Maid For Him

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Chapter 7

Francesca was lying on the couch taking a sip of her wine, when the doorbell rang. Walking to the door she looked through the peephole. Angelo stood on the other side. Flowers in one hand and a bottle of wine in other. “

Francesca opened the door she said nothing, just stared at him, and smiled. This man was trouble. A whole hot mess and she wanted him.

“I’m sorry Frenchy are you mad at me?”

How could she be mad at him when every time she got closed to him, her stomach did somersaults? Like now she wanted to touch and kiss him. But first she had to find out if he felt the same way. “You should be sorry, I spoke with my mother who is now probably informing the whole Moretti family that I’m expecting.”

“If it’s any consolation, my mother is probably babbling the whole thing out to my family to and the fact that I said I would never marry you pregnant or not.” The shock look on her face and slamming door was not what he expected. “Francesca opened the door what’s wrong, what did I do?”

“You egotistical ox you get me to tell my mother that I’m possibly pregnant and you tell your mother you wouldn’t marry me if I were.” She swung the door open again grabbed the flowers and hit him in the head.

“Ouch. “He shouted as he backed up in disbelief. “Why did you do that?”

“Because you’re an idiot.” “You get me to tell my mother that I’m possibly pregnant, and you tell your mother the same thing except you tell her you wouldn’t marry me. You are an ass.”

He began to laugh.

“Why are you laughing this isn’t funny.”

He pulled her into a hug. Despite the fact that she tried to push him away.

“Frenchy I told my mother that to make her angry if you were having my baby. I would marry you, even if you weren’t I would marry you.”

Their gazes locked. Her eyes traveled over his face taking in his features that were already branded into her memory. He stirred feelings that she couldn’t seem to shake off since they met. She wanted to be naughty with him tonight. She wanted to try the whole package.

Angelo wanted her tonight he wasn’t hungry for food he was hungry for Francesca. She had been on his mind all day. One kiss that’s all he wanted and that still wouldn’t be enough.

He brushed his tongue across her full luscious lips until she opened allowing him entrance he pulled her tightly against him so she could feel his full arousal. She groaned into his mouth as their tongues entwined. Her hands rested on his chest every caress of his tongue made her want more. He lifted her into his arms and carried her into the house.

She felt weightless in his arms. Wrapping her arms around his neck she ran her fingers through his thick wavy hair. The smell of his Cologne invaded her senses as he stole a toe curling kiss as the taste of peppermint on his tongue sent a chills down her spine. She felt extremely hot all of a sudden. She wanted out of her clothes. She wanted his skin against hers and him inside of her.

“Where is your bedroom?” He asked, breaking the kiss. Like he read her mind. She could barely think let alone talk. “It’s up the stairs to the right.” She answered. He was in excellent condition she thought as he carried her in his arms up the steps taking two at a time. Squealing with delight at his strength and agility she held on tight. When they reached the room he laid her down on the bed. She had not dressed to impress this evening keeping it simple because she had been mad at him. Her hair was in a messy ponytail and she wore shorts and a tank top. Now she wish she had put on some sexy underwear instead of her grandma whitees. Watching has he removed his jacket, tie, shirt and shoes she felt anxious to see the whole package, the bed squeaked has he laid down on top of me “You’re beautiful Francesca.” He whispered.” His warm breath and tongue caressed her earlobe as he then trailed kisses down her neck branding her with the touch of his lips and his hands. Oh he was good and she couldn’t resist as he pulled her arms above her head in one swift move her shirt was off and his lips were caressing her nipples, groaning with pleasure at the feel. Of his lips and tongue on her body as moved lower removing her shorts than panties. Every place he touched felt on fire as she cried out his name in pleasure. Delight with the feel of his tongue as he caressed her most intimate spot. She felt a cold chill when he pulled away to finish undressing himself. Thrilled at the site of him naked she watched as he wasted no time as he reaching in his pocket pulling out a condom .And again he laid down on top of her. ”Is this what you really want Francesca?” She knew that this was sudden. She had just meet the man and she was supposed to be providing a service and not this type but when she looked into those into his baby blue eyes she knew she would never be able to resist him anything. “Yes, Angelo I want you.” His eyes seemed to change a darker shade of blue as his lips claimed hers again.

He slid his hand down into her most intimate spot, spreading her legs apart his finger entered her. “Angelo.” She cried breathlessly into his mouth as she arched her body for more. Feeling the sensation of one then two fingers. “Angelo.” She cried again as the explosion shook her body. With hooded eyes she watched as he slid the moist finger into his mouth taking in her essence ju. Quickly he put on his condom and in one movement he was inside of her as she moaned with pleasure.

Angelo smiled to himself as he watched her sleep. She looked like an Angel to him who snored lightly and had him entwined with her limbs. This was definitely new. In his usual one nighters he would have been dressed and out the door not watching the girl sleep but Francesca did something to him. He couldn’t quite figure out what that was but she did it. He wouldn’t mind being in a relationship with her, waking up with her in the morning sleeping with her at night laughing with her. Growing old with her. Oh my God what the hell is wrong with him? Where had that come from? Trying not to panic he eased out of the bed. Picking up his clothes he prepared to leave and then, he looked back at Francesca her silky long brown hair spread on the pillow and he knew he couldn’t walk out on her. Wrapping a towel around my waist. He put things in her closet. Heading downstairs he thought maybe she would like breakfast in bed.They could eat dinner for breakfast since they hadn’t eating dinner last night.

Francesca opened her eyes to a new day, everything seemed different a lot brighter. She felt a little sore in some spots but happy as hell turning to give Angelo a good morning kiss she found an empty space. Jumping from the bed …she looked around to find any evidence that showed that he was still in my house. Not a jacket, shoe, shirt or a tie nothing. He was gone. He got the goodies and left. That blue eye bastard. The ring of the doorbell took her by surprise. Grabbed her robe she was surprised to hear the door open.

A scuffle and a crash she grabbed her bat as she rushed down the stairs. Angelo laid face down on the floor with a towel wrapped around his waist. Her father had his knee in his back and a gun to his head. “WHO THE HELL ARE YOU AND WHERE IS MY DAUGHTER?”


“Sal it’s Angelo get off him.” Francesca turned to see her mother standing off to the side shaking her head. As she rushed to help Angelo up. He looked in shock and a little discombobulated as he stood pulling the towel tightly around his waist. A smiled weak smile crossed his face and kissed her reassuringly. Mad at her father over the whole scene yet happy as hell to know that Angelo hadn’t left she kissed him back.

Then she noticed that he had made up a tray that laid on the table with breakfast dinner. Smiling even more she kissed him again.

“Stop that shit Francesca. Now someone care to explain what’s going on here?” She heard her father ask breaking into her haze of happiness. One kiss and she forgotten her parents were in the room.

“Dad, mom.” She turned. “This is Angelo.”

“Hello sir.” Francesca watched as her father ignored Angelo’s out stretched hand. While her mother came to give him a hug but was intercepted by her father. “Boy you need to go put some clothes on now.”

“Yes sir.” Angelo winked at her as he ran up the stairs.

“So is he staying here now that you’re pregnant.”

“No daddy.”

“He’s very good looking Fran. Come sit down, you don’t need to be getting all excited in your condition.” Rolling her eyes Francesca sat next to my mom.

“So what is his intentions now that you two are expecting.” She knew her Dad well he was ready to interrogate Angelo.

“If you mean marriage Daddy we’re not getting married.”

“So you two are just going to play house?”

“Daddy, just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean I have to marry Angelo. This is not olden days.We can raise our child without being married. I don’t want to get married I like my freedom. “

“Young lady you are my daughter my only child you have no say.” That shocked her. She stood looking at her father open mouthed.

“Sal.” She heard her mother say.

“Shut up Giana.”

“Mr. Moretti, I understand what you’re talking about. And I totally agree. Marriage is the only alternative. “ Francesca turned to see Angelo coming back down the stairs now wearing his shirt and pants.

“What the hell are you talking about Binochi?” She felt like her world was going crazy. Angelo was talking crazy and her dad was acting crazy. Maybe she was still asleep and dreaming. She pinched herself. No she was awake.

“I’m saying that the baby needs both parents French.”

What the hell was Angelo talking about there was no baby. Now she was mad she felt like punching him into reality but ok two could play this game.

“Wait one second …did anyone think that I might not even want to keep the baby.” The room got quiet.

“Francesca No! You wouldn’t.” Her mother shouted looking at her like she had grown a second head.

“Are you crazy little girl.”She turned and saw the total disappoint in her father’s eyes.

“French you wouldn’t do that to our baby? Would you?” And Angelo actually looked at her like she had torn his heart out and stomped on it. This had to be a dream, no a nightmare. Francesca walked past everyone and headed upstairs.” I needed to go back up the stairs and lay down. This has to be a nightmare. It just can’t be reality.” She headed back upstairs. The whole situation was insane. Just the scene with her father and Angelo still had her a little shaken. Opening her door she lied down on the bed looking at the ceiling was it all a dream? Just then she heard the door squeak . “ Francesca darling .” The weight of the bed shifted as her mother sat beside her. She wasn’t okay she was gaga over this guy she barely knew.

“I wanted to see if your okay.”

“I’m fine I just feel like I’m in the twilight zone.” At least part of it was true.“Everything is going to be fine. You and Angelo will make great parents.”

“Mom we just met.” Francesca grabbed the placing over head screaming into it in frustration . “Fran sometimes it happens like that you just click with someone.”

“What makes it bad is that you and Cella orchestrated the whole thing.” Her mother pulled the pillow from her hands.

“Mother’s know best sometimes you’ll find this out when you have kids and apparently you two like each other by the way things are moving between you two.” She couldn’t argue that things were moving fast.

“It’s just sex mom. It’s not like we’re in love we’re in lust.”

“Okay and now you may both might become parents.”

“Mom we had the birds and bees talk when I was sixteen.”

“Obviously we should have had it again.”

“That was laughable mother.”

“Mom about the pregnancy.”

“Francesca do what you feel is best. No one can live your life but you.”

“Thanks mom.”Frances sat up her mother opened her arms and gave her a big hug one that she needed on a day when she was very confused.

“But I will say you aren’t getting any younger the older you are the harder it is to conceive.” With those cryptic words her mother got up and left. It was obvious that her father had spoken to Angelo while she and her mother talked.

She turned as he entered the room.“Are they gone?” Francesca asked. He sat in the same spot her mother had just vacated. “Yup your father quizzed me on my intensions.” “Angelo you’re crazy going on about a baby as if there is one.”

“It going to be ok baby, I’ll talked to him and made everything right. all though her did threaten to shoot several times.” Francesca had to laugh at that her father was possessive he probably would shot Angelo.

“ This is all you fault.” Francesca pointed.

Angelo grabbed her hand as she stood to walk past pulling her down on his lap …she was stressed and he wanted to alleviate it and the hard on that he had just watching her was driving him crazy. When had he became addicted to Francesca? All wanted to do kiss her pouty pink lips into submission until they both were breathless. Then fuck her to they were both to exhausted to move. Shit he had a business to run but he didn’t want to leave just yet he needed that fix to hold him over.. Frenchy was everything he wanted in a woman. Cella had picked well this time and for the first time he felt uncertain. This thing between them was moving too fast. As they made love for the fourth time on the couch. He had made decision. He wanted Francesca Moretti… She belonged to him the deal was sealed.

“Angelo what have we done?”She sat up not caring that she was butt naked she ran into the bathroom to pee. Angelo entered as she was stepping in the shower. It was apparent that he had no issues with his body image. Neither did she he was ripped. It was

“I guess we’ve sealed the deal Francesca. Now we won’t be lying to the parents.”

”This can’t be happening …how we could be so careless?” He watched her jump up from the couch. “Where are you going?”

“To the pharmacy for plan B.”

“No! You can’t do this …Angelo got up pulling her into his arms she was resistant but he was stronger. Holding her tightly against him. “Don’t be so hasty.”

“That’s rich coming from you Angelo. I want you to get your things and get out. I won’t be coming to your house any longer. I’m terminating the contract and giving Cella back her money.’

“Francesca, please I’m sorry. Let’s give this a try. “

“I’m sorry too Angelo, I need my space everything is all screwed up. And moving way too fast. You have to go.”

“You’re serious.”

“Yes, I’m now get your things and get out.”

Three hours and six shots later. Angelo was lying on his couch with a bottle of Jameson Whiskey trying to forget about Francesca. So absorbed in his self-pity that he failed to hear his mother and father come in. Until he realized that they were standing over him.

“Angelo why are you lying there drinking.” Vinny asked. Taking the bottle that was half empty.

“It’s all Mom’s fault.”

“She sent me Francesca. Now she wants to kill our baby.”

“Angelo how could this girl you’re usually responsible about these thing.” Vinny looked at his son whose face turned beet red.

“We got carried away dad in the moment.”

“It’s been what two days and you’re already whipped?”

“Shut up Vinny. Did you tell her you would marry her? Cella asked.

“Yeah, kind of sort of.”

“What is kind of sort of Angelo. Did you? Or didn’t you ask her to marry you?”

“Mom it’s complicated.”

“Uncomplicated it Angelo. Where talking about a baby.” His mother said.

“How could you get her pregnant so fast?Angelo?” His father sat down in disbelief.

“We were busy dad, very busy.”

“Yeah like rabbits.”

“Angelo…let me call Giana…Angelo watched his mother speed dial Francesca mother. “Giana tell me she would not kill our grandchild.”

“How could you let her do such a thing?”

“Angelo is here heartbroken.”

“Your daughter is cold and heartless.”

“Mom! She is not cold and heartless. I took advantage of her. She’s mad at me.”

“That’s no excuse to take a life of the innocent. She will burn for this. Oh my poor grandchild.”

Francesca hadn’t seen Angelo since she kicked him out. It was going on five weeks. She ignored all his calls and refused to see. Like an ass she was so freaking upset she hadn’t got plan B. And to top it off her period was late. So her she was sitting on the toilet looking a white stick that had a plus sign. It was official now. She was pregnant and all alone with the exception of LaLa, everyone was mad at her for supposedly aborting a child that didn’t even exist until now.

“How long does it take to read the damn test French? La yelled from the other side of the door. I opened the door and passed her the white stick.

“Oh my God, we going to have a baby.” She yelled happily.

I felt confused, angry and helpless.

“When are you going to tell Angelo?”


“So what are you planning and don’t say abortion or out kill you myself.”

“Adoption I’ll go away and let some nice family have the baby.”

“Yeah, right. Somebody raise our little bambino no way you have maybe two or three months before you start to show. So I suggest you either take the trip or come clean.”

I hated to admit it, but Lala was right. I looked down at my belly. I had at least three months to think about what I was going to do. Right now I wanted some Butter Pecan ice cream and sour cream chips only a Binochi baby would want that combination. She thought heading to the kitchen.

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