Disguised Exotics

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Royal Disguise


It’s been a month since the King took back his courtship. I have found myself going to Royal Chambers a few days after my talk with Dad. We didn’t do anything too far. My mysterious strange likes to eat me up with every chance he gets. I stopped wearing my mask at some point and he tells me how beautiful I am with each touch of pleasure he gives me.

My virginity was still intact but here I was sitting on my bed in my red silky robe thinking about wanting to go the next step.

I wanted to go all the way with him though I know little to nothing about his identity. Was it wrong of myself to actually be thinking of doing this with him?

I reached over the nightstand and grabbed the thin metallic bracelet he’s given me whenever I would want to see him. I inhaled then exhaled. I placed it on and twisted it around my whole wrist in one go. My body enveloped with red smoke and I dazed for mere minutes before appearing in his office.

My body was facing the door and he chose the right moment to walk inside. He lifted to mine with a knowingly look.

“What are you doing here?” He mused under his mask.

“It’s obvious,” I replied shortly.

He takes in the little rob that stopped mid-thigh and my bare feet on his polished floor. My hair was in its wild state with forever flames lighting the edge.

His eyes transformed. He walked further into his office and locked the door. “I want you to say it.” His eyes watching me.

Did I really have to?

Yes, you do, princess.

“Why?” I was dressed in only my robe and my wild hair and bare feet. I was sure he knew why I was here.

“Because I need to hear you say it. If you really want to go down that route, I want you to know that there could be serious consequences.”

Oh, right. A Royal giving her virginity to a possible nobody.

“Well, maybe I won’t do this with you despite the consequences,” I admit my truth and I meant it from my heart.

I actually grew to like him. We may have our small intimate sessions, well, mine but the simple conversations we have. I never thought I would be able to talk to him like he was just another friend of mine. So, if I had to choose anybody to give my virginity to, it would be him.

I watch his eyes grow soft before he made his move. He wrapped his arms around my waist and his lips found mine, kissing me with so much passion, want, and hunger. I didn’t hesitate to wrap my arms around his neck, meeting him with just as much. I was serious and I wanted to do this.

“I want you to show me your world.” The whips, the chains, the cuffs...I wanted it.

“Are you sure?” He murmurs his question against my lips.

“Yes, I’m sure,” I assured him with another kiss.

He brought me closer to his bare chest and deepened our kiss. His hands trailed south to my the back of my thighs, lifting me from the floor. My legs wrapped around him on instinct. I could hear the sizzling of the smoke engulf us and with my closed eyes, I knew we were completely in a new environment.

I felt my back hit the soft comfort of a bed. Our tongues fight each other but of course, he wins, dominating my mouth with little effort. I felt my body grow hot under his. I moaned against his mouth as his hands went over my body. I felt him play with the belt of my robe and pulled it out the knot. He pulled the ends of my robe apart and my naked body was exposed for him. Our lips disconnected briefly and I lifted to take off the robe, throwing it off to the side.

I opened my eyes and took in my surroundings and I was in a red room full of whips, chains, cuffs, bars, string, and so much more excitement. I got on my knees and sat on my heels, facing him. My hands ran up his muscled chest and he allowed me to explore his body. I could feel his eyes on me as I focused on what I was doing. My hands stopped at the hem of his jeans and I felt anxious. He said nothing when I continued. I unbuttoned his pants and pulled down the zipper. I was met with his bare flesh. He wore no underwear and it made me needier for him. I pushed the jeans down his hips and I was met with his complete package. He was hairless and hard. His erection sprung free and I became wet at the sight of the stud glaring at me on his head.

I look up at him, silently begging him to touch him.

Do what you want, princess.

I bit my lip and worked his pants down. They fell to the floor and I moved out of touch with him. He was long, thick, and made me want to do naughty things. My fingers lightly grazed him before wrapping completely around the length. He didn’t fit in my hand at all but that didn’t stop me from continuing my curious mind. I moved my hand up and down and I was gifted by his deep groans.

I stared intently at his engorged member and watched a small bead of gold at the tip.

Ah, is my sexy stranger excited? I toyed with him in my mind.

If only you knew.

I smiled and leaned forward with him still in my grasp. I heard him take a sharp inhale when I stuck my tongue out and licked at the gold bead, swiping his stud in the process. It was a strange but delicious taste.

I looked up at him and he was staring down at me, waiting for my next move. He didn’t have to wait long. I took as much of him as I could in my mouth. I pulled back, staring at his hard member coated with my saliva. I moved my head up and down and used my hand to jerk him. A grunt of approval was all I need for me to continue.

I didn’t need skills, I think. I was going with the flow and he seemed to like what I was doing. It didn’t last long. I felt his finger run through my hair before pulling me back roughly and kissing me.

He pushed me back on the bed and crawled over my body. He was between my thighs and I could feel his hardness against my wetness. He reached above my head and I heard dangling sounds. Black leather cuffs came into my line of vision and I felt my excitement grow.

I pulled away from his lips and brought my tatted wrist in view. “I want to use it.”

I took off my bracelet that covered it and he moved it to the nightstand.

His eyes had gotten darker than I imagined and he gave me a nod. “Do you know the word to bring it to life?”

I smiled. ”Gold.”

My wrist turned into harmless flames before the object came to life beside me next to the cuffs.

He kissed me a few times before waving his hand. The ball gag was in my mouth in seconds. I moved it up a bit when I realized I couldn’t. I tilt my head back and my wrist was cuff to the bed’s poled headboard.

I tested the cuffs chains length out and I could barely lift them past my head. My eyes found him and he looked like a predator out for his prey.

He trailed hot kisses down my body. He gave my breast pleasure-able attention. Each suck and lick he gave me made me even wetter and ready for him. His deep low growls turned me on even more.

He went further down and gave my special area, the area that produced his addiction, attention.

I closed my eyes as he got situated, placing my legs over his shoulder. His tongue flicked across my wet slit. I felt a familiar pressure follow and he eased one finger inside me, moving it along with his tongue. I looked down to watch him and I found his eyes on me the entire time. My moans were muffled against the ball. He switched up his pace and licked me faster, moving his finger fast. I looked away this time, closing my eyes as I felt the familiar rush and I let it flow over me. My legs trembled when he licked at my sensitivity.

He raised up, opening my legs wider. He sat back, rubbing his hard member against me. I inhaled sharply when I felt the stud graze my nub. He rubbed up and down my wet slit. After a few times of doing this, he paused at my womanly entrance. His eyes found mine for another reassurance.

I am.

I thought testing if my thought would carry through. He flashed his teeth, happy.

“You truly are mine.”

Confusion filled me with his words. What did he mean by that?

I was taken away when I felt pressure from his pierced tip. My hands balled into a fist when my drenched womanhood took him in. He watched me with each push of his hardness. I closed my eyes tight as I endured this new feeling.

I felt no pain. Only instant pleasure.

It feels nice. Nothing hurts.

He moved inside me and I had to hold on to air. This feeling he was giving me felt amazing and I knew he was enjoying it too. My muffled moans weren’t the only thing echoing through the room. He lifted my thighs higher, his chest against mine as he rocked inside me painfully slow.

I loved it and I loved that I was enjoying it with him.

His speed changed and something hit inside of me. I felt the stud rubbing along my inner walls and it made everything feel so much more intense.

My moans were starting to sound like loud muffled cries. My breathing uneven as I clenched my air, desperate to grab hold of something to help ease this intense feeling.

His mouth sucking on my heated skin making me feel hotter. The ball gag I had disappeared and I bit my lip hard. The sound of skin on skin echoed throughout the room and it made everything around me feel that I was on an erotic cloud.

“I want to hear from you, Cherry.” He breathed harshly.

His thrust went from slow and gentle to pounding. I gave him what he wanted. I voiced my pleasure loudly. Something turned in my stomach something that had my legs trembling violently. I think I was...

He cursed loudly as I gripped him with my inner muscles. My back arched underneath him, my head thrown back as I rode out my release on him. I was a moaning mess in need of a break but he wasn’t giving me one.

He didn’t stop thrusting inside me.

“Oh, I can’t anymo—”

His lips were on mine, sealing against me from finishing. Something quick rushed within me and I knew I was coming again. My eyes welled with tears due to the intensity. My body shook underneath his massive one. I felt him take one of his hands and moved it between our beings. He rubbed his thumb over my nub as he continued his short hard thrust, dragging out the euphoric feeling.

He took me out with that one.

I sobbed against his lips, releasing on him again. I pulled at the cuffs as my body shook so hard. His loud grunts mixed with my moans. I felt his hardness twitch and then something hot inside me made me shudder.

After a moment of getting our breathing under control, he pulled out of me and a long string of his golden release broke inside me.

Our remnants evident on his slick shaft and he all but took his hand and stroked himself. Our bodies thick with sweat and pure satisfaction.

“That was...” I didn’t have the words. It was out of this world for the first time.

“Perfect.” He said tenderly.

But it was gone and replaced by another expression for hunger. “Wait—oof!”

He flipped me on my stomach and pushed me up towards the poles of the headboard. My wild hair stuck to my back as I tried to turn and look at him.

I didn’t get the chance to speak on anything when he slid inside my wet messy slit once more.

I grabbed onto the poles as if my life depended on it because this male was trying to shatter me.


I moaned. I was filled with fatigue due to how much he was giving me and in a few more different positions.

My legs were sore and The water honestly wasn’t helping. After our few sessions, he finally let me go shower. Plus, it was time for me to head home.

I didn’t need my parents, more so my mother, breathing down my back.

I cut the shower water off and wrapped a towel around myself. I walked out and found him making the bed. We had, uh, made a little mess.

He turned to look at me, his mask instantly coming into view. I just wished he told me or showed me his identity.

“How do you feel?” He questioned, smiling at me.

“You made me sore and tired but it was worth it,” I admit with a smile.

He chuckled, grabbing my robe. I dropped the towel and slid on my robe. He picked up the towel and threw it over to the corner with the messy sheets.

His arms then enveloped me. He kissed me with so much gentleness and passion. My heart thuds against my chest with happiness. That’s what he’s made me feel the past month even though I don’t know his identity.

I respect it and hoped one day he will reveal it to me. I wanted to know who my lover was.

He broke our kiss and placed one on my head. “I will see you soon?”

I smiled. “Yes,” I pecked his lips a final time.

“Be safe for me.”

I nod and turned my bracelet. I was back in my chambers feeling gleeful.

I sighed happily and reached for my robe belt. I gasped when I noticed I didn’t have my other bracelet. Father would kill me if I lost it.

I returned back to the room and I was met with silence. It was quiet. I looked over to the stand and saw my bracelet but my eyes backtracked to the neatly made bed.

His mask.

I saw the door to the bathroom open and my eyes went wide at who I saw. Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. I chanted in my head. No, fucking way. This had to be a joke!

His head lifted and his eyes found mine, shocked.

I had sex with King Vhyl!

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