Disguised Exotics

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Six Years Later

I stared down at my female, feeling so much love for her. She slept so peacefully in our bed, dreaming of beautiful things.

She looked exquisite with her hair all over the pillows, sleeping in one of my old tanks. She smelled like me and it’s been that way four the past six years.

Whenever we leave, everyone will know she is mine even though they already know because she is my Queen. My other half.

Ever since our souls turned into one, her body goes through changes and she grows stronger. I can’t give our bond all the credit either though.

Her soft moan filled my ears and I leaned over her, knowing she was waking. Her eyes opened and I was met with those beautiful fiery eyes. She smiled when she saw me and motioned down with her finger for me to come closer.

I leaned closer and her small hand grips on the back of my neck, pulling me down for a kiss.

Another thing about most Infernals. We don’t have bad breath in the morning and if we did, it wouldn’t stop me from kissing my Queen.

“Good morning,” she murmurs against my lips.

“Morning, love,” I say back and I’m drawn in with her intoxicating smell.

Our lips merge together and I pulled her closer to me. She takes the kiss in another direction when I feel her tongue find my own. She throws her leg over me and turns our bodies to where she was the one on top. My hands rest on her thighs as she takes what she wants from me.

I feel her hands going down south but just before she could reach me, our bedroom door opened unannounced.

Our gaze looks towards the door to find the intruder naked as the day he was born with a familiar grin. More so me than his mother.

Cherry slid off me and instantly went to our four year old. He reached up for her and she picked him up with little effort.

“My apologies, my Queen. He slipped out of his bath.” A chambermaid rushed into the room, her gaze on the floor.

Cherry’s smile broadens at the silly boy that is our son. “It’s alright, Allison. I got him from here.”

The chambermaid took her to leave and closed the doors behind her.

“Giving Allison another hard time, Dyre? What have I told you?”

He shook his head, disturbance evident on his face. “Don’t like baths, Mommy.”

“Well, you’re going to have to get over that. Do you want to be stinky like your father?”

“I take showers,” I claimed and I earned a look from my Queen that said otherwise.

So, what if I don’t get in the shower every day? I try too. I have busy days and sometimes that means doing physical labor at times.

“Go to the washroom,” she placed him down on his feet and he ran to my side of the bed, reaching up for me.

I chuckled and lifted him on my lap. “I don’t wanna bathe Daddy. No bath.” He shook his head, completely disregarding what his mother said.

“If you do what mommy says, I’ll get you a....” I leaned in his ear and whispered I get him some more fire candy.

It an elegancy in my culture but Cherry disapproves of him having them during certain times. They tend to explode in your mouth if you eat it the wrong way. One try was enough for him she claims and Dyre didn’t like that.

His face lit up and he got off the bed and ran into Cherry and I’s washroom.

I turned to look at her and she had her hands on her hips. “What?”

“Mhm, what did you tell him?”

I crooked my finger for her to come here. When she did, I answered her question with a different one by kissing her. She instantly melts against me. Our kiss was interrupted by Dyre’s impatient sighs and the constant call for Cherry.

She pulled away from me and gave me a look. “That wasn’t enough to make me lose my mind, male. I expect an answer.”

She turned on her heels and I couldn’t help but send one slap to her perfectly round arse.


“Oh, he’s getting so big!” Mother screamed, cooing at Dyre who sat in his grandmother’s arms, accepting all her kisses. My siblings were happy to see their nephew.

The doors opened and I see that my father and husband has returned from the office they left for a few hours ago.

I excused myself and walked over to Vhyl and grabbed his hand. I been waiting for a few weeks now to tell him my news and I felt like I’ve waited long enough.

“We need to talk,” I tell him, giving him that look.

His facial expression changed to worry and I smiled to assure him that it was nothing to the point of being drastic.

“Where would you like to go?”

“My old chambers.” He nods and I let my mother watch our son for a moment.

“No sex under this castle!” I heard my father yell making me chuckle.

“Do you think he’ll smell us if we do it on your balcony?” Vhyl teased.

“Stop,” I smiled.

Mesmerizes flashed back to the day of the ball. After my mother’s constant spreading of Vhyl and I’s future marriage, father came to check on me before we had the chance to return to the ball.

After one whiff of the room, father was ready to kill, not literally I think, Vhyl.

I think my mother didn’t smell a thing because she was too happy and nosy to find Vhyl in my chambers.

I shook my head at the memory. Once we made it to my chambers, I told him to sit on the bed. I took a couple of breaths before reading my thoughts out loud.

“First, I want to tell you how much I appreciate you. You’re an amazing father, husband, and friend. These past six years of living with you and standing by your side as your Queen is all the adventure I need. I love you so much and I thank you for choosing me despite our first meeting.” I smiled happily, staring at him in adoration.

I saw his eyes whirl with emotion and his face matched mine. I saw his love for me and it made my heart flutter.

“I’m pregnant.” I blurt out the secret I’ve kept from him for weeks.

He stood to his height and walked to me. “P-Pregnant? When was there a full sun....” his voice trailed off as he calculated and soon realization.

“Yep,” Royal Chambers on a Tuesday. ” Whip me Tuesday. So eager and hungry that night.” I chuckled at the memory.

We were so lost in passion that we forgot about the full sun. That’s when Infernals are most fertile and most likely to procreate a child. Dyre was planned because Vhyl and I talked about but this one was not planned. But we’re getting ready for it.

“A-Are you happy?” I grew anxious when he wasn’t saying anything.

He smiled down at me before kissing me. He lifted me in his arms with excitement. “Yes, I’m happy, love. I feel this one is a female. She’ll have your beauty and my characteristics like Dyre has yours.”

Tears welled in my eyes. That made me even happier. “I love you, Vhyl.”

“And I love you, Cherry.” He sealed our lips together.

This was our love and it all started with his disguise and my interest in his exotic word.

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