Disguised Exotics

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Royal Decision


I moaned as he pinned me against his chest. One of my legs over his arms and the other wrapped around his torso. His other arm was wrapped securely around my waist as he slammed inside me standing up. He brought me down on him repeatedly and I met every hard thrust he gave.

His speed picked up and my moans turned into screams. I lost all control there as he gave it to me. He slowed before thrusting so hard inside me causing my release. I voiced a loud scream and my thighs shook. My hand hit against his sweaty chest, not knowing what to do as I lost my mind. I squeezed around his throbbing dîck so hard, he grunts deeply and hisses. I felt him paint the inside of my walls with his gold cûm within seconds.

Fuck, that was too intense.

He laid me down on my bed but didn’t move from between my thighs. I felt his cum burning inside me. He was still inside me, his body against mine as we panted for air. I moaned, filled with fatigue at our previous activity. My arms around his neck, one of my hands in his damp hair while he breathed against the crook of my neck. Our bodies thick with sweat as we enjoyed each other’s bare skin contact.

“I-I hope I wasn’t too loud,” I say tiredly, breaking our comfortable silence.

“Your beautiful moans are music to my ears.” He murmurs tiredly against my neck.

His words made me smile. “You’re sweet,” I combed my fingers through his hair. “But that’s not what I meant, Vhyl. We’ve been gone from the ball for quite some time. What if we someone heard us?”

He kissed my neck. “If they did, they would’ve interrupted us the minute they heard us. Unless...”

I moved my head, shifting it to look him in his eyes. “Unless, what?”

“Unless the kingdom is full of perverts and they’re into that.”

I took my hands away from his hair and lifted on my elbows, well, tried to. His heavy body was still on mine. “Vhyl,” My voice filled with worry at the thought of someone just doing that. “What if you’re right?”

“Relax, love. I will take full responsibility if you’re truly worried.” He promised, staring me in my eyes.

I relaxed and laid back down on the bed. He lifted his body with his arms and stared down at me. “What?”

“I want you.”

I chuckled. “You already had me.”

He chuckled, shaking his head. “No, princess.” He sighs. “I mean as mine.”

I was his soulbound mate. After everything, I felt like I knew what I wanted. Especially with him. I may be a stubborn Infelnal female but I never failed to tell what I wanted. I also knew what I was feeling and I was going with my heart. We didn’t have to say love just yet. I know the feeling would develop with no problem unless it already has.

“Only if you agree to be mine and,” I paused, my face transforming into something serious. “not deceive me again.”

He smirks. ” I can promise the first part but I have gotten use to the idea of wearing masks in our bedroom.”

I rolled my eyes. He knew what I meant and he sealed his promise to never deceive me again with his lips.

“When shall we announce our future to the public?” I asked him.


My eyes grow wide. “What? No, it’s too early and I don’t want to give my mother the satisfaction.” I shook my head.

He moved from my arms, sitting up. I felt his member slide from inside me causing an involuntary moan to slip from my lips. I covered my mouth with my hands and looked up at his predator like gaze. He grabbed my legs and pulled me to the edge of the bed. He spread my thighs part, balling them at my knees, and staring down at me. I felt something leak from me vaginally and no doubt it was his come.

“Your lucky it’s not a full sun otherwise you’d be pregnant with my heir.”

Heat rushed to my cheeks at the thought of me having a round belly, carrying his child. Of course, that won’t be for a while now. He leaned forward, finding my lips. His tongue slid inside my mouth and I grabbed onto his shoulders, bringing him close to me.

I jumped at the sudden knock at the door. “Cherry?” My eyes went wide in worry at the sound of my mother’s voice. I looked at Vhyl and he was smirking down at me.

He grazed his now again hard member up my slit causing me to shudder at the slick feel of the stud. I was tender down there and he was trying to get me in trouble.

“One second!” I yelled at the door, moving to get up when I was pushed back down. “Vhyl,” I said his name in a warning and I earned myself a defiant look from him.

“Cherry, what are you doing in there? Come out this instant. You can’t hide from your responsibilities.”

“I’m notttt.” I gasped when I feel him push his pierced head inside me. I placed my hands on his chest instantly stopping him from going any further. I gave him a pleading look, scared that I will get caught in a....complicated way that I didn’t want to explain to my mother and especially my father.

“You have ten seconds to open this door before I have someone bring it down! Ten...nine....”

He planted a quick kiss on my lips and waved his hands in the air, pulling away from me. In to seconds, we were both dressed in our ball clothes.

I kissed him with my appreciation and hurried to the door, moving the latches and pulling it open.

“What is going on with you....” her voice trailed off when she caught sight of Vhyl in the room, standing near my bed. “Oh, King Vhyl, I didn’t know you were in here.”

She turned to face me and her eyes said it all. Why didn’t I give her warning was what she say if he couldn’t hear us. I shrugged and put my hands behind my back.

“Kind of strange to find you in my daughter’s chambers. We you walked off together, I assumed you guys would have an argument. We didn’t see you two return to the ballroom in a while. I got worried and hoped Cherry was here. Thankfully she was but with you.”

“As you can see, mother. There’s nothing for you to worry about.”

She disregarded my words. “I hope she hasn’t been too difficult with you. Cherry is a handful. Would you mind sharing what was taking you two so long. I am a mother looking after her daughter.”

I groaned in annoyance at her facade. I placed my hand in my head knowing she just wanted to be nosy and intrusive like always.

A delicious handful.

I heard him in my mind making me lift my head from my face. He sent me a satisfied look before walking to me and grabbing my hand.

Can I tell her?

I sighed and nod. Why not? This might get my mother off my back and to leave me be. And if she even thinks about bringing up children, I won’t come home for some time.

“Your beautiful daughter has accepted my offer on marriage.”

She gasped and expressed her joy. “Oh, this is exciting news! One down and three more to go!” She yelled proudly.

Ha, she thinks I was difficult. Can’t imagine how difficult the twins will be and Zypher was silent. She was soft at times but don’t let that fool you. She has a strong temperamental side and would let someone have it if need be.

She pulled us into a hug before running off to tell the public.

I looked up at him to find him already looking down at me. “Do you feel like this is the right thing? I am a handful.”

There was no need to sugar code it. I was a stubborn and talkative female. I had no problem speaking my mind to others.

He took me away from my thoughts by cupping my face and staring into my eyes with so much tenderness.

“You’re my handful now,” he smiled wickedly and sealed out lips together.

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