Disguised Exotics

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Royal Exchange


“Intoxicating.” His forehead still against my own.

I stood still, not moving a muscle. I didn’t know what to do. I went to speak but my voice was muffled by the gag. His eyes found mine and I shrank under his hard gaze. He looked...lustful and was staring down at me as if he would eat me any second. Especially if I made the wrong move.

He raised a hand and it brushed against my cheekbone. Tingles. That’s what I felt. My breathing was harsh against this ball in my mouth. I think I had enough of this small experience of wearing the ball gag. I took a step back, creating some distance between us. I reached up and took the latch off and pulled off the ball gag.

“This is a strange item but I understand its purpose,” I say with a smile. “Where shall I put it?”

“Keep it.”

My brows furrowed. “Keep it?”

He nods, simply. “I want you to have it.”

I look down at the item and I was sure my parents will not approve of me having such an item. They will lose their minds and probably ground me for a couple of centuries. I chuckled at the thought. I can only imagine the horror look on their faces. Especially my mother’s.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“I insist.”

I looked up at him then back at the ball. I sighed. “Do you have a box or something? I think I will be sending the wrong message if I walked out of here visible in my hand.”

He suddenly grabbed my wrist making me jump at his sudden action. I felt a small jolt be sent up my arm as he held onto my wrist. I watched him wave his other hand over mine and the object turned into flames before appearing on my inner wrist in a small black ink. I frowned at the tattoo he placed on my wrist.

“What...How did you do that?” I looked up at him.

I never heard nor seen an Infernal do something like that until now. He smirked down at me. “My secret.”

“I never saw an Infernal do something like that.”

He hums, amused. “What makes you think I am Infernal?”

“Your horns and your red skin. I know what my own kind looks like despite the mask you wear.”

He let go of my wrist and walked past me to the closed door. “It’s getting late, princess.” He grabbed the doorknob and twisted unlocked. “Best you start making your way home.”

Ah, was I getting to close to the stranger. I smirked, amused. A bold feeling spurred inside me as I looked down at the small ball gag tattoo while making my way over to the door.

“How do I make this come to life?”

“When you are alone, say ‘Gold’.”

I stopped in front of the door next to him and gave him a questionable look. His smirk never failed. He nods reassuring me and motions to the door.

“So when I am completely alone, I say go-”

He covered my mouth with one of his hands, stopping me from finishing my sentence. “Don’t speak it now.”

Silence hovered us and I looked up at him with an ‘okay’ look. He moved his hand from my mouth but it never left my face. He curved his hand, cupping one side of my face. His thumb moved over my bottom lip. With all this staring we’ve been doing, I expected him to try something with me. I wondered how it would feel to kiss one. What will make me feel on the inside and out?

I involuntarily drew in my bottom lip, taking his thumb with me. Oh, no.

A deep growl thundered throughout the room and I inhaled sharply at the dangerous sound. “I’m sorry-”

I didn’t get to finish my apology for my unconscious intimate action. His lips were on mine, kissing me. Blood rushed to my cheeks at the new feeling. This was my first kiss and it was...indescribable. He was kissing me with so much hunger, it sent goosebumps up my back. He turned our bodies and pushed me up against the door so hard that a surprised muffled grunt came from me.

He wasn’t giving me a chance to breathe and he made it more impossible when his tongue slid inside my mouth. Urges were building in the pit of my stomach while I moved my hands up his solid bare chest and locking around his neck. At this point, I didn’t care if I could breathe or not. He was giving me something much wilder. I was getting used to his tongue and after his enticing lesson of kissing, I took it upon myself to try my tongue.

A low sound passed from my mouth to his. Strange. I never made that sound before. A moan, was it? The sounds that came from me only intensify when he lifted me and rubbed me against his hard torso. My legs wrapped around him out of instinct and his hands were planted firmly on my waist.

When I felt too breathless, I pulled away from him, tilting my head back to catch my breath. His lips, however, were still burning on my skin.

“Fuck, I can smell how wet you are.” He murmured against my ear, nipping it.

I moaned at the satisfying feeling. Wet? Wet where?

“Wet?” I whispered.

A deep hum filled my ears and I gasped when he took my hips and moved me against something hard. The place between my legs throbbed harder every time he moved me against him. Just by the constant grind, I could feel how thick he was through my shorts. I felt one of his hands move across my tube top to the button of my shorts.

“What are you doing?” I pant through my haze.

“Shh,” He shushed me. “Just relax for me.”

I did as told while he managed to pull the top button of my shorts and pulled down the zipper. My heart was racing as I watched him with low eyes. What was he going to do? I was unsure. I waited and watched his hand cup my most fragile area on my body. I bit my lip at the weird but good feeling.

Oh, I shouldn’t be allowing him to touch me. Especially down there. I felt his finger stroke me through my underwear. He said nothing but I could tell that he was going to explore me. I bit my lip when I felt his fingers move up to my navel before sliding inside my underwear. I closed my eyes and leaned my head on his as I enjoyed the new contact. Now, I understood what he meant by wet. I could feel how his fingers moved over me with ease by what I produced.

“Does this feel nice, princess?”

Yes, it did. I could only respond with a moan. He didn’t seem to approve of it. He stopped stroking me and I opened my eyes, finding his. Lust was all I saw and no don’t mine were cloudy from the pleasure he was giving me.

“Use your words, Cherry.”

My lusty haze faded slowly at what he just said. H-He knew who I was? Even with the mask covering my identity. “How do you know my name?”

He only smirks and something about it made him feel familiar. The sudden sound of Victoria’s voice calling my name interrupted our...little fun.

His hand slipped out from my underwear and my body slid down his. Once my feet touched the floor, he zipped and buttoned my shorts back up. “Looks like you have to go.”

“You didn’t answer me.”

He didn’t answer me. The fingers he used to play with me, went into his mouth. I stared at him in shock and he gave an approving grunt. He then leaned forward and gave me a lingering kiss. “You ask too many questions.” He murmurs hotly against my lips. “We’ll see each other again, princess, for your taste is my new addiction.”

Was it possible to ruin my panties with the words he spoke that made me wetter?

A whirl of red smoke consumed him and he was gone.

I swallowed hard. Could this night get even...oh, I didn’t have the right word for it.

“Cherry!” Victoria called out again, taking me away from my daze.

I opened the door to the room and once I turned out the door, I found her looking at me with shock. “What?” I asked in wonder.

“What were you doing in there?”

I shrugged. “I was looking around.” I decided to keep the part of the little encounter I had with the stranger to myself.

“Oh, okay. But come on. Raver is about to piss me off. I have to take him home now.” She stressed, turning on her heels and walking back in the direction of the bar.

I looked back at the closed door and down to the ink on my wrist. I know it wasn’t really ink but it looked good on me. It had me thinking of getting a tattoo one day. I shook my head, amused but it faded when I looked back at the door.

I thought about what happened not too long ago against that door. That was going to be a memory that I won’t forget.

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