Maid For Him

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Francesca entered the packed bar, looking around she waved to old friends and the regulars who hung out at Fat Larry’s Bar. This bar had been her and Lala’s spot since they were eighteen and got in using fake ID’s, back then it was like a whole in the wall…just another neighborhood bar that old timers hung out in now. Since Lala took over as part owner. It’s become a hotspot for younger crowd with live music on Sundays, .Karaoke on Wednesday’s…and a Dj on Friday and Saturday. Today was Thirsty Thursday two for one and the crowd was buying she could barely squeeze by.

“Hey, French, boss lady is in the back…She got you a Jolly Rancher waiting there.” “Thanks Dave.” She shouted to the bartender as she walked to the back of the bar, guarding the office door was Lala’s tall muscle-bound brother Carmine. “Hey Frenchy baby, you looking good, when we getting married.” He opened the door for her.”My next life.” She winked as she walked into her friend’s office.

“I didn’t think you were coming.”

Francesca looked at her friend and partner in crime Lala sitting behind a huge glass desk covered with papers.

“I had to make a stop at a clients then go home and change.” She said kicking off her heels as she flopped down on the couch resting her legs.

“Was it the one with the son” She watched as LaLa opened her small refrigerator pulled out her Jolly Rancher and handed to her.

“Yes and today I meet her son.”

“Is he cute?” LaLa asked sitting on her desk.

“He’s a hottie with a cute busty blonde girlfriend.” Francesca said taking a drink of her Jolly Rancher.

“So how did you meet his girlfriend? Does she live with him?”Lala asked.

“She came over while we were eating dinner.”Lala hopped off the desk excitedly. “You and the son were having dinner. Why do I have to pry these things out of you Frenchy?”

“It was just a business dinner.”

“Ok, so what happened?”

“Nothing really the girlfriend came over and got mad because I was there.”

“If the girlfriend hadn’t come over you two would have probably did more than just eat dinner.”

“I don’t do clients.”

“You’re going to do this one I know.”

“This man came home saw you there and wanted you to stay for dinner. Frenchy, you stayed.”

“It was just dinner.”

“Hold on.” Lala pointed “It was dinner with a stranger in his home.”

“It’s not really a big deal.”

“It was a big deal to his girl.”

“She was little mad.”

“Of course you were sitting in her man’s house eating dinner saying it was business you two were feeling each other out. You are going to fuck him.”

“I’m not”

“She might not be his girlfriend now after your dinner.”

“Why does everything come down to sex with you?”

“Because I’m a sexual being. Who hasn’t I want it and I will have to have it at least five out of seven days a week or I’ll go crazy. Once I get started”

“You’re just a freaking nympho in the making.”

“Yes I’m a freaking nympho in the making who has three gentlemen callers, my sugar daddy, Charlie who has money, he wines and dines, a young buck Bobby who wants to bang my brains out after Mickey Dees, and my main squeeze.. Liam who just a sweetheart… It helps to have variety that way I get to make a choice.

“I can’t stand you Lala” Francesca laughed. “How can you juggle three men and remain celebrate.”

“Very carefully. I’m you two years ago Frenchy when you were still fun”

“Don’t call me Frenchy.”

“See that’s what I mean.” Lala pointed. “When you were Frenchy you were fun now you’re FRANCESCA! And you’re boring as hell and by the way I let you call me Lala.and my name is LAUREN and everyone here calls you Frenchy..

“Yeah, don’t I know.”

“Now you’re ashamed of your nickname .When you were thirteen French kissing all those boys in my dad’s garage you didn’t care and when you were seventeen.”

“La that was a long time ago

“Whatever you were fun then, I need that Frenchy back I’m tired of Francesca….”

“I’m still fun just older.”

“Frenchy your twenty eight that is not old, get that dick… for the both of us”

“Lala.” Francesca looked at her smiling.


“I forgot to tell you that when he came home the only thing I had on was his tee shirt.”

“See that’s what I’m talking about your holding out on me. Give me the whole story at once Francesca from the start.”

Angelo watched his cousin Victoria pull off. Looking at his watch,it was still early he really didn’t feel like sitting in the house. He couldn’t seem to get Francesca off his mind. He pulled out his cell as he walked back into the loft. “Hey Rob what you up too?”

“Nothing much just going to meet up with my Joey for a beer want to join us? Thirsty Thursday at Fat Larry’s.”

“I can use a drink where is it located.”

Twenty minutes later he arrived outside his destination a corner bar pulling the door he walked in. The music was blasting and the place looked more like a club than a neighborhood bar. It was barely room to walk all the booths were full and the bar was surrounded. Three bartenders were running back and forth. He squeezed his way through the crowd until he found his friend Rob standing at the bar having a drink. Angelo slapped his friends back getting his attention. Rob turned gave his hand a shake and introduce him to his cousin…

“What‘s going on man?” Angelo asked.

“Nothing much. We’re just here having a discussion about a two beautiful women we’ve had yet to see tonight.”

“I told you there in the back. Larry told me.” Joey said.

“Who are we talking about? “Angelo smiled.

“Frenchy and Lala. Lala is part owner, Frenchy’s her girlfriend. These two babes are hot.”

“Frenchy is gorgeous. She’s like a fucking goddess man if I could get between them legs.”

“You have to excuse him he’s had a crush on the girl since we were teenagers.” Rob cut in.

“Why don’t you just ask her out?” Angelo asked taking a drink of his beer Rob handed him.

Rob began to laugh. “He has and she’s turned him down…like how many times Joey …”

“She didn’t turn me down she said she was involved with someone.”

“You two still talking about Francesca.” Angelo looked at the older guy who walked up and was standing behind the bar.He wore a shirt that said ’I’m Larry and I’m the Boss ’. Francesca and Lauren would not be seen with either you two. They’re both to classy. ”He pointed.

“Larry I’m truly offended.” Rob replied… “I reap of class see how my pinky sits out as I take a sip of my beer like a real aristocrat.”

“Don’t listen to King Rob and his jester Joey. You take your life in your hands if you mess with Salvatore’s baby girl. Listen buddy, all the guys love Frenchy and Lala because their untouchables.”

“Untouchables.” Angelo repeated.

“Yeah unfucking touchable Francesca’s father would kill someone over his baby girl and Lala her five brothers and father would put you in a body bag, see that guy there? That’s Carmine and he’s the smallest. “Can I cut in for a second?” All eyes turned on Angelo. “What is Francesca’s last name?”

“Moretti” Larry said.”Don’t tell me your love sick puppy too?

“No I’m not a love sickpuppy. Actually I and Francesca are quite close she had my dinner waiting when I got home.”

“You had dinner with Frenchy both men asked?” Looking at him.

“Yes, if it’s the same Frenchy who owns French Maid…That’s the girl who was wearing my shirt today walking around in my loft bare foot.”

“Frenchy’s your girlfriend?” Joey ask in disbelief. “I bet she looked awesome in just a tee shirt was she wearing panties.”

Joey was luck Rob hit upside the head because Angelo was really taking a dislike towards Joey since he found out Frenchy was his Francesca…

Joey must have caught on by the look he gave him. Because he turned around back to his drink.

“Let me call the back, I’ll get Lala and Frenchy out here.”

Angelo watched as Larry dialed the office.

“La, I need you and French out here for a second…It’s important..Yes now.”

He pulled the phone away from his face and hung it up..”Women always want a big explanation. But their coming out.”

To no surprise Angelo watched as the crowd parted slowly and every male eye turned as the two women headed towards them. Francesca and her Blonde friend had every male in the bar going drooling.

He watched the play of emotions across her face as she got closer and realized who he was. For some odd reason he really didn’t like the attention the guys were paying Francesca, with her low cut blouse that showed off her full breast and her tight fitting jeans that were hugging her like a second skin. For some odd reason he wanted to stake his claim, and let all of them, Joey included, know that she belonged to him…

Francesca was surprised and shocked to see Angelo standing at the bar. It was a little unnerving seeing him in her neighborhood bar. How had he known she was here? Was her mother giving out her personal bio to Cella? La tapped her shoulder her pulling her away from her thoughts “I wonder who that is at the bar he can’t take his eyes off you.”

“That’s Angelo.”

“OhMyGod he’s freaking gorgeous…if you don’t want him I’ll take him.”Lala put in.

Hands down he was the best looking man in the bar. Even if he looked really mad like he was ready to kill someone.

“This is a surprise, what are you doing here?” She asked coming to standing in front of him.

“I came with Rob. “He pointed.

“Hey French” She ignored Rob still looking at Angelo who was smiling at her.

“So how did you know I was here in the bar that’s why we were called to the front right?”

“I didn’t. It was just fate Frenchy…” He said pulling her to him placing his lips to hers so quickly that she little time to do anything but respond by parting her lips allowing him entrance she felt a quiver in her stomach as their tongues entwined in a seductive kiss that left her breathless. Loud wolf whistles and clapping brought her back to reality as they both noticed the crowd around them.

“Get a room you two.” Larry shouted.. Francesca turned to Lala who was looking at them both with an odd smile.

“Hello I’m Lala”Angelo took the hand offered.

“Angelo Binochi.” He smiled …

Francesca looked up into Angelo’s baby blues. he kissed the tip of her nose like it was a normal everyday thing for him and the bad part was she let him, this man that she had only meet less than four hours ago had managed to throw her orderly world upside down in a matter of seconds.. And she liked it.

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