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Chapter 2

After I finished all my classes for the day, I grabbed my things to head home. Asher and I said nothing more to each other, and Trent kept quiet.

I headed for the parking lot, and as I approached my car, taking out my keys when Trent ran up to me, blocking my car’s entry.

“What the hell, Trent? Can’t you leave me alone? Was the ass-kicking you took from Asher not a good enough reason?” I asked, trying to walk past him.

Trent narrowed his eyes at me. “Are you giving it up to Asher? Is that why he is acting differently with you?” Trent questioned curiously with a grin.

I rolled my eyes. “You’re an idiot,” I retorted. He tried grabbing my face. I slapped his hand away. “Get the hell away from me, you fucking creep!” I snapped, pushing past him and getting in my car, then cranking the engine, peeling out of the parking lot.

I’m so confused right now. The full moon is tonight. I wonder if that has something to do with the way the boys are acting? Asher protected me, and Trent acted jealously. What is their problem? This makes little sense. I thought as I turned onto my street and pulled into my drive, parking. I sat there for a moment, taking in what just happened. My phone pinged, and I pulled it out of my bag.

Stephanie: “What happened to you today? We always meet after school, but you just disappeared.”

Paisley: “Sorry, something came up.”

Stephanie: “Okay, do you want to meet later?”

Paisley: “I can’t, My parents have people coming over for dinner since the full moon we always have a moon get together. Can we meet for coffee in the morning?”

Stephanie: “Sure, I will text Elaina to meet us too. I’ll see you then.”

Paisley: “Okay, love ya.”

I placed my phone back in my bag, stepped out of the car, grabbed my things, and swung the heavy car door shut. I proceeded to the house at a slow pace, Creeping the door open, hoping not to grab anyone’s attention. I rushed for the stairs.

“Paisley?” My dad called from his office. I stopped sighing, then turned around and headed for his office.

I walked to the door, stopping in the door frame, leaning against it. “Yeah, dad?” I said, looking at him.

“The school called saying you and some other students were arguing. Is this true?” He asked, looking up from his papers.

I sighed, “Yeah, but it wasn’t Asher’s fault Trent was a dick, so Asher punched him,” I claimed, biting my nails nervously.

“Why would Asher punch his best friend?” He asked, lifting a brow.

“I have no clue, dad. He was acting weird all day, but I’m sure he was just having a bad day,” I responded, looking behind me into the hall, trying to give my dad a clue that I wanted to go to my room.

“Okay, you can leave but be ready for dinner. Paul and Amelia will be here in an hour.” He declared, walking over and kissed my forehead. I gave my dad a slight smile and turned on my heels for my room.

As I walked into my room, I threw my things in the chair and flopped down on my bed, falling back and stared at the ceiling. I laid there for a while when my door burst open “AH!!” I screamed, startled, sitting up to look at the person standing there. “Asher, what the fuck?” I yelled in a whisper.

“We need to talk now,” Asher insisted, sitting next to me on the bed.

“About what?” I questioned, looking at him, puzzled.

“About today, I haven’t told my parents, and I was hoping we could keep it between us if they find out they may not let me play in tomorrow’s game,” Asher explained. I grimaced, then looked away quickly. “Please, Paisley,” Asher pleaded, grabbing my hand.

My eyes narrowed. “I’m sorry, Asher, my dad, already knew. He called me to his office when I came home, and I couldn’t lie to him,” I replied, moving my hand from his.

“Shit!” He stood, pacing my room, then turned back to me. “This is the reason no one likes you because you’re such a good girl,” He snapped, leaving the room quickly.

I looked down at the floor. I normally don’t let Asher’s words get to me, but this time, it felt different. It hurt to hear him say that, and a tear escaped my eyes. I wiped it away quickly, composing myself to face him once again.

It’s now 7:30. Everyone finished eating and went outside.

I trailed along behind them, exiting out the sliding glass door, and took a seat next to my mom and Amelia, turning to see Asher playing catch with my brother. Hunter looked up to Asher as a role model, which is weird. My brother thinks highly of the guy that has teased me for almost four years. Asher looked over, and his smile faded, bringing his attention back to Hunter. I rolled my eyes and turned to listen in on my mom’s conversation, pulling out my phone, pretending to text.

I can’t hear everything, but it’s about Asher.

“Well, the other day, he had such an attitude, and Paul told him to watch it, and he blew up at us, leaving abruptly,” Amelia explained to my mom.

My mom took a drink of her wine. “Wow, what do you think is going on?” My mom asked. They both turned to look at Asher.

“Paul said he thinks his wolf has appeared, and Asher is going through the faze. Paul also said boys go through the change a lot sooner than girls,” Amelia proclaimed, noticing that I’m listening.

“Paisley, are you eavesdropping?” My mom asked, scolding me with her gaze.

I shrugged and redirected my stare. They both laughed at my awkwardness. “Malachi, come get your daughter. She looks bored,” My mom shouted over the lawn, using her hand to make it echo.

I turned to see my dad coming towards me. I got up from my chair, dropping my phone in the seat, trying to run for the entrance when he caught me mid-run, throwing me over his shoulder. “Daddy, put me down,” I squealed, giggling.

My dad ran full speed towards the pool. “Dad, you better not!” I shouted, turning my attention to everyone around me who is now laughing at my expense.

I saw a smirk appear on Asher’s face, but before I can say anything to insult him, my dad jumped in the pool with me still on his shoulder.

The water hits my body like icicles. My body reached the bottom as I separated from my father. I opened my eyes. The water is clear, and I can see the bubbles from my mouth floated to the surface. I took in the sparkles of the water that flashed all around the pool from the lighting, and my mind relaxed, taking me to a place where you don’t have to worry about high school drama and the pressures of living up to your family’s legacies. But I forget I needed air to breathe. When I realized I had been underwater longer than I should, my brain told me to swim, but my heart told me to stay. My decision to stay put was not considered as muscular arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me to the surface.

As I broke free of the water. I gasped for the air my lungs were searching for. Asher stared at me with concern. I stared back at him in a trance. My dad cleared his throat, and I looked at him, and he gave me a stern look. Asher shook his head like he is pulling himself away from his thoughts. “What were you thinking?” He said with annoyance in his tone. He doesn’t give me a chance to answer and swam to the edge, getting out, not saying another word.

I moved my arms in the water to keep myself afloat, unable to wrap my head around everything. I see Asher picked up his keys and left a kiss on his mother’s cheek, then marched towards the front of the house, and I got this urge to follow him, so I pulled myself out of the pool and ran after him.

“Paisley, where are you going?” My dad yelled after me, but I didn’t answer. I kept running, which is so much harder when your clothes are soaking wet.

“Asher? Wait!” I shouted, catching up to him. He turned to face me but was not making eye contact. “What is going on? Why are you acting like this? We have had dinners every weekend and on full moons since we were kids. What the hell is going on with you?” I questioned. He still avoided contact with me.

“Paisley, let’s leave it alone. I’m sorry, I have to go,” Asher said, getting in his truck and leaving without another word. I stood in the drive with this feeling I couldn’t explain.

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