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Royal Relief


I looked down at the elegant gold dress that my mother assigned the chambermaid for me to wear, through the mirror. The gold dress was beautiful and had patterns on it that represented royalty. My hair was curled and pinned in a nice design. My horns decorated with jewels and chains and my head jeweled crown. It was now nightfall and supper was soon to begin within an hour.

I decided to get ready a little bit early to have some time to myself to think. I surely didn’t want to go to this dinner and my mother had made it quite clear that she was not giving me a choice with this.

I sighed and took a step away from the mirror and walked in the direction of my balcony. I unlocked the hatch and pushed open my glass doors and walked across the cobblestone. I placed my hands flatly on the stoned railing and looked out of my home. I could see the village fires from here. They danced around and celebrated what I assumed was something worth celebrating.

I just wished there was something I could do to get out of this dinner.

A firm knock on my doors filled my ears. It opened not a second later and I saw the messenger, Billy. He had a sealed note and he looked around to find me. I sighed and walked back inside. He bowed, presenting the note to me. “Thank you, Billy,” I nod, dismissing him.

It was a note from my friend, Victoria. It was an invitation to Raver’s grand bash part two and it was tonight. I chuckled to myself. He’s always having parties. Man, the friends I have.

A chambermaid interrupted me and I knew that it was time. I set the invitation on my dresser and followed the chambermaid out. I was accompanied to the royal dining room by one guard. We made it halfway there when I saw my sister come out of the library room with her nose stuck in a book.

“Zypher?” I called out her name causing her to look up from her book.

“Oh, hi Cherry.” She greeted me with a smile.

“What are you reading?”

She turned the book over to the cover before looking back at me. “Infamous Beast. It doesn’t say the author but it’s taken my interest.”

“Interesting. You might have to share that book with me.” I smiled and motioned in the direction of the dining area.

“Oh, I’m taking supper in my chambers.”

I frowned. “Mother is allowing you too?”

My mother hated it when we ate in our rooms. She claims it is disrespectful to the family whose eating dinner together.

“No,” She shook her head. “I asked the father and he said yes. Mother was displeased but things worked in my favor in the end.” She smiled mischievously.

Well played little sister. Well, played. I will keep that in mind for the next time I want something.

“Good bidding on your dinner.” She gives me one last smile before walking in the direction of her chambers.

I continued my walk with my guard and we made it to the royal dining area in no time. The guards that stood on either side of the door pushed the doors open for me. I saw my parents but I did not see my brothers.

“Happy you’ve made it on time.” My mother smiles as I walked further into the room.

I took my usual spot which was in the center. I took notice that my parents were sitting on either end. Something they do when a special guest is arriving. A plate set was set up across from me along with wine glasses.

So, the King is sitting across from me. Could this dinner get more interesting before it starts?

“Where are Zavier and Casiun?”

“I told them they could eat in their chambers. This is dinner for four.” My dad answered me making me sigh.

“I see the King is a bit tardy,” I remark, looking over at the empty chair.

“How did you know, dear?” My mother questioned and I sent her an annoyed glare.

“You should know me better than that, mother. I will always find out. This little trick of yours to get me to sit with the King is ridiculous.” I say lowly, slumping in my chair with crossed arms.

“It is no trick, daughter. Your compatibility with this man can be something amazing for the royal family. And your children,”

“Mom!” I groaned out just as my father spit out his liquid from his wine glass.

Unfazed, my mother continued. “I only speak the truth.”

I sighed.

“Let’s not get ahead, Ciene. She is still young.” My father called my mother by her given name.

She scoffed. “Zaheer, do you really want to go to the youth stage with me? Shall I bring up our little scare?”

I glanced between them, a little interested in what my mother was speaking. For the first time in my life, I saw my father become flustered.

“Ciene,” He said after looking at me and back at mom.

“Can I ask exactly what-”

“Absolutely not.” Father was quick to say.

Mother waved him off. “Your father and I had some wild days before we started having children.”

Okay, nevermind. In just our luck, a guard entered, announcing that the King’s advisor was here. What was King Vhyl’s advisor doing here? Where was the King?

My father allowed the advisor to enter. He entered with a piece of paper and we waited for him to announce his reason for being here. He cleared his throat before speaking formally. “I am Tavian, King Vhyl’s advisor. I am sad to inform you that his majesty has gotten distracted in other duties and he is not able to join the royal family of Beheria tonight.”

I smiled at the announcement. “Well, ain’t that a pity.” I voiced not at all disappointed. “You can give your King a message from me. I bid him from future activities hence he’s too busy with his duties.”

“Ugh, Cherry.” My mother scoffed. “That’s enough.” she then looked over to the King’s advisor and gave him a positive and understanding smile. “It’s alright. You can disregard anything you’ve just heard,” Bummer, I thought. “And give your King our understandings.”

“King, Zaheer, Queen Ciene, and Princess Cherry.” He bowed to each one of us before taking his leave.

I couldn’t hide the relief on my face. I was actually happy. I didn’t have to eat with the King. I wasn’t hungry really. I just wanted to go to my chambers and perhaps read a book and go to sleep. Or go to Raver’s part two of his birthday bash.

“Well, I guess this night is going just well.” My mother commented exasperatedly.

“It can get even better,” I say.

“How so, Cherry?” My mother questioned with a raised brow.

“Raver is having part two of his birthday tonight. I wondered if-”

“No.” My mother made up her mind before even letting me finish.

“Please, Mom.” I pleaded, my hopes high. “It’s not like I have nothing to do for the remainder of the night and I don’t have lessons tomorrow,” I say, looking between my parents. Father looked to have no problem with it but my mother, on the other hand, was debating.

“Fine,” She answered and my excitement improved. “Thank you, Mom”

“Don’t thank me yet.” She said and I knew the rules were coming. “You can go but I want you back before midnight.”

I sighed. It was better than nothing. “Agreed.” I stood from my chair, ready to leave. “And stay close to your friends.”

“Will do.”

I was quick to make it to my bedroom and grab the invitation. It was another masked party and it made me smile just a bit when the location was labeled. Royal Chambers. This will not only be the opportunity to spend time with my friends but to get answers from creepy Infernal that found his way into my head.

I walked to my pillow and reached underneath to pull out the gold mask from last night. I placed it on and read the inviting words on the back. Red smoke enveloped me and I found myself inside the club. Music thumped underneath my heels and It made me realize that I forgot to change. I sighed and just hoped no one will realize anything.

I took in my surroundings and saw that I was in a familiar hallway with many doors.

I looked at the familiar door and marched my way to it. I guess you can’t choose what comes first. Time to confront him. I twisted the knob and pushed the door open.

“Oh my gosh!” A high pitched voice screeched.

Oh my gosh was right. I knew it. I knew it. Victoria and Raver were messing around. She used her wings to cover her exposed body that was on top of Raver’s body. I could do nothing but laugh at their priceless facial expressions.

“I knew it!” I laughed and in return, they yelled words for me to get out. I shook my head, still laughing while closing the door.

I was happy for whatever they had going on but one thing that left me confused as to why they were in this specific room? Where was the Infernal male?

“Back again, princess?”

I turned instantly with shock all over my face. He had on that familiar black mask and his chest bare like before. I fixed my posture and looked up at him with my mask with seriousness all over my face.

He smirks. “I take it you were looking to talk.”

“Yes, I would like to have a private word with you.”

A deep hum filled my ears and he led me further near the exit of the hall. I got a glance of people dancing, bumping and grinding against each other. I followed him up the stairs and I found myself standing outside a large glass door. He grabbed the knob and twisted the door open before gesturing me in first.

I eyed him for a moment before walking inside. It was an office but had a few similarities to the BDSM rooms below. I heard him close the door behind him and he walked around me over to a large oak desk. He took a seat in the chair and my brows furrowed together in confusion.

“Won’t your Boss be upset that you took me in his office and you’re sitting in his chair?”

He smirk became wicked. “I am the Boss. This is my club.”

Oh, wow. I walked further inside, pushing my nervous feeling down. “I want answers.” I blurted, getting straight to the point.

“And you think I can give them to you, princess?” He mused.

“No,” I crossed my arms and stood a foot from the front of his desk. “You will give them to me.”

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