Maid For Him

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Chapter 8

Angelo walked up into the kitchen, where his mother stood over the stove stirring a pot. Walking up quietly behind her he kissed her on the cheek. Angelo laughed as his mother jumped up with a scream. Turning he felt the light touch of the dish towel as she smacked him with it. “Hi momma,”

“Angelo why would you do such a thing? Scaring me half to death.” Angelo watch as she his mother gave him a shake of her finger and turned back to stove where he watched as she add, garlic and mushrooms to a hot skillet. “This is a pleasant surprise dinner will be ready soon your father is down in the cave deciding on a bottle of wine.”

“I’m not staying for dinner tonight. I just wanted to know if I could bring a friend for dinner on Sunday.”

Cella turned down the gas on the stove as she turned to look at her son. “OMG your bringing a girl home to meet us. “ Angelo gave a little shrug. Not certain about how his mother was going to respond when he told her who was coming to dinner.

“This is so exciting, I can’t wait to tell Vinny… VINNY!” Angelo listened as his mother yelled for his father. “What’s her name?”

Angelo paused knowing his mother was about to hit the roof when her told her. “Francesca.”

“That woman is not welcome in my house. That baby killer. The spawn of her evil mother” He winced as she yelled profanities in Italian.

“Ma there was never a baby.” Angelo looked at his mother and knew from the look she gave him that she was shocked.

“Ma, I told her to say she was pregnant we hadn’t slept together then. “Angelo watched his mother sit at the island in confusion. “Angelo, what are you saying?”

“I told Francesca to say she was pregnant because I was mad at you for trying to control my life. She was never pregnant.” Angelo watch as his mother rest her head on her hands as if in prayer.

“Angelo I wish I could beat your ass and send you to your room.” Angelo hate seeing the disappointed look on his mother’s and knowing that he put it there made him feel worst..

“How could do such a thing? We raised you better than that. ”

“Ma I’m sorry.”

“And to think you pulled that poor innocent girl into your lie and then you break up with her.”

“No mom she broke up with me “

“Do you blame her? Look at how you used her in your evil plot.

“Mom she broke up with me because I was really trying to get her pregnant.” The look of surprise on his mother almost made him break out in laughter.

“Angelo you’re confusing me. You got her to lie about being pregnant then you try to get her pregnant. I thought you two never slept together.”

“We slept together after I told you mom.”

Cella threw her hands up in exasperation.

“Angelo your need to go see Father Joseph and confess your sins”

“Mom I don’t need to go to confession.”

“Angelo you need confession, I wish I had holy water I would sprinkle it on you.” Cella got up walking over to her skillet.

“Why that girl would continue to speak to you is beyond me, and to think of the things I said to her and Gianna, they must hate my guts. “

“Mom Francesca doesn’t hate you.”

“Angelo I think you should leave. I don’t want to see your face.”

“Mom you can’t be serious.”

“I’m very serious Angelo, I mad at you. I said some mean things to Gianna and Francesca. Gianna called me yesterday and I refused to answer because of yours lies.”


“Don’t ma me, to think that my only son could do such a thing. I am so a shame of you. I have to call them and apologize.” Cella turned spoon in hand like a weapon.

“You don’t deserve Francesca. She’s a good girl you better treat her right this time.” Angelo back away.

“I will ma, although I was mad at first for taking so long to talk to me.”

“Do you blame her? If it were me I would never speak to you again.”

“So I guess its ok for her to come to dinner on Sunday?”

“Angelo stop being silly. The whole Moretti family will come for Sunday dinner. “

“Ma you got to be kidding her father is crazy”

“Angelo! Mark my words the Moretti’s will be here.”


“Don’t ma me Angelo.” Cella pointed.

The both turned as Vinny entered the kitchen two bottles of wine in hand. Looking from Angelo to his wife.” Ok what did I miss?”

“I’ve decided not to tell him yet.” Francesca announced as she burst through the door leading into Lala’s office. Sitting down opposite her friend. She knew by the look on La’s face a speech was about to take place.

“Francesca, you got to be shitting me. How long do you think you’re going to able to keep it a secret?”

“Maybe two or three months.”

“So you two aren’t going to bump pelvic bones?”

“I hadn’t thought about sex?”

“Well you should have, know shirt or dress will be able to conceal a big belly and Angelo’s a hands on guy.

“I guess I didn’t really think it through. I just don’t know how to tell him.”

“Just make away and don’t wait too long.”

“I didn’t realize how much I missed him La until the other night.”

“I realized you missed him when you didn’t stop talking about him and you lost fifteen pounds.”

“Was I that bad?”

“Yes, think about the last time we went clubbing pre and post Angelo.”

“La, what am I going to do?” She began to cry.. She felt her friend’s arms around her as the tears poured. She was an emotional wreck.

“Everything will be ok, I promise. Do you want me to tell him?”

“Hell no that’s even worst. I’ll tell him after the family dinner on Sunday.”

“Your family is having a dinner?”

“No, Cella invited me and the parents to dinner.”

“Woo, that will be a very interesting meal.”

“I know, Angelo told her about the fake pregnancy.”


“What’s so funny?”

“Francesca, the whole situation is ludicrous. He just told his mother that it was a lie when in reality it was the truth. You are pregnant. Isn’t that a hoot?”

Moretti House

“I don’t think we should go Giana.” Gianna smiled up at her husband as she fixed his tie letting him vent before she decided to be the voice of reason.

“The devil of a woman may try to poison the manicotti.”

“Sal, stop it she apparently wants to make peace, since the kids are back together.” Gianna turned taking a finale look in the mirror.

“And why is that a good thing? That little piss ant son of theirs broke my baby’s heart then has the audacity to want her back. And she goes for it.” Gianna smiled at her husband standing behind her knowing that he would never think anyone was good enough for their daughter.

“Sal she broke up with him.”

“Then why the hell would she want him back.”

“She must care for him.”

“See Gianna Francesca, is just like you. You leap than look, instead of looking than leaping.”

“And what is that suppose to mean Salvatore?”

“It means you need to check out the scene first Giana.”

“Your right Sal, I’m a leaper, because that’s exactly what I did when I meet you. Maybe I should have checked out the scene first.”

“See Gi you taking everything out of context.”

“No Sal, I heard you very clearly our daughter is like me a leaper not a looker.”

“GiGi baby look you’re my leaper ok.” Sal took her in his arms kissing her pouted lips. “That Binochi boy isn’t good enough for my baby. Bottom line.”

“Sal no one will ever be good enough for Francesca where you’re concerned. If it where up to you she would live in a convent.”

“You’re absolutely correct, I would rather she become a nun.”


“WE’LL BE RIGHT DOWN.” Giana yelled.

“You ready Sal.”

“Yeah, ready as ever babe.”

Angelo pulled up to his parents’ house not surprised to see that his sister’s family vehicles were parked in front. He knew it was no way his mother would ever have a family dinner without his sisters.

Walking into the house he was greeted by his little nieces Tabitha and Little C who each wrapped around a leg as he walked them into the kitchen.

“Ma, what happened to a small family dinner with Francesca and her parents you, me and dad?”

“Angelo, how could I exclude your sisters?”

“Easy just tell them to stay home.”

“Stop crying Angelo, none of us would miss this one for the world. You bring a girl and her family home. Must mean you’re hooked.” Constance walked past popping him in the head.

“Connie stop it.” Cella shouted. “I want all of you on your best behavior tonight. Remember Sal is the Chief of Police and thinking of running for Mayor and Gianna is my good friend. So I expect your best behavior.”

“Ma. It’s always those two.” Italia pointed. “Me and Nicky just watch.

“And snitch.” Connie and Angelo said in unison.

Francesca couldn’t help but feel nervous the second they arrived. The door was open on the second ring by Angelo who gave her a warm smile and a kiss as he allowed them passage into his family home. Which apparently all of them were at since they were greeted by his parents, sisters their husbands and their children. She watched as her father and mother instantly went into action like the political power couple smiling and greeting everyone as if they’ve known them for year. She watched as they made small talk. “You want a glass of wine?” Angelo asked.

“Oh no I’ve been trying to cut back on the calories.” She lied.

Angelo couldn’t take his eyes off of her. She looked a little thinner and slightly pale which made him wonder if she had been sick. Why hadn’t he noticed that the other night? Maybe he had been so happy to see her. He had truly missed her the time that they were apart. Looking at her now she wore a simple black dress that hugged her curves and accentuated her attributes. Her long brown hair hung in soft curls to the middle of her back. He couldn’t help but give her a kiss on her soft lips. Taking her hand he kissed it not wanting to let go.

“Ok love birds. She’s coming with us lover boy.” Constance stated as Italia and Nicole pulled Francesca away. Angelo watched as the all lead her towards the den. Angelo wanted to protest but his mother had insisted that they behave. To no surprise Ignacio, Marcus and Carlo came for him to play a game of pool before dinner.

“So Francesca what are you intentions in regards to Angelo?” Francesca gave Angelo’s sister a polite smile. “Constance, whatever goes on between me and your brother is our business.”

“Oh you have grandi sfere (big balls), I like that. Constance smiled as she offered Francesca a seat.

“I never had any sisters so I learned to handle myself.” Francesca sat down next to Nicole and opposite Italia and Connie.

“You truly gangasta.” Italia put in.

“Bang. Bang.” Francesca replied.

It was the fifth round of pool when his mother finally called for everyone. As everyone entered the dining room he noticed that his pop had formed a male bonding with Salvatore and Gianna had put on an apron and was helping his mother. It was like something out of the twilight zone as he watched the interaction. What was even creeper. Francesca entering the dining room with Connie laughing like they were old friends. Swallowing the last of his drink he walked over to his woman. Yeah his woman. “Hey babe they didn’t harass you did they? “He asked.

“And if we did what you going to do?” Italia asked.

Angelo put his whole hand up to silence his sister she knocked it away.

“She was safe Angelo.” Nicole put in.

“I’m good, your sisters are awesome.” Francesca replied. “Very protective you. You’re lucky to have them.”

That threw him for a loop. He never thought of his sisters as protectors, more so as meddlers.

“They love you Angelo.”

Everyone sat as Cella and Giana brought out the food. It was as they served the Italian Seafood Stew that Francesca discovered that the smell was making her sick. Covering her mouth she stood.

“It’s through the doors to the left.” Nicole shouted.

Angelo followed her as she stood running to the bathroom. Giana and Sal in tow. Angelo watched as Giana entered the bathroom. He listened with her father from the other side as her mother helped while she discharged the content of her stomach into the toilet. Silently he stood as his mother approached with a concerned look. “Is everything ok?”

“I don’t know she’s still sick.”

Angelo stood back as the bathroom door opened. Giana came out. “Sal get the car now.”

“Giana is she ok.” Cella asked.

“She’s fine.” Angelo looked at Giana and walked past her into the bathroom. His heart hit the floor as he watched her lying her head on the sink.

“French, baby you ok?” He asked holding her from behind.

Francesca straightened up looking at his reflection behind her in the mirror.

“I don’t want you to be mad at me Angelo.’

“French, I’m not mad you got sick.” He couldn’t shake the feeling that she was holding something back.

“Tell me?”

“Please don’t be mad, promise.”

“I promise baby.” Angelo watched as she turned her eyes full of unshed tears.

“I’m pregnant Angelo” The world seemed to spin as her words made contact with his brain. He backed up waiting to her to explain.

“I’m 8 weeks.” He physically backed away.

“When were you going to tell me French?”


“How much later.” He asked.

“How long have you know?”

“I called when, I found out but I didn’t know how to tell you.”

Angelo laughed.

“So the only reason for us getting back together is because you got pregnant.” He back away not wanting to be near her.

“No Angelo, I made a mistake, when I pushed you away.”

“You don’t have to lie French if I’m the father. I’ll take care of my responsibility.”

Angelo walked out the bathroom. His mother stopped him. “Angelo how is Francesca?”

“Your wish has come true Mama. She’s pregnant.”

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