Disguised Exotics

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Royal Rapture


His lips were sealed shut, his eyes never leaving my own. I was giving him the most serious look I could muster. I had no idea who this male was and he was slowly taking over my sanity and it’s only been one day. It was clear that he knew who I was and I assume he knew I was royalty. My question is how did he know? I knew nothing about him to the first stage as of name bases.

“Who are you?”

His smirk never falters. “I am an Inferanl.”

I frowned. I uncrossed my arms, placing my hands on his desk, leaning in with an angry glare. “No, shit, smartass. That’s not what I asked you.”

“My honest truth, I don’t trust you with my identity.” He replied with a simple shrug.

I scoffed, not liking his answers. How is it that he was able to know my name and perhaps my background without me noticing? I’ve never told him anything about me. We were just two strangers that so happen to get entangled with one another.

“You’re not giving me what I want,” I say.

“And what is it that you want, princess?” His tone changed into something deeper, more lustful. I watched as his eyes trail over my body, taking me in. “Gold is my favorite color.” He mutters lowly and it hit my ears and it did something to me.

I look down at what I was wearing and looked back up, meeting his pitch-black eyes. “Is it not everyone’s?” I say, hopefully sounding sarcastic enough. I know what he was doing and I was not going to allow him to win over the change of subject. “I want answers.”

He suddenly stood from his seat making me pull away from his desk. He circled his desk and was in front of me within seconds. He towered over me and I held my breath to keep from seeming affected by his closeness. My heart thudding hard, I thought it could burst out of my chest.

“I am a simple club owner. I own a few other places but Royal Chambers is a place I come to explore other’s wants.” He explained shortly and I didn’t think that was enough. “And needs. Pleasure wise anyways.” I felt a pinch of jealousy. So, newcomers get a taste of him.

Gosh, why was I feeling like a jealous female Infernal? I shouldn’t care. He’s a stranger to me and I can’t help the gut feeling that he was hiding something important from me.

“So, you have fun with all your visitors?” I question, hoping I didn’t sound jealous.

He leaned closer forcing me to take a step back. My bottom hit the edge of the desk and he trapped me between his arms that were now planted on either side of me on his desk. I shrank under him and I felt small. He was on me, his mouth near my ear.

I was his prey and he was my predator.

“What else?” His voice husky in my ear.

“What is your...” I cut myself off with my moan. He kissed up the side of my face until he got to my ear. He tugged on the pointy end of my ear making me shrink down further. “Stop.” My voice coming out in a whisper.

You don’t want me to.

I heard his voice in my head and it made me hot all over. I didn’t get the chance to reply when his lips were on my own within seconds.

I moaned against his mouth. They moved over mine with passion and I was lost. Our lips moved together in sync and my mind was becoming cloudy with so much want. My body was heating up against him and I was slowly being taken by his aggressiveness. Nothing but the muffled sound of music and our kissing exchange was being heard. I felt his move and they cupped the sides of my waist, bringing me back to reality.

I placed my hands on his bare chest, pushing away from his lips. My palms burned on his skin and I kept myself together and tried my most damn to not pull away. “I don’t even know your name.”

He looked down at me with only lust. He seemed done with talking and he made it clear by telling me the opposite of what I wanted to hear. “You can call me anything you want but you can’t know my name. Not yet.”

I frowned in confusion. “Why not?”

He bit his lip, looking off. I then pulled my hands away from his chest and lifted them to his mask to remove it from his face. His hands moved with speed, catching both of my wrists within his large hands. ”That will be a mistake, princess.” His tone no longer lustful but a warning.

My frown slipped into something deeper. Maybe it was a mistake trying to find him. I snatched out of his hold and slid away from him. “Do you like to take advantage of princesses?” I throw at him, my anger returning.

He didn’t look too happy with my question. “It’s not my intention. Besides, you’re the one taking advantage of me, princess.”

“Stop calling me princess,” I tell him even though I grew so fond of the little nickname. “And how exactly am I taking advantage of you?”

“Allowing me to touch you most intimately. In your world, being touched by an unmated creature makes you tainted.”

I gasped, appalled. My hand moved with my mind. My hand raised to give him one hell of a slap. The impact never came. He stopped me by grabbing my wrist and drawing into him.

“Let go,” I growled out angrily.

He looked unfazed by my attempts to break free. “That was quite harsh of me. Forgive me.” Sincerity in his tone.

“Why should I?” I shouldn’t even be angry at his truth. He was right. I was taking advantage of him and our situation. I just wanted to explore what it is to be pleasured now that he’s given it to me.

“I can make it up to you if you let me.” He says instead, earning my wandering mind.


“Will you let me?” He asked, looking for...my consent.

I nod but he doesn’t make any moves. My words, Cherry. I thought to myself. He wanted me to answer him with my voice.


Nothing else was said. His lips found mine once again and he took me into a deep kiss. His tongue didn’t hesitate to slip into the cavern of my mouth. I grip on to his biceps to keep me steady against him as I stood on my toes to stay with him. He had other plans. His large hands moved to my back and found the zipper of my dress. He eased it down with skill leaving the dress to become loose on my body. I pulled my arms out of the holes and let the dress fall around my heels. I heard him take in a sharp breath while staring down at my bare chest. I had on no bra. The only material I had on was laced underwear. The cool air brushed against my nipples causing them to become hard like pebbles.

“Exquisite.” He breathed deeply.

Heat swirled in my belly at his approval. His arms encircled my waist while leaning down to my chest. In the next blink, I felt his hot wet tongue make a trail on the valley of my breast. I almost lost it when is hot mouth took in my entire right nipple. My hands went through his hair and stayed there as he made his way to the left nipple, giving it the same attention.

He pushed me against his desk and his fingers looped around the band of my panties. He looked down at me for reassurance and my lusty gaze and soft ‘yes’ was all he needed to hear. He slowly pulled down the material while getting down on his knees before me. I lifted each foot one by one so he could take them off me completely. He tossed them aside where my dress was and his hands were on me again. I guess he wanted to keep my heels on. He trailed kisses across my stomach. Every time he inched south, I moaned my appreciation. Was it safe to say that I love his kisses and what he was doing to my body right now?

I was completely naked in front of this male and I felt no shame about it.

He lifted me slightly and I used my hands to bring myself on his desk. One f of his hands trailed up and pushed me on my back. My head went over the other side and my hair dangled free. My heart began to thud once more when I felt him spread my thighs apart, exposing the most sensitive part of my body.

He inhaled sharply and a deep growl followed.

Are you wet for me, princess?

I heard him in my thoughts. I bit my lip when he pressed a kiss on top of my navel.


He kissed my inner thighs and everywhere else except where I throbbed.

“Stop teasing me.” I breathed.

His fingers were there before. I wanted to know what it would feel like with his mouth. I heard him chuckle.

Impatient are we?

“Please,” I begged.

Begging was something I never did but this male was bringing out a whole side of me I never thought I had. I wanted to explore this. I wanted to experience what a male companion can do to my body. I wanted him to show me.

In the next moment, I felt his long hot tongue consume the last sanity I had left. My brows furrowed together and my eyes closed shut as I took in the wet stroke his tongue gave me. It was a different feeling than with his or my fingers. He gave me another lashing and his tongue slightly slipped inside the entrance of my womanhood. A moan slipped past my lips and my hands trailed down my body and found its way in his hair.

He gave me a moment to get used to the feeling of his tongue at a low pace before throwing what seemed to be his control out the door. He spread me wider and didn’t hold back on me. His tongue lashing grew more intense and I laid on his desk a moaning mess. He would make grumbling sounds causing vibrations against my soaked sensitive area. I took my hands from his hair and placed them over my mouth. I don’t know why I was doing it. No one could hear me due to the music playing throughout the club.

I want you to come for me, princess. Give me all your sweetness.

I grew wetter at his words in my head. I was on the brick of giving him what he wanted. I took my hands away from my mouth and lifted off the desk, staring down at him eating me like a starved man. I heard things clattering on the floor and it was no doubt that I was the reason. I was unconsciously knocking things off his desk.

“I- I think I’m...I think I’m...Oh!” I moaned out loudly, at that familiar tingly in my lower stomach. My back arch and my hands grabbed hold of his dark horns, holding them tight as the intense rush fell over me. He grunts out, squeezing my thighs while I let go all in his mouth, and that only made the feeling for me hotter. My thighs trembled around his head as the high of my release consumed me.

Fuck, I was tired and filled with satisfaction.

It took me a moment but I let go of his horns and laid back on his desk to calm myself. My thighs still wide open and he didn’t help my high feeling of ecstasy when he stood between them. His face glistened with my remnants and my face flushed with the embarrassment of how much I felt. He licked his lips and leaned over my nakedness and kissed me.

One of my hands rested over his jaw and the other on his muscled biceps. This man was a huge nub of interest to me. I wondered if he could teach all there is to pleasure. I like this feeling and thought he was my stranger, disguised face with his mask, I felt an odd connection.

I wanted him specifically to teach me.

Maybe one day but not today.

I heard him send in my head. I sighed and closed my eyes, breaking the kiss. I was feeling sleepy and in need of a soft bed.

Close your eyes.

I heard him. It was soft and gentle and resulted in me closing my eyes, falling asleep.

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