Disguised Exotics

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Royal Chambers


“What on Beheria were you thinking, Cherry?!” My mother scolded me at the dinner table, in front of my two youngest twin brothers, Zavier and Casiun, little sister, Zypher, and my father.

“I was thinking I did right for myself, mother. Did you honestly think I would want a future with that...that...” My lips curled downward. What should I call him? He didn’t deserve to be called his title in my opinion. I was still infuriated that he called me a child.

“You’re acting like a child.” She shook her head, upset.

I rolled my eyes in annoyance. I honestly didn’t see the big issue here. Courtship leads to engagements and engagements lead to big weddings and becoming husband and wife. The thing with Infernals, once wedded, it’s for life. No divorce or separation. Your souls bind into one for eternity.

I don’t want to be forced into that. I didn’t want that at all. I was still young and I was looking for something wild in my life. I didn’t want my mother to get in the way of that and I definitely didn’t want anyone else getting in the way of my freedom.

“Cherry, princess,” my father says, gaining my attention. “King Vhyl maybe a couple of thousands of years older than you but I promise you he’s a good match for you. This is coming from a father that lived many centuries.” He smiled and took a long sip of his wine.

I sighed and used my fork to stab at my broccoli. I heard my brothers fussing with one another over who will finish eating their supper first. They always came up with silly things to compete over. But it is not a shock given their fifteen years. They even debated on whose horns will grow longer. Boys will forever be boys. Zypher on the other hand was always aware of her surroundings. She always ate her food in peace and watched things unfold or read a book. She was only eight and her little horns were so small and she was becoming a little mature with the passing days.

“We only want the best for you, Cherry.” My mother voiced on the subject once again. “All of my children are destined for something great. You’re the first to experience it and I want you to be a better example for your siblings.”

I huffed out air, my annoyance coming back even stronger. “Mother, please.”

“He’s perfect for you, Cherry.” My mother continued. “You will be a Queen.”

“Maybe I don’t want to be a Queen!” I yelled at her, standing to my feet, completely over this conversation. I could feel everyone’s eyes on me.

“Cherry! Cherry!” My mother repeatedly called my name as I walked out of the family dining room.

The journey back to my room was peaceful to me. The halls were quiet and I was thankful that my guards opened my chamber doors instantly and closed it once I was inside. I walked over to my bed and flopped down. Tension immediately left my shoulders and my back while I laid on my stomach. I inhaled then exhaled a couple of breaths. I closed my eyes and tried to relax.

Gosh. I regret talking to my mother in such a way and ignoring her but I wish she’d stop trying to force something I am not ready for on me. I understand she and father want nothing but the best for me but let me be the one to decide when I want to wed. This is my life and I will not hand it over so easily.

The sudden sound of jingles hit my ears causing my eyes to open instantly at the sound. I saw the sparkly dust of a tornado happen in the center of my bedroom. A familiar feminine laugh hit my ears as the sparkly dust of a tornado continued until coming to a stop after a big ‘poof’. I sit up with a huge smile on my face when I saw my long time friend Victoria. She was a pixie. Her wings a glowing shade of dark blue and her hair stopped barely above her shoulders. Her dark blue skin covered in white glittery dust. After the long pat down on her dress, her eyes found mine, and a smile formed on her lips.

“Cherry!” She lifted herself with her wings and flew right into my arms.

“Tori!” I smiled, pulling away from her embrace. “What are you doing here?”

She smirked that familiar sinister smirk and I knew at an instant that she was going to bring to something problematic. She held out her palm and two masks appeared in her hands. Silver and gold. They both covered the upper face, the eyes, and a little bit of the nose. They were both beautifully detailed with designs on them but it made me wonder what the event was.

“I am here to bring my friend along with me to Royal Chambers.”

I gasped and instantly shook my head. ‘N’ ‘O’. No way was I going there. That’s where all types of creatures from this world and other realms go to have painful fun. Royal Chambers was an exotic club and it contains all sorts of wild activities I have read in stories and of what I heard. Royal Chambers has been around for a few thousand years but I never planned to go there in my life.

“Yes, Cherry. It’s Raver’s birthday party and he’s expecting us to be there.” She pushed.

Raver was another good friend of mine but I didn’t expect him to have a birthday party there. I knawed at my lip, thinking of what my parents would think if I asked them to go out to Royal Chambers. Most likely no. Plus, my mother is possibly still upset with me.

I sighed, finally making my decision. “I’ll go,” she squealed happily. “but only for an hour or two. My mother’s already upset with me.”

“I don’t even want to know what you did this time.” She teased, causing me to roll my eyes.

“So the theme colors?” I queried.

“Gold, silver, and black. A little strange if you ask me but he’s the birthday boy.”

I chuckled, agreeing with her. I walked over to my closet and looked through it. I sighed irritably when I noticed I had nothing but elegant past the ankle dresses. My jeans and shirts were no longer present in my closet. I checked my drawers and got the same results.

“What’s wrong?”

“My mother got rid of my jeans and shirts.”

“Wow, you must have really done something wrong.”

I sighed. “Could you help a friend out?”

“Alright,” She chuckles and taps her chin with her pointer finger. “I’m thinking of washed-up blue shorts and a tube top.”

“A tube what?”

She waved her hands around and my long black elegant dress transformed into something else. I wore dark blue shorts and a strapless top. My shoes were different. I had on black steel-toed boots. My friend and her styles.

“We have to get rid of the royal wear.”

I nod in agreement. Can’t have people trying to steal from me or worse, recognize me. I took the jewels and chains from my head and horns. I keep my gold bracelet on. It was for emergencies only. This bracelet is the same bracelet my siblings wear. I remember my father giving us all one and if we find ourselves in a situation that our lives are at stakes, press the green jewel that rested in the center as hard as you can.

“Time to party.” She whooped, placing her mask on and I grabbed the gold mask and slipped it on.

She grabbed my hand and waved her other in a circle. We’re sucked into dust and within a blink, music hit my ears. My feet settled on thumping grounds as I heard loud music playing. I let go of Victoria’s hand and walked to the railing of the balcony we were on. I saw so many people dancing in the center, I couldn’t believe it. They danced up against one another. Many drank and I was not all sure if it was water or punch.

“Tori! Cherry?!” I turned away from the balcony and went up to Raver with open arms.

“Happy Birthday!” I cheered, planting a kiss on his cheek.

I took in his new features

He chuckles. “Thank you, love. I didn’t expect to see you here.”

“That’s all thanks to me.” Victoria bragged and walked up to him to hug him. “Happy Birthday!”

“Thank you.” He put his arms over our shoulders and we walked over to the balcony. “I’m glad you guys are here and arrived on time. The party is about to take a whole turn.” He spoke over the music.”

“I see you’re into masked events. How did you even guess us?” Victoria asked.

“I know that body inside and out, Tori.” He said making me look between the two of them. I didn’t know if it was me but I believed Victoria was blushing.

Did these two...?

“And I noticed Cherry’s horns. Everyone knows her favorite color is gold.” He referred to my gold mask. He sure wasn’t lying. Gold was my color. I didn’t wear it just to symbolize my royal status. I genuinely loved the color.

“Shall we ladies?” He queried and we let him lead us to his party.

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