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Growing up as the daughter of an Alpha, Paisley is the ultimate hybrid with a very powerful mother. She’s been anxiously awaiting her 18th birthday, a day her wolf will finally appear. There is only one problem. Since she is part human, there is the possibility she’ll never be able to shift or even have a wolf at all. A day others look forward to their whole lives is shadowed with the fear of disgracing her family and pack’s legacy. The day Paisley started high school, her best childhood friend abandoned her, choosing to befriend the jocks and freeze Paisley out. Asher began to bully her along with his “friends” but, after four years of constantly tormenting her, he’s suddenly had a change of heart? His sudden protectiveness surprises Paisley, and she can’t help but feel like something strange is going on, yet for some reason, she likes it. Then, just when she felt things couldn’t get any worse, a Russian mafia leader kidnaps Paisley because of a debt owed by Asher's father. During her capture, she quickly discovers they are not ordinary people but something much more powerful. Her captor's right-hand man, Zade, seems ruthless at first until he begins warming up to Paisley’s charm. She feels a pull toward him that she can’t explain, and Paisley can tell he feels something too, but can Paisley choose her destiny, or will she be torn apart by a future decided for her?

Romance / Fantasy
C.C. Lopez
5.0 27 reviews
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Chapter 1

*This is a SAMPLE*

The alarm sounds. I reach my hand out to the nightstand, slapping at my phone, knocking it off onto the floor. I lean over my bed to see where it went, but I give up and roll over, pulling the covers over my head falling back asleep.

The alarm goes off again, and I sigh, pulling the covers off then rub my eyes to get them to focus, when I’m able to see straight I hang over my bed searching for my phone. Once I’ve got it in my hand I head for the bathroom to get ready for the day. I pull my hair in a messy bun and avoid the makeup. I feel like it’s just a waste of time.

I walk to my closet, pull some clothes off the hangers, and turn back to the bed, laying them out.

“Paisley?! Are you awake?” My mom yells from the door.

“Yeah,” I shout back, picking up the soft sweater from the bed, slipping it over my head, and then grabbing the pair of black ripped jeans and pulling them up to the middle of my waist. Once I’m finished, I stand, grabbing my backpack from the chair, placing my phone in my pocket, and my books in my bag. I walk out of my door, heading for the kitchen to grab breakfast.

As I round the corner I find my mom cooking bacon, eggs, and pops bread in the toaster.

“Morning, mom,” I tell her, opening the fridge, grabbing the orange juice, and grabbing a glass from the cupboard.

“Hey, sweetie, can you drop Hunter off on your way to school? Your dad had a meeting this morning, and I have to leave in a few minutes to meet with the Luna from another pack,” She explains, taking the toast out and putting it on a plate.

I take a drink of my juice and place my cup on the counter. “Sure, mom,” I tell her, grabbing the toast and walking for the door.

“Paisley? Remember tonight, Amelia and the kids are coming for dinner. Can you and Asher try to get along this time, Please? I don’t understand how you two despise each other so much,” My mom says, looking at her phone that’s ringing.

“Bye mom, love you!” I shout, raising my hand over my head to wave, walking out before she can talk to me more about Asher.

I head to my car when Hunter runs up behind me. “Hey, nerd, ready for another day of torture?” He slaps my arm as he bursts out laughing.

I send him an icy glare at his remarks.“Why did mom and dad have to have another kid?” I sigh heavily and open the car door getting in. Hunter jogs around to the other side, getting in too.

“Why do you insist on keeping this car?” He asks, wiping some dust off the dash.

“Because mom gave it to me for my 16th birthday, and it’s something Grandpa Benjamin left to her,” I tell Hunter starting the engine.

I pull out of the driveway, heading for Hunter’s school. He is in his last year of middle school, and then he goes to high school with me. I turn into the parking lot. Hunter pulls down the visor to look at himself in the mirror while combing his dark brown hair to one side. Once he finishes, he turns to me with his brown eyes sporting a smirk. “Later, loser,” He laughs hysterically, slamming my door.

“Hey! don’t slam the doo...” I shout, but he is already gone. I roll my eyes and pull away.

As I pulled into the parking lot of Aberdeen High and found a spot in the back, I put the car in park, grabbed my bag and got out, heading for the school.

Walking through the parking lot, I see Asher with his usual jock friends sitting on his truck’s tailgate. “Ugh,” I sigh. They think they are so hot since they got tattooed.

It is a right of passage in the Aberdeen pack for the boys to start getting tattoos once they hit age 15. They need to be finished with their tattoos when they reach their age to meet their wolf. My dad and Uncle Paul, along with all the male pack members, have done it. It’s annoying when all the teenage girls drool over your dad. I roll my eyes at the thought of my dad being hot. A cringed look appears on my face. “Disgusting,” I say under my breath, gagging like there is an awful taste in my mouth. I bring my attention back to reality and think they are just a bunch of stupid tattooed douches.

Asher and I used to be friends, but our friendship faded as we got older because he wanted to be a jerk.

Asher looks at me for a second, then turns back to his friends. Trent jumps off the tailgate and starts his usual bashing of me. “Hey Jacobson, how is it your dad is a big tough Alpha, and your mom is a complete hottie, and they created you?” Trent says, laughing then high-fiving another guy. I only roll my eyes and continue without even giving him the satisfaction of hurting my feelings.

My parents had me when my mom was a human, But she turned out to be a witch and half-wolf too. So I am a human, wolf, and witch. The perfect combination to be a loser. We won’t know until my 18th birthday if I can shift, so I get treated differently in my pack.

As I almost get past the group of boys. Asher surprises me by jumping off his tailgate and poking Trent’s chest. “Enough, dude, it’s not funny anymore,” He growls, grabbing his bag from his truck and walking past Trent, towards the school, never looking in my direction. Trent stands there dumbfounded by his best friend’s outburst.

I narrow my eyes with confusion. Why is he standing up for me? I think to myself and begin walking to class when I hear someone running up from behind me.

“Paisley, wait up!” Elaina yells, catching up to me. Elaina is my best friend, along with Stephanie, who is usually late, so we meet her inside. They are both nerds, just like me. “Hey, what was that all about?” She asks curiously.

“I don’t know. Trent was a dick like usual, but for some reason, Asher got mad,” I responded. She gives me a very bewildered look. and I shrug. “Don’t ask me,” I told her, and we continued walking to the school.

We enter the school and head for our lockers, which are only a couple apart. I put my bag inside and grab my books for my English class.

“So the Aberdeen ball is coming up soon. Do you think Trent will go?” Elaina asks hesitantly.

I glare at her for a moment. “I’m not sure why you even like that asshole?” I say, closing my locker and lifting a brow at her. She shrugs, and I roll my eyes. “My parents may be the Alpha and Luna, but I don’t plan on attending the ball. I am not going to dress up for something so degrading to girls just to find a stupid mate.” I declare, turning to walk to class. “I’ll see you later,” I shout, walking off down the hall. She yells something back, but I couldn’t hear.

Opening the door to my English class, walking to my usual seat, I put my things down. Trent takes the desk behind me. I hate that I pretty much have every period with Asher and his stupid friends.

“So Paisley, why is it you hide under those clothes? Are you secretly fat?” Trent asks, cracking up. I take a deep breath and turn around to face him, to find Asher watching us with an annoyed expression.

I removed my gaze from Asher and glared at Trent. “Trent, why do you have to be such an ass? I may not be a hottie like my mom, but I definitely have her Luna attitude. So leave me the fuck alone, you douche,” I say, turning back around. Trent huffs, crossing his arms. His friends burst out laughing, and I glance back at Asher again, and he looks irritated. I roll my eyes then face the teacher.

The bell rings, and I pick up my things and stand to head for the door. when Trent bumps his shoulder into me so hard it knocks my stuff all over the place. “Wow, you’re such an ass,” I snap, bending down to pick up my things from the floor.

Trent came towards me, I stood quickly, pushing him away, but he grabbed my arm. “let go of me,” I shout, trying to pull away from him.

Asher rushes over, grabbing Trent’s hand off me. He gets in Trent’s face. “What the fuck is your problem?” He growls, pushing him back into the desk, and quickly pulls me behind him.

“You’re going to protect this little bitch?” Trent yells out, coming back towards us. And before he can say anymore, Asher clocks him in the jaw knocking him on his ass. I gasp, covering my mouth as I hide behind Asher, peaking around him.

“I told you that was enough, you will leave her alone, got it?!” He snarls at Trent, pointing his finger at him. Asher is about to start throwing more punches when I grab him, pulling him off.

“Asher, stop!” I cry out of fear and tremble as I’ve never been in this kind of situation before. I have never seen Asher so pissed. He pulls me away from Trent, taking me towards the hall.

“Asher, stop! what are you doing?” I say, pulling my arm away from him.

He stops turning towards me. “I am not going to watch him talk to you like that and when he put his hands on you, that was it,” He growls, not able to look me in the eye.

I narrow my eyes at him bewildered. “What is going on? You are acting crazy. We don’t even like each other Asher, why are you protecting me right now?” I question, searching his face for an answer.

He never meets my eyes. “I have to go,” He sighs, then walks past me, punching the locker closest to him, making me jump. I stand in the hall, dumbfounded.

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