Caring Christopher

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#23 Loud and special… or quick and quiet?


I’m kissing Abby. I can’t believe this is happening, but she sure as hell feels real when she bites my lip and moans into our kiss, her hands knotting into my hair. This is even better than anything I ever imagined.

When she left for her date earlier tonight, I was devastated. The guy was fit, tall, handsome, everything she could possibly be looking for. And more than ten years younger than I am – way more age-appropriate. Plus, he’s not her boring old boss. And then she walked in, looking divine in that black dress with her hair curled and styled to perfection, telling me that she’s not interested in him, and implying she’d rather watch a show with me, hanging out on the couch like we do almost every night we’re both home, instead of being out with a hot single guy her own age.

And now… now we’re kissing.

She runs a hand down my chest, moaning against me while tugging at my hair with the other hand, driving me crazy. I run my hands down her back, grabbing her ass to pull her tighter against me. Her dress rides up even further, and she grinds against my erection, gasping into my mouth. God, this woman is driving me insane.

“Wow,” she breathes, digging her fingers into my back.

My fingers find the zipper on the back of her dress, and I pull it down slowly, my mouth never leaving hers. She lets the dress fall down in the front and allows me to slip the straps off her arms. I pull back, taking in her full breasts spilling out of a black lacy push-up bra. Part of me remembers that she didn’t put this outfit on for me, but the rest of me doesn’t care. She’s not with the guy she went on a date with right now. She is with me, on top of me, making me hornier than ever before.

Suddenly, the lights get turned up to the max, and Abby and I break apart, blinking into the brightness that is suddenly blinding us. She climbs off of me, holding up her dress so her breasts are covered, and I throw a blanket over her before pulling a pillow into my lap so I can – once again – hide my boner from whoever just entered and flicked on the lights.

“Well, well, well,” Jagger’s amused voice says from the doorway. Now that my eyes have adjusted to the light, I see him standing there in sweats and an old shirt of mine, his green eyes bright with glee. “I was just coming down to get a snack, and I see you guys had the same idea.” He laughs and walks into the kitchen, grabbing some leftovers from the fridge. “That looked like a great snack. I thought you had a date with some hot chef, Abby?”

“Yeah,” Abby replies, sounding as embarrassed as I feel. “I came home early.”

“Oh, yeah, you looked like you were coming early alright,” Jagger says with a grin. “I’ll leave you two kids alone now. Sorry for interrupting. Next time maybe find a room with a door that locks, huh? It would be a shame to traumatize my little brothers even more than they already are.”

“Fuck off!” Abby yells, throwing a pillow at Jagger.

He laughs loudly and then his eyes lock with me, the terror in my gaze making him even more amused. “Chill, Chris,” he says, like I’m the 16-year-old and he’s the middle-aged foster dad. “I get it. Men have urges.”

“Go back to bed,” I order him, trying to sound commanding, and failing spectacularly.

“I think it’s the two of you who need a bed,” he teases, winking at me. “Horizontal is very comfortable, you know. But I guess if living room sex is your kink…”

“Go away!” Abby yells at him, grabbing the pillow from my lap and chucking it at him. “Now!”

He finally leaves, closing the door behind him carefully so he won’t wake up his brothers. I get up, shifting my junk uncomfortably and turning the lights back down.

“That was…” I shake my head as I turn back to Abby.

“Get back here,” she says, dropping the blanket and her dress so her bra is on full display again.

“Maybe we shouldn’t…” I know this is stupid, but I’m already back on the couch, my lips on hers and my hands all over her soft body.

“Bedroom?” she asks between kisses, moving one hand between us to rub my erection through my pants. “Yours or mine?”

Part of me wants to strip her naked right here and now, or at the very least drag her up to my room, but I manage to stop myself from doing something I will regret.

“No,” I breathe, pulling back and grabbing her wrists. “We shouldn’t.”

“Oh,” she says, her cheeks flushing bright red. “I thought you wanted this too.”

“I do,” I assure her, leaning in for another kiss. It feels so good to finally do this, to feel her lips on mine, her skin on mine, to breathe in her sweet scent. “Trust me, I want this. Very much. So much that it hurts to say this, but… there is a dying woman upstairs, along with our three foster kids, one of which already walked in on us.”

“We can lock the door,” she says, lust swirling in her eyes.

“Oh God,” I moan when she touches me again, making me even harder than I already was. Again, I catch myself. “No, Abby, this means too much to me. You mean everything to me. I want our first time to be…”

“Loud?” she asks with a small smile.

I breathe a laugh. “That too, but I was going to say… special. I want to take my time with you, to worship every single part of your body, to make you come over and over and over until you’ve got nothing left to give, to make you feel amazing and special and like the goddess you are.”

“Fuck,” she curses, pulling me in for another kiss. “Okay, yeah, I want that too. Stop saying things like that though, or I won’t be able to control myself.”

“Same here,” I say with a quiet grunt, trying to keep myself from jumping her.

“I’ve wanted you for a while now,” Abby says softly, her hands knotting in my hair as she tugs at it, making me groan. “The date with Michel earlier only showed me that I wanted to be at dinner with you, and not with him or any other guy. I know I’m a mess and not right for you, but-”

“You’re more than just right for me,” I argue, pulling her onto my lap so I can hug her close to me. “I want to do this right. Take you on a romantic date, show you how much I care about you. I never want to make you feel the way your previous employers did. Also, I need you to know I won’t fire you if you change your mind about this and want to go back to being friends.”

“I know,” she says sweetly, kissing my neck. “I trust you. That’s a big thing for me, Chris. I never trust anyone. But here, with you… I feel safe. For the first time in my life, I feel like I can let my guard down and just… be.”

Hearing her say that makes my heart ache. I hate that she’s never felt like this before, but I’m glad that I’m the one to finally make her feel like she’s got a place to call home, with people who accept her and won’t hurt her or take advantage of her.

“Abby, will you go on a date with me?” I ask, looking into her gorgeous green eyes.

“Yes,” she replies with a huge smile that lights up her whole face. “I’d love that. Just so we’re clear… we’ll need to get a hotel room and a babysitter for the end of that date, because I’m not going to be able to stop… this… again. Next time, I want to be able to fuck you.”

I kiss her hungrily, wishing we could just get down to it right now, but I know I would regret that. I want her, but I want her the right way. She deserves to feel special, not like a quicky, like she has to stay quiet because the kids might hear. When she said she wants us to be loud… Hell yeah, I want that too. I want to be able to spend hours and hours devoted solely to her.

“We should go to bed,” she whispers against my skin, her hands running over my back, her nails scratching my skin in a delicious torturous way.

“Yes,” I agree, breathing hard. “We should.”

“Can I…” Abby becomes almost shy now, her hair falling forward to obscure her expression. “I mean, I’d like to…”

“Come to bed with me,” I finish for her, my tone pleading. “I’ve never slept better than that one night you were next to me. I want to fall asleep with you in my arms.”

She pushes her hair back and smiles. “Yes, I’d like that. No funny business though, Dr. Davids.”

I laugh and kiss her again. “No promises.”

She gets up from the couch and pulls up her dress, smiling at me. “I’ll go take all of this fancy date stuff off and see you in your room in a few.”

“I like the sound of that.” I watch her leave, staying on the couch for a moment to catch my breath and talk down my cock. I hope agreeing to sleep in the same bed tonight isn’t stupid. I’m not sure how I will manage to keep my hands off of her. Jagger already walked in on us, maybe we should just call in a night and not tempt faith anymore.

Even as I think it, I already know I won’t be able to do that. I can’t just go to sleep right now and pretend this never happened. I’ve been waiting for this for over two months, and my entire body is buzzing with anticipation. I can’t believe she took the first step. It’s a good thing too, because… let’s face it… I’m a wuss sometimes. I have no idea how to make a move, how to let a woman know I’m interested. I’ve never been good at that.

When I feel calm again, I turn off the lights and go up to my room, surprised to find Abby already in my bed, the blankets pulled up to her chest, high enough to not put anything on display, but low enough to make it perfectly obvious that she’s not wearing a shirt, or a bra, or… anything, really. I wonder if she’s got on panties or not. Only one way to find out…

“Oh no,” she says with a small smirk when I move toward the bed. “Off with those pants.”

I hesitate, but this is not the moment to feel shy or embarrassed. If there is ever a time to step up my game, it’s now. So I lock the bedroom door behind me, pull off my sweatpants and step out of my boxershorts as well.

She inhales sharply when she takes in all of me, and I have to say it’s really good for my ego to see her eyes go wide. I’m not huge or anything, but I guess I’m alright, and my body is quite lean from all the running I used to do before getting busy with the kids.

“I showed you mine, now show me yours,” I say, immediately hating the words coming out of my mouth. What am I? Five?

Luckily, Abby doesn’t seem to think I’m weird or childish. In fact, she pulls back the blanket and I get the full view. Breasts, gorgeous creamy skin, and of course her sweet core, dripping wet for me.

Holy. Fuck.

I’m never going to be able to get in bed with her and just sleep. That’s impossible. I’m only a man.

“Do we really need our first time to be special and loud?” she asks seductively, looking up at me with hooded eyes. “I can be pretty quiet when I need to be.”

“You can’t even eat food without moaning,” I reply, moving over to the bed and slipping in with her, pulling her body close to mine. “I’ve been eating all my meals with a boner since the moment you moved in, Abby.”

“Really?” She throws a leg over me as we both lie on our sides, and as my cock rubs against her wet folds, we both moan, quickly muffling the sounds by pressing our hands over each other’s mouths.

We both laugh at the whole situation, and I feel lucky to be so in synch with her. She kisses the palm of my hand that’s pressed against her mouth, and the simple sweet gesture gets to me more than anything.

“You’re so beautiful,” I say when she takes her hand away from my mouth. “So sweet, and wonderful, strong, sweet…”

“You already said sweet,” she tells me before kissing me softly while grinding against me with a moan.

“Well, you’re really sweet,” I pant, grabbing her ass and rolling her on top of me, gasping at the way she feels against me.

“Just fuck me,” she says, taking me off guard. “We both know it’s only a matter of time. Or are you really going to pretend I’m only in here to fall asleep in your arms?”

How the hell can she be so shy one minute and so in control of the whole situation the next? She’s a lot ballsier than I am, and she’s absolutely right. I’m not going to be able to tell her no, and I don’t want to either. She’s wonderful. Everything I could ever want in a woman.

I’m in love with her. Utterly and completely.

“Are you sure?” I ask, running my hands over her back until they’re in her messy hair, pulling at it so her head tilts and I can kiss her again.

Instead of answering, she slowly moves down my body, pressing kisses on my chest, trailing her lips across my stomach, and then, finally, running her tongue up and down my shaft, making it very hard to keep from crying out. I know I need to be quiet, but it’s so fucking difficult when she’s wrapping her lips around my cock, taking me inside of her slowly and sensually.

“Abby,” I breathe, pulling her hair away from her face while she bobs her head up and down slowly, her eyes boring into mine. Seeing her blowing me while her eyes are locked on mine is without a doubt the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. I have to concentrate not to blow already, and I think of ice, car crashes, people beating puppies… And then I’m back to Abby’s sweet warm mouth pleasuring me, and I’m done for.

She moans when she feels me getting closer, the sound reverberating through me. I shudder, trying to stop myself, but I can’t. I come while looking into her eyes, watching her swallow every last drop and licking me clean when she pulls away, making soft content noises while she does that have me stirring again. Damn, she’s good.

“You taste sweet,” she murmurs, her head still between my legs as she kisses my thighs and then runs her tongue over my cock again, making it twitch. I’m not fully erect yet, not this fast, but I know she can get me there pretty damn soon.

“Abby,” I moan, shifting so I can pull her back up, rolling her onto her back and kissing her hard. She tastes like me, but I don’t care. “That was…”

“Hmm,” she agrees, her fingers caressing my face. “Why didn’t we start doing this sooner?”

“Because I’m stupid,” I grunt, loving the way she’s looking up at me. “I should have kissed you sooner. I wanted to.”

“Me too.” She lets out a high-pitched moan when I lower my head and suck her left nipple into my mouth. She clamps a hand over her mouth, trying to stay quiet. I love how responsive she is, and I wish she could let go completely, but we both know we can’t, or someone is going to knock on our door asking what we’re doing.

“Shh,” I say with a smile, kissing my way to her other nipple. “Not a sound, Abby.” I swirl my tongue around her areola before nipping at the bud, and she arches her back, obviously having a hard time keeping quiet.

“Chris, I want-”

Before she can tell me what she wants, a knock sounds on the door, interrupting us.




We really need a hotel room and a babysitter, don’t we?

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