Maid For Him

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Chapter 9

Angelo looked at his mother’s open mouth and wide eyes. If he hadn’t been so eager to escape, the situation her stun look would have left him in tears. Cella, speechless for the first time.

“Where are you going, Angelo? Angelo looked at his father. Who blocked his way out.

“I’m leaving.”

“What are you talking about? Francesca’s sick.”


“Pop, please let go, I need to get out of here.” “What’s going on Angelo?”

“I really don’t feel like getting into it now pop. ”Vinny searched his son’s face for answers.

“We’ll talk later Angelo, go ahead, I got your mother. ”Angelo felt his father release his hold.

“Thanks pop.”

Angelo let his feet guide him through the house until he was through the front door. He needed space. Why would she not tell him as soon as she found out? Rob had been right, it had all been a set up. She did not really care about him. It was because she was pregnant that she wanted to get back together. Snatching his car door open he sat down.

“Angelo you can’t leave that girl like that.” Looking up he realized that his sister stood blocking the door.

He had not heard Connie sneak up on him. She pushed her body against the door as he moved to close it.

“I have to get out of here, I need to breathe.”

“You can breathe in the house and take responsibility.”

“Connie, you need to mind your own business and backup.” Angelo watched her back up and the push the door closed with force.

“This isn’t right. You’re making a big mistake little brother.” She yelled from the other side.

“Then let me make it.”

He gave her one last look as he pulled off, he couldn’t stand to see the look of disappointment in his sister’s face but right now he needed distance between him and Francesca.

An hour later Angelo was sitting next to Rob drinking double shots of Jameson Whiskey. “Don’t say it!” He looked over at Rob. Slamming the empty shot glass on the bar.

“Say what?” Rob drank his shot and slammed his glass on the bar.

“You know.” Angelo pointed to the bartender for a refill.

“Oh, you mean what I said about women and ulterior motives. No I won’t say, I told you so.”

Rob, looked at his friend reflection in the mirror behind the bar as he saluted him. “I’m always right when it comes to the babes. “

“I thought she really wanted to get back together because she cared.”

“And maybe she just needs someone to be a baby daddy.”

Angelo looked over at Rob. “Its mine, I know it.”

“How is that you’re so sure?”

“I didn’t use a condom the last time we were together. I wanted her to get pregnant.”

“YOU WHAT!” Angelo held Rob’s stool steady as it tilted backward with his excitement.

“What the fuck is wrong with you? “

“She caught me off guard, I wasn’t expecting her to affect me like this. I thought I would get some and move on but things got out of hand.” Angelo to a swig of his drink and shock off the burn in his chest.

“You have absolutely lost your mind.”

“You think.”

“Hell yeah. What the hell were you thinking?”

“Well truthfully, I was thinking that this is one hot chick. And, I want her.”

“Man you look all bewitched when you just said that.”

“Maybe I’m bewitched.”

“Then why did you run when she told you she was pregnant.”

“I thought that she wanted us to get back together now I wonder if it was just because she’s pregnant.”

“What difference does it make; she’s back in your life and she brings fruit of your lions.”

“I hope you didn’t think that was funny.”

“Actually, I did.”

“I’m just saying take the chance. Frenchy is good people.” Rob looked down at his buzzing phone.

“Guess who’s calling?” He held up his phone


“Lala, she probably wants to curse you out and figured that we were together.”

“We’ll I guess she better get in line.”

Angelo’s Dream

He slid his hand up her smooth leg until he reach the warm spot between her legs. Using two fingers he rubbed her swollen moist nub, she open wider, her bottom tuck close to his groin she gyrated into him with a moan of pleasure. “Angelo.” Francesca whispered. “Angelo.”

Angelo tried to open his eyes but his lids where just too heavy and his mouth just too dry, to reply and Francesca was fading away. With all the energy he could muster he parted his lids and looked up at the familiar face of his cousin who was swirling around in circles.


Pushing up from the floor Angelo looked around at the familiar surroundings of Victoria’s apartment. His head hurt and his mine was fuzzy, he tried to remember how he had got there.

“Here take this. It might help the hangover.” Taking the cup of coffee she offered and two white pills he a sipped on the hot black brew and popped the pills in his mouth.

“It’s about time you got up, and do something about that.” She pointed.

The dream of Francesca came back to mine as he stood heading to the bathroom. Victoria had interrupted the best part. Looking at his day old facial stubble and sleep ruffled hair. He listened to Victoria from the other side of the.

“You two have been sleeping most of the day away.”

“Me and who?” He asked coming from the bathroom.

“Rob is here too don’t you remember.”

“No, the last thing I remember is sitting at the bar.”

“Yes, well over there on the other side of the couch is Rob passed out.”

“I can’t even tell you how I got here everything’s a blank?”

“Well, I believe by cab, at least I hope so. Anyway congratulations on the good news daddy to be.”

Angelo grabbed for the arm of the couch as the room began to spin and his brain went into over drive as the events of last night came back into his focus. Francesca was pregnant. “She’s pregnant.”

“Hurray! He remembers.”

“How could I forget?”

“Well let’s see, do you remember coming her with Rob last night, you two practically falling through my door, then arguing with my boyfriend. Then you two start fighting I break up the fight you pass out here on the floor and Rob is over there but before the fight you went on and on about Francesca being pregnant. And your mother called your phone like a kagillion times, along with all your sisters.” She smiled. “Looks like, someone is in trouble.”

“Looks that way.” He sat down on the floor.

“So how did Francesca tell you the good news?” Angelo watched as he cousin sat across from him.

“We were having dinner at my parents she got sick, and she told me.”

“And what did you do.”

“The ass walked out on her.” Rob sat up rubbing his head. “That’s what he did.”

“No! Stop! Angelo you didn’t.”

“Yeah, he did.”

“Angelo, you left that poor girl all by herself to deal with your parents and her parents alone after you announce that she was pregnant. That wasn’t very nice of you.” Victoria shook her head in disbelief. “I don’t think I like you very much at this moment.”

“Please Vicky.”

“Know, weren’t you the same drunk guy who laid on my floor here 8 weeks ago telling me how much you loved F R A N C E S C A?”

“Yeah, that big dummy told me the same thing.”

“I plead the fifth.” The beep of his phone announced he had a message from Cella. Pressing the envelope he read. You need to call me now. Lying back on the floor he knew for sure today wasn’t going to be a good one.

Binochi House

Vinny sat in bed trying to watch the news as his wife paced back and forth from the bathroom to the bedroom ranting on about Angelo. He knew she was still mad at him for preventing her from following Angelo when he had left earlier. It had been for the best, when he looked into his sons eyes he knew it would be better for all concerned Angelo had time to calm down. He would talk to Angelo tomorrow. If his wife who gave him evil looks didn’t kill him before then.

“How could you let him leave like that?” Cella stopped in front of TV.

“I thought it was for the best.”

“You sit here watching television when your son has disgraced our family?” Vinny knew that he had no choice but to listen to Cella. If he even thought about walking away there would be hell to pay. So she could block the television from his view he had hit the record button when she started the pacing. “The way he treated Francesca was unacceptable. That poor girl was sick to her stomach because she carries his child, our grandchild Vincenzo and he walks away as if it didn’t matter.”

“Cella, the girl sprung this on him suddenly, give him a chance.”

“Did you see how she looked it was like he ripped her world apart at the seams. It was just mean of him.”

“Cella believe me if I know our son he realizes that he was an ass and now is trying to find a way to make amends.”

“You should have stopped him, so that he could deal with the situation.”

“Angelo and Francesca will deal with the situation, without all of us to interfere, we are the grandparents. Angelo and Francesca are the parents. It is there problem and their decision on what to do. Leave it alone.”

“You know what Vinny you’re absolutely right.”

“Now I’m worried.”

“Why honey?”

“Because when you say I’m right it’s something really wrong.”

“I just remembered something you said.”

“And what was that, not that I’m sure that I really want to know.”

“You said that if Francesca was pregnant you would pay for the wedding.”

“That was the first time when they lied.”

“Oh know you don’t get out of this.”

“Look here Cella, Francesca has parents that have money and she has a very profitable business if they get married she can afford to pay for it. I did my duty three times. “

“So you’re reneging on bet.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about I’m going to bed Cella.”

“You’re going to pay Vinny.”

“Mark my words Cella I won’t be paying for another wedding. I’m still in debt from our three daughters.”

“Whatever Vicenza, we’ll see. Moretti House

“Sal, please relax everything will be ok, the boy’s just in shock. He’ll recover and they’ll be fine.” Giana slid in bed next to her husband. Ready to read her book on Psychic Women until she got sleepy. While her husband read his Guns and Ammo magazine.

“Shock! Shock! I want to shock his ass with my foot up it. “

“Sal obviously Francesca’s known that’s she was pregnant for a while she should have told him when she found out.”

“Giana whose side are you on? It doesn’t matter when he found out, he has responsibilities to our daughter and their baby.”

“They’ll work it out Sal, trust me.”

“You sound so optimistic why?”

“I actually had a dream about this.”

“Giana please, you are not a psychic.”

“See Sal, there you go with your disbelief, a fish in a pond spoke to me.”

“You’re losing it Giana.”

Giana turned to her husband. “Sal the fish said, Gi your daughter will reveal something important and you must let her handle this unless she comes to you for guidance.”

“And this goldfish told you this right.”

“Actually it looked like a clown fish.”

“So now you’re taking advice from Nemo in your dreams.”

“That’s real cute Sal, imagine that.”

“I just did Gi and I had a psychic moment too”

“Is that right?”

“In my dream a donkey came along the road he said you know Sal, watch out for crazy women who think their psychics and talk to fish.”

“Really, Sal?”

“Yeah, because only an ass would claim they talked to a fish.”

“Salvatore Moretti you better run” Giana jumped from the bed grabbing her pillow hitting him in the head.

“Baby why are you upset it was only a psychic moment.”

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