Disguised Exotics

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Royal Father's Daughter


“Rise and shine, Princess!”

I frowned at the sudden voice and the sound of curtains being pulled back, light invading my vision. I groaned sleepily and pulled the covers over my entire body.

“Breakfast is downstairs and the King and Queen are expecting you on time. There is news to be shared with the family.” The chambermaid continued to ramble.

My eyes shot opened and I pushed the covers off me immediately and took in my surrounding. I-I was in my chambers. I looked down and found myself in my silk pajamas.

I rubbed my eyes. Last night was far from a dream. I knew it was. The last thing I remember was falling asleep on my sexy stranger’s desk.

My mind went straight to my friends. They probably think I ditched them. Pfft, I doubt that. Now that I caught them messing around they were probably going to avoid me. I smiled at the thought. I had a feeling and it was confirmed yesterday. The look on their faces had me. I was happy for them and wished nothing but the best for them. But I can’t get the one main question out of my mind.

How was I back at home in my bed?


“Oh, right.” I pulled what little cover I had on me, off and slid out of bed. I walked to the cleansing area and washed the sleep from my face.

The chambermaid ser aside my long elegant dark blue sequenced dress for today. It took me little time to get myself together with the help of the chambermaids. My hair was pulled back in a styled updo and I was accessorized with my familiar jewels. After all the rushing, a guard walked with me down to the royal dining area.

I found my family eating breakfast as so. I took my usual spot and spoke to everyone with normality. “Good morning,”

Everyone responded with the same greeting.

“Zypher, Casiun, Zavier,” My mother called out gaining everyone’s attention. “You are excused for your lessons.”

The three groaned in disagreement and after one stern look from my mother, they all hushed and bid both our parents and my good day. They scurried off and once gone, I looked between my parents with a questionable look upon my face.

“Did I...do something wrong?” I queried, feeling both their eyes on me.

“No, love,” My father spoke up. “Your mother and I wanted to speak with you alone.”

So, not news with everyone. Just me.

“King Vhyl has taken back his courtship towards you. He no longer wants to be involved at the moment. He claims he’s busy with other things right now.” My mother said, her tone down as if sharing bad news.

This was good news to me. I was happy the King took back his courtship for me. I didn’t want it. It takes me back to our first and now the last meeting. He must be ashamed of the rejection. I had no shame at all.

Now, I was going to continue my life on my own accord.

“That’s too bad.” My tone calm and collective but inside I was screaming with excitement.

“It is bad. You were supposed to be Queen.” My mother stressed.

I looked at my mother with a completely annoyed look. “As I mentioned before, I don’t want to be Queen.”

She sighed. “You’re becoming of age, Cherry. You have to have a suitable mate.” She argues.

I looked at my dad. He genuinely looked stuck. I sighed, looking back at my mother. “I am tired of having this ongoing conversation, mother. Why can’t you let me find my own soulmate when I am ready?”

I just don’t understand why combining my soul with another is so important to her.


“No, you listen, mother,” I interrupt her. “I won’t let you force me into something I don’t want to do.”

Her eyes flickered with anger.

“Ciene...” I heard my father’s voice.

“As long as you live under this castle, you will do what I say. I am the Queen and I am your mother. I will find you a suitable mate before the next moonrise and that is final.” She says harshly, pushing away from the table and throwing down her napkin before walking off to the exit.

Tears pricked my eyes knowing she can marry me off without my choice. She may be my mother but she was also my Queen. I heard movement and then a presence next to me.

“Princess...” My father calls out to me but I don’t look at him. I just wanted to be left alone.

“May I be excused?”

I was met with a short silence. His finger lifted my chin and turned my face to look at him. He was standing next to me and a sadden expression crossed his face as he looked down at me.

“Walk with me.” He said.

I sighed defeatedly and stood from my chair and linked arms with my father. He guided us out of the royal dining room and lead towards the back end of the castle. We walked in silence and I didn’t bother to speak. We stopped at the door of the gardens and the guards opened them immediately. I could tell that my dad was going to speak to me about something important. We’ve been here before but I was a little younger and dad wanted to have a talk with me about growing into a Queen.

At the time I was excited but the more I grew up, the realization hit me like a waterflood. I knew someday I will have to be with someone and combine souls with but my mother was pressuring me into something I was not ready for.

“Why did you bring me here, dad?” I questioned him just as we paused in our footing and taking a seat on the stoned bench.

“I hate to see my children cry and I wanted to give you my thoughts.” He answers, looking out at the garden.

The flamy flowers burned with the sun and they glowed with the moon. The garden was beautiful and my mother designed it that way as soon as the thought came to mind.

I sighed, tiredly. “There’s not much to really think about, dad. I know you stand with mom about the whole ‘finding a suitable mate’ thing.” I say, looking down in my lap.

I heard his loud exhale. “I agree with your mother on the subject but not the timing. You have yet to experience true adventure and I want that for you. You are my firstborn. My princess and I want nothing but for you to be happy.”

My tears came back. “I just don’t understand the pressure.”

He turned his body and faced me entirely. “You know the story of your mother and me growth into combining ourselves.”

I nod. Of course, I did. I loved hearing how my parents met. Especially as a child. I remember being so intrigued by hearing it the first time, I requested to be told again and again and again.

“Before I met her, she didn’t have a childhood like most. You see, your grandmother was a very strict creature. The lessons and recitals with no fun nor games. Ciene was the only child and was very lonely. Her childhood ended very quickly and she was being groomed into a future ruler, a Queen. Your mother has grown up with royal duties and expectations. I feel she is taking a tole down memory lane because she was around your age when she was almost forced into a marriage she didn’t want to be.”

It was making sense but...“That doesn’t mean she should treat me like grandmother taught her.”

“And you are right, Cherry. You are growing up and we don’t want anything to happen to you. All we want is for you to have a secured future.” He said with much sincerity. “I will talk to your mother but I want you to do something for me.”


“Find your adventure. Find what makes you happy inside.”

He stood and kissed my forehead before leaving me alone in the garden. I sighed as his words repeated in my head. I sat in the garden a little longer and thought.

How was I going to find what makes me happy?

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