Disguised Exotics

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Royal Caress


“And you are to never leave this castle again! What were you thinking, child?” My mother chastised me.

Apparently, she made a trip to my room last night to find out I was not there. This morning after breakfast, she confronted me about my whereabouts in the throne room, and of course, I tried to lie about but I recently just learned that the gold bracelet I always wear was not only a symbol for protection but a tracker.

I was forced to tell her about going to Raver’s party with Victoria. I made sure to leave out the whole ‘being touched by a male Infernal’ part. My mother was having a fit now, just imagine her if I told her about that. She would most likely pass out and my father might go on a killing spree. I decided to spare myself that kind of trouble because I knew I would be next.

“I just wanted to go and support my friend,” I told her with the truth. Last night has been the first time in months since I have seen my friends in person.

“We understand that Cherry, but please don’t do that again.” My father spoke up this time. “You had us worried. Especially after you rushed out on us during supper.”

I smiled. My father was always more understanding than my mother. She worried too much and I still love her for it but she needs to let me do things I want to do at times. I always do what she wants. I go to my lessons, I dress the part, and I try to act with class. Can she just move past my little choice of going to my friend’s birthday?

“I’m sorry I rushed out last night. I was...” I look down at the glazed marble floor of the throne room. “upset.”

I heard my mother sigh. “I guess we can pardon her from this. Raver and Victoria are good kids and I trust you were near them for the couple of hours you were gone.”

It was partially true until the end but I will go with it. “Yes.”

She stood from her throne and walked down the long stretched few steps and stopped in front of me. I stood in the center of the throne room and my mother stood in front of me with a smile. “I just want what’s best for you, daughter.”

I gave her a small smile. “I know.”

She draws me into her arms and holds on to me for a moment before pulling away. “Go take a nap. We have a special guest joining us for supper tonight.”

I nod and gave my parents both a respectable saying before taking my leave. I was in my chambers within moments. I decided to take a bath first. My chambermaids got it all together for me and sprinkled my favorite bath salt, honey, all over the porcelain tub. They left me alone and I disrobed myself and pinned my hair up. A few white strands fell along with the fiery flames. I slipped into the warm tub and my muscles instantly began to unwind.

I was completely submerged and I rested against the small pillow on the edge. I moved my arms around the water to mix in the salt some more. I paused when black ink came into my line of vision. I lifted my wrist, bringing it closer to my face. It looked erotic in my opinion. It complimented my red skin well.

“When you are alone, say ‘Gold’.” The sound of the hot Infernal’s words echoed in my head.

I hummed in wonder. Why did it specifically have to be gold?

Just thinking back, I tried to envision him without his mask. His jaw structure was well defined and kinda looked familiar in some way. His black eyes were...pure seduction. I’m sure if I saw those eyes again, I will be doomed for eternity. His biceps were all thick muscles and defined well with his deep shade of red skin. His abs looked as if the ones that created him took their time to create such a magnificent male. And his v-line...gosh was he something. I bit my lip at the reminder of his hard male part below. I know something about the male anatomy but it could not prepare me for what I felt.

I had him figured out just a little bit. It was clear that he was well experienced and was much older than I. I couldn’t assume his age but I knew he had years, probably many lifetimes, before me.

The way he touched me made me want to experience more. I’ve never felt a pleasurable feeling in my life. All he did was use his fingers and...

I wonder if...?

I took my hand and stroked past my stomach to the fragile part of my body. My pointer finger skimmed over the small nub and I moaned involuntarily. My curiosity about this satisfying feeling caused me to move my finger over my nub in circular motions. It felt even better.

My mind played images of how he kissed me, touched me. I kept my moans low to not cost any unwanted attention from anyone that was within feet of my chamber doors.

Spread your legs wider.

I paused all movements together. Was it me or did I hear a voice in my head? His voice?

You heard right, princess.

I gasped and looked around my chambers. He couldn’t be here. I was the only one here. Now, I was starting to freak out. This was getting too weird for me. I was about to lift myself out of the tub when I heard his voice again.

Don’t move.

I didn’t move. I stayed covered by the water and continued to look around my chambers. I was looking for a presence and he made it clear that he was only in my head with his next words.

I’m only in your head, love.

I closed my eyes, taking in a couple of breaths. How is he in my head? Why was he in my head? And how in the world could I hear him in my head?

Wouldn’t you like to know?

I swallowed down my nervous feeling at the sound of the creepiness mixed in with the amusement he was rubbing off.

I can feel your thoughts.

Okay, now this was getting weird. First, I let him turn an object into ink on my skin. Second, we experience a little bit of intimacy together. And third, I can hear him in my thoughts. Are there any more surprises? What does he want from me?

To continue your exploration.

I nibbled on my lip and thought ‘Why should I?’

It will give us both pleasure.

Both of our pleasure, huh? How will he get pleasure out of me doing this? No, I can’t resume to explore myself. Not after him weirdly popping up in my head all of a sudden.

Pretend, princess. I know you think about last night. Pretend I’m there with you. Rub yourself for me.

I exhaled a shaky breath and leaned back against my tub. I can’t believe I was about to do this with him. It wasn’t like he could see me, right?

I took my hand and resumed rubbing my small nub with gentle strokes. I swore I heard a growl and his thoughts were mines. He wanted me to imagine him being the one touching me. I sucked in my bottom lip and decided to take it further and go lower. My pointer finger grazed the entrance of my womanhood.


I felt slick with desire and I tested myself. I slowly pushed past the tight barrier and closed my eyes at the new intense feeling. The slow strokes I gave myself felt nice. I tampered and moved my finger inside me a little faster. A feeling rose in the pit of myself and my breathing was choppy. I suddenly felt my finger grow hot and I felt like I was being pushed over a cliff.

Give it to me, Cherry.

And that’s all it took for me. I felt a sexual eruption come from my nub and womanhood altogether, followed by a loud moan slipping past my open mouth. I quickly covered my mouth to muffle my sounds of pleasure. A deep groan sounded inside my head as I panted. My legs felt tingly and my womanhood throbbed for some time.

It took a couple of minutes to find my breath again. My head was quiet. I heard nothing from him and I assumed he was gone. He proved me wrong when he sent an image in my head. An image that left my eyes possibly bursting from my head.

It was the image of his long and thick red member. It was fully erect and it was pierced at the head. It was a silver stud and it made my skin hot. I saw a little bit of his cum and the color shocked me. It was shockingly a thick gold.

Oh, fuck.

Hopefully soon, princess.

I didn’t get the chance to throw him a thought due to the sound of my chamber doors. The constant knocks took me away from the haze. “Princess,” A chambermaid called out. “Are you alright? You’ve been in there for nearly half an hour.”

Oh, I was so lost in my...thoughts, I lost track of time. I was supposed to be out by now and take my short nap.

“Yes, I’m alright,” I replied while standing on shaking legs. I grabbed my robe and slipped it on. “You can come in.”

My chamber doors opened and the chambermaid walks inside with a new sleep gown. She placed it on my bed and walked over to where I stood. She grabbed my old gown and tossed it in a laundry bin.

“Can I ask you something?” I asked her and she looked at me with a frown.

“I am always of service, princess. You needn’t ask that question. You can just tell me.”

“Right,” I chuckled. I always felt to ask but it was now history. “Do you know what guest is coming for supper tonight?”

She looked hesitant but she did not leave me waiting for too long. “His Majesty King Vhyl.”

Oh, just great!

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