Disguised Exotics

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Royal Explanation


Our dance ended and we walked in the direction of the exit with linked arms. The eyes on us lessened by the time we walked through the exit. I led him up to my room and the guards opened my door and did not utter a single question. The doors closed and I locked the latch so no one could interrupt.

I walked past him to my balcony and he followed. I removed the lock and opened the doors, walking out. I walked to the railing and leaned back against it.

“The floor is yours.” I motioned the center between us, waiting for him to talk.

He stepped outside and kept a good distance between us. “I hope you can forgive me.” He starts. “I know you’re angry that I deceived you and didn’t give you a reason to stay that night.” I watched his hand clench then unclench. “But I swear it wasn’t for me to make you feel hurt.”

I closed my eyes. “Just tell me, Vhyl. Why did you do it?”

“Do you remember the night inked your skin temporarily?” He questioned and I nod, remembering it perfectly. “You said you’ve never seen an Infernal do that and you’re right. I’m not just Infernal, Cherry.”

I stare at him for a while before understanding. The pieces are coming together. He was a mixed breed.

“What another half...?”


I gasp. Those are very dark creatures. They’re well known for their murderous ways. Black eyes, bloody wear, and evil thoughts and getting into their victim’s minds. They are scary. Never did I think he was mix with than.

“That’s how you can get into my mind,” I say more to myself than him.


I took in that little information, not getting upset due to the knowledge of more to come. He exhaled a breath. “As mean and horrified Stygians are made to be, they aren’t. They have this thing called soulbound.”

“Soulbound?” The term sounded familiar but I could not recall the term in Stygian translation. Soulbound meant different things for different creatures.

“Lifemate.” His eyes boring into mine as if staring into my soul.

My heart was beginning to speed in pumps within my chest as I continue putting the pieces together. So he thought I was...pft, no way.

“How do they know who their mates are?”

“It works different ways for most but some are common. Some share sight, vision. Others can share special power. It many ways from what I heard and seen. You just know.”

“And you know that I am your soulbound?”

He nods his head, taking a step closer. I sidestepped him. My mind reeling. “How did you know?”

He sighed. “During the time, I was searching for a Queen and your name was there at the top. Your mother did send a letter to everyone that she thought was suitable for her daughter. Even though our first meeting didn’t go well, I felt a strange feeling about you. Royal Chambers was a coincidence. It was a masked party and the secret identity stuck with. I hoped you’d return and when you did, our connection developed into something more. Confirmation of you being mine was the minute I heard you in my mind and that doesn’t happen to a simple Infernal.”

I didn’t know that. Oh gosh. I turned and faced the kingdom. So, I was his mate. This was too much to process. It was a lot.

“Cherry?” I felt him behind me, causing me to exhale a breath. I felt his hands on my shoulders while I continued to process everything he told me. It was brief but told me everything.

“Why didn’t you just tell me?”

He sighed. “After our first encounter, I figured you’d be upset that you were paired to me. I thought I had no choice but to just keep everything a secret until the perfect moment but...I know you don’t want to be a Queen.”

Did I really not want to be a Queen?

I think my disinterest in becoming Queen was my mother’s doing. The constant pressure was just too much and going to my head. I turned to face him. I was about to admit something to him and I hoped it wouldn’t be a regret to me.

“I don’t have interest but I can get used to it over time. Maybe even love it.”

He looked down at me with wide eyes. “So, what are you saying?”

“I’m saying that I could try.” I murmured softly.

He smiled down at me and his lips found mine instantly, sharing his excitement with me.

I thought it would be a quick kiss but it transpired into something deeper.

Our development has yet to be over but I believed deep down I could be what I am meant to be overtime.

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