Disguised Exotics

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Royal Ball


They didn’t stop. The letters. Vhyl did everything to try to talk to me during the days but I did not respond. Especially to the passionate messages, he sent through my head. A week has passed and tonight was a ball planned for me. Thanks to my mother.

She invited different kingdoms from this dimension and more. I was forced to go and I had to make myself social. My chambermaids had finished helping look the exotic princess tonight as my mother requested. I wore a satin gold brownish gown with a long loose slit opening that showcases one of my legs. My sleeves were loose and cuffed at the end and opening cuts at the shoulder were held together by a thin string of material. I wore a strapless tan bra to lift my breast, per my mother requested. My white hair was straight, flames burning in the end. My gold royal jewels decorated across my head like a crown and gold chains connected across my horns. I wore gold diamante tasseled four-inch heels and to finish off my look, I wore my royal necklace.

A knock was heard on my door and opened immediately. I smiled when I saw it was my siblings in the mirror. I turned and greeted them with a smile. I waved my chambermaids off.

“What are you guys doing here? Aren’t you suppose to be downstairs?”

“We are here to walk with you to the ballroom.” Zavier smiled at me.

“There’s a lot of people down there,” Casiun said making me nervous.

It was no surprise. After all, my mother planned it.

Zypher smiles at me. “You look beautiful, Cherry.” Causing my smile to broaden.

“Thank you,” I look at the twins’ gold suits and Zaviers white laid down hair, and Casiun’s black wild hair. Zypher was in a pretty gold sequenced dress with her black hair curled. “You guys look amazing.”

“Shall we? We can hear mother’s annoyance of our tardiness.” Zavier said, knowingly and we all agreed. I linked arms with Casiun and Zypher with Zavier.

We talked the whole way there. We laughed and teased each other as we always did. I loved my brothers and sister. They were supportive of me and me, them. No doubt they understood the arguments or disagreements between my mother and me. They know I have been going through something and the fact that they all came to my room and was escorting me to the ball was lovely.

We turned the corner and walked down the main stairs. We could hear the soft music and the loud catering of other creatures the closer we get closer. The guards stood outside the entrance of the ballroom and my eyes went wide. I shouldn’t be shocked at the number of people here because Casiun mentioned it but I didn’t expect it to be this many people.

“Oh, there you four are!” My mother’s voice hit my ears. She was linked with father and they were dressed up differently as a King and Queen would often do.

“I want you four to be social tonight and wear smiles.” Mother says.

“And respect your peers,” Father warned, looking specifically at the twins.

Zypher giggled and I smiled knowingly. The twins might be young gentlemen at times but other times, they loved to play tricks. Especially on older people. They had the best reaction and would get so worked up. They gave father a mirrored coy grin.

“Yes, father,” They spoke in unison.

Father gave them a skeptical look and mother gave me a firm look before walking off to be social with their guest.

I looked down at my siblings. “Let’s be on our best behaviors.” They gave me mischievous looks and they walked off in different directions.

I chuckled and walked further into the crowd. The music played nicely in the background and I saw a great number of people dancing in the center. I kept a forced smile on my face as I looked around the room, pretending to look interested.

“Cherry!” A familiar voice called out. I turned and smiled widely when I saw my best friends.

“Victoria! Raver!” I smiled and embraced each one of them into a long hug. They hugged me back with just as much excitement.

We had moved past the whole catching your friends having an intimate moment thing. Now, they were a couple now. Raver and Victoria, the Dragonborn and Pixie fairy. I was happy for them.

“You’re looking sexy in that dress,” Victoria commented with a smile.

I sighed. “Thank my mother for that.” Honestly, I would have worn a simple gown but my mother had a theme tonight and it wasn’t my choice.

“She did right. All these fine males here.”

Raver cleared his throat and gave Victoria a dangerous look. I chuckled when she smiled at him innocently.

We fell into conversation, drinking from wine glasses. I felt a tap on my shoulder, taking me away from our conversation and gaining not only mine but my friends’ attention.

“Oh, how do you do, Prince Blaze.” I forced a smile.

“Princess Cherry,” He smiles, a look of interest. “Would you allow me a dance?” He held out his hand, awaiting my answer.

I turned back to look at my friends and they both motioned me to go for it before leaving me alone with him to go on the dance floor. I turned back to face him.

“Why not,” I shrugged, accepting his hand.

He escorted me to the dance floor and we found a spot. The song was a bit uppity. I placed my hand on his shoulder and his on my waist leaving our free hands to connect. We danced the happy waltz and I was hoping it would be in silence but he wanted a conversation and I didn’t want to be rude.

“I was hoping we could go somewhere and talk after our dance.”

“About?” I question as he turned us.

“Something important. Queen Ciene has mentioned that you were looking for available males.”

I looked up at him with wide eyes. “I am not looking for any companionship at the moment. I told her this.”

He frowns, confusion on his face. “Why not? At our age, we should be looking for a mate.”

I blew out an annoyed breath. “Perhaps so, but I am not looking for one. You and any other male that’s been informed will be disappointed.”


“May I cut in?”

My heart dropped as I felt him behind me. I didn’t dare turn around to look at him. I didn’t want to show that I had been affected by him just standing behind me.

“You don’t have to,” I told to Prince Blaze.

He looked at me in shock at my defiance towards a King. A small growl filled my ears and Prince Blaze looked up with fear before making the decision to leave us after a bow. The song chose the right moment to change into something soft and gentle.


I turned around, finally meeting those pitch-black eyes that showed gentleness. I sighed, not wanting to cause a dramatic scene, and defying a King will be a serious situation. I didn’t want to cause it due to my stubbornness. My hand was in his and his other wrapped around my waist, securely.

I breathed in his masculine scent as he guided us slowly along the floor. My eyes never left his. We didn’t speak from our mouths but our eyes were speaking everything. He pulled away slightly and twirled me. That’s when I noticed it was just us on the dance floor and it made me feel uneasy.

I bet my mother was having a happy dance off somewhere at the sight of just dancing with the King I rejected.

He drew me back into his chest and my emotions were becoming juggled. I bit my lip, finally looking away from his eyes and down to his chest. I felt so many eyes on us and I didn’t understand why. What was so special about me dancing with King Vhyl.

I felt him move his hand and gripped my chin, lifting my head up to meet his gaze once again.

“Can we go somewhere and talk privately.”

“I don’t know-” I tried to look away from his intense eyes but he didn’t let me, his grip tightening.

“Please, princess.” A pleading look covering his face. “I promise to leave after if it’s what you truly want. Just...just hear me out.”

I sighed. “Okay.”

I just hoped he would actually open up to me and tell me everything that I wanted an answer to.

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