Disguised Exotics

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Royal Heart Betrayal


I stood there in shock and my heart feeling strange in my chest.

King Vhyl was my stranger. He was the one touching me and bringing me pleasure. I never would have thought it was him but here we are. I bit my lip feeling played. Now I know why he didn’t want me to take off his mask.

“Princess...” He took a step towards me, forcing me to take a step back.

“I...I left my bracelet and...” Gosh, I couldn’t finish my sentence. I couldn’t focus on what to say because my mind was still processing who my masked stranger really is.

Guilt was all over his face. “Cherry, I didn’t-” Here comes his excuse or maybe his lies. I didn’t want to hear it. I truly didn’t. I was already embarrassed by myself for not trying harder to figure out his true identity.

“Don’t do that,” I interrupt him. My anger was rising, overpowering the sadness I was feeling. “Don’t pretend you didn’t enjoy what you did.”

I walked over to the stand to grab the bracelet that will take me home and as soon as I get there, I will throw this beautiful item over my balcony. Ugh, why did I...I can’t even look at him.

“Cherry, just give me a minute to explain.” He grabbed my upper arm, stopping me from taking another step in the direction of the stand.

“I don’t want your explanation. I want to go home,” I snatch my arm from his grasp.

I grabbed the bracelet and it was snatched out of my grasp. I turned around to face him and his look was guilt but a stubborn look crossed his face. “You brought me no choice.”

I gaped at him, my blood boiling. “How did I do that, King Vhyl? Did you only want to court me just to get to my body?”

He frowns, looking down at me with a disturbed look. “No,” He said quickly. “I courted you because...” His voice trailed off, looking off to the side.

I stared up at him, waiting. He wanted to tell me but he was holding back. My face softened and my conscious mind reached out to hear him out but there was a side of me that wanted to just flee from him and never look back.

He sighed, frustratedly. “I-I can’t tell you. Not yet.”

“Then there is nothing else to talk about.” I held out my hand. “Give me the bracelet, please.”


“Damn it, Vhyl. Give me the bracelet.” I cried in frustration, desperate to go home.

Defeatedly, he gave me the bracelet and I didn’t hesitate to put it on my wrist. I twisted it quickly and red smoke engulfed me.

I was in my room within minutes and I took the bracelet instantly. I threw it somewhere across my room and pulled my covers back and slipped into bed. The darkness consumed me in my bedroom.

My heart was feeling strange and my eyes were stinging. I sniffed, covering my closed mouth to keep from crying out loud. There was so much that I wished that didn’t happen. I allowed him access to my body and during that time he hasn’t once told me his identity.

No wonder he knew my name.

I sniffed, wiping my face, and closing my eyes. I didn’t go to sleep with a peaceful mind.

And that was all thanks to the King that introduced me to ecstasy in so many ways in one night.

Morning came quickly and I didn’t want to get out of bed but I refused to stay and mope over something I can’t change. What happened between the King and me, happened. There was nothing I could do about but move on with my life.

My chambermaid came and helped me dress in my simple elegant gown. I took my brush through my hair and styled it how I wanted. Once I approved of my appearance, I went down to breakfast. The guards opened the door and I was escorted by one to the royal dining room. Once outside the dining room, the doors opened and I was greeted by my family. I forced a smile and bid everyone good morning.

I sat quietly during breakfast and ate. My siblings talked amongst themselves along with my parents. I, on the other hand, kept to myself and thought about my future activities of the day. I had a couple of lessons today and after, I had free time to do whatever I pleased.

“Cherry?” I heard my father call out, gaining my attention from my thoughts.

“Yes?” I smiled, hopefully sounding alright.

“You’re too quiet this morning. Everything okay?” Concern evident in his tone.

“Yes,” I shifted, sitting up straighter in my seat. “Everything is okay.”

He didn’t too convinced as well as my mother. Before either could speak on it, the doors to the royal room opened, and in came Billy. He had a folded sealed piece of paper, a letter, and I assumed it was for either one of my parents about royal business. He shocked me when he bowed to the royal family and walked in my direction.

“Princess Cherry.” He offered the sealed letter.

I swallowed hard, my nerves running around inside me with anxiousness. I accepted the sealed letter and he was off about his day. I placed the letter to the side, having a feeling who it was possibly from. I continued with my breakfast but my mother’s curiosity became known.

“Who is it from?”

I shrugged and continued eating.

“Open it then.”

I looked at my mother. “Do I have to do it now? I am eating?”

She frowns, clearly disliking what I said. “Shall I read it?”

“It was addressed to me, mother.”

She opened her mouth to respond when father stepped in. Thankfully. “Leave her be, Ciene.”

My mother huffed. “I am just interested in who she received a letter from. Is it from Prince Blaze?”

I frowned. “Why would it be from him?” Unless....“Did you reach out to him along with other unmated males?”

“Maybe. You are of age, Cherry.”

I turned to look at my father and he wore a tired look. “I thought you talked to her about the subject, dad.” It’s been a whole month and reaching some days of the week.

“I did.” He said, giving my mother that look. Of course, she ignored.

Now, my siblings were interested. Their eyes looking between the three of us.

“You ruined your chances with King Vhyl. Now, it’s time to move forward and find you another suitable male to marry.”

I slammed my hands on the table, my collectiveness slipping away from me in one rush. I couldn’t take it anymore. She was literally trying to drive me insane with all the pressuring of marriage.

“Cherry,” My father called out warning me to calm down.

I ignored it. I wasn’t going to sit down and continue to hear my mother’s wants for me. I was done. Done with her and the ways she thinks will make me happy and secure my future.

“I am so sick of hearing what you want for me. I don’t want to marry and your constant pressure is making it worse on your behalf. How about you let me decide on what I want to do with my life. Let me live it the way I want to. All you are doing is suffocating me!” I yelled, pushing out of my chair, grabbing the note, and rushing out of the dining room.

The trip to my room didn’t take me long. I switched the latches, locking the door to anyone that could cause me disturbance. Forget my lessons. I just wanted to keep to myself and not hear anything from anyone.

I was already secretly going through something right now and I tried to keep my emotions bottled up and keep from lashing out but my mother just had to bring up marriage and suitable males.

I walked away from my door and threw myself on my bed and closed my eyes. All I wanted to do was just cry but I willed myself not to. I believed in myself. I believed in my strength. And I believed in my heart.

I look at the letter and saw his initials. I stared at them for some time and decided I was not going to open the letter.

After what we did, I don’t think it’s a need for us to talk at all.

Especially, now that I have passionate feelings for him.

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