top off the beer and headed back to the living room.

“Just yesterday you were telling him not to come back unless he had a grandbaby.” Cella stopped walking as her husband turned.

“I was mad. Those fucking Raiders beat the Eagles and I was a little drunk.”

“That’s all you worry about is the Damn Eagles.”

“I worry about them the Phillies, the Flyers, the Sixers and eating, when are you going to cook?”

“Cook ...I’m too tired to cook let’s go out.”

“I don’t want to eat out. You and Giana are going to regret interfering in these kids’ lives. Mark my words Cella.” He pointed, sitting back in his chair.

“Let Angelo be. Let him enjoy himself as long as he can before he gets his ball and chain.”

“Is that what I’m ball and chain?” Cella asked.

“No Cella, you’re more like a boulder that’s going to pull me under with her when this mess blows up in your face. Mark my words.”

“Mark my words Vincenzo Binochi …Angelo will like Francesca. She is perfect for him…”

“Cella he might like her, he might even date her, and he’ll more than likely bed her. But that doesn’t mean he’ll wed her.”

“He’s thirty four he’s not getting younger.’

“Didn’t you just tell me fifty is the new forty .Well may be thirty is the new twenty.”

“Oh shut up…when have ever listen to me?”

“I can’t help but listen to you Cella you like the energizer battery your mouth goes on and on that’s why I have the man cave.”

“I think Vinny that we get back tonight you’ll be sleeping in that cave.”

“Whatever Cella, I’m staying home, maybe I’ll give Angelo a call and tell him to come here first that’ll will ruin your whole plan won’t it.” He took another swig as he watched the credits run.

“You wouldn’t dare?”

“Mark my words Cella a hungry man is liable to do anything.”

She was absolutely breathtaking. Angelo thought as he watch the beautiful woman who stood before him wearing only a tee shirt. Sexy and beautiful. He wanted her in his bed. He had to laugh to himself. Would she sleep with him tonight? This definitely had not been what he was expecting when he walked through his door. It was no way this whole thing couldn’t have been staged. The beautiful maid prancing around practically naked in his apartment pretending to have cooked. This had Cella Binochi production written all over it. This woman probably didn’t even know how to boil water… not that she would have to worry about cooking most of her work was probably done in the bedroom with that body and her looks.

”I’m sorry Mr. Binochi. I kind of got carried away by the music.” Francesca said as she turned off the Bose.

“Please call me Angelo, and it’s perfectly alright I enjoyed every moment of your dance. She couldn’t help but blushed he had just seen all the goodies. This situation was just so unprofessional. How could she be so careless? “You know that tee shirt looks awfully familiar too.” He pointed. Francesca watch him look at her and then at the shirt. She wanted to literally sink into the floor. It was obviously by the twitch of his lips that he was trying to suppress his laughter it seemed to her that he was taking pleasure out of her discomfort in being caught in her ummaidly state. She on the other hand could not find the humor in this. She felt like someone had just pulled a rug from under her because she was not prepared for Angelo Binochi to look like this with his black wavy hair, baby blue eyes and dimples. Cella had never mentioned that her son was this fine. She had been hoodwinked. No wonder he was a womanizer the woman probably just dropped the panties for him. Damn if she had any on her might drop them too. This was trouble. With his looks he could be gay and women would still chase after him shit she would too oh nooo a set up this was a definite setup. This whole situation was unbelievable and it was Cella and Gianna’s fault … She couldn’t wait to get mother on the phone. Pulling on the ends of the shirt she walked behind the counter “

Angelo couldn’t help but admire her long shapely legs and sexy feet with her pink nails as she tried to hide from his site.

“Is this for me? He pointed at the containers. “I love Maggio’s.”

”Yes this is your dinner.” She smiled sweetly.

“I’m starving, would you like to join me?” He walked to a cabinet and pulled out two plates.

“No I’m not hungry.” Here she was practically naked standing in her client’s kitchen, wanting to run her fingers through his wavy black hair....and he was asking her if she’s hungry. How crazy was this.

Angelo took off his suit jacket loosened his tie and rolled up his sleeves. He was intrigued with this dark hair beauty. She was very interesting. “So do maids usually dance in their clients homes dressed in their client’s tee shirts.”

She wanted the floor to open up and swallow her since that wasn’t going to happen. She put on her best smile. “No I can explain.” His smile had her captivated. She felt a flutter in her stomach.

“You warm up the food, I get the wine.”

She did as told. When had she Francesca Maria Moretti become so compliant with a stranger? She took the containers over to the microwave and put them in. Looking down at her pink toenails. She once again realized her state of undress, this was not her.” I think I need to get my dress, I need a little more of barrier between us.” She pointed.

“Do you need any help?” He asked.

“No, I can handle this.” He watched as she ran off to the laundry room.” His mother was on the money with this one but he wasn’t getting caught up in her matchmaking games. He had a right to decided when he was ready to settle down and it was not now. Hearing his phone ring he looked at the screen and answered.” Hey, Dad…yeah I’m home, I’m about to eat chicken parmesan from Maggio’s… Yeah I have company. His dad knew who was here that’s why he was calling…Your hungry too? Mom’s not cooking tonight? She’s doing too many other things to cook… I bet she is. No I didn’t say anything. Angelo eyed the phone. Dad, why is mom yelling…(muffled yelling) ..Dad what’s going on? Mom went in the kitchen to cook. You had to show her who’s boss. I got you ok later dad.” Angelo laughed as he clicked off. His father probably threatened to expose mother.

Francesca slammed the laundry room door and locked it. How was she going to do the job effectively when Angelo was very tempting. Taking a deep breath she needed to get herself in check before she went back out there and ended up doing something she shouldn’t. She had to stay focused having sex with a client was no good. She gave herself a once over. Her still looked good makeup in place. She looked good ready to take charge of the situation and stay out of trouble with her dress and pumps on she felt more in control as she walked back into the kitchen. “I’m back. “She announced Angelo gave wolf whistle as he stood holding the seat for her. He watched as she sat crossing her long sexy legs making her dress ride up her thighs. He had to get his mind out the gutter at least for now.

“You feel better?” He asked innocently. It was obvious she had spotted him checking her out because she pulled her down.

“Yes’ but…I really think I should leave.”

“Why?” He looked at her questionably.

“There are quite a few reason. First being you’re my client,”

“So, we’re having a business dinner. It’s only me and you I won’t bite unless you ask me too. “He smiled.

“That’s what I’m afraid of.” She watched as he went to get a bottle of wine. “I hope you like pinot.” She nodded her approval as he poured two glasses and handed her one. She accepted. “This is too matchmaking mothers.” He said as they clinked glasses and drank.

“So you know this is a set up?”

“Yes, it has Cella written all over it.”

Francesca laughed. “Don’t forget Giana.”

“That’s your mother?”


“So are you really my maid.” He sat across from her after making them both plates.

“Yes and No.”

“You care to elaborate.” He asked captivated by her sherry brown eyes.

“Well, I own French Maid.” She took a sip of her wine.

“So why is the owner working as a maid.”

“Because your mother is very good at getting her way, and my mother happens to be her friend.”

“So my mother convinced you too be my maid. To hook us up and you agreed.” Francesca took another sip of wine this is where she had to choose her words carefully.

.”Um yeah so to speak.”

“So am I to believe you are so desperate to find a man that you have to have you mother and mine set you up.”

“No..No I have no trouble getting dates.”

“How am I to believe that if you agree to something like this?”

“Really Binochi I don’t care what you believe. I run a business if I have to go out in the field to work. I will. Done it before will do it again.”

“Listen here Moretti if you’re going to be my maid ….” She cut in.

“Maybe I won’t be your maid. I’ll send someone else…”

“Didn’t you sign a contract with Cella?”


“In it did it say that you would be my maid?”

That devil of a woman…”Yes.”

“For how long? “The devilish glint in his eyes was a turn on. He was definitely no slouch smart as a whip. Well he did run a company she really have to google him.

“Six months Binochi. Three times a week.”

“My mom loves me. Moretti what can I say?”

“Don’t laugh Binochi there are such things as clauses.”

He watched her place a fork full of chicken parmesan in her mouth. This little argument with her was fun and watching her eat was really turning him on. The way her full luscious lips slid over the fork was sexy as hell. He couldn’t seem to take his eyes off her mouth. He wondered if she would consider a one nightstand. He wanted to feel her lips wrapped around his dick. It was then that the door buzzed along with his cell phone he excused himself wondering who it could be as he opened the door, realizing the same person was calling. “Victoria.”

“Hey baby, I brought us dinner and a bottle of wine,” She charged past him without second thought. She stopped dead. “Who the hell is she?” Francesca watched the busty blonde charge pass Angelo like she owned the place. She didn’t like her instantly. And since she like trouble she added. “I’m Angelo’s maid Francesca Moretti I was going over my services with him.” Angelo looked at Francesca oh she was a little minx. He could tell she was loving his awkward moment by the smile that played across lips.

“I bet you are.” The blonde gave her a murderous look. “And what services are you offering over dinner Francesca?” Francesca loved challenges and this girl was definitely challenging her.”

“Well actually Angelo was going over my duties and his expectations of me when you interrupted isn’t that right Angel?” She smiled batting her eyes at him. Uncrossing than recrossing her legs she letting her dress ride up. She smiled as Angelo’s eyes raked over her body. It felt as if he had touched her with his hand. Her temperature felt as if it had went up a couple of degrees. She had more than accomplished what she set out to do anger the girlfriend. The thing was why had she just antagonized this woman Angelo was a client not a potential boyfriend.

The blonde was furious looking from Angelo to her. “Angelo…you better explain now.”

Francesca bit her tongue to keep from laughing outright at Angelo’s face as he explained to the little blonde about her. It was time for her to exit. “Oh Angelo. “ Francesca called as she stood up and retrieved her bag and keys. “I’m leaving. i don’t want to get you in trouble.” Oh shit where had that come from she better get the hell out of her something else crazy passed through her lips.

Francesca watched as he stopped talking and walked towards her. Victoria watching angrily.

“This will never happen again Francesca” He whispered.

“Oh I know it won’t remember I’m only the maid.” He grabbed her hand as she was leaving. “I promise no interruptions next time. “

“There won’t be a next time Binochi.”

“Yes there will be Francesca. Mark my words.

“ Thanks a lot Vicky.” Angelo walked over to the kitchen counter he, picked up the plates and wine glasses he walked toward the sink. “Don’t say a word Victoria, I don’t want to hear it.”

“Angelo?” Vicky walked over to him smiling. “Sorry I didn’t know you were getting comfy with the maid you didn’t need my interference at all little cousin. you seemed to have everything under control.”

He turned facing her. “I always need you to run interference, but your right. I didn’t need your help this time.

“I like her.”

“Yeah.I can tell by the way you were checking her out…and that little remark like uncle Vinny, when she was leaving you’re too funny.” They sat down on the couch.

“You better watch out for this one cuz. Your mama’s plot and planning might just be working this time, you sitting down eating with the woman just met an hour ago looks like it’s going to be some sad girls in Philadelphia.”

“Vic, I’m never ever…getting married.”

“Your mom and pop want an heir.”

“I can give them an heir and not be married...” He gave his cousin a devilish smile…”Shit maybe I’ll impregnate the maid, are babies would be cute.”

She laughed. “Now you’re talking about getting the girl pregnant, and again I warn you watch out for this one.. She’s not like the others, shit she put me in place soon as I walked in the door. I couldn’t even think of good come back with her, she had her six shooter out and was ready to reload. If I really had been your girlfriend you would be dead,”

“Yeah she did manipulate the words making me look bad. That part about going over her services was a nice one.” He laughed taking a drink of his wine.

“Angelo I think we found the future Mrs. Binochi. When was last time you liked or loved someone Chelsea,”

“Shut up Vicky you’re not funny.” He interrupted her. “Chelsea is like a black cloud don’t speak her name for fear it will appear. Angelo looked over at as cousin who waved her hands in the air dramatically. “Then let’s get candle and get rid of the bitches bad mojo.”

“We’ll need holy water and a exorcism to get rid of her.” They laughed at the woman who had decided They always looked out for one another. Their family called them the twins because they were born on the same day five minutes apart at the same hospital. It was strange because they connected like twins. Always looking out for one another. She was his go to girl…when he had a dangerous situation with women that needed to be resolved. She stepped in as the angry girlfriend or the abandoned pregnant girlfriend in dire straits when a girl got too attached..

“Let’s talk about your problem with Michael. Do I have to beat him up?”

“Oh Angelo .I really messed up.”

“Tell me all about it.” Angelo was listening to Vicky but his mind was on Francesca…what she was doing now he wondered…

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